12 Best Oklahoma Registered Agent Services (2024 Review)


The right registered agent is critical for your Oklahoma small business or Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

The right Oklahoma registered agent will help you conform to all state legislation, receive Service of Process on behalf of your Oklahoma LLC or small business, and ensure that your personal information and assets stay off the public records. 

The wrong Oklahoma registered agent will jeopardize your entire company, your personal details in the hands of scammers, and put your personal assets within reach of litigators. 

To help you choose a registered agent that matches your needs and expectations, here are my top picks from more than 60 registered agents in Oklahoma.

1. Northwest Registered Agent—9.13/10 (Best Overall Registered Agent Service)

Northwest Registered Agent is my choice for the best Oklahoma registered agent because not only do they provide everything a registered agent must, they also provide the best customer support and business advisory service. 


There’s a lot to like about Northwest Registered Agent

First, they provide everything you need in an Oklahoma registered agent service. They provide you with a registered Oklahoma business address (available during normal business hours) and are the only registered agents in Oklahoma to scan all mail and documents and forward them to you. In addition, Northwest Registered Agent will receive Service of Process and other legal documents on behalf of your company. 

Second, they provide your business with an online account and 24/7 accessibility to every document. The sign-up process is simple and user-friendly. As Northwest Registered Agent is a nationwide commercial registered agent, their sign-up process allows you to utilize their registered agent service in multiple states simultaneously. 

Third, Northwest Registered Agent is known for its transparency and quality business services. They notify you of upcoming compliance and filing deadlines. With their calendar alerts you stay up to date with your annual reports filing and other important schedules. 

But the number most important reason they are #1 on my list is their customer support service, which doubles as a small business advisory service. 

Northwest Registered Agent’s customer service team is US-based (unlike most other companies who offshore their customer support division), composed of former lawyers, accountants, and business owners who will happily answer your questions about not only your registered agent service but also your Oklahoma LLC or small business. Their experts will share their experience in HR, marketing, web technology, and logistics to help you overcome the issues unique to your business.

With a $125 per state per year rate, they are the second most affordable on the list but provide far greater value than any other registered agent in Oklahoma. 


Northwest Registered Agent has only one drawback and it’s actually the same as their biggest asset: their customer support service. 

Unlike other commercial registered agents, what their service team offers is comprehensive and they take time to understand your unique issue. If you are in a hurry, it might be frustrating. One does not simply call Northwest Registered Agent for a quick solution.

This is, however, exactly the kind of problem you want in a registered agent service.


Northwest Registered Agent provides everything you need in a registered agent.

Not only do they provide a full-service offering at a competitive price, but they also have a customer support team that acts as small business advisory and their system is easy to use.

If you need a registered agent that will keep you in compliance with all Oklahoma Secretary of State requirements and will support you with great customer care as you grow your business, Northwest Registered Agent is the best you can get. 

2. Harbor Compliance—7.92/10 (Best Budget Oklahoma Registered Agent Service)

Harbor Compliance has earned the #2 place on my list for being the least expensive Oklahoma registered agent. 


Harbor Compliance provides all the basics of a registered agent and LLC formation service in Oklahoma. They perform all the tasks that a resident agent must, at the affordable price of $99, making them $26 cheaper than Northwest Registered Agent

They offer your business entity a physical street address in Oklahoma that is available during usual business hours. In addition, they will receive Service of Process and forward mail and legal notices on your behalf. They will send you all the compliance and filing alerts (they’ll even call you if something is particularly time sensitive) so you stay up to date with the Secretary of State. This is something that many other registered agent services do not provide at such a cheap price. 

Signing up with this registered agent is easy and can be done on your own and thereafter they provide 24/7 access to their online account, where your documents are scanned, uploaded, and stored in one place. 


While Harbor Compliance provides registered agent service to a reasonable standard, there’s nothing extraordinary or outstanding about them. 

They offer everything you expect out of a registered service agent at the cheapest price, but the quality of services is average and the variety of services is unexceptional. 

Their customer support department is good enough to provide timely answers, but their overall service is not as comprehensive as that of Northwest Registered Agent


For the price, Harbor Compliance is an acceptable Oklahoma registered agent service.They won’t leave you impressed with their service but they’ll manage to get the job done for you and keep you out of legal trouble. 

If saving $26 is a win for you and you need a registered agent that is, above all else, cheap, then Harbor Compliance is a good option. Learn more about them here.

3. LegalZoom – 6.59/10 (Best Premium Service)

If you are looking for a premium registered agent that has a big name in the market and don’t mind paying for that name, LegalZoom might be an option worth considering.


No doubt you have already heard of LegalZoom. They have built a big name and a solid reputation for legal advice over the past 20 years. Although their primary focus area is LLC formation, they also offer Oklahoma registered agent service.

With a $299 per state per year premium service offering, LegalZoom provides you everything needed from a commercial registered agent, including a physical street address in Oklahoma, operational during normal business hours. They also provide mail forwarding, document scanning and uploading, receive Service of Process, and send you compliance alerts to keep your Oklahoma LLC in good standing with the Secretary of State. 

The most notable feature of LegalZoom’s premium registered agent service is that, in addition to the basics, they provide $1,000,000 worth of identity theft insurance. This is a great add-on and can help alleviate fears of a security breach and provide privacy protection against hackers. 


I have two major issues with LegalZoom’s premium offering. 

First, at $299 per state per year, LegalZoom is extremely expensive. For less than half of that price, you could easily get registered agent services from Northwest Registered Agent and use the remaining amount to purchase identity theft insurance. 

Second, LegalZoom’s core product is online legal services and registered agent service is only a small part of their business. Their computer system isn’t easy to navigate for a nontechnical person and they could improve the interface and intuitiveness of the software. Their customer service support is also average and does not include the small business advice that Northwest Registered Agent provides. 


If your Oklahoma LLC or small business already uses some of their other business services, it might be worthwhile to continue with LegalZoom for your registered agent needs as well. 

But with the high price they offer and their average customer support, you should consider better alternatives that offer registered agent services at far cheaper prices. 

Check out LegalZoom here.

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is primarily a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation service but has recently stepped up to offer registered agent services in Oklahoma for small businesses. 

While their LLC formation service is top rated, their registered agent service needs tweaking. For $199, they provide you with a physical street address in Oklahoma available during regular business hours, along with handling your documents and accepting Service of Process, and compliance alerts—that keeps you in good standing with the Secretary of State. 

The most significant aspect of this package is that it includes an Employer ID Number, which you will need to run your business. They'll also speed up your filing time, which is great if you need to establish your LLC fast and are eager to have the business up and running. However, their customer support is not at the same level as Northwest Registered Agent, so you don't get any small business advice.

If you're interested in finding out more, read our full ZenBusiness Review.

5. IncFile

IncFile is another LLC service provider in Oklahoma offering a registered agent service, but at $119 per state per year, they’re not a budget-friendly option. 

As a part of their service, they only provide the bare bones of what you might expect from a registered agent—a street address in the state of Oklahoma (operational during normal business hours), document scanning and uploading, and receiving Service of Process from the Oklahoma Secretary of State. 

However, the biggest drawback is that despite charging $119, they don’t include compliance alerts and filing notifications as part of their service. That’s not a great price if you need a registered agent to take some weight off your shoulders.

Harbor Compliance is a cheaper and more inclusive registered agent and if you are willing to spend just $7 more, you can bag the best service provider with Northwest Registered Agent.

Read our full IncFile review to find out more about IncFile's services.

6. Rocket Lawyer 

Rocket Lawyer is a contradiction of sorts. They market themselves as a cheaper alternative to LegalZoom while still calling themselves a premium registered agent in Oklahoma. Their $149 per state per year rate is neither cheap nor premium compared with other registered agent services. 

Rocket Lawyer offers a few online legal services. You get a physical street address in Oklahoma (available during regular business hours) to receive regular state mail as well as accept your Service of Process from the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Other than that, their offering has fewer services and not a great customer support system compared with Northwest Registered Agent, which does a far better job at only $125 per state per year. 

You can read a detailed breakdown of their registered agent services in our Rocket Lawyer review.

7. SunDoc Filings 

SunDoc Filings is another LLC formation service in the state of Oklahoma that provides a bare-bones registered agent service for $159 per state per year. 

It includes a street address in Oklahoma to accept Service of Process and other legal documents, plus correspondence from the Oklahoma Secretary of State office, but that’s it. 

Notably absent from their $159 registered agent service are compliance alerts and a filing fee notification system, putting your business entity at risk. They perfectly embody the saying, “You don’t always get what you pay for”.

8. InCorp 

At $99 per state per year, InCorp is a budget option for registered agent in Oklahoma. 

InCorp’s website is clunky and cluttered, making it an ordeal to complete even the simplest of tasks. With their user-friendly online account, Harbor Compliance is a much better option for the same price.

However, for only $26 more you can treat your business entity to the superior service and support of Northwest Registered Agent

9. Swyft Filings 

Swyft Filings is a full-service registered agent in Oklahoma. 

They provide all the basics, but unlike a few other registered service agents higher on the list, they also provide compliance and filing date alerts as a part of their offering. 

However, at the cost of $149, what you get is pretty basic. Not to mention, the generic responses I received from their customer service department pushed them further down the list.

Read our in-depth Swyft Filings review to find out more.

10. CSC Global 

CSC Global offers to reimburse your filing fee if you switch to their service. But considering their $299 price per state per year and lack of compliance alert service, you’re not likely to.

At less than half of their price ($125), you can get complete services and impeccable customer support with Northwest Registered Agent

11. Registered Agents Inc. 

Registered Agents Inc. gets the award for being the most generic name on the list. They provide all the basics, including an online account, compliance alerts, and a business address in Oklahoma at a per year cost of $200 per state per year.

Registered Agents Inc.’s customer support service does not compare with what Northwest Registered Agent provides. 

With a much lower rate of $126 per state per year and advisory assistance at every step of your business, Northwest Registered Agent is a better option than Registered Agents Inc any day. 

12. Jumpstart Filings 

Jumpstart Filings markets as a budget registered agent with their $129 price, but the quality of their service suggests they should be far cheaper. 

Registered Agent Review Summary

I started my research with over 60 registered agents in Oklahoma, narrowed it down to the top 12, and examined these companies from top to bottom. Northwest Registered Agent was easily the winner. 

Their full-service product comes in at the affordable price of $125 per state per year.

Their system is easy to use even for somebody who has little to no technical knowledge. The registration process is simple and the online dashboard interface is intuitive and easy to manage. They scan your mail, store your documents, and send you compliance alerts. 

Northwest Registered Agent’s customer support service is beyond doubt the best in the industry. Unlike most companies that outsource their customer service to offshore business entities, they have a US-based team who knows the ins and outs of setting up and running a business in Oklahoma. 

If you need an Oklahoma registered agent that not only provides everything you need to ensure your Oklahoma small business entity or LLC (Limited Liability Company) is legally compliant, but also supports you on your journey as you continue growing your Oklahoma business entity, sign up with Northwest Registered Agent today.

Best Registered Agent Review Methodology 

I used a detailed methodology and assessment process to choose the best registered agent (previously known as resident agent) in Oklahoma. Here’s how I did it.

Why You Should Trust Me

My business journey started when I had to find the best commercial registered agent, or resident agent, for my two companies – a health website and a cafe. 

To get the best registered agent for my office in Oklahoma, I conducted extensive research. I realized that not every business owner had the time and patience to dive deep into the world of LLC and registered agent services. After asking many other business owners what they needed help with most, many of them mentioned finding the right registered agent to keep their company safe and legally compliant. 

In numerous conversations and meetings with fellow small business owners, I learned that while many spend precious time deliberating and debating even the smallest decisions, they choose a registered agent without proper research. 

Most of them see their registered agent as a PO Box and nothing else, but a good registered agent can save you from legal issues that you never knew existed. 

After all, a registered agent must act as a bridge between your business entity or LLC and the Oklahoma Secretary of State, manage your company’s most important legal documents, and keep your name and street address off the public record. That’s quite some responsibility! 

How I Selected the Best Registered Agent

I used a four-stage process to find the best registered agent in Oklahoma. 

Stage 1: Online Feedback

I collected and read through online reviews for just over 60 of the major registered agents in Oklahoma. Now, speaking from experience, online reviews are not always accurate and some companies attempt to manipulate them through various means. But read enough of them and you’ll soon begin to get a clear picture of a company. I scoured through sources like Better Business Bureau, Google Business, Facebook, TrustPilot, and some other online community groups. 

I created an Excel sheet based on categories such as ease of system usage, affordability, customer support, privacy protection, information about taxes and fees, etc.

This helped me identify and eliminate obvious scams and misleading registered agents in Oklahoma.  

Stage 2: Website Analysis

My next step was to analyze the website of the short-listed Oklahoma registered agents. This illustrated who they are, what they offer, and how fair and transparent their advertising is. 

Some of the factors I paid close attention to were how optimized their products and services were, various contact methods for customer support, ease of change of registered agent, information about taxes and fees, the corporation’s history, and any awards and recognition they’d achieved in an area of expertise.  

Stage 3: Speaking with Real Customers

At this stage, I documented in detail the nitty-gritty of what each Oklahoma registered agent provided as part of their service. But it was still important to know exactly how well they delivered on their promises. 

Using my own network of fellow business owners along with the visitors on my site, I contacted each of them personally to learn about their experiences with the Oklahoma registered agents they had worked with. 

This gave me an inside look into how well or poorly these companies performed when it came to their most important stakeholders—the customers. 

Stage 4: Speaking with Their Sales Team

After a lot of research and conversations with actual customers, I collated all the negative feedback, complaints, and reviews, and started speaking directly with the customer support teams of the respective companies. 

This step was the most insightful of my journey. While some companies told me I was wasting my time believing in all the extreme stories people had told me, there were others who were impressively receptive to the process. The Oklahoma registered agents listed at the top of the list are companies who went a step further and took the time to explain how they had taken proactive measures to optimize their operations and system based on customer feedback. 

This made me 100% confident in my choice for the best commercial registered agent in Oklahoma. 

Rating Factors

The 12 short-listed Oklahoma registered agent services were rated on the below mentioned five parameters to decide which was the best registered agent for your Oklahoma LLC.

Factor 1: Offerings

The first and most important rating factor I analyzed was the service provided by the respective companies in every state—why hire a company if they don’t do what your business needs them to do? 

The more services a company offered at a lesser price, the higher up the list it went. I also considered the following criteria: 

  • Does the Oklahoma registered agent allow you to access documents online or simply mail them to your address in Oklahoma?
  • Does the registered agent send you annual report reminders, state fees, and compliance date alerts or do they only provide your business with a calendar? 
  • Does the registered agent handle your legal mail and documents received by the Oklahoma Secretary of State office thereby acting as a point of contact between your company and the state? 
  • Does the registered agent provide a privacy protection guarantee? 
  • Does the Oklahoma registered agent also provide insurance against identity theft?
  • Does the registered agent additionally provide a cheap LLC formation service or is their LLC (Limited Liability Company) formation their best product/offering? 
  • Does the Oklahoma registered agent cover filing, state fees and help you understand franchise tax mechanisms? 
  • Does the registered agent offer the option to file the change of registered agent online or must you mail the form to the office?

Factor 2: Value

I know how important budget-friendly commercial registered agents are for a small business in Oklahoma. So next I judged the companies on how justifiable their “actual” prices were given the service range and customer support they provided. 

I created three distinct categories to make the assessment simpler: budget, full-service, and premium. The budget range tends to be advertised between $39–$59 per year. The full-service offerings range from $99–$129 annually and the premium services start at $299. 

I made some important discoveries at this stage. Those in the budget range of services looked appealing only because of deceptively low pricing. They had upsells and to get a full range of Oklahoma registered agent services you had to pay for each additional feature. 

You might be lured in with a cheap price of $39 but what you’d essentially get out of that offering was limited and far less than any genuine registered agent in Oklahoma provides. 

The resident agent that gave more bounce on the ounce made it to the top of the list and the ones that were playing on deceptive, tier-based pricing dropped to the bottom. 

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-up

For those of us who rely on technology and are familiar with it, this might not be a major factor. But not everyone is tech savvy and that’s why I tried the sign-up process of all 12 companies. This process was notably difficult with some of the registered agents in Oklahoma. 

Those with a simple, automated, and optimized system requiring minimal effort and intervention were ranked higher on the list for the amount of time and energy they saved their clients with their sign-up process. 

Factor 4: Ease of Use

At this stage, I spent some time testing the online accounts provided by these Oklahoma registered agent service providers. Some of the registered agent services offered web portals that allowed you 24/7 access to view scanned copies of your incoming legal notices, documents, and mail. This is a huge advantage over other Oklahoma registered agents who simply forward your business mail through traditional US Mail service. 

Those Oklahoma registered agent services with the most intuitive, clean, and easy-to-use systems went up the ranks and the ones with slow, outdated and confusing systems went to the bottom of the pile. 

Factor 5: Customer Service

Although you might not use your Oklahoma registered agent customer support service very often, this factor was important for me because if your registered agent service has a top-level customer support team they can do much more than resolve complaints for you. They can act as business advisors for other challenges that a small business faces. 

That’s exactly why Northwest Registered Agent service got the top spot for being the best commercial registered agent in Oklahoma. An efficient, courteous, and accurate customer support team can be a lifesaver in the rare situations you need them.

The Best Oklahoma Registered Agent Results Summary

After a thorough evaluation of more than 60 Oklahoma registered agents, I narrowed the field to my top 12 and selected the top three commercial registered agents in Oklahoma. 

Best Overall Oklahoma Registered Agent—Northwest Registered Agent (9.13/10)

Northwest Registered Agent bags the top spot on the list because they are a full-service registered agent in Oklahoma with great prices and industry-leading customer support.

With a $125 per state per year annual cost, Northwest Registered Agent provides all the basics that a commercial registered agent must:

  • your registered physical business street address in the state of Oklahoma
  • online access to scanned copies of ALL documents (not just legal documents)
  • a 24/7 accessible online account that contains everything important
  • personal notification of compliance deadlines such as annual report filings, Articles of Organization, and filing fee and annual certificate submission
  • your personal details are kept off the public record
  • a statutory agent for assistance
  • the option to change your registered agent simply by mailing the form to the office
  • Service of Process acceptance

The icing on the cake of this registered agent is their customer support, which not only answers any questions you have about your registered agent service, but also doubles as a small business advisory firm. Their US-based support team is composed of former lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs who are more than happy to use the knowledge and experience gained in advising and even running small businesses to help you overcome the roadblocks you face in your small business or LLC journey. This level of support can cost as much as $5000/day so their rate of $125 per state per year is great value.

It's also worth mentioning that there are over 3,000 positive Northwest Registered Agent reviews, which should come to prove that the registered agent services they provide are some of the best in the market.

For reliable registered agent service, industry-leading customer support, and business advisory service, check out Northwest Registered Agent here.

Best Budget Registered Agent in Oklahoma – Harbor Compliance (7.92/10)

If you are looking for the least expensive registered agent ($99) with a full service offering and an adequate customer support team, Harbor Compliance is a viable option for you to consider for your business and registered agent needs.  

Similar to Northwest Registered Agent, they will ensure that your basic needs are met and you are duly informed of important dates and alerts. They will provide you with a business address available during normal business hours, scan and forward your mail, and accept Service of Process on behalf of your business.

Harbor Compliance’s customer support may not be as comprehensive as Northwest Registered Agent, but if you choose them as your registered agent, they won’t let you down.

And even though it's one of the cheapest services, there are hundreds of positive Harbor Compliance reviews online to prove what I'm trying to say here.

If your business needs basic registered agent service needs on a modest budget, check out Harbor Compliance here

Best Premium Oklahoma Registered Agent—LegalZoom (6.59/10)

If you want something extra from your Oklahoma registered agent service, LegalZoom may be the right choice for your Oklahoma LLC or small business.

They offer a lot of the same full-service options as Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance, as well as up to $1 million of identity theft protection with purchase of their service. What they don’t offer is compliance alert notifications for the filing of your annual reports. 

If you prefer to purchase identity theft insurance separately and you don’t mind paying $176 more than you would for Northwest Registered Agent’s full-service package, LegalZoom will work for you and your business. 

Check them out here. 

Summary—The Best Oklahoma Registered Agent Service

As an Oklahoma business owner, choosing the right Oklahoma registered agent service is important for your business to remain in good legal standing and for your personal assets and information to remain safe and off the public record. 

Using our four-stage process of five essential factors, we reviewed the top 13 out of more than 60 Oklahoma registered agents. 

Northwest Registered Agent service stood above the rest for its excellence and superior service. With Northwest Registered Agent, you can let go of your worries and focus on running your new business in Oklahoma. 

Northwest Registered Agent delivers all the registered agent essentials for your business:

  • a registered business address where you can receive legal notices and Service of Process from the Oklahoma Secretary of State during business hours
  • mail forwarding and scanning
  • access to documents stored safely online
  • assistance with filing necessary paperwork
  • compliance alerts

With Northwest Registered Agent’s superior Oklahoma registered agent service team and their simple, online system, their $125 fee per state per year will be money well spent. 

If your business deserves an Oklahoma registered agent service that values your time, won’t subject you to upselling, keeps you in good standing with the state of Oklahoma, and helps you navigate everyday challenges with customized business advice, choose Northwest Registered Agent without second thoughts.

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