Northwest Registered Agent Review

Northwest Registered Agent Summary

Northwest Registered Agent is aptly named as to what it offers; it is an all-round registered agent service and also provides Limited Liability Company (LLC)  formation services. 

They know all the ins and outs of starting a new business. Northwest Registered Agent offers a truly comprehensive Articles of Organization service through their team of seasoned experts as well as their more than superior customer service. 

Their full range of offerings includes registered agent services, LLC services, and incorporation services additional to their corporate guides and various legal documents.


Price: 9.0/10
Products and Services: 8.5/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Ease of Use: 9.0/10



  • Northwest Registered Agent covers everything you need for your business formation using their specialized team of experts. They fully understand what you require and ensure that all business aspects are properly covered, giving you complete peace of mind. 
  • Their customer service is definitely their standout feature, as their team is made up of highly-skilled specialists who take the time to help you and know exactly what they are talking about. 
  • There are no confusing packages to choose from, but rather a single and standard business formation service (and the same for their registered agent service) which means you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Some of the best features included in their LLC service are that they offer same-day processing, filing of official documents, and scanning of all documents. These are some features that are not commonly found with their competitors. 
  • Your information is safely secured with Northwest and is not sold off to any third-party partners. 
  • More Northwest pros include the ease of using their service. The site is easy to navigate, and the representatives know exactly what they are talking about and point you in the right direction. 


  • Northwest Registered Agent is not the cheapest LLC filing service, at $225 per year in addition to the relevant state filing fee, and any other optional services you may wish to add to that. 
  • Furthermore, in order to fully understand you and your goals, they have a really thorough customer service and delve deeply into you and your business thus taking up a lot of your time at the initial signup. Further down the line when they seem to be unable to answer a simple question without needing your shoe size and other probative questions this lengthy process might not appeal to you. As thorough as this may seem to be, Northwest Registered Agent’s best feature can also be a big drawback. 

Who Should Use Northwest Registered Agent?

If you wish to start a new LLC or new business and are in need of basic LLC services, LLC filing, or an incorporation service, then Northwest Registered Agent is the best service to consider as they offer a fully comprehensive business formation service.

Furthermore, if you require a full-time registered agent service, one where their conscientious team of experts will always be there for you and your business guiding you through all legal matters and obligations then seriously consider Northwest. This high level of registered agent service also comes with excellent customer support if you are looking for this kind of agent service.

Who Should NOT Use Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent’s primary service is to assist and help new businesses get off the ground, therefore if you are already an established business this may not be the best option for you.

Furthermore, because of their superior customer support, if you are looking for a quick ‘in-and-out’ question and answer service, this may not be your best option as Northwest Registered Agent spends more time than you are willing to give to help you out. However, their in-depth answers will leave you a satisfied client.

All Things Considered…

If you are looking for one of the best LLC formation services around, Northwest Registered Agent will surely not disappoint. Their customer support is definitely their best standout feature and will make sure that you get quality service with quality support with their approach to your business. 

They may be more expensive than their competitors, but this is a small price to pay for the service you will get in return from the Northwest Registered Agent LLC service as they really are a force to be reckoned with and will definitely be a great partner for business. 

Furthermore, when considering their registered agent review, the service offered by them is also outstanding. At this price point, the service you get is commendable as it is a once off fee for an entire year, with around the clock support and a thorough understanding of you and your business. 

Table of Contents

Northwest Registered Agent Basics

Northwest Registered Agent’s Background

Northwest Registered Agent started out as a small, family-owned business back in 1998, with the aim to help various small businesses whereby they consistently set up shop in each state before launching their national service.  

They are considered a ‘boutique’ company as they are small and take a lot of care of and spend time with their customers ensuring that they are their number one priority. They have provided help to millions of customers over the years and their stock in trade is the startup and creation of LLCs. 

What Does Northwest Registered Agent Do?

Northwest Registered Agent focuses on starting up businesses through their agent services and incorporation services. They specialize in simplifying this process by being completely open and transparent with their customers.

Northwest Registered Agent’s core services include:

  • Providing registered agent services
  • Providing LLC formation services

Northwest Registered Agent, as its name suggests, also provides a registered agent service. These are some of the add ons that come with the registered agent service: 

  • Instant Online Service
    • Pre-filled state forms 
    • Annual report reminders 
    • All documents scanned and recorded

Furthermore, they help their customers through each step of the process by providing guidance, assistance and help through their totally responsive customer service – which has become their unique selling point and what sets them apart from other agent services: their customer support.

The various business startups that Northwest covers include LLCs, C corporations, S corporations and nonprofits. 

In addition, Northwest Registered Agent also provides various legal documents completely for free. 

These documents include:

  • LLC Forms 
    • LLC Organizational Documents
    • Initial Meeting and Capitalization of the LLC
    • Getting an EIN for the LLC
    • Opening a bank account for the LLC
    • Forms to maintain the LLC 
  • Corporation Forms 
    • Corporation Organizational Forms
    • Initial Shareholder Organizational Meeting Forms
    • Initial Officer and Director Organizational Meeting Forms
    • Corporation EIN Number and Taxation Election
    • Open a Corporate Bank Account
    • Ongoing as-needed meeting minute templates
  • Nonprofit Forms
    • Nonprofit Organizational Forms

Privacy By Default®

Northwest takes your privacy very seriously and has a service called Privacy by Default®. This is a way for them to fully protect your information and data and is incorporated into all their services they offer. This service includes:

  • Limiting personal information on all your public records 
  • Limiting private data stored by various state agencies
  • Never selling your data
  • Protecting your data from loss or even theft
  • Limiting access to your data
  • Limiting the use of third-parties
  • Testing for and tracking any vulnerabilities
  • Limiting data requests

What Do The Services Of Northwest Registered Agent Cost? 

There is no package option with Northwest Registered Agent, but rather you pay per service. Therefore you only pay for exactly what you require, on top of the state fee, which does differ. 

Here is a breakdown of the exact services they offer:

LLC Filing ($225 + State Filing Fee) 

  • Name availability search 
  • Preparation and filing of your Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement 
  • Fast LLC Filing 
Optional Add Ons 
  • $50 for Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • $100/year to file your Compliance Filing for each year
  • $50 for S Corporation Election with the IRS
  • $9/month for a second telephone number 

Registered Agent Service ($125 per year plus state fees) 

Northwest Registered Agent, as its name suggests, also provides a registered agent service. These are some of the addons that come with the registered agent service: 

  • Same price every year
  • Same-day local scans
  • Free mail forwarding 
  • Privacy by Default®
  • Lifetime support from their Corporate Guides®

Free With All Services

The following services are provided for free regardless of whether you make use of their registered agent service or their LLC formations service:

  • Annual report reminders 
  • Free online account and mail scanning

My Assessment

Value – 9/10

Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation services are more expensive than their competitors, by a wide a margin in some cases. 

At $225 plus state fees, they’re more than four times more expensive than ZenBusiness’s basic package and INFINITI-times more expensive than IncFile’s basic package (which costs $0). 

While Northwest’s basic package offers features and services only available in their competitors’ more expensive packages (which can cost as much as $799), if you just want someone to file your articles of organization and other paperwork with your chosen state, Northwest Registered Agent is an expensive option.

Northwest’s registered agent service is much more competitively priced. 

At $125 per state per year, they’re only $26 more expensive than the cheapest registered agent service on the market while providing significantly more value through their customer support team.

Even with all that in consideration, they still provide excellent value. They’re #2 on my list of the best LLC services and #1 on my list of the best registered agent service due to the excellent value they provide both in their services and customer support.

Product/Service Offerings – 8.5/10

The services that Northwest Registered Agent offers just about everything you need in your LLC formation and registered agent service. 

They will help prepare your articles of organization and file all your paperwork with the relevant authorities, make a statutory agent available during normal business hours to receive all mail and service of process, file for your EIN, and include rush filing as part of your basic package. 

While they are missing some of the more luxurious options available with their competitors, like a banking resolution and a consultation with an accountant, these are nice additions, but not essential. 

Customer Support – 10/10

The one element that really separates Northwest Registered Agent from every other business service company on the market is their customer support team. 

While the debate over which company’s support team answers emails and calls will never be solved definitively, Northwest has a clear point of differentiation with every other company.

When you purchase an LLC formation service from a company like ZenBusiness or legal services from Rocket Lawyer, their support team will answer every question you have related to the specific service you purchased. This is not the case with Northwest Registered Agent. 

When you purchase an LLC formation service or their registered agent service, you will not only get polite and responsive support from their team on issues with the services you’ve purchased, their Corporate Guides (their in-house name for their support team) will also answer any questions you have about starting, managing, and growing your business. 

As a US-based team of ex accountants, lawyers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, they’ve been intimately involved with the process of starting and growing a business and so can support you on your journey of overcoming your challenges.

In an era where most companies are looking to outsource and offshore as much of their customer support, this is a huge differentiator in the market and the primary reason why Northwest Registered Agent ranks so highly in both our LLC formation service and registered agent service recommendations.

Ease Of Use – 9/10

One of the flow-on effects of having an experienced and attentive in-house customer support team is that any feedback given about the online system is passed onto their development team. 

This close working relationship has resulted in an online access portal that is both simple and intuitive to use. 

There are no clunky steps, hidden buttons, or unclear headings directing you around thier system. Everything is clear, easy to find, and simple to use.

Our Overall Rating – 9.13/10

Northwest Registered Agent is a standard-setter in the business services space. 

While they have not, and will never, will the race to the bottom in terms of price, the additional value they provide through their LLC formation packages and registered agent service place them at the top of the best bang for your buck. 

If support and value for money are more important to you and your business success than the absolute dollar amount, Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent choice.

What Others Are Saying

Here is a breakdown of what former and current customers have said about Northwest Registered Agent on the four major online review sites.


TrustPilot does not have a Northwest Registered Agent review section.

Google Business Listing

Customer reviews rate Northwest Registered Agent 4.6 out of 5 stars based on a total of 161 reviews. Many of these reviews note just how exemplary the customer service is from Northwest, with many expectations being exceeded. 

In particular, the responsiveness through email and phone was highly rated by most users. 

The few negative comments were about how Northwest does not answer their phone lines – but the agent was very quick to assure that this issue was always being monitored and improved. 


Facebook does not have a Northwest Registered Agent reviews site.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau gives its reviews of Northwest Registered Agent by state rather than an overall review. However, just taking a glance at a few different sites, I could see that Northwest Registered Agent scores a 4.52 based on their customer reviews, and receives an A+ BBB Rating.


Even though there aren’t too many customer reviews, what is being said is really good. Their customer service is highly commendable, and no one would be disappointed with the kind of support and service that they will receive when making use of Northwest Registered Agent.

Regarding the few negative comments that are displayed, Northwest Registered Agent does take time and consideration to respond to each of these comments in order to achieve a resolution – which inevitably does leave the customer satisfied. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Northwest Registered Agent Package?

There is no specific package but rather a standard formation service when starting an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent with add-ons to this specific service, or making use of their registered agent service. 

Is There A Promo Code Or Discount For Northwest Registered Agent?

There isn’t a promo code or discount for Northwest Registered Agent, but there’s a free online account option that gives you access to their guides and forms such as for the LLC formation services but without the added benefit of the in-house resident agent. 

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legit?

Yes. Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best registered agent companies around; they have been in business since 1998 and have assisted thousands of customers earning them many rave reviews. 

How Does Northwest Registered Agent Compare With Other Registered Agent Services?

Northwest Registered Agent is more expensive than some of their competitors but this is justified when weighing up the value you get from their customer service and the way they help your business. 

Does Northwest Registered Agent Handle New York Publication Requirements?

No. Northwest Registered Agent does handle the requirements for New York Publication however they do offer a comprehensive guide on how you can go about it. 

Does Northwest Registered Agent Have Good Customer Support?

Definitely, this is their best feature. Customers rave about the customer service that they get from Northwest Registered Agent as the company’s team of attorneys really delves deeplyinto each of their customer’s needs.

Can I Form An LLC On My Own?

Yes, you can. Northwest Registered Agent has the option, through their free account option, whereby you are able to form an LLC on your own – and you do have access to their full guides on how to actually form your own LLC.

Do They Have A Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy although it is not the most straightforward. The policy states that for anything other than the registered agent service, you will be refunded in pre-paid fees on a pro-rata basis. If the service that you are making use of is call forwarding or their mail forwarding service, refunds are pro-rated within the first seven days of the invoice due date. However, it is important to note there is a $25 processing fee for all refunds. 

May I Use Their Address As My Business Address?

Yes. If you make use of Northwest Registered Agent, you may use their physical address as your business address, keeping yours off any public records. 

Should I Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming An LLC With Northwest Registered Agent?

Yes. Northwest Registered Agent recommends that you reserve your LLC name before moving forward with their service if you wish to start an LLC.

Can I Form An LLC Without Physically Being In The United States?

Yes. It is possible to form an LLC without physically being in the United States. You just need to make sure that you have all the correct Articles of Organization. 

What Is the Northwest Registered Agent Customer Support Phone Number And Email?

The number to contact Northwest Registered Agent on is 509-768-2249  from Monday to Friday between 6am to 5pm Pacific/9am to 8pm Eastern. They can also be contacted via email once you have established contact with them. They also have an inquiry process through an online form displayed on their site. 

Does Northwest Registered Agent Sell Or Share My Information With Third Parties?

No. Northwest Registered Agent prides itself that it does not sell your information to third parties or through any partnerships. 

I've heard that LegalZoom has a lot of upsells. Does Northwest Registered Agent have lots of upsells?

Northwest Registered Agent does not have up-sells compared with some of their competitors. As they aim to be one of the best LLC formation services out there, they have a ‘no-frills’ policy and what you see is what you get with service providers such as this. 

How Quickly Does Northwest Registered Agent Process LLC Formations?

Northwest Registered Agent does not rush the process of your new LLC formation as they take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals which could lead to a lengthy set of questions you will need to answer. 

My LLC Needs An EIN. Is It Worth The Money?

Yes. A federal employer identification number (EIN or FEIN) is a must if your business wishes to trade and even open a bank account. Northwest Registered Agent can get an EIN for you in one day for $50.