Northwest Registered Agent Review: Is It Really the Best?


What if I told you that your business is missing out if you’re not using the right LLC formation and registered agent service? That’s why my Northwest Registered Agent reviews are so crucial.

If you’ve never heard of it, Northwest Registered Agent is both a business formation service and a registered agent service, and in my opinion it’s one of the best LLC services on the market today. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what Northwest Registered Agent has to offer, the different formation service options to consider, as well as how to compare different LLC services and registered agent companies to each other. 

Let’s get into it! 


Price: 9.0/10
Products and Services: 8.5/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Ease of Use: 9.0/10


Quick Verdict: Is Northwest Worth It? 


After years of researching Northwest and hearing from other people who have also used its services, I can confidently say that you won’t regret hiring Northwest Registered Agent. 

If you sign up for Northwest’s LLC formation, your business can be set up in days with far less difficulty than if you did it yourself, and you can use my link to take advantage of Northwest’s formation services for only $39! That deal even comes with a free year of registered agent services. 

If it’s just registered agent services you need, for $125 per state, per year (plus state fee) you’ll get some of the most comprehensive registered agent features on the market.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC services and registered agent services aren’t the cheapest on the market. It also doesn’t help establish an online presence for your business, and its customer service team can actually be too helpful sometimes. 

But at the end of the day, when you consider its industry-leading customer support, quality services, and easy-to-use system, Northwest Registered Agent offers some of the best business services on the market today. 
You’ve got nothing to lose. Click here if you want to sign up for Northwest Registered Agent’s formation services for only $39: Northwest Registered Agent.

Northwest Pros:

  • Straightforward pricing that lets you know what you’re getting from day one, without any sneaky upsells
  • Same-day processing of your formation documents so you can start an LLC fast
  • An easy-to-use system and online document-management system so you can easily keep track of your documents
  • Protection of your privacy and information
  • Small business advice and customer service from Northwest’s Corporate Guides that blows other LLC formation and registered agent companies out of the water

Northwest Cons:

  • Not the cheapest prices around
  • No website-building tools to help build your company’s online presence
  • Chatty, almost overly thorough customer service agents that take far too much of your time

Who Is It For?

Northwest Registered Agent appeals to a wide variety of business owners. Here’s who might best benefit from Northwest’s services: 

  • New business owners who might need lots of extra help and support
  • Those who don’t want to wait around for LLC filing
  • Anyone who doesn’t appreciate fluff or gimmicky features
  • Businesses that need compliance alerts for annual report filing
  • Business that need an online document-management system instead of painfully basic and slow mail forwarding
  • Business owners who would appreciate a year of free registered agent services
  • Anyone who hates an outdated and glitchy system

You may want to pass on Northwest Registered Agent if this is you: 

  • You prioritize price over quality
  • You need help to establish an online presence for your business
  • You’re super impatient and can’t stand the thought of being stuck on the phone with customer support all day

Product Features Breakdown

At its core, Northwest Registered Agent, as the name suggests, is a registered agent service. However, Northwest also offers some of the best LLC formation and business formation services around. Allow me to explain what’s behind these core services.

LLC Formation Service

Northwest can help you from the early days of your business as well. By hiring Northwest for LLC formation, you can seamlessly form an LLC or other type of business with someone to walk you through all the p’s and q’s. 

LLC Filing Services

Northwest will do everything necessary to meet state filing requirements for your business or LLC, including filing your formation documents, such as your articles of organization, and making sure your LLC name is available.

Corporate Guides

The best part about Northwest’s formation service is its customer support. The Corporate Guides go out of their way to help you deal with any problems you may have, and they’ll use their expertise to answer any questions you have about running your business, too. 

What sort of expertise, you ask? They’re not just giving a training binder and a script. The Guides have experience as attorneys, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and registered agents. They’ll use that experience to guide you through every step of your business journey.

And that kind of guidance and information is absolutely priceless for any new business owner. But since I know that business owners will want to know that actual price, it’s worth around $5,000 a day because that’s what a business consulting firm would charge you for the same advice. When you think about it that way, it’s a real steal!

Additional Formation Features

One of the best things about using Northwest to start an LLC is all the additional features it provides that other formation companies simply don’t. 

Some of these include help drafting an operating agreement or bylaws, a free trial of VoIP service, and a free accounting consultation. Northwest even kicks in a free year of registered agent service, which includes compliance alerts and online document storage, as I explain below.

There are several add-on options to choose from so you can customize its services to meet your needs, too. 

Some of Northwest’s add-ons include an option to get an EIN (employer identification number) for your business, a Certificate of Good standing, and copies of formation documents for your company.


Table of Contents

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent (sometimes called a resident agent) is a requirement in every state except West Virginia. So the odds are you need one.

Northwest will post its agents during normal business hours to accept service of process and other legal documents on behalf of your LLC. By using its own business address instead of yours, Northwest will protect your private information and forward your legal notices to you. 

You’ll appreciate Northwest’s simple sign-up process and easy-to-use system, as well as its additional features beyond accepting service of process.


Physical Street Address

Hiring a registered agent service gives you a street address to direct your official mail and notices to. It’s someone to accept service of process on behalf of your company, and any other notices from the government. 

With this physical address, you’re saved from having to use your business address, or worse, your home address. This protects your privacy as well as giving you a dedicated recipient of legal documents and notices.

Document Scanning

One of the great things about Northwest is that it scans every piece of legal mail or document they’ve received for you and uploads it to an online document-management system. 

That’s right, it’s not just service of process or compliance notices. And it’s uploaded the same day it’s received, which means you have access to it all a lot faster than a mail forwarding service would allow!


It’s not all about mail forwarding with Northwest. Complying with your state’s LLC requirements is a big deal. And it can be easy to forget about all your filing deadlines, forms, and necessary actions. 

Northwest will keep you apprised of upcoming compliance deadlines by sending you alerts before your annual report and other important filings are due. This is great because a lot of formation and registered agent services just give you a compliance calendar, and it’s easy to forget these important dates without a notification.

National Registered Agent Service

As a national registered agent, Northwest has you covered, no matter which state you’re in or where your company expands. This means that Northwest has the capability to service small businesses, and the technological might to support big businesses, too.

Virtual Office Services

With Northwest Registered Agent’s virtual office service, you’ll get a phone number for your business, an answering service, an Amazon address verification, an office address for your LLC, an office lease with a unique suite number, same-day scanning of mail and documents, and physical mail forwarding service. 

This is a relatively new service, and the downside is that it’s currently only available in California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, New York, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. But these services are expanding, so if you’re located outside one of those states, it might include yours later. 

This is something that not all formation service companies or registered agent services are offering, so even in its limited location starting stages, this is a valuable service.

What I Like About Northwest Registered Agent 

Northwest Registered Agent may not be the cheapest on the market, but who wants to trust their business with the lowest common denominator? There are plenty of reasons to trust Northwest with your business, but these factors stand out above the rest to set it apart from its competitors.

High-Quality Services 

Say you do somehow find a registered agent or business formation service that supplies the same service as Northwest. (You won’t, but I’m playing devil’s advocate here for a moment.) I haven’t found a registered agent service that delivers these services with the same level of quality as Northwest. 

For instance, a few registered agent companies on the market also provide online document-management systems, but their systems are so faulty and confusing that they’re not even worth using. Northwest’s system was designed in this century and won’t bog down with glitches and crashes.

The Corporate Guides

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Corporate Guides are really what make Northwest Registered Agent the best around. They’re not just there to help you sort out a problem with your account — they’ll give you business advice!

Many companies have customer service departments, but they don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time, or make sure that your problem is resolved. And you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t provide you with small business advice from experienced professionals! 
You may consider Northwest’s customer service to be intense, but they’re thorough and they know what they’re talking about. 

Tons of Features for Formation 

From the moment you decide to start your business to the first official sale you make, Northwest has a service that will make it all happen — except forming an online presence, but that’s not so hard to do these days. Seriously, you won’t find many formation services with as many quality services to help you form your business or LLC. 

Many formation services simply file your formation paperwork without helping you draft your operating agreement. And they wouldn’t even consider free trials of VoIP service or free accounting consultations. 

Northwest, on the other, considers everything that goes into starting a business and delivers it with polish. You even get to sit down with one or a team of its accountants to make sure your financials are in order. Throwing in VoIP service is nothing — Northwest’s agents simply want your business to succeed.

With your formation paperwork filed by Northwest and stored on its digital storage system, it’s likely to do just that.

What You May Not Like About Northwest Registered Agent

Despite all the great things about Northwest Registered Agent, there are a few drawbacks, and this wouldn’t be a fair and unbiased review if I didn’t tell you about them. Here are some of the things you may not like about Northwest Registered Agent.


While it’s an excellent value for the number of services and features it supplies, at $125 per year for LLC formation and $225 per state, per year (plus state filing fee) for registered agent services, it’s hardly the cheapest on the market for either service. Of course, with my dedicated link you can get LLC formation from Northwest for a mere $39.

A lot of LLC owners don’t look for business services based on price, but look instead for the quality of the services provided and the reputation of the business. But if you’re in a financial pinch, Northwest may not fit into your budget.

No Tools for Website Building

If you’re looking for an LLC formation service that will help you establish the online presence of your new company, then Northwest isn’t the right option for you. 

While there are several LLC formation services that do offer various tools for building websites, like domain name registration, custom website builders, and web hosting, they’re also premium services that cost $299 or more. So, if that’s something you’re looking for then Northwest won’t fit that bill. 

These days, though, you can build a website in as little as 15 minutes all by yourself.

Customer Service That’s Too Helpful

When it comes to Northwest’s customer support, no other company even compares. But the problem is that they’re a little too chatty and thorough. They make a point of patiently listening to your problem and asking lots of questions so they fully understand your question, problem and situation. 

But that means you can’t just call them up, ask a simple question, and terminate the call. It can be a little annoying if you’re in a hurry.


Here’s the process I used to review these services. It’s very similar to the process I used to determine the Best LLC Formation Services and Best Registered Agent Services

Why You Should Trust Me

You can rest easy about any recommendations I make because I’ve got more experience with the industry than anyone I know, and more than many people that work for these companies, too. 

I started my descent into this rabbit hole when I launched my first LLC. I didn’t know how to go about starting my company, so I hired a formation service. But the experience with my first provider wasn’t great. Its service list was lacking, to say the least, and because its execution of said services was so poor, it held up the registration process by several weeks. 

When I started my second business, I went with Northwest because it was an affordable option that provided all the services I needed: a lot of extras, a year of free registered agent service, and customer support supplied by professional Corporate Guides who could help me through any problems I would encounter. 

Upon launching my third LLC, I’d saved back enough money to opt for a premium LLC formation service, and chose Harbor Compliance because of its dedicated customer support representatives. I still miss the Corporate Guides though.

I’ve had the privilege to help lots of people choose the right LLC formation service or registered agent service to meet their needs. I started BoostSuite as a way to supply first-time business owners with business advice they could trust. 

Since starting this site, I’ve helped more than 1,000 people choose the best LLC service for their businesses.

How I Review Each Provider

I look at a number of things when it comes to reviewing each LLC service. Here’s what I’m looking for in an LLC service provider:


The first thing I look at with an LLC service is its services. Does it do everything you need to set up your LLC?

  • Registered agent service, and free?
  • Compliance alerts?
  • Online document-management system?
  • Premium services?
  • Exceptional delivery of said services?

These are the things I want in an LLC service, and you should too.


One thing that’s extremely important to many small business owners is the price of these services. In the case of LLC services, you should only have to pay that fee once, but when it comes to registered agent services, you’ll pay that fee per state per year plus state fees, and that can really add up. 

There are several different tiers when it comes to pricing for registered agents and formation services. For instance, there’s a full-service option that covers all your needs, and there are premium services that offer extras like website-building tools in the case of LLC formation services, or specialty business insurances in the case of registered agent services.

The former usually cost between $99–$199, and the latter cost $299 or more. I like to weigh the services against the price tier to know if it’s worth it.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to how much registered agent service will cost after the free first year, if it’s offered. Northwest’s isn’t the cheapest, and it isn’t the most expensive, it’s simply good service.


The service list isn’t the only thing that matters. Sure, a long list of services looks great on paper, but if they don’t deliver on those services then they do you no good. I read customer reviews to find out how well these companies actually deliver on their services. From this I can determine how easy their websites are to use, the quality of their customer support, and more.

Honesty and Transparency

It’s important for a company to be honest about the services it’s delivering to you. If I detect even the whiff or a lie in their information or pricing, then that company loses some serious points. I’d never tell you to entrust your business to a company that even I don’t trust! 

Any company that hides the most essential services, like compliance alerts, as upsells doesn’t get a good recommendation from me.

Customer Reviews

One important aspect of my review process is checking out the customer reviews. If a company is more than a year old, it should have online reviews. If it doesn’t, that’s a red flag. Reviews let me know the quality of the customer service and how well the company delivers its services.


Northwest Registered Agent is a good choice for businesses that need a reliable business service without a lot of nonsense.. In fact, choosing Northwest Registered Agent may be one of the best investments you ever make for your company. 

With its litany of LLC formation services, quality registered agent services, which are free for a whole year when you sign up for LLC formation services, AND industry-leading customer service and small business support, it’s harder to find a reason not to use Northwest than to use it. 

Sure, it’s not the cheapest LLC formation service, and there are cheaper registered agents on the market. Northwest won’t start a website for your business, and its customer service can be annoying if you merely want to ask a question and go about your business. 

But in the long run, those are small potatoes compared to the high-quality services Northwest provides. And even at its $225 LLC formation rate, I’d argue that the price is still worth it for all of the services you get. But because I’ve negotiated a deal with Northwest, BoostSuite readers can get LLC formation or incorporation services for a mere $39, plus state fees.

To start your LLC or corporation for only $39, click here to sign up with Northwest Registered Agent and get a free year of the best registered agent services in the industry. 

If you’re still undecided and want to research alternatives to Northwest before you take advantage of this deal, here are some alternatives to consider.


If you’re still on the fence about Northwest, take a look at some alternatives.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance offers a unique feature: a dedicated account manager. Instead of calling a standard customer support line, you call your account manager directly. This person is well-versed in your situation, knows the ins and outs of your business, and knows the problems it’s currently dealing with. 

But that level of customized care comes at a cost. It’s $399 for its Formation package, and an outrageous $799 for its Compliance package. You can decide if it's worth paying that much to get personalized customer support.

To read more about Harbor Compliance, check out my comprehensive Harbor Compliance review.


If you need an inexpensive business formation service, LegalZoom is a good choice for you. It has a basic package for only $0 (plus state fees).

It offers some premium services in its basic package, which is nice, but it’s also missing some necessary services, and its higher package costs $249. Of course, you do get an unlimited number of 30-minute attorney consultations with that, so if legal woes are your thing, LegalZoom is a good idea. 
If you’re interested in ongoing legal services, read the Best Online Legal Services.

Swyft Filings

For only $49, Swyft filings supplies everything you need to start your business, which is a lot less than Northwest’s standard $125 price. 

For that price, they’ll file your formation documents, supply you with an online document management system that you can access using your online account, and a 30- minute business tax consultation for free. They also provide you with a year of domain name registration, which is essential if you want to create an online presence for your business. It’s usually considered a premium service, and typically costs $299. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to choose the best registered agent service for your LLC, or simply want a list of the best registered agent companies on the market, read my comprehensive guide on the Best Registered Agent Services
If you’d like to learn more about how to choose a quality LLC formation service, read the Best LLC Formation Services. And if you haven’t decided on a business structure and are considering a limited liability company, then read How to Start an LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Northwest Registered Agent Package?

There is no specific package but rather a standard formation service when starting an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent with add-ons to this specific service, or making use of their registered agent service. 

Is There A Promo Code Or Discount For Northwest Registered Agent?

There isn’t a promo code or discount for Northwest Registered Agent, but there’s a free online account option that gives you access to their guides and forms such as for the LLC formation services but without the added benefit of the in-house resident agent. 

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legit?

Yes. Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best registered agent companies around; they have been in business since 1998 and have assisted thousands of customers earning them many rave reviews. 

How Does Northwest Registered Agent Compare With Other Registered Agent Services?

Northwest Registered Agent is more expensive than some of their competitors but this is justified when weighing up the value you get from their customer service and the way they help your business. 

Does Northwest Registered Agent Handle New York Publication Requirements?

No. Northwest Registered Agent does handle the requirements for New York Publication however they do offer a comprehensive guide on how you can go about it. 

Does Northwest Registered Agent Have Good Customer Support?

Definitely, this is their best feature. Customers rave about the customer service that they get from Northwest Registered Agent as the company’s team of attorneys really delves deeplyinto each of their customer’s needs.

Can I Form An LLC On My Own?

Yes, you can. Northwest Registered Agent has the option, through their free account option, whereby you are able to form an LLC on your own – and you do have access to their full guides on how to actually form your own LLC.

Do They Have A Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy although it is not the most straightforward. The policy states that for anything other than the registered agent service, you will be refunded in pre-paid fees on a pro-rata basis. If the service that you are making use of is call forwarding or their mail forwarding service, refunds are pro-rated within the first seven days of the invoice due date. However, it is important to note there is a $25 processing fee for all refunds. 

May I Use Their Address As My Business Address?

Yes. If you make use of Northwest Registered Agent, you may use their physical address as your business address, keeping yours off any public records. 

Should I Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming An LLC With Northwest Registered Agent?

Yes. Northwest Registered Agent recommends that you reserve your LLC name before moving forward with their service if you wish to start an LLC.

Can I Form An LLC Without Physically Being In The United States?

Yes. It is possible to form an LLC without physically being in the United States. You just need to make sure that you have all the correct Articles of Organization. 

What Is the Northwest Registered Agent Customer Support Phone Number And Email?

The number to contact Northwest Registered Agent on is 509-768-2249  from Monday to Friday between 6am to 5pm Pacific/9am to 8pm Eastern. They can also be contacted via email once you have established contact with them. They also have an inquiry process through an online form displayed on their site. 

Does Northwest Registered Agent Sell Or Share My Information With Third Parties?

No. Northwest Registered Agent prides itself that it does not sell your information to third parties or through any partnerships. 

I've heard that LegalZoom has a lot of upsells. Does Northwest Registered Agent have lots of upsells?

Northwest Registered Agent does not have up-sells compared with some of their competitors. As they aim to be one of the best LLC formation services out there, they have a ‘no-frills’ policy and what you see is what you get with service providers such as this. 

How Quickly Does Northwest Registered Agent Process LLC Formations?

Northwest Registered Agent does not rush the process of your new LLC formation as they take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals which could lead to a lengthy set of questions you will need to answer. 

My LLC Needs An EIN. Is It Worth The Money?

Yes. A federal employer identification number (EIN or FEIN) is a must if your business wishes to trade and even open a bank account. Northwest Registered Agent can get an EIN for you in one day for $50.

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