5 Best Registered Agents In Georgia

Georgia has a quite bit going for it, and that’s why it’s a Southern economic hub for many upcoming and new businesses, which need to transform to an LLC or corporation to thrive well. Yet such business formations can go wrong and leave you with hefty penalties to pay. And that’s why we recommend you let a registered agent do the work as you concentrate on growing other critical areas of your business.

Here are our top five picks for the best registered agent in Georgia

1. Harbor Compliance

With discounts on their multi-year package, Harbor Compliance is the best-registered agent in Georgia with excellent offers for long-term clients. They have served over 25,000 businesses since their launch in 2012. They charge $99 per year.

You can expect the following working with Harbor Compliance:

  • Great customer feedback
  • Collection of how-to-guides, webinars, and white papers
  • Discounts on multi-year or different states

Get your Harbor Compliance registered agent service here: Harbor Compliance

2. Incfile

In business since 2004, Incfile offers a business formation package for $0 plus state fee, and you can also get one year free of registered agent services. They claim to have helped start and run over 250,000 organizations. They charge $119 per year.

You can expect the following working with Incfile:

  • Online access to incorporation documents
  • Free business tax consultations
  • Lifetime customer support

Learn more about IncFile here: IncFile

3. MyCorporation

MyCorporation has an undisputed reputation with tons of positive reviews online from satisfied customers. This is contributed by the fact that they have provided registered agent services for over 20 years. They charge $120 per year.

You can expect the following working with MyCorporation:

  • They have served over a million businesses.
  • Annual report service.
  • Add-on financial services like unemployment insurance or income tax assistance.

4. InCorp

Are you looking for registered agent services for a couple of years? If yes, you can work with InCorp, which offers massive discounts, and a 5-year package is the cheapest one going for $66.56 per year. Usually, they charge $99 per year.

You can expect the following working InCorp:

  • They have more than 200,000 worldwide clients.
  • EntityWatch anti-identity theft software.
  • Lower prices with volume discounts.

5. Georgia Registered Agent, LLC

With quick deliveries in less than an hour, Georgia Registered Agent LLC is a locally-based firm with an office in Roswell, GA. They are very instant in everything they do at an excellent price. They charge only $49 per year.

You can expect the following working with Georgia Registered Agent LLC:

  • No price increases, ever.
  • They provide annual registration reminders.
  • Reliable document delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are five common questions about Georgia registered agents. 

What is a Registered Agent? – A registered agent is the point of contact for a business entity. It can be an individual or a company that has been given the mandate by a business entity to send and receive official mail containing legal, tax, and other official matters.

Which is the Best Georgia Registered Agent? – The best-registered agent might vary with different business entities. But still, you can check out our 5 best Georgia registered agents.

Is It a Must to Have a Registered Agent for Your Georgia LLC? – A registered agent is what you need to form a business with fewer or no mistakes.

I’m I Allowed to Change my Registered Agent in Georgia? – This option is available to every business which files the necessary paperwork to the state agency.

Is It Possible to Be My Own Registered Agent in Georgia? – The main requirement to act as a registered agent is to have a physical street address in Georgia.


If you need a registered agent in Georgia, there are many options. And choosing a single firm can be quite overwhelming as it depends on your company’s needs. However, with our five recommendations above, at least now, you have a starting point when selecting a registered agent for your business formation.

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