The 12 Best Registered Agent Delaware – Reviewed and Ranked

Choosing a registered agent for your corporate business can mean the difference between financial success or ruin. 

The right Delaware Registered Agent will make sure that your company stays in good standing with the Secretary of State and  keep your information private and off the public record.

The wrong Delaware Registered Agent can leave your business open to legal action, like lawsuits, or even be careless with your company’s information, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from hackers and scammers.

Here are my top picks for the best registered agent service in Delaware:

1. Northwest Registered Agent Review – 9.13/10 (Top-rated Service)

Northwest Registered Agent made their way to the top position on this list because they not only provide an excellent array of full-service options, they provide outstanding customer service.


Northwest Registered Agent ticks a lot of boxes.

You’ll get the address that you need, and they will accept service of process and mail on behalf of your Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) during normal business hours in order to keep you in good standing with the Secretary of State and the Delaware Division of Corporations.

They’ll also scan every document they receive on your behalf and forward them to you — the only registered agent in Delaware on this list to do so with EVERY piece of mail. On top of all that, they also alert you of upcoming compliance filing deadlines so you’ll remember to file your annual report, franchise tax, and other tax paperwork in time. 

Their signup and setup processes are pretty easy to complete. You can simply sign up for corporate registered agent services and multiple states through their online portal. They have offices in all 50 states, which makes it easy to sign up for more registered agent services with them as your company grows.

But, the reason that Northwest Registered Agent is at the top of our list is their US-based customer service team composed of former lawyers, accountants, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. They really go the extra mile to ensure that they answer any question you have and solve any problems that you encounter.

They respond quickly to phone or email inquiries. They really take time to listen to your issues instead of rushing off the phone showing little interest in resolving your query. They genuinely care about you and your problems, which is refreshing in the business world.

They also provide LLC formation services. This means they’ll help you navigate through the Delaware incorporation process, helping you file for your LLC operating agreement, as well as obtain your Certificate of Formation and Certificate of Incorporation. They’ll help remind you of any filing fee due or state filing fees you may need to pay in order to obtain your Inc. status. 

Their fee is $125 per year, which is only $26 more per year than the cheapest registered agent on this list. And it’s definitely worth $26 for the next-level customer service alone.


In Northwest Registered Agent’s case, its best feature is also it’s most problematic. 

Their customer service is beyond comprehensive. It’s fantastic to have great customer service when you have a problem and need someone to listen to you in order to figure it out. But that takes a lot of time. 

The way they work is that they want to know every single detail about your problem, and they ask a lot of questions, and only then will they give you any sort of answer or suggestions.

But, this is a high-quality problem to have with what is an overall excellent service.


Northwest Registered Agent is the best registered agent Delaware has to offer because they offer a wide variety of services, their fee is highly competitive, their system is easy to use and to set up, and they offer the best customer service in the industry.

If you are looking for a registered agent who provides industry-leading customer service, competitive prices, and an excellent variety of registered agent service options, then check out Northwest Registered Agent.

2. Harbor Compliance Review – 7.92/10 (Best Budget Registered Agent)

Coming in at number two on our list is Harbor Compliance, which offers not only a plethora of great services but also the best price of any agent on this list.


Harbor Compliance is another full-service agent and LLC formation service.

They provide as a Delaware registered agent a street address in the state of Delaware, accepting mail and service of process on behalf of your Delaware LLC during normal business hours, scanning your documents and putting them on an online portal which you have access to, and giving you notifications about upcoming compliance filing deadlines in order to keep your corporation or LLC in good standing with the Delaware Division of Corporations. These can include things like franchise tax and other tax reports which you must submit. 

Their signup and setup processes are a breeze to get through and signing up for registered agent services in multiple states is simple. Their online system is fairly easy to navigate, but it could use a few tweaks to make it easier. It’s relatively easy to get them to respond to customer service inquiries by phone or email, but their customer service isn’t as good as that of Northwest Registered Agent. 

Of course, Harbor Compliance’s unique selling point is their low fee. They only charge $99 per year. This makes them not only the cheapest full-service registered agent on our list, but in the industry.


The one con about Harbor Compliance is that while they are good at everything, they excel at nothing.

Their service offerings are pretty basic. There are no premium services or even any services that are really exceptional. Their computer system is difficult to navigate and needs tweaking to be better. And their customer service, while being adequate, is nowhere near as comprehensive as that of Northwest Registered Agent.


Harbor Compliance is a solid choice for a full-service registered agent. They offer a basic list of registered agent services and have the lowest price on the list.

If you need a registered agent to provide basic services for a low price, check out Harbor Compliance here.

3. LegalZoom Review – 6.59/10 (Best Premium RA)

If you are looking for a premium service registered agent, LegalZoom is the best on our list. A lot of the other premium service registered agents have some pretty unattractive features, as you’ll see when reading about them.


LegalZoom offers a lot of the same services that you would expect from a full-service registered agent such as scanning documents and allowing you access to them with an online portal, mail forwarding, and compliance filing alerts for franchise tax and other tax reports.

The premium part of their offering is that they also provide you with up to $1 million worth of identity theft protection.


There are a couple of drawbacks with LegalZoom.

Firstly, they charge a fee of $299 per year for their registered agent services. That’s $174 more than Northwest Registered Agent, and three times more than Harbor Compliance. It’s really not worth paying that much to include identity theft protection when you can get it elsewhere cheaper.

Secondly, registered agent services are not LegalZoom’s specialty. In fact, it’s only a small portion of what they do. Because of this, there’s not a lot of focus put on their registered agent services.

Their customer service is not really helpful because registered agent services are not something that they are very familiar with. It’s easy enough to get them to respond to phone or email contacts, but the customer service contact isn’t on the same level as that of Northwest Registered Agent.  It’s particularly annoying because the system isn’t as intuitive, either. 


LegalZoom is a well-known company. However, they really shouldn’t be your first choice in registered agent services for several reasons, among which that you can purchase full-service registered agent service as well as identity theft protection for your corporate Inc. from other agencies for less.

If you’re already in business with LegalZoom however, it could be worth it to you to also utilize their registered agent services.

If you would like to check out LegalZoom, do so here: LegalZoom

4. ZenBusiness Review

ZenBusiness is an LLC formation service that offers everything you want from a registered agent, but for some reason, has two pricing tiers.

The first tier is $99 per state per year and includes everything included by Northwest Registered Agent, with one notable exception – compliance alerts. To get access to their compliance alert system, you need to pay an additional $50 per state per year.

This is probably because their primary focus is on LLC formation services, rather than registered agent services, so they haven’t fully optimized their offering. But, regardless of the reason, they’re still more expensive than Northwest Registered Agent and don’t offer the same level of support available.

If you want to know more about their services, read my ZenBusiness review here.

5. IncFile Review

IncFile is another Delaware registered agent service whose prices don’t match their minimal services.

They’ll give you a street address to accept your mail and service of process, of course. But they charge a fee of  $119 per year and you won’t even get compliance deadline filing alerts for your business entity. And their customer service, by phone or email, isn’t nearly as good as Northwest Registered Agent’s either. 

They do offer a year of free registered agent service if you sign up for their LLC formation service. So, they’ll definitely help you achieve Inc. status. 

While this sounds like a great deal, after the year is up, you’ll be paying more than is necessary for a Delaware registered agent service in the long run. 

If you still want to check out IncFile to get a year’s worth of free Delaware registered agent service and get your LLC up and running during that first year, you can do so here: IncFile

6. Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer is a cheaper knockoff of LegalZoom.

Like LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer’s Delaware registered agent service isn’t what they specialize in. Their registered agent service is just a small part of what the company does, so it doesn’t get the attention it needs to adequately serve your Delaware LLC.

Of course, they’ll provide your accept mail and service of process on behalf of your business entity, but the rest of their services aren’t anything to write home about. 

For what they offer, they charge $149 per year and their customer service and service offerings are nowhere near as good. 

If you want to know more about their services, read our Rocket Lawyer review.

7. SunDoc Filings Review

SunDoc Filings is another Delaware registered agent service that provides the basic essentials for your Delaware business.

They’ll provide you with an address in the state of Delaware, as well as accept mail, legal documents, tax notices, and service of process on behalf of your Delaware business or LLC. They charge $159 per year for the privilege, as well. 

8. InCorp Review

InCorp is a Delaware registered agent that made rating its services somewhat difficult and would confuse the average consumer. 

Like some other Delaware registered agents on this list, InCorp charges a low fee of $99 per year. Like any basic registered agent service, they’ll provide you with a registered office and address in the state of Delaware and accept mail and documents on behalf of your Delaware LLC.

The problem becomes apparent when you access their system. Their computer system isn’t user-friendly, it’s hard to navigate and it’s not laid out very well. On top of that, their customer service by phone or email isn’t adequate enough to assist you in navigating the system for your Delaware LLC or Inc.

9. Swyft Filings Review

Swyft Filings is a Delaware registered agent that offers some pretty basic services. They’ll provide you with a registered office and address in Delaware to accept documents on behalf of your Delaware LLC.

Unlike some of the other Delaware registered agents on this list, Swyft Filings does include compliance deadline filing alerts, but they charge $149 per year.

If you want to know more about their services, read our Swyft Filings review.

10. CSC Global Review

CSC Global is a ‘premium’ Delaware registered agent. They’ll provide you with the same services as a full-service agent, such as a registered office and address in Delaware, they’ll receive mail and documents on behalf of your LLC, as well as notify you of upcoming compliance filing deadlines. 

You may wonder why the word ‘premium’ is in quote marks. That’s because the only real ‘premium’ thing about this company is their rate.

They do offer to pay any state fees that you incur from switching to their service. But they charge $299 per year. You could easily pay Northwest’s $125 and cover the state fees yourself and still not spend up to $299. 

11. Registered Agents Inc. Review

Registered Agents Inc. is a registered agent that will provide you with the obligatory registered office and address in the state of Delaware. In fact, a lot of their services mirror Northwest Registered Agent.

The major drawback of Registered Agents Inc. is that they charge $200 per year, whereas Northwest only charges $125. Registered Agents Inc.’s customer service isn’t on the same level as Northwest’s either. 

12. Jumpstart Filings Review

Jumpstart Filings is another registered agent in Delaware to provide both registered agent and LLC formation services to help you get that all-important Inc. suffix.

They offer very minimal services, but they charge $150 per year. Their customer service by phone or email isn’t as good as Northwest’s and, unlike other registered agents on this list, they don’t offer a year of free registered agent services when you sign up for their LLC formation services.

So, all-in-all, this isn’t one of the more cost-effective choices on my list. 

Registered Agent Review Summary

Northwest Registered Agent earned a #1 spot on our list of best registered agents because of everything they have to offer.

They’ll provide you with all of the services you’d expect from a registered agent, like a registered office in Delaware, compliance alerts, protection for your personal details, and an address in the state.

But, their real point of difference is their customer support. Their US-based team of former accountants, lawyers, and entrepreneurs will take the time to understand your issues and challenges and provide actionable advice that moves you closer to your business goals.

They charge a $125 per year, which, for the $26 more per year than the cheapest option on our list, is excellent value.

If you need a registered agent for your Delaware company, head to Northwest Registered Agent now.

Best Registered Agent Review Methodology

Here are the methods and experiences I used to determine the best registered agent

Why You Should Trust Me

You should trust us because our founder has spent more time researching and interacting with the registered agent industry than anyone else would care to. 

I started out doing research in order to find a registered agent for my two businesses. But, when I eventually closed both of my businesses and was looking for a new business venture, my friends and colleagues asked for advice about registered agents.

It became apparent that this would be my new business venture because I had the time to research these registered agent businesses and the knowledge. I used that knowledge and experience giving advice in order to start my website.

With my combined experience and knowledge, you can trust that when I give a registered agent a glowing review, they deserve it!

How I Selected The Best Registered Agent

I started out with a list of over 60 registered agents in Delaware, and narrowed it down to 12, and picked my top 3 from there. 

Here’s how I made that happen:

Stage 1: Reviews

Online reviews are a great place to start when you’re investigating a registered agent service. People generally have to create an online account in order to post their reviews, so that means they usually feel really strongly about their review in order to post it. I looked through reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, TrustPilot, and many other places. 

Truthfully, I really couldn’t have read through every last review. There were thousands, and it probably would have taken years. Instead, we read through the reviews that were more than a couple of paragraphs long, giving me the details I needed. If these people had to change registered agent services and get a new registered agent, they described what led them to make that decision.

This allowed me to weed out the companies that were outright scams, as well as those who used deceptive pricing practices. (More on that later.)

Stage 2: Website Analysis

The next stage of my investigation was checking out each individual company website. 

Some of the things I looked for and considered were their service and product offerings, their location (they had to be in the state of Delaware), their company history, any awards listed that they’d won, and how many different contact methods they listed for their customer service (not just a phone number).

Stage 3: Speaking With Real Customers

Unfortunately, there was only so much I could learn from the first two stages. Many people won’t bother with creating an online account in order to post a review, and no company is going to tell you about all of their drawbacks on their own company website. 

I reached out to clients in the state who had visited my website and had purchased new registered agent services based on my suggestions, as well as those who already had a registered agent before coming to our site. Reviews from real customers let me know how well the business services they offered actually served their LLC (or not.) It definitely painted a clearer picture than the way they represented themselves on the business website. 

Stage 4: Speak With Their Sales Team

The last stage was one of the most telling ones. I rounded up all of the negative feedback, customer complaints and online reviews, then called each business and asked their sales team about them. 

This let me determine how each business handled feedback. Some of them actually told me they took those complaints and used them to change their system so there wasn’t a problem anymore. But there were a couple that basically told me that there wasn’t actually a problem and that we shouldn’t pay attention to those ‘crazy’ customers. 

A registered agent business that listens to feedback is not only a business that wants to grow, but one that cares about its client’s LLC. 

Rating Factors

After I completed the four-stage investigation process, I was left with twelve registered agents. Here is how I rated the best registered agent for your Delaware LLC:

Factor 1: Offerings

This was one of the most important factors, so I evaluated it first. It doesn’t matter how much you like an agent’s price, it’s not going to do you any good if your new registered agent service doesn’t provide the services your LLC needs. 

So, I weighed things like whether an agent simply provided you with mail forwarding, or if they offered access to your legal documents online, whether they provided a generic promise to keep your information safe, or actually provided identity theft protection, and whether they just gave you a calendar, as opposed to notifications about legal compliance deadlines. 

I also looked at whether they provide a cheap LLC service or possibly even the best LLC service.

The agents with the best service offerings in the state shot to the top of the list, and those with minimal or mediocre services dropped to the bottom.

Factor 2: Value

Value for money is an important factor as well. While I was evaluating this factor I discovered that there are essentially three different price ranges for registered agents in Delaware: budget, full-service and premium. 

Budget services run around $39-$59 per year, full-service offerings range from $99-$129 per year, and premium services range from $299 per year. What’s more, there’s no real accounting for how they come up with their prices. Three different agencies in Delaware could offer the same services but charge three different prices. 

It should be noted that you won’t notice any budget services on my list. This is because, although they may charge fees of $39-$59 per year, they give you inadequate services for that price. If you want anything more than an office in Delaware, you’ll have to pay extra. These extra fees for things like alerts for legal compliance deadlines can cost you even more than some premium service agents charge. 

I’m not a fan of this unethical, sneaky pricing and I don’t feel like it’s a good match for any LLC in the state. 

Factor 3: Ease Of Signup

Suppose you’d found a registered agent with all of the services that your LLC could possibly need, at a price you can afford, only to find out that signup is a nightmare. Sometimes it can take weeks to get through the signup and setup process, which can be annoying and lead to some legal ramifications if you need a registered agent company or office address for your Delaware corporation. 

So, those companies whose signup process was mostly effortless, painless and streamlined went to the top half of my list, and those who required mountains of paperwork and time plummeted towards the bottom of my list. It’s hard enough to run a Delaware corporation without the extra hassle! 

Factor 4: Ease Of Use

The next review factor I considered was how easy their online system is to use. No Delaware corporation should have to spend hours training and re-training personnel on how to use an online system, only to discover that it’s too confusing, even with training. 

The companies with easy, user-friendly online systems were champions on my list, while those whose computer systems were difficult to navigate, difficult to learn, slow or complicated were put further down the list so that corporations didn’t have to experience the same pain in using them that I did. 

Factor 5: Customer Service

The last factor I considered when rating each of these registered agents was customer service. No matter how well-trained your staff is, or how well you think you understand the online system, someone in your corporation is going to have a question at some point. And if it’s hard to get someone on the phone to answer your question, it can be the difference between getting back quickly to your interrupted work tasks, or being held up for hours. 

Those who responded quickly to phone or email queries offered good explanations that were easy-to-understand, fixed our problems and were friendly, won higher positions on my list. Those who took forever to answer phone or email inquiries didn’t thoroughly answer my questions or weren’t friendly earned lower positions. 

The Best Delaware Registered Agent Results Summary

I started with a list of over 60 registered agents in Delaware. I used a thorough, 4-stage investigation process to trim that number down to 12 Delaware registered agents, and then used a 5-factor rating system to rate them.

 Using this system, I determined that Northwest Registered Agent was the best registered agent service that Delaware has to offer. 

Best Overall Registered Agent – Northwest Registered Agent (9.13/10)

I have several reasons for declaring Northwest Registered Agent the best registered agent service company in Delaware. They offer a great range of services, a competitive price, and they’ve got the best customer service team in the state.

They provide you with a business address in Delaware, give you access to all of your documents online (not just the legal ones), protect your information and keep it off public record, and provide you with compliance deadline alerts for things such as your annual report and franchise tax filing.

Even better, Northwest has offices in all 50 states, not just Delaware. So, as your new corporation grows, they can still give you all the services you need, as well as provide services and support that bigger corporations use.

But, the real reason they’re #1 on my list is because of their industry-leading customer support.

Their US-based ‘Corporate Guides’ are former accountants, lawyers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. They’re patient, knowledgable, and best of all, have personally faced a lot of the same challenges you’re up against and can provide actionable advice that takes you closer to your goals.

And with more than 3,000 positive Northwest Registered Agent reviews, you can be sure that my experience wasn’t a one-off.

If you want to ensure you meet your legal requirements as well as getting small business support as well as getting the best registered agent for your Delaware corporation whether you’re new to registered agent services or looking to change services, check out Northwest Registered Agent here.

Best Budget Registered Agent – Harbor Compliance (7.92/10)

If you’re looking for a registered agent service company in Delaware that provides all the services your corporation could possibly need, at a great price, and are willing to sacrifice customer support, Harbor Compliance is the best option for you. 

They offer all the same services that Northwest Registered agent provides, and they do it for only $99 per year.

Their customer service isn’t on the same level as Northwest’s, but they do answer your questions and provide you with general information, as well as try to walk you through any problems you or your office might have.

If you’re not as interested in extraordinary customer service as you are in budget prices from your Delaware registered agent, Harbor Compliance is probably the best bet for your corporation.

You can check them out here: Harbor Compliance

Best Premium Registered Agent – Legal Zoom (6.59/10)

If you’re looking for a premium-tier registered agent in Delaware, LegalZoom is a solid option. They provide you with the same general services that Northwest provides, like an office address and accepting corporate mail for your Inc. But they’ll also give you up to $1,000,000 in corporate identity theft protection.

They charge $299 per year, which is pretty typical of premium-level registered agent prices. However, they’re $175 more than Northwest, and three times more expensive than Harbor Compliance. But they’re still a good choice for corporations that are concerned about identity theft protection, if you’re already using some of LegalZoom’s other services in your office, or if you’re interested in hiring a ‘big name’ company in Delaware.

If you’d like more information about LegalZoom, you can find it here: LegalZoom

In Conclusion

Appointing the right registered agent for your corporate business or Inc. in Delaware can keep your information safe and in good standing with state offices and regulations.

I did a lot of the work for you and investigated over 60 registered agent services, then ruled out all but 12. I used a four-stage investigation process and then used five different factors to rank the 12 agents on my list in order.

My analysis led me to the conclusion that Northwest Registered Agent is the best registered agent service in Delaware.

Their offerings include everything you would expect from a registered agent service and the best customer service in the industry. It’s easy to get them on the phone or to reply to email inquiries, they’re friendly, and they offer comprehensive customer service.

If you need a great registered agent that will do more than accept mail on behalf of your corporate office, and provide excellent customer service in multiple formats (like phone and email), they’re a great choice for both corporations that are new to registered agent services, and also those who are looking to change services.

If you need an efficient, reliable, and competitively priced registered agent that can guide you through the many challenges of establishing and running your own business, head to Northwest Registered Agent now.