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Swyft Filings Review Summary 

If you're starting a new business and have no idea what paperwork is involved, or don't understand your own state’s legal requirements, Swyft Filings offers a solution to your doubt and lack of knowledge.

If you want to form a limited liability company (LLC) on your own, you shold know that there are myriad business filings and paperwork that need to be accurately submitted with fast turnaround times. Swyft Filings offers a solution when it comes to any business's filing and paperwork needs.


Price: 7/10
Products and Services: 8/10
Customer Service: 8/10
Ease of Use: 8/10


Swyft Filings are experts on every important document you need to file when starting up a new business entity or corporation, and, importantly, they know how to correctly handle and then file this paperwork in each state, offering a complete LLC formation service as a registered agent service.


  • Swyft Filings LLC formation service has every feature you need to form your business at a competitive price point.
  • They can file with fast turnaround time.
  • They offer reliable customer support.
  • Each package can be tailored to a business owner’s unique needs, as you can have many different types of add-ons.
  • They have in-depth knowledge of each state’s different laws and legal requirements.


  • Certain service requests may be time consuming for Swyft Filings to completely complete, as long as a couple of days. Competitors may provide the same service in a shorter amount of time. 
  • They don’t offer a free year of their registered agent service with their LLC formation packages, which will cost you an additional $150 in your first year.

Who Should Use Swyft Filings?

  • Swyft Filings may be a good choice for anyone who wishes to start their own company but is unsure what kind of paperwork is needed for submission to the state authorities. Such companiess may include an LLC, a C corporation, an S corporation, or a nonprofit organization. 
  • Any new business owners who also require a lot of customer feedback and need services tailored to the business’s exact requirements might consider Swyft Filings.

Swyft Filings specializes in and knows precisely what new business owners need right from the beginning of the process and keep the owners informed throughout the entire process, allowing the owners peace of mind assurity. 

Who Should NOT Use Swyft Filings?

While Swyft Filings offers a reliable service, they are neither the best value LLC formation service nor do they have the best customer support.

So, if you're looking for the best value LLC formation service or the best support LLC service, there are better options.

All Things Considered…

If you are looking for a really good LLC formation service with quick turnaround times and good customer service, then Swyft Filings is definitely one to consider.

Its services have helped thousands of businesses by being the go-to third party between the business owners and the various states’ legal systems. They offer far more than just a few business listings and piecemeal paperwork, but rather a full and comprehensive company formation package.

While ZenBusiness offers more value for the same price, Swyft Filings still provides great bang for your buck.

Table of Contents

Swyft Filings Basics Review

Swyft Filings’ Background

Swyft Filings started out as a lawyer’s passion project back in 2012. He saw an opportunity to help small businesses by automating the day-to-day humdrum of filing processes—this is one of the key factors identified that prevents small businesses from launching and reaching their full potential.

Swyft Filings is a comprehensive and all-encompassing document filing service tailored for start-up businesses and new companies. It aims to alleviate the stresses and burdens of completing mundane paperwork, allowing you as the business owner to focus entirely on your daily operations, and leaving all the filing up to Swyft Filings.

Swyft Filings aims to save you time and money, with speedy responses and execution, and they offer great customer service. So, whether you are just starting out as a new business or are an established company, Swyft Filings can assist you at any point within your business with the vast array of different business listing services that it provides.

What Does Swyft Filings Do?

Swyft Filings offers two main services: guiding you through starting a new business and thereafter assisting you with managing the business. 

Starting Your Business

If you are starting out as a new business, Swyft Filings informs you about all the paperwork needed in order to establish the new small business, with services that focus on a variety of business types:

  • LLC
  • C corporation 
  • S corporation 
  • Non-profit organization

Swyft Filings compiles a list of all the paperwork that you may not even think you'd need and provides a comprehensive report for you to follow. Here’s what they do for you when establishing a new business: 

Verify Company Name Availability

Your business name is verified in the respective state you are applying in. If the name is unavailable, Swyft Filings will prompt you for an alternative name.

Preparation of Articles of Organization

They do a thorough review of all the information you provide them so as to optimize the proceedings of the paperwork for the incorporation of your business entity. 

Document Filing with Secretary of State

They ensure that all the information needed is on the forms and documents so that there is no back and forth when filing the documents with the Secretary of State and when formalizing the legality of incorporating your business entity.

Free Statement of the Incorporator 

The document created by the Incorporator that passes the elements of control over to the initial directors of the corporation is provided for free.

Online Access to Your Incorporation Documents 

Once you have a registered account with Swyft Filings, you have full access to all your documents 24/7 and are able to download them and track their progress. 

Lifetime Customer Support (Phone & Email)

Swyft Filings’ business specialists are always on call and are able to offer assistance and support whenever needed. 

Free 30-Minute Business Tax Consultation

Swyft Filings has partnered with an accounting firm that will give you a 30-minute tax consultation for you and your business entity, free of charge.

Free ComplianceGuard ™ Company Alerts

This inhouse corporate compliance tool sends you notifications when important date deadlines are near, such as for different reports or filing deadlines, all for free. 

Free Domain Name

You get a free domain name for a full year, as well as information on how to set up your email and website efficiently.

Managing Your Business

Apart from starting a business, as a small business owner there is always paperwork you must file throughout the many different stages of your business, even after your initial start-up. Swyft Filings has identified many key areas where any business owner may need to file further business documents or have more paperwork to file.

The following comprehensive list of all the different business services Swyft Filings provides makes it easy for you to simply click and select what you need done. From there, Swyft Filings files such reports to your specification. 

These are the different types of services they provide, each at their own unique cost:

  • Annual report
  • Initial report
  • EIN/federal tax ID 
  • Amendments & name changes 
  • Conversion
  • Foreign qualification 
  • Change of registered agent
  • Withdrawal 
  • 501(c)(3) application
  • Apostille
  • Dissolution (close a business)

What Do the Services of Swyft Filings Cost? 

Swyft Filings offers a wide range of services, each with their own unique cost. 

Starting Your Business

Swyft Filings charges for different packages when creating a new business entity. Such businesses include forming your LLC, C corporation, S corporation, or nonprofit organization—there are a few different packages on offer, each with their own unique benefits and features. 

All packages include customer support, real-time tracking, full account access to all of your documents, free shipping on all orders, and a 100% money back guarantee. 

These are the following packages: 

Basic Package — $49 plus state fees (varies by state)

This is the most basic of the packages and is among the least expensive options for LLC formation service in the entire industry. However, it still covers everything you need to be able to incorporate your business. It can be broken down as follows:

  • Verify company name availability
  • Preparation of Articles of Organization
  • Document filing with Secretary of State
  • Free Statement of the Incorporator 
  • Online access to your incorporation documents 
  • Lifetime customer support (phone & email)
  • Free 30-Minute business tax consultation
  • ComplianceGuard ™ company alerts
  • Free domain name
Expediting Options

This package also gives you different expediting options as add-ons, from the free standard filing time to an EXPRESS filing time (which is an added cost dependent on the state).

Shipping Options

This package gives you different shipping options as add-ons: First-class shipping and handling, or the FedEx Express shipping which includes tracking for an additional $25.

Standard Package — $149 plus state fees (varies by state)

The standard package offers all the essentials needed to launch your business and can be broken down as follows: 

The standard package includes everything from the basic package, plus extra services:

  • Obtain federal tax ID (EIN)
  • Customer LLC operating agreement 
  • Custom LLC banking resolution 
  • Custom organizational minutes
Expediting Options

This package gives you different expediting options as additional extras: 

  • Standard filing time (free)
  • EXPRESS filing time (added cost dependent on state)
  • RUSH filing time (added cost dependent on state)
Shipping Options

This package also gives you different shipping options as add-ons, from the already included first-class shipping and handling or the FedEx Express shipping, which includes tracking for an additional $25.

Premium Package — $299 plus state fees (varies by state)

The premium package includes everything from both the basic and standard packages, but with more services provided:

  • Electronic delivery of state documents 
  • Customized digital LLC kit
  • Free business website and web hosting 
Expediting Options

This package also gives you different expediting options as add-ons: 

  • Standard filing time (free)
  • EXPRESS filing time (free)
  • RUSH filing time (added cost dependent on state)
Shipping Options

This package also gives you different shipping options, from the already included first-class shipping and handling or the FedEx Express shipping, which includes tracking for an additional $25.

Managing Your Business

Not only does Swyft Filings help you get your business up and running, it offers assistance with the many business documents that any established business needs to know about during normal operations.

These services can be broken down as follows: (Please note that each price below does not include state fees which is additional cost).

Annual Report — $99

Many states require you to provide annual reports on your company to ensure that the company is legitimate and operating functionally. Within an annual report, a state will require information regarding ownership, sales, and revenue. Swyft Filings has filed thousands of annual reports with assistance and guidance throughout—and actually taking care of the entire report.

Initial Report — $55

A few states require an initial report, which is needed within the first months of operating and discloses the owner’s information and start-up fees, as well as declaring the respective registered agent.

EIN/Federal Tax ID — $79

An employer identification number (EIN), also known as a federal tax ID, is required before your business can open a bank account, hire staff, and start making money. Swyft Filings sources this ID number as part of the services it offers. 

Amendments & Name Changes — $99

Creating name changes or any other amendments, such as the business address or ownership, is common practice, but there is still hefty paperwork involved when doing so. Swyft Filings has aided thousands of customers in a timely manner when it comes to these types of amendments.

Conversion — $199

As your business grows, changes often occur as your business evolves. For example, it may one day be necessary to convert your LLC to a C corporation or vice versa. Swyft Filings understands this entire process and can provide you with all the necessary paperwork to facilitate this process.

Foreign Qualification — $199

A foreign qualification authorization is necessary when you decide to operate your business through a different state from the one you previously applied in. Swyft Filings can help you procure a foreign qualification.

Change of Registered Agent — $149

Other changes in your business may include a change of registered agent. If you would like to cease being your own free registered agent, or plan to change from one registered agent to another to meet your changing needs, Swyft Filings can guide you through the process.

Withdrawal — $99

If your business has finished operating in a specific state, paperwork is needed to terminate reporting and tax obligations in that state, as each state differs in paperwork. Swyft Filings understands these state-specific processes.

501(c)(3) Application — $495 + IRS Fee

This is an application to become a nonprofit organization, which allows you certain tax benefits and exemptions. This application requires you to answer a few questions for the IRS, which Swyft Filings helps to prepare. 

Apostille — $75

As an already-registered business with the US, in order to operate and do business in another country, you need to have an Apostille Certificate. Swyft Filings can assist in getting the certificate through the respective Secretaries of State, thus allowing you to do business in other countries.

Dissolution — $149

If your LLC or corporation needs to close down, a set process needs to be followed in order to terminate your corporation, nonprofit, or LLC.

My Assessment

Price — 7/10

Swyft Filings LLC formation prices are very competitive.

Their basic package is $49 dollars, which is well-positioned in comparison to other LLC formation services, especially when you consider the range of services that are offered in this package. Most basic formation packages cost at least $99 and provide far less value.

But while it may appear like a good deal for the price, there is one thing missing that's offered by a number of LLC formation services—a free year of their registered agent service.

At $150 per state, per year for their registered agent service (making it one of the more expensive options), it means this basic package offers far less value than ZenBusiness' basic package (which is also $49).

Their standard package costs $149 dollars, which is more in line with their competitors but is still relatively cheaper than many others on the market. On top of this, you get to select additional services such as shipping and express delivery. 

Finally, the premium package costs $299, which is also on the cheaper end of the spectrum compared with their competitors. 

Product/Service Offerings — 8/10

Swyft Filings offers every product and service you'd expect from an LLC formation and business service company.

They will help you form your company, be your registered agent, support your compliance efforts, and can even help with company dissolution if you need to wrap things up.

They also provide one option that's only available with two other LLC formation services and can save a LOT of money. If you purchase their $299 premium LLC formation package, they will build your website for you.

Considering that business websites can cost upwards of $3,000, this is great value.

Customer Support — 8/10

Swyft Filings has many different ways for clients to reach out to them, namely via email, live chat, or phoning them directly. 

Based on many customer reviews of Swyft Filings, the highlights included that the company is very fast and efficient when it comes to their customer service and turnaround times of certain paperwork items as laid out in the various packages. Even when clients do leave some negative reviews regarding their service, Swyft Filings takes note of these comments and responds to them in an appropriate manner to ensure transparency and make sure that any issues are resolved. 

I had a few queries myself about Swyft Filings so I used the email address provided and recieved a quick and helpful response.

The reason they're only rated 8/10 is that while they will answer any questions you have about your LLC formation, registered agent service, or any other business service you purchase, they will not answer any questions about running or growing your small business—which is offered by my choice for the LLC formation service with the best customer support, Northwest Registered Agent.

Ease of Use — 8/10

Many customer reviews note just how simple and easy it is to make use of Swyft Filings’ services.

Each product and service explicitly states what it sets out to achieve and they do just that. Moreover, they are very hands-on with their clients, so if there are any concerns or areas of confusion, Swyft Filings ensures that these are ironed out properly with the client and thus creating a good user journey. 

My Overall Rating — 7.75/10

Swyft Filings has a great range of products and services to start, manage, and grow your business that are well priced and well supported.

Their platform is simple to use, their turnaround times are excellent, and their attention to detail is amongst the best in the industry.

While there are other services that out-perform them in terms of value and support, they're still a reliable service.

What Others Are Saying


Out of the almost 3,000 customer reviews of Swyft Filings on TrustPilot, 86% have rated them a perfect five stars—with their average score of 4.7. 

Some of the comments highlight just how “swift” Swyft Filings is, with reference to their turnaround times on services, their customer support, response, and feedback, and their overall professional business conduct.

Google Business Listing

There is no Google Business listing provided.


Swyft Filings does not have a dedicated customer reviews and customer feedback section on their Facebook page, however they do post content on their page regularly. One thing to note is that the only comments that are on their posts are issues and concerns raised by their clients that have not, seemingly, had a response from Swyft. This is something they need to address.

Better Business Bureau

To date, there have been 88 complaints made against Swyft Filings. 

While most of the initial complaints made relate to customers claiming that services haven’t been delivered or completed, the responses by Swyft Filings customer support teams show they’re simple miscommunications that are addressed in a timely manner.

Their responses are detailed, direct, and precisely address the challenges and issues raised in the comments, and almost always show that Swyft Filings has provided the services that have been purchased by these customers.


The general sentiment from all Swyft Filings’ customers is that the agent service really does do quality work, which almost goes as far to say that it is one of the best LLC services on the market when providing excellent work in fast turnaround times.

Most reviews are generally a 4 out of 5 or a complete 5-star rating and this shows that this agent service is a force to be reckoned with, assuring any potential customers that their money and their business are in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Swyft Filings LLC package?

The best Swyft Filings LLC Package would definitely be their premium package. Not only is it one of the cheapest compared with its competitors, but it is truly comprehensive, as it offers a wide variety of services, as well as some customized documents such as operating agreements and organizational minutes to name a few. 

Is there a promo code or discount for Swyft Filings?

There is currently no active promo code or any discounts on Swyft Filings’ services. However, this is not to say that they won’t run special promotions for their services in the future.

Is Swyft Filings legit?

Swyft Filings is recognized by both TrustPilot and Shopper Approved, which cements their status as legitimate company. They have been operating for years with many satisfied clients.

Their payment system is also Norton secured, ensuring that all payments are protected and legitimate.

How does Swyft Filings compare with other LLC formation services?

Swyft Filings is one of the cheaper options when compared with other LLC services, and have cemented themselves as a serious, key player as they offer a quality service. Based on both user reviews and the years they've been in business, this is one of the best LLC services around.

Does Swyft Filings handle New York publication requirements?

Yes, Swyft Filings does handle New York publication requirements. They provide a very thorough guide of what needs to be done to be able to form an LLC in New York—as well as its unique cost structure when doing so.

Does Swyft Filings have good customer support?

Swyft Filings has excellent customer support. Some clients note that their customer service is one of Swyft Filings’ greatest features. Swyft Filings boasts that it has lifetime customer support for all its clients, are always available through its respective channels, and always respond promptly.

Can I form an LLC on my own?

Yes, you are able to form an LLC on your own. Swyft Filings just handles all the paperwork associated with creating your LLC using the documents sent to you directly by mail. 

Do they have a refund policy?

Swyft Filings boasts a 100% money-back guarantee and are accommodating when it comes to refunding their clients.

Their refund policy does note that it is only Swyft Filings fees that are refundable, not any government, state, and third-party fees involved in the filing service. 

Should I reserve my LLC name before forming an LLC with Swyft Filings?

There is no need to. Swyft Filings reserves the name of your desired LLC through their platform. If the name of your desired LLC is not available in your state, Swyft Filings contacts you directly to discuss alternative names for the LLC before final submission. 

Can I form an LLC without physically being in the United States?

You do not have to physically be living in the United States to make use of Swyft Filings’ services—the entire process is done online and through their website.

What is the Swyft Filings customer support phone number and email?

You can call Swyft Filings directly on (877) 777 0450 or email them at info@swyftfilings.com. They also offer a live chat feature that is displayed all over their website.

Does Swyft Filings sell or share my information with third parties?

Swyft Filings does not sell your information to third parties, as they do take pride in protecting your confidentiality. However, Swyft Filings has partnered with third parties, such as a national accounting firm that offers a free business tax consultation, which is included in all of its formation packages. 

I’ve heard LegalZoom has a lot of upsells. Does Swyft Filings?

No Swyft Filings does not upsell. All of their formation packages offer a comprehensive service that does not require you to spend additionally on different services.

However, they do offer some ease of access within each service. This includes things like an upgrade from standard delivery to an express delivery, which would then be an additional cost. This is dependent on your specific needs. 

How quickly does Swyft Filings process LLC formations?

Swyft Filings is very fast and efficient when it comes to processing and creating an LLC formation, as speed and accuracy is something that they pride themselves in. 

What business structures does Swyft Filings service?

Apart from LLC formations, Swyft Filings also offers formations for C corporations, S corporations, nonprofit organizations, and DBAs. 

Swyft Filings also offers a wide variety of other business services when it comes to managing your business. They excel in over 20 different reports that can be used across your company. Some of these include a Seller’s Permit, Annual Reports, Change of Registered Agent, and Dissolutions. 

My LLC needs an EIN. Is it worth the money?

Swyft Filings does offer the service of creating an employer identification number for its customers. Swyft Filings offers this service for $79 and is definitely recommended, as it is essential if your business wishes to open a bank account, hire employees, or make a purchase.

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