5 Best Registered Agents In New York

With a stable economy lies the business center of the world, New York, where you can find every successful entrepreneur either as a business owner or looking to form one.

It’s a state where most businesses in different industries thrive well, but it also comes with confusing state laws, which can land you in hot soup with relevant state agencies. And you can avoid such mishaps by employing a registered agent for your business formation.

Here are our top five picks for the best registered agent in New York.

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is not a new name to most business owners, and they have been serving the state since 1998. They have created a strong track record over the years dealing with all kinds of businesses across all industries. They charge $125 per year.

You can expect the following working with Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Lots of experience.
  • A wide variety of additional features.
  • Real-time support, even outside business hours.

Learn more about Northwest Registered Agent here: Northwest Registered Agent

2. InCorp

InCorp has options for an expedition that you can take advantage of, especially when in a hurry or naturally impatient. Also, how can we forget about their mouthwatering volume discounts on multi-year packages? They charge $99 per year.

You can expect the following working with InCorp:

  • Discounts on multi-year packages.
  • Real-time service notifications.
  • Over-the-counter expedited filing service.

3. Thomas Law Firm PLLC

Suppose your business is in Downtown Manhattan, NY, the better because that’s where Thomas Law Firm PPLC’s main office is located. They also handle all business formations in New York with high-level expertise and in a flexible way. They charge $125 per year.

You can expect the following working with Thomas Law Firm PLLC:

  • They offer professional legal services for all businesses.
  • The best firm for New York startups.
  • Phone or in-person consultations.

4. Incfile

You can enjoy at least one year of free registered agent services by working with Incfile for any business formation package. They also provide their clients with online access to incorporation documents. They charge $119 per year.

You can expect the following by working with Incfile:

  • Next business day processing.
  • Lifetime customer support and company alerts.
  • Free business tax consultation.

5. New York Registered Agent LLC

Located in Albany, NY, New York Registered Agent LLC offers quite an affordable package for its registering agent services. Their mandatory publications cost under $200 when setting up an LLC in the state. They charge only $49 per year. 

You can expect the following working with New York Registered Agent LLC:

  • Instant online sign-up process.
  • Reliable document delivery.
  • Lower LLC publication costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are five common questions about New York registered agents. 

What is a Registered Agent? – A registered agent is the point of contact for a business entity. It can be an individual or a company that has been given the mandate by a business entity to send and receive official mail containing legal, tax, and other official matters.

Which is the Best New York Registered Agent? – It mainly depends on your business needs, but check out our 5 best New York registered agents.

Is It a Must to Have a Registered Agent for Your New York LLC? – A registered agent helps you set up an LLC or a corporation with ease and expertise.

I’m I Allowed to Change my Registered Agent in New York? – You will need to file and submit some documents to the state agency first.

Is It Possible to Be My Own Registered Agent in New York? – Almost certainly, when you have a physical address in New York.


With our five recommendations for registered agents above, you can now form an LLC or a corporation without sacrificing that much-needed time you require to run and expand your New York business.

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