5 Best Registered Agents In Colorado

During a business formation into an LLC or a corporation for your Colorado business, the first step is to have a registered agent by your side. Doing so gives you enough time to concentrate on growing your business more. It also helps you avoid additional business costs in the form of penalties that can be subjected to your business if all requirements are not meant during business formation.

Here are our top five picks for the best registered agent in Colorado.

1. CorpNet

With the formation of 100,000+ LLCs and corporations, CorpNet stands out as the best-registered agent in the USA with invaluable experience. It’s rare to even find a single negative review online about them. They charge $149 per year.

You can expect the following working with CorpNet:

  • Good customer support.
  • They offer compliance monitoring.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. ZenBusiness

With one of the best-automated services for a registered agent, ZenBusiness gives you a high-level of privacy with immediate access to your business documents at any given time. They charge $99 per year.

You can expect the following working with ZenBusiness:

  • Outstanding customer reviews online.
  • Easy-to-use website.
  • Knowledgeable live chat support.

ZenBusiness also offer an LLC formation service. Read our full ZenBusiness review here.

3. Incfile

With its next-day document processing time, Incfile has received some impressive customer feedback since its launch in 2004. They also offer one year free of registered agent services for any business formation package. They charge $119 per year.

You can expect the following working with Incfile:

  • Lifetime customer support and company alerts.
  • A free domain name and email service.
  • Online order status tracking.

4. LegalZoom

With LegalZoom, there is no need to appoint a lawyer for your business in Colorado. They have attorneys in all 50 states conversant with all the tricky and confusing state laws when forming an LLC or a corporation. They charge $299 per year.

You can expect the following working with LegalZoom:

  • High client volume.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 60-days refund policy.
  • A wide range of business services.

5. Colorado Registered Agent, LLC

Our last pick is Colorado Registered Agent, LLC, a locally-based firm in Boulder, CO. They offer real customer support network through calls or in-person, where you can have all your questions answered before forming an LLC or corporation in Colorado. They charge only $35 per year.

You can expect the following working with Colorado Registered Agent, LLC:

  • Instant services with a fixed price all year long.
  • They offer periodic report reminders.
  • Same-day document scans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are five common questions about Colorado registered agents. 

What is a Registered Agent? – A registered agent is the point of contact for a business entity. It can be an individual or a company that has been given the mandate by a business entity to send and receive official mail containing legal, tax, and other official matters.

Which is the Best Colorado Registered Agent? – We have different registered agents offering different packages and services. We still hope you can get a firm that conforms to your needs with our 5 best Colorado registered agents.

Is It a Must to Have a Registered Agent for Your Colorado LLC? – Yes, how else will you form an LLC or a corporation with less to no mistakes?

I’m I Allowed to Change my Registered Agent in Colorado? – You can start by filing the required documents for a small to the state agency. 

Is It Possible to Be My Own Registered Agent in Colorado? – Why not? As long as you’re of age, and reside or have a physical address in Colorado, you can act as a registered agent.


The last thing you want is to pay hefty fines for doing it wrong when forming an LLC or a corporation for your Colorado business. Something that can be easily avoided when you let a registered agent do all the work as you concentrate on growing your business’s critical areas.

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