5 Best Registered Agents In Arizona

Arizona has one of the most rapidly growing populations that directly boosts the local economy. Such growth opportunities have attracted more business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to form an LLC or corporation without breaking the bank or complicating things. And it’s all thanks to registered agents (commonly referred to as statutory agents) who make a business formation in state easier and straightforward than ever before.

Here are our top five picks for the best registered agent in Arizona.

1. CT Corporation

CT Corporation is a global registered agent that brings to the table local expertise in over 150 countries. And working with them can give your Arizona business the global exposure it needs to expand more over time. They charge $329 per year.

You can expect the following working with CT Corporation:

  • They have been operational since 1892.
  • Solid customer support.
  • They offer compliance assistance tools.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the most successful firms in the USA that has worked with entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life since its launch in 1998. They charge $125 per year.

You can expect the following working with Northwest Registered Agent:

  • All documents scanned locally.
  • One year free of registered agent services.
  • Tons of experience.

3. Free Registered Agent

You can use Free Registered Agent for one year for free without even paying a single dime. If you’re a small startup or business and unsure about appointing a registered agent, you can try out this firm before making your final decision. They charge $99 per year.

You can expect the following working with Free Registered Agent:

  • One full year free of registered agent services.
  • They offer an affordable package.
  • Excellent customer service.

4. InCorp

The primary feature that attracts most business owners to InCorp is their leverage on volume discounts on multi-year registered agent services. Their customer support framework employs live website chat, phone, and email support means. They charge $99 per year.

You can expect the following working with InCorp:

  • An online library of forms.
  • Expedited filing services.
  • They offer bilingual support services to their diverse clients.

5. Arizona Statutory Agent

If you’re the type of person who loves to work with locally-based firms, Arizona Statutory Agent should be your next stop. They operate mainly in Arizona and have an office in Oro Valley. They charge only $49 per year.

You can expect the following working with Arizona Statutory Agent:

  • Instant statutory agent.
  • They offer compliance tracking.
  • Same-day document scans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are five common questions about Arizona registered agents. 

What is a Registered Agent? – A registered agent is the point of contact for a business entity. It can be an individual or a company that has been given the mandate by a business entity to send and receive official mail containing legal, tax, and other official matters.

Which is the Best Arizona Registered Agent? – Arizona businesses are different with varying needs. But we are confident that you can get a single firm from our 5 best Arizona registered agent that will serve you right.

Is It a Must to Have a Registered Agent for Your Arizona LLC? – Once you understand the benefits of a registered agent, you will understand why the state recommends them.

I’m I Allowed to Change my Registered Agent in Arizona? – You have the freedom to change a registered agent anytime by submitting some paperwork to the state agency.

Is It Possible to Be My Own Registered Agent in Arizona? – Why not? As long as you have a physical address in Arizona.


We understand that Arizona is a blooming state that creates a proper business setting, and there is a lot to be done when forming an LLC or a corporation. And a registered agent can lighten the burden for you to continue running your business with a clear mind.

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