9 Best PEOs in Arizona

The population of Arizona keeps on growing and that means a boom for the local economy. A bigger population means the talent pool for your business is growing as well, but with a bigger talent pool comes more administrative work. You don’t want a sudden rise in HR tasks and payroll adjustments to take up all your time. Luckily, Arizona has no shortage of PEO’s to choose from that can lift that burden from your shoulders and help you stay focused on running your business.

Hiring a PEO will allow you to save time to focus on what really counts. As you consider which PEO to choose for your business, you will want to keep in mind a variety of factors. Local rules and regulations should play a part in helping you choose your PEO. And you will want to be sure your PEO is highly qualified to take on the specific demands of your business.

Luckily, I have compiled a helpful list of the top PEO’s in Arizona. Take a look at the options below to help you choose the best PEO for your business.

But, before I present the results, there's something you need to know.

Best and Right Are Two Different Things

While our list below will show you the best PEO available in Arizona, it doesn't mean it's the right PEO for your company.

The right PEO for your company and your situation depend on a huge range of factors. This includes:

  • The amount of people you currently employ
  • The level of protections and insurance you want to provide
  • The type of insurance you want to prodive
  • The size of your payroll

And many other things which we simply cannot take into account in a blog post.

We can, however, help you find the right PEO for your Arizona company if you tell us exactly what you're looking for. Doing so will allow us to customize and personalize our recommendations to your situation and business.

If you'd like to know the right PEO for your business, enter your details below and one of our experienced team will call you (free of charge), to help you get the solution you need.

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1. CoAdvantage PEO Review

Pros: If you are looking for a PEO that will walk with you through every step of the process and provide abundant professional support, CoAdvantage is by far your best choice.

CoAdvantage can take care of all your professional needs, patiently wading through any size pile of HR paperwork. They can sort out your payroll, health and dental insurance, state taxes, and local regulations. Their team of organizers will respond quickly and politely to any inquiry you may have. Choose CoAdvantage if you want to utilize an extremely helpful team who take criticism and questions seriously and respond promptly.

Cons: Arguably the biggest drawback of choosing CoAdvantage is its prices. Premium service can be offered at a higher price point and services with CoAdvantage are no exception. They can cost nearly 10% more than other PEO options. Additionally, their online platforms are not always quite as easy to navigate as other PEO companies, so you may need to spend more time walking through the system with their customer support team than you had anticipated.

Overall: Providing top-tier service to all of its clients across the country, CoAdvantage is our pick for the most reliable PEO. Drawing upon a vast pool of resources, they never fail to deliver excellent results. If you’re willing to spend a bit more to get the best results, CoAdvantage is a great choice.

2. Vensure PEO Review

Pros: Vensure, our second choice for best PEO in Arizona, provides a simple system that is easy to join and navigate. They offer reliable customer service and provide a range of services. Vensure PEO’s can attend to health and dental insurance, payroll, state taxes, and HR Paperwork. They can handle 401k organization and risk management.

Another point in favor of Vensure is their pricing: less expensive than our number one choice, Vensure provides a very reasonably priced affordable PEO option.

Cons: Vensure is our number two choice as it doesn’t outshine the competition in any particular area, but it does provide a well-rounded service that can address all of your PEO needs in a timely, responsive, professional manner.

While Vensure can collaborate with a business of any size, its services are best suited to smaller-scale businesses. If you are looking for a PEO company that can grow with you, scaling their operations to suit your company’s expanding needs, Vensure may not be your best bet.

Overall: Vensure falls below the absolute top spot because while it provides an overall great service, there is no single area that makes this company really stand out. Their customer support team is efficient and professional, meeting all necessary requirements to help your business succeed. The products they offer are comprehensive and should be sufficient for most businesses; just don’t expect any out-of-the-box, creative extra options. And their pricing is competitive, low but not insanely cheap. In general, Vensure is a safe bet for meeting your basic PEO needs.

3. Zamp HR PEO Review

Pros: Zamp HR is a great choice for Arizona’s local small and medium-sized businesses. Like the top two choices above, Zamp HR can complete the whole range of HR tasks. So what makes them a great choice for smaller, more locally-focused businesses in Arizona?

Zamp HR does not only address company-wide HR problems; they are also available to help with smaller-scale issues, like implementing a new payroll processing software. They are able to scale their HR solutions to precisely match your company’s needs. And they can address any issue from training new employees to making sure your business complies with local regulations.

Cons: Unlike our top choice, Zamp HR is more locally based, which means they may not have the same breadth of national resources to draw upon as they serve your business. This can make them a great choice for smaller-scale businesses, but companies with an eye towards growth may prefer a PEO that can scale up with them.

Overall: Personally-tailored services and a local focus make Zamp HR an excellent choice of PEO for small-scale and medium-sized companies in Arizona. Headquartered here in Arizona (as well as Utah and Idaho), Zamp HR is a great choice if you prefer to work closely with a local PEO company.

4. Infiniti HR PEO Review

If your company’s primary goal in hiring a PEO is assistance with the tedious process of recruiting stellar new employees, Infiniti HR will be an excellent choice for you. Infiniti HR excels in helping you find the best employees who can add great value to your company.

Unfortunately, this company is very young. They have only been around since 2011, which means they haven’t yet developed a proven track record that reveals their lasting power. Signing up with a new PEO can be a time-consuming process; you don’t want to go through all the necessary steps only to have a young company collapse. With a few more years of experience under their belt, I’m sure that Infiniti HR will rise quickly to the top of my PEO rankings.

5. Justworks PEO Review

A newcomer to the field, Justworks provides the same services as my top choice PEOs, but its main standout feature is the transparency it offers potential clients. While Justworks is relatively young as far as PEO companies go – it has only existed since 2012 – it offers plenty of promising customer service consideration.

Most older, more well-established PEO companies keep their pricing structures more or less secret, forcing prospective clients to submit a bid before they will reveal any details about costs. In contrast, Justworks clearly sets out their complete pricing structure right up front on their website, which means that you can accurately consider the pros and cons of hiring this new company with all the information immediately available.

6. Oasis PEO Review

If you want to align yourself with a PEO company that has been serving businesses for a long time, Oasis might be a good option for you. This company has been around for over twenty years and was recently acquired by PayChex.

The benefits of going with Oasis for your PEO needs: they provide solutions targeting specific industries, so if your business belongs to the retail, banking, education, or hospitality sectors, chances are Oasis will already have a good sense of what kinds of services and products you will require. A big drawback of this company, however, is that they only allow you to sign up with a full 12-month contract. So if, after several months, you find that their services do not really suit your needs, then you will be stuck with this company until your contract runs out.

7. ADP Totalsource PEO Review

The most comprehensive choice for international service, ADP Totalsource provides PEO assistance in over 140 countries across the globe. This company offers customer service support to your entire staff.

This means you can route any employee queries about payroll discrepancies, tax rates, or PEO policies directly through your ADP Totalsource customer service representatives, freeing up a whole lot of time that would otherwise be tangled up in long HR phone calls. ADP Totalsource also offers industry-specific support. If you have a small business that is just entering the PEO world, however, your company may find itself a small fish in a big pond with this global PEO giant. ADP Totalsource would not be the best choice for your company if you require personalized services and frequent attention.

8. Insperity PEO Review

A 30-year-long, proven track record of service puts Insperity high on the list of experienced PEO companies. Insperity has won awards for their support services and products, which recommends them highly for new businesses just starting out with a PEO. The company does have some major drawbacks, however. In terms of healthcare options for your employees, you know that each employee will come to the table with different requirements for health and dental insurance coverage. Unfortunately, through Insperity, your company will only be able to offer one healthcare plan from one provider. 

This could limit your employees’ options to the point where they are not having their health coverage needs met. On the plus side, Insperity allows you to try their services and cancel at any time with 30 days notice, so it could be a worthwhile option for your business to test out this well-established PEO company so you can determine whether they suit your company’s individual needs.

9. Trinet

If you want your Arizona business to benefit from the services of the oldest PEO in the industry, you will want to take a look at Trinet. Trinet has been serving companies since 1988 and it has over 15,000 client companies under its belt. With a company this well-established, they are going to have a strong setup and quality products to offer your business.

Their well-established reputation can be enough to recommend them for many clients; they do, however, rest on their laurels when it comes to going above and beyond client expectations. Trinet is a reliable PEO that knows its business well, but if you are looking for a company that will help innovate new solutions for your business, or go the extra mile to support your company, you may be disappointed here.

The Best PEO For Your Business

With hundreds of PEO options available for your business to choose from, you will want to make sure you consider the needs of your company carefully before you make your decision. Some companies will be perfectly suited to small-scale local Arizona businesses, while others will be better for businesses headquartered here in Arizona and seeking to expand their markets.

Take into account the number of employees in your company, the kinds of health coverage benefits you intend to provide for your employees, the size of your company, the industry you belong to, and what kinds of HR tasks you would most like assistance with. Are you looking for help with recruitment and new hire training? Taxes and local regulations? Workers compensation insurance? Each of these tasks alone can require weeks’ worth of paperwork to sift through. Finding the right PEO can be an invaluable boon to your company, saving you time, stress, and money in the long run.

It will be well worth your while to sit down and make a list of the most important factors affecting your choice of PEO. Then, once you have noted what you want help with and what your ideal budget looks like, you can take advantage of my hours of exhaustive research to help you choose the perfect PEO company for your business. Remember to consider the scope of your company: how much do you intend to grow over the next several years?

Employ a PEO that can help boost your company’s growth and productivity, find you the perfect candidates for new jobs, and provide your employees with the most comprehensive, easily accessible, packages of benefits. With business continuing to boom and grow for Arizona companies, finding the right PEO might just give you that competitive advantage you need to get ahead.

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