The 9 Best PEO Companies in Nevada

Business is booming in Nevada. With thousands of people immigrating to the Silver State, there is a wide talent pool for companies to draw from, which means company expansion, profit growth, and greater opportunities.

It also means that that ever-present pile of HR paperwork to process gets bigger and bigger with each expansion and new hire.

Luckily, you as a business owner in Nevada do not have to go it alone. Instead of struggling through HR, payroll, taxes, recruitment, and more, you can hire a PEO to take care of all that for you.

There is a perfect PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, for businesses in any sector, at any scale. From a local restaurant in Reno, to a huge export company in Las Vegas, any Nevada business owner can benefit from employing a PEO to help business run better.

As you set out to find the perfect PEO for your company, you will see that there are hundreds of options to choose from in Nevada, serving each geographical location, company size, industry, and need. Luckily, we have compiled a thorough, well-researched list comparing the top PEO’s serving businesses in Nevada.

Take a look at the options we have compiled below to assist you as you figure out which PEO will best suit your needs for your Nevada business.

1. CoAdvantage PEO

Pros: From helping you find and hire new employees to guiding your business through Nevada’s often tricky regulations and variable state taxes, CoAdvantage can help with every HR need your company may have. Their system is fairly easy to use, even for the less tech-savvy among us. But besides offering reliable service across the board, CoAdvantage stands out for its superior customer service.

When you call the customer service phone number for most PEO’s, like most companies in general, you will generally have to wait fifteen minutes or longer to speak with an actual human customer service representative. Once you do get through to someone, they may not be qualified or well-informed enough to answer your questions, so you will get passed along to another department or a manager. Not so with CoAdvantage. Wait times on phone calls can be as short as one or two minutes with this company, and once you do reach a customer service rep, you may be surprised by just how knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and helpful the employees at CoAdvantage are. Instead of passing you off to another team member, each customer service rep is able to answer your questions right away, thus saving you precious time- which is what a good PEO is supposed to do in the first place.

Cons: CoAdvantage charges a higher price for its services than most of the other companies on this list. Each company’s needs are different: if your business’s top priority is to hire a company at the lowest possible price point, then CoAdvantage may not suit your needs. Plus, their system platform can be a bit tricky to use at first, prompting you to spend more time on initial setup with this PEO.

Overall: If you are willing to pay about ten percent extra for the pleasure of working with such a helpful team, then you may want to hire CoAdvantage as your PEO. With top quality results delivered in a timely fashion and a range of available services and products to assist with your business needs, this is our top choice high quality PEO for Nevada businesses.

2. Vensure

Pros: Like CoAdvantage, Vensure provides a range of solutions for all your company’s HR tasks and personnel issues. They are available to assist with hiring processes, state regulations, and risk management, as well as employee benefits and insurance. Their system is easy to navigate and their products are always reliable. The Vensure customer service team is professional and offers solutions in a timely manner. This company’s greatest strength is its consistency and general reliability. With lower prices than CoAdvantage, Vensure is a smart choice for a dependent well-rounded PEO.

Cons: Vensure offers dependable results, but it may not be the best choice to help your company discover creative solutions to pre-existing problems- or to scale up with you as you grow. There is no particular standalone feature that really marks Vensure as an excellent option, so if you are looking for something that distinguishes this choice from the competition, you may be disappointed. General across the board adequacy is the name of the game.

Overall: For small businesses that prefer constant dependable assistance with no added bonuses, Vensure is a safe bet. For those looking for a company with a bit of extra flair, the lowest prices, or a stellar customer service department, Vensure is not the choice for you. We have ranked them second because they are good in all areas: customer service, products offered, prices, set up structure. But they don’t go above and beyond in any one category.

3. Engage PEO

Pros: Engage uses up-to-date integrated cloud-based tech platforms to house your company information and seamlessly sync all your relevant databases. The company can connect your business with a sophisticated suite of HR benefits and services, while employing high tech security features to make sure your information is protected. Their focus on tech integration and safety and security features as you work together to improve your HR functions makes this PEO stand out.

Cons: Engage uses an unusual pricing structure for its services which may not work for all businesses. Engage requires a company to have a minimum of ten employees to sign up, so this may prevent small businesses from utilizing its services. They package some of their services into bundles, which means you may need to pay for services including HR support and payroll, even if you don’t need them.

Overall: Engage offers some of the most comprehensive compliance and risk services of any of the PEO’s we have researched. Their HR services are fully integrated with remote cloud access, which means you and your employees can access the relevant information on any company smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Plus the company employs lawyers who can help you navigate the complexity of Nevada business laws.

4. Infiniti HR

With so many new Nevada residents looking for work, there is a wide talent pool for business owner’s to wade through. Infiniti HR is a great PEO to help you find the perfect new employees who will add unquantifiable value to your business for years to come. Infiniti offers more general PEO assistance as well, but recruitment is their specialty and what makes them stand out from the competition.

5. Oasis

If you want to place your trust in a company that has been in the business for over 20 years, Oasis may be the right PEO for you. They offer reliable solutions for problems and excel at addressing industry-specific concerns. If your company is situated in the hospitality, education, retail, or banking sectors, then Oasis will be a sure bet to help you wade through issues and obstacles common in those industries. You will want to be pretty certain of your choice before you sign on with Oasis, however, as the initial contract lasts for a minimum of 12 months, keeping you locked in to working with them until that time period ends.

6. Trinet

If an older and very well-established PEO is just the ticket for your business, Trinet can’t be beat. This organization has been helping clients navigate regulations and wade through paperwork since 1988. If you are looking for a company that relies on time-tested methods and solutions to frequent problems, Trinet will be a great choice. If, on the other hand, you are seeking a PEO that will come up with innovative contemporary solutions to new problems, Trinet may be a bit outdated for your endeavors. This is not a company that will go above and beyond the call of duty, but they will always show up reliably on time, with just the right solution to fit your needs- and nothing beyond that.

7. Justworks

Typically, a business interested in signing a new contract with a PEO will have to jump through hoops just to get basic pricing information. Justworks, a relative newcomer to the PEO game is seeking to dismantle this approach by emphasizing transparency in their business practices. All their pricing information is listed on their website, easily accessible to any prospective clients, so there will be no hidden costs or surprises as you consider working with them. The major drawback here is a lack of experience: with only nine years under their belt, Justworks has yet to prove that it has what it takes to last for years to come. Only time will tell, but if your value transparency and honesty above longevity, this PEO just may be for you.

8. ADP Totalsource

Unlike many of the other PEO’s on this list, ADP Totalsource services companies around the world. Employed by businesses in over 140 countries, ADP Totalsource has a huge breadth of resources that can be used to benefit your business. Their international experience means they have seen it all and are adept at handling whatever HR or compliance issues your company may have. However, for a small business just getting up and running, or even a medium-scale business seeking to expand, ADP Totalsource may not be the best choice. With so many businesses to attend to all over the world, it’s possible your company may get brushed over and fail to receive the personal attention you might need.

9. Insperity

Accolades, awards, and decades of service define this successful PEO, but sometimes this much recognition can make a PEO rely too heavily on its previous achievements. Insperity has been in the PEO business for more than thirty years and has developed plenty of effective methods and approaches to helping businesses over that time… the awards prove it. But if you are looking for a company willing to work with you one-on-one to develop new solutions, Insperity may not be it. Plus, they only allow your company to choose one healthcare plan from one healthcare provider, which means you may not be able to provide for your employees in the way they deserve. Still, if tried-and-true methods and accolades are what will serve you, Insperity could be a good choice for your business.

The Best PEO For Your Business

With dozens of PEO’s to choose from in Nevada, from small-scale locally-based organizations to huge PEO’s with a global reach, it can be dazzling to even begin to choose a PEO for your business. How do you start honing your search to find the best PEO for your business?

The key thing is to set down all the relevant qualities and factors at play. Take note of your company’s needs and priorities by assembling the relevant information. Which industry does your business belong to? Do you need industry-specific support? How big is your company and how many employees work for you? What are your main goals and priorities in working with a PEO- hiring or organization, one-time solution implementation or ongoing support, legal advising or new hire training? And what is your budget like?

Then, set down the key qualities to look for as you narrow your search to PEO’s that meet your needs. Look out for the price, set-up and contract requirements, products on offer, and customer service provided.

A PEO is designed to help save you hassle and stress; you will want to make sure the one you choose takes the burden of the business off of your shoulders so you can focus on the core of what your business provides. Find a PEO who has regional experts on-site in Nevada; they should be able to help you navigate the labyrinthine regulations of Nevada state. Does your business have any special safety hazards to watch out for, or employee benefits you may want to implement? The right PEO for your business should be able to attend to those needs.

From finding the best insurance policy for your company to making sure your business is compliant with Nevada state regulations, the right PEO can help your company thrive.

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