The 9 Best PEO Companies in Utah

Home to an unusually friendly population and an astounding number of magnificent natural landscapes, Utah is a popular destination for businesses and prospective new employees. With business flourishing across a wide variety of industries, Utah business owners are hard at work in every sector.

From top companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry to local experts in health technology, from competitive IT companies and new tech startups to sporting goods producers and natural products manufacturers, Utah business lead the way. And, of course, the renewable resources sector that partners with Utah’s thriving local tourism industry.

But the most successful business owners know that there is little that can be done to get ahead in any field without the right kind of support. Knowing when, where, and how to delegate is key to a business’s success. That’s where PEO’s come in.

By hiring a PEO, or personal employer organization, you can offload hours of tedious tasks and make sure your business is compliant with local regulations. But with dozens of options, finding the right PEO for your business can be a big undertaking. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top PEO’s serving Utah businesses. Based on a broad set of criteria, our list can help guide you through as you try to find the best PEO for your business.

1. CoAdvantage PEO

Pros: Some HR tasks are the same across any sector. Attending to payroll and updating payroll software. Ensuring that you comply with Utah state taxes, local regulations, and best business practices. Working to minimize and manage risks, while maximizing employee benefits. All of these are jobs that the capable staff at CoAdvantage PEO can take off your plate. But this best thing about this PEO, and the reason it rates number one on our list, is its incomparable customer service. Fast, responsive, friendly, and helpful are just some of the qualities that are par for the course with this outstanding customer service team. Unlike most customer service email inboxes, you can expect to receive a response from CoAdvantage within an hour. And their staff is on hand to answer any questions over the phone, with wait times of around five minutes or less. Each team member at CoAdvantage is knowledgeable and able to answer any questions you may have, without passing you off to a manager, or transferring your call to another department.

Cons: Top customer service can come at a price, and for those business owners with limited financial resources, you may not want to invest the 10% extra required to sign on with CoAdvantage. Plus, their navigation system can be a bit complicated to install, which may require a little more set-up time than you’d like. If you are looking for the cheapest option for a PEO, CoAdvantage will not be for you.

Overall: With overall top quality results and a staff willing to take the time to help you out with any issue, CoAdvantage is our number one choice for a great, well-rounded PEO. Their customer service outshines the competition, and their prices, while higher than some other options, are still competitive with industry standards. We highly recommend taking advantage of the attentive service of the CoService staff.

2. Vensure

Pros: Like CoAdvantage, our top pick, Vensure provides reliable results for any and all HR problems. Their solutions are good, their products are adequate, and their services are consistent. Vensure’s pricing is lower than CoAdvantage, which is a plus if you are trying to work within a limited budget. And they offer user-friendly software programs, allowing you to easily access your company records and databases, a perk for business owners who may not consider themselves highly tech-savvy.

Cons: Each of Vensure’s qualities is sufficiently good to give it the second ranking on our list, but there is no single aspect of this PEO that makes it stand out from the pack. In addition, their services may be better suited to small- and medium-sized companies not looking to scale up any time soon; although Vensure offers packages for large-scale businesses, their services are best suited to more local endeavors.

Overall: For an all-around decent, reliable PEO, Vensure is a safe bet. They may not be the most exciting PEO choice around, but with decent pricing, an easily navigable system, and good results on the whole range of PEO products and services, you can trust that this PEO will get the job done for your Utah business.

3. Engage PEO

Pros: If you are a company that employs a lot of remote workers, especially these days, then you will want a PEO with high tech cloud-based storage systems, sophisticated digital platforms, and advanced cybersecurity measures. If this sounds like you, Engage PEO will be an excellent option. With the most extensive digital options of our top three choices, Engage PEO is a great choice for companies on the cutting edge of their fields, who want a PEO that can keep up with changing standards and regulations within the industry. Your employees will be able to access the remote HR admin suites provided by Engage from any device: a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. And Engage also offers online legal services and counseling so you can rest assured that you are receiving assistance from a highly qualified staff.

Cons: While most PEO’s offer individual pricing on each service, Engage bundles services and products together into packages. So the downside of their pricing structure is that you may end up paying for services like payroll setup and HR management, even if you don’t need support in those areas. For very small-scale local businesses, it is worth noting that Engage also requires a minimum of ten employees to establish a contract, so if you are running a very small local operation, you won’t be able to sign on with this PEO.

Overall: The high tech HR products offered by Engage PEO make them stand out from among the competition. If you want to focus on clarifying your legal standing and risk mitigation, and shore up your company’s cybersecurity, Engage PEO can be a great asset for your regular daily business operations. And their remote data storage in the cloud means that your employees will benefit as well- in fact, the products on offer here can help you keep your entire remote workforce better connected.

4. Infiniti HR

Here in the “Beehive State”, local business owners know the value of each new employee. Which can put a lot of pressure on the hiring and training process. If you are looking for a PEO that can excel at recruiting the perfect new hires for your business, Infiniti HR is the right choice. This PEO offers the same broad range of services and products as other options on this list, but according to our research they do the best job at taking charge of the recruitment process for your company. With competitive pricing and a good operating system, Infiniti is a great choice for helping organize and keep track of all your new employees’ needs after the initial hiring process as well.

5. Oasis

For over twenty years, Oasis has assisted businesses with a broad range of HR tasks and state compliance issues. Competent and reliable, this PEO has got the years of experience to prove it is around to stay. Besides its longevity, Oasis shines in providing industry-specific solutions, particularly for local Utah businesses in the retail, education, hospitality, and banking industries. Since they have spent the last several decades working with businesses in these sectors among others, Oasis will likely be able to accommodate your requests and even anticipate your needs as a business owner within one of these industries. They will have the resources available to assist you through industry-specific tasks and regulations. The major drawback with Oasis is that they require you to sign an initial contract that lasts for 12 months, which affords you less flexibility than the usual month-to-month contract.

6. Justworks

Friendly, honest, and hardworking; these are all qualities that characterize employees and business owners alike in Utah. If you want to hire a PEO that aligns with these characteristics, Justworks will be a great option. A relative newcomer on the block, with less than a decade of experience under its belt, Justworks is a strong contender to move up this list once it has amassed a few more years of experience. The best thing about this young PEO is its commitment to transparency. Unlike most PEO’s, which make prospective clients submit a proposal before receiving any pricing information, Justworks offers all of its fee structures up front on its website, so you can make an informed decision without wondering what costly tricks your PEO might have up their sleeve.

7. Trinet

One of the oldest PEO’s in the industry, Trinet has been working to help businesses navigate legal requirements, insurance policies, and other HR tasks since 1988. Their HR solutions are time-tested, and, having established itself in the industry so many years ago, this PEO knows what works. If your company requires more innovative approaches to HR puzzles, however, Trinet may not be the right choice for you. Old, established, reliable; these are the qualities Trinet brings to its PEO clients.

8. ADP Totalsource

Each PEO offers different assets that may or may not align with your company. If you are seeking to expand your customer base to encompass a global audience, then ADP Totalsource could be a good option for you. This PEO behemoth has a huge client base, with clients in over 140 countries located all over the world. This broad range means that they can dip into a huge pool of resources to assist you. But if you are a small-scale, local Utah company just looking for a solution to one problem, like implementing a new payroll system, ADP Totalsource may not be the right choice. Impressive and global, this is the right PEO for scaling up your operations. Otherwise, you may not receive the kind of personalized attention and customer service care that your smaller-scale business requires.

9. Insperity

With more than 30 years of experience to back up its successes, Insperity is an award-winning PEO. Its products and services are acclaimed by industry experts and it offers effective HR solutions and products to help with any business task. Because of all these accolades, however, Insperity may not go the extra mile to help out a new client, or offer any special benefits for new clients. With so many awards and decades of experience, this PEO doesn’t need to prove itself to each individual client. So don’t expect Insperity to chase your business with added perks. But if you want to sign a contract, this highly regarded PEO can certainly provide the kind of HR solutions you need.

The Best PEO For Your Business

Finding the right PEO can help save you hours of valuable work time each day, and can help cut costs for your business budget in the long run. The right PEO should match your business’s specific needs, however. With dozens of options to choose from in Utah, now is the right time to take note of all of the relevant factors that can help you make your choice, using our top rankings list as your guide. After carefully researching, we’ve narrowed down the choices, but you will still need to consider your priorities.

How big is your business and how many employees do you have? Are you hoping to grow your operations- and how much? Where are you geographically located, or does much of your work take place remotely? And what is your target budget for hiring a PEO?

Taking all these factors into consideration can help you find the most suitable PEO for your Utah business. You want a PEO that is very familiar with the laws and regulations for the state of Utah, so you know that you are complying with state rules and paying the right amount of taxes. Once you have considered your top priorities, you can narrow down your choice of PEO to the option with the best combination of these factors: affordable pricing, comprehensive products and services on offer, great customer service, and an easy system set-up.

Consulting with our guide and keeping your priorities straight, you will be able to choose a PEO that works for you. At the end of the day, the best PEO for your business is the one that helps take the stress off of you, the business owner, so that everyone at your company can focus on getting the job done.

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