12 Best Nevada Registered Agent Services (2024 Review)


Your choice of register agent is crucial to the success of your business.

The right Nevada Registered Agent will make sure your Limited Liability Company) LLC will meet the legal obligations, keep your business information safe, and keep your personal information off the public record. 

The wrong Nevada Registered Agent will cost you a lot more than just money. Not only will their meager services cost more than they should, but your information and your business can be vulnerable to hackers and scammers. You can even be held liable for personal lawsuits in some instances.

We investigated over 60 different registered agent services. Here are our top picks for the best Nevada registered agent:

1. Northwest Registered Agent – 9.08/10 (Our Top Pick)

Northwest Registered Agent is our top choice for the best Nevada registered agent because they offer all of the services you need, they charge a fair fee, and they have the best customer service in the Nevada registered agent service industry.


One of the best qualities that Northwest Registered Agent has going for it is it’s a small business that cares about its customers. They don’t just say they care to get more customers, they genuinely care. 

They offer a good range of Nevada registered agent services, and they provide you with everything a Nevada registered agent must. They give you a physical street address in the state, accept mail and important legal documents (like service of process) during business hours, and send you notifications about upcoming compliance filing deadlines (like annual reports) so your LLC or business in Nevada can stay in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State. 

They also scan ALL of the mail that they accept on behalf of your business entity (most registered agent services only do this with the legal documents) and put it on an online portal, which you can access with an online account. 

It’s easy to sign up with their registered agent service, and it’s easy to set up on their computer system. Their computer system is pretty user-friendly and easy-to-use, so that people who aren’t tech-savvy can easily learn to navigate it. 

And, it’s easy to add registered agent services for your LLC in multiple states on their online portal. This is a unique feature. It means that no matter how far your business entity grows, Northwest can grow with you, whether it’s to another state, every state, or just the state of Nevada. 

Their customer service is by far their best feature. 

Nevada Registered Agent

It’s pretty refreshing for any business in Nevada, to deal with a customer service team that hasn’t been outsourced outside the state of Nevada or had very little training in registered agent services. 

Their customer service team is based in the United States, and it’s made up of ex accountants, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and lawyers. They’re very patient, and they will answer any question you have, not just about their computer system or their Nevada registered agent service, but about business entities in general and the laws in the state of Nevada that your business must abide by. 

Because they’re intimately familiar with the business world in Nevada, they’re able to answer any question you have, and they’ll come back to you later if they don’t know the answer at the time of your call or email. 

They’re our pick for the best Nevada registered agent because of their uniquely extraordinary customer service. Considering that you’re very likely to have many questions concerning your Nevada LLC,it was pretty easy to put them at the top of our list. 

Another plus is that their price is $125 per year. That’s only $26 more than the cheapest Nevada registered agent service on our list. 

There are lots of reasons to choose Northwest Registered Agent for your Nevada business!


Northwest’s best feature can also be its most annoying, as is the case with most high-end services in the state of Nevada. 

While their customer service is excellent and comprehensive, it can be very time consuming. If you choose to call their customer service on behalf of your Nevada business, you’re going to be on the phone with them for a while because they ask lots of questions in order to make sure they fully understand and are able to solve your problem. 

In many cases, it would be a lot simpler and faster to just Google your question to get back to business.

This is only a small complaint against Northwest Registered Agent , and it really only comes up whenever you want something dealt with quickly.


Northwest Registered Agent is our number one pick for best registered agent Nevada offers because they offer all the services you need for your LLC, they have a simple computer system, they offer the 2nd-best price in the state, they keep your personal information off the public record, and they have the best customer service in the industry. 

If you need a Nevada registered agent service with excellent customer service, that will keep you in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State, that can grow with you no matter to which state your LLC expands, AND offers a great price for their variety of services, check out more registered agent information and Northwest Registered Agent’s services here: Northwest Registered Agent.

2. ZenBusiness- 7.95/10 (Best for new LLCs)

ZenBusiness is the best Nevada registered agent service choice for those who haven’t started corporate businesses yet. They’re the number one choice for the best LLC formation service. They provide a year of free registered agent service when you sign up for their LLC formation services. 


Their initial cost is an eye-catching feature. They charge $49 for their Nevada LLC formation service, with one year of Nevada registered agent service included. This is half of what Harbor Compliance charges. 

They give you everything you need from a Nevada LLC formation service, as well as all of the basic full-service registered agent services you’d expect. So, you get a Nevada business address, accept service of process for your, they scan and forward your mail and allow you access to it with an online account, and send compliance alerts to keep your business in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State. 


The biggest drawback of ZenBusiness’s Nevada registered agent services goes hand-in-hand with their best feature: their price. While they charge $49 for their LLC formation service and their registered agent service is free for a year with that, their Nevada registered agent services cost $119 per year in subsequent years. 

That is, of course, $6 per year less than Northwest Registered Agent, but their customer service isn’t as good as Northwest’s. ZenBusiness will answer questions about Nevada LLC formation and registered agent services, while Northwest will answer any business question. 


If you haven’t set up your Nevada LLC yet, and you’re looking for an affordable way to start it and also obtain Nevada registered agent services, ZenBusiness could be a good option. 

They file your business’s articles of organization for $49, and provide you with Nevada registered agent services at no cost for a year. 

Even though they charge $119 per year after the first year, they’re still a great option for budding businesses in Nevada . 

If you haven’t formed your business yet and want a year of registered agent service for free, check out ZenBusiness here for more registered agent information: ZenBusiness.

3. Harbor Compliance – 7.12/10 (Best Budget Registered Agent)

Harbor Compliance is number two on our list of best Nevada registered agent services because they offer all of the services you need, at the best price on our list. 


Harbor Compliance is a full-service registered agent in Nevada and LLC formation service, much like Northwest Registered Agent. They provide you with street address in Nevada, accept mail and legal documents (such as service of process) on behalf of your Nevada LLC, scan your documents and put them on an online portal that you can access with an online account, and alert you of upcoming compliance filing deadlines (like annual reports)to ensure good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State.  

Their signup process is pretty painless, and their computer system is easy to set up. It’s also pretty easy to set up registered agent services through their system in multiple states, which means that even if your business expands to another state, Harbor Compliance can cover your LLC in every state. 

Harbor Compliance’s real stand-out feature is their low fee. They charge only $99 per year. That makes them the cheapest registered agent Nevada has to offer. 


The biggest drawback Harbor Compliance has is that they’re good at everything. However, they don’t really excel in any Nevada registered agent service they offer. 

They offer a variety of services to your Nevada LLC, but they don’t have any premium services. Their computer system is fairly user-friendly, but it could definitely be better. And while their customer service is adequate, it’s not on par with that of Northwest Registered Agent. 


Harbor Compliance will offer the basics that a registered agent in Nevada should in order to meet legal compliance guidelines with the Secretary of State. And, they offer these services for the cheapest fee on the market. 

If you’re willing to forego the best customer service in the industry in order to save $26 per year, then Harbor Compliance is a good option to consider. For more information about Harbor Compliance’s Nevada registered agent services, you can do so here: Harbor Compliance.

4. LegalZoom

If  you’re looking for a premium registered agent in Nevada, LegalZoom is the best premium option in a sea of bad premium registered agent options. They offer all of the full-service options that Northwest does, (street address, accept service of process, and compliance alerts to keep you in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State)  with the addition of up to $1 million in identity theft protection. They also cover any state fees that your company gets charged for a change of registered agent services.

They charge $299 per year for those premium services. However, that’s $175 more per year than Northwest Registered Agent’s fee. You could easily go with Northwest, pay for identity theft protection from another agent, and cover the state fees yourself for less.

If you want to learn more about LegalZoom, you can do so here: LegalZoom.

5. IncFile Review

IncFile is another service for business entities that provides the bare minimum in terms of service, like a business address in the state and accepting service of process. You won’t get compliance alerts to remind you about any form you may need to file for your corporation with the Nevada Secretary of State. And, they give you these minimal services for $119 per year. 

However, they do offer a year of free registered agent services when you sign up for their LLC formation services. So, they may be a good idea for your company if you’re a new corporation. However, you’ll wind up paying more for their services in the long run than they’re actually worth.

If you’re okay with paying more in order to get free services today, you can check out IncFille here: IncFile.

6. Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer is a slightly cheaper imitation of LegalZoom. They’ll give you the minimum amount of services that are required of them as a registered agent. You get a business address in the state, and compliance alerts to remind you about any form you need to file for your company. 

However, they charge $149 per year for these minimal services.

If you’d like more information about Rocket Lawyer, click here: Rocket Lawyer review.

7. SunDoc Filings Review

Sundoc Filings is a registered agent and LLC formation service that offers the basic services a person would expect from a registered agent. Of course you’ll get the physical street address you need for your corporation, as well as compliance alerts to tell you when you need to file a form for your business in Nevada. But, they charge $159 per year. 

8. InCorp Review

InCorp provided us with an interesting review conundrum. Like many other entries on this list, they’re a registered agent and LLC formation service. 

They give you the same services as many other agents on this list, like a business address in Nevada, and compliance alerts to let your company know when you need to file a form. 

They charge $99 per year, the same as Harbor Compliance does. But their system is very difficult to use. And, their customer service is only passable, at best.

9. Swyft Filings Review

Swyft Filings will give you basic services like a business address for your business entity, and compliance alerts. However, they charge $149 per year for their services.

To learn more about their service offerings, please read my full Swyft Filings review.

10. CSC Global Review

CSC Global is a ‘premium’ registered agent service in Nevada and they’ll offer the same registered agent services as many others on this list. They will be your point of contact, provide you with an office address for your business entity and give you compliance notifications. 

But, the only ‘premium’ service they offer is that they pay any fees your company incurs from your change of registered agent. They charge $299 per year. So, you could easily purchase services from Northwest Registered Agent, pay the fees from your change of registered agent yourself, and it would still be cheaper than CSC Global’s fee.

11. Registered Agents Inc. Review

Registered Agents Inc. offers the same sort of services you get from Northwest Registered Agent, such as an office address for your company and compliance alerts, as well as becoming your point of contact. But, their downfall is that they charge $200 per year, and you won’t get nearly the same level of service from them as you will from Northwest Registered Agent. 

12. Jumpstart Filings Review

Jumpstart Filings is an agent service that offers LLC formation services as well. While you’ll get services like an office address for your company, you’ll find that you won’t get free registered agent services with them when you sign up for their LLC formation services. They charge $150 per year, so they’re another option that’s more expensive in the long run.

Registered Agent Review Summary

Northwest Registered Agent is our top choice for the best Nevada registered agent because they offer all of the services your company needs for $125 per year. 

They have a customer service team based in the U.S., comprised of ex lawyers, business owners and entrepreneurs who are super helpful, courteous and friendly. They not only answer any question you have about your registered agent services, but also any business question your company has. 

Their signup process is painless, and their computer system is easy to use, which makes them a great choice if you want to make sure that your LLC’s legal obligations are met and your personal information is protected. 

If you need a registered agent that will give your business everything it needs to meet its legal requirements, grow with your new business, or are looking to change your registered agent service, choose Northwest Registered Agent. 

You can sign up for their fantastic registered agent services here: Northwest Registered Agent.

Nevada Registered Agent Review Methodology

This is how we concluded that Northwest Registered Agent is the best Nevada registered agent. 

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us because our founder has spent more time researching and dealing with the registered agent industry than almost anyone else has. 

He started by doing research to find the best registered agent for his two businesses. When those businesses closed, he started looking for his next business venture. It was around this time that he concluded by speaking to friends in his cafe and online businesses, that no one else really knew as much about registered agents as he, and they didn’t have the time to research them. Since he already knew so much about registered agents, he began giving advice. 

His advice grew into this website, where he now helps random people on the internet find the best registered agent for their businesses. 

His writers have become experts on registered agents, as well. They’ve not only got experience in researching registered agents, and the industry, they’ve worked with him directly enough to learn more than the average person on the subject.

How We Selected The Best Registered Agent

We started with over 60 different registered agents in the state, and then used a 4-stage process to whittle them away to 12. Here’s how we did it: 

Stage 1: Reviews

The first step in our 4-stage investigation process was to read online reviews about each company because you can actually learn a lot about a company through online reviews. We looked through reviews on Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, and TrustPilot, as well as on other platforms. There were so many that we couldn’t count them all! 

In truth, we didn’t read every last review we found, because to do so would have taken us years. We did read the ones that were more than a paragraph or two, and gave us a detailed account of the services that were provided. This helped us to weed out those companies that were obvious scams, or used deceptive pricing practices. (More on that later.)

Stage 2: Website Analysis

Several companies were eliminated during the first step, so the next step in our 4-stage process was to do a deep-dive into each company’s website. 

Some of the things we looked at were their service offerings, their location (they specifically had to have locations in Nevada), how many different methods they had to contact their customer service (phone, email or other options), any awards they’d won and displayed on their site, and their company history.

Stage 3: Speaking With Real Customers

Next, we spoke with real customers about their experiences with the agents because there's only so much you can learn from online reviews and company websites. 

We reached out to customers who came to our site looking for a new agent and chose one based on our recommendations, as well as those who had agents prior to coming to our site. 

We asked them how satisfied they were with the service and asked about their experience. We learned a lot during this stage because of the customers’ detailed reviews.

Stage 4: Speak With Their Sales Team

One of the most telling of all of our stages was the 4th stage because it involved talking directly with each agent’s sales team. We gathered up all of the scathing reviews, negative comments and issues that we found during our investigation and asked them about them directly. 

Some of the companies actually said they took the feedback and used it to change their policies or services so that there wasn’t an issue with that anymore. Others did things like tell us that we shouldn’t listen to that one ‘crazy’ customer’s opinion. 

This stage really weeded out the low-grade options.

Rating Factors

After we weeded out the sub-par offerings, we were left with 12. Here is how we rated the remaining 12 in order to choose our top three. 

Factor 1: Offerings

The first factor we looked at was their service offerings and it’s arguably one of the most important factors. It doesn’t matter whether an agent has a great price and a simple computer system if they don’t offer the services that your business needs. 

Some of the things we considered were whether they would scan your mail and put it up on an online portal, or if they simply offered mail forwarding, whether they give you compliance alerts, or just give you a calendar; and whether they offer identity theft protection, or just give you a vague promise to protect your information. 

The companies with the best LLC service offerings rose higher on our list than those with minimal services.

Factor 2: Price

Price was the second factor we considered, and it varied widely from agent to agent, making it difficult for the average person to determine what a good price actually is. 

One of the things we discovered in our research was that there are three different pricing options that are commonly available: budget, full-service and premium. 

Budget services usually cost between $39-$59, full-service options typically run between $99-129, and premium services usually start at $299. 

We found that budget pricing was deceptive. You’ll get really minimal services, and if you want some basic services (like compliance alerts), you have to pay additional fees. These additional fees can cost as much as some premium fees, and you won’t even get premium services. 

For this reason, you won’t find budget agent services on our list.

Factor 3: Ease of Signup `

Our next factor was signup. It can sour the whole experience if you have to wait several weeks to complete a complicated signup process. 

So you don’t have to go through a horribly complicated and time-consuming signup process, we checked out their signup processes for you. 

Those agents who required you to fax and email a mountain of paperwork to your new agent got lower positions on our list, while those who had streamlined, painless signup processes earned higher places.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

Imagine getting through the signup process, only to find that your new registered agent’s computer system is so complicated that everyone in your office hates it. 

So, the agents who had user-friendly, easy-to-navigate computer systems earned higher positions on our list, while those who had computer systems that were headache-inducing, complicated and hard to learn went further down the list.

Factor 5: Customer Service

No matter how easy the computer system is, you’ll need to ask a question at some point. And, your registered agent service is an important part of keeping your company free of legal compliance problems. For those reasons, customer service was our 5th factor. 

If an agent quickly responded to inquiries, had multiple contact methods (like phone or email), and answered questions efficiently, it earned a high position on the list. Those who took forever to respond, were rude, or didn’t answer the questions well earned lower positions on our list.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best registered agent for your business is crucial to make sure that your information is kept safe, your business assets are kept secured, and help you meet your legal obligations. 

We investigated over 60 different registered agents in the state, weeded out the worst, and then rated the remaining 12 agents, choosing the top three from them. 

Our investigation concluded that Northwest Registered Agent is the best Nevada registered agent. 

They offer a variety of services that any LLC can benefit from, and their customer service is not only vastly efficient, but friendly and courteous. Their computer system is easy-to-use, and it’s easy to sign up for registered agent services in multiple states through their online portal, so they can grow along with your company. 

Whether you’re a new LLC that needs a registered agent, or you’re looking to change your registered agent, Northwest Registered Agent is the best registered agent you can choose for your business. 

Get excellent services and industry-leading customer service from Northwest Registered Agent here: Northwest Registered Agent.

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