The 12 Best Registered Agents in Mississippi – Reviewed and Ranked

There’s a lot to address when looking for the right registered agent for your Mississippi business, corporation, or LLC.

The right Mississippi registered agents will go above and beyond to ensure that your LLC or business complies with all state laws and regulations and that your personal records and information are kept off the public record in the state of Mississippi.

The wrong Mississippi registered agents will be careless with your information. This can leave your entire Limited Liability Company (LLC) or business at risk because your personal records and information could be left accessible to cybercriminals and your personal assets can be vulnerable in the event of legal action taken against your business.

I've investigated more than 60 commercial and noncommercial registered agents in Mississippi, rated the top 12, and written in-depth reviews of the three best. Here are my picks for the best Mississippi registered agent service:

1.Northwest Registered Agent – 9.13/10 (My Top Pick)

Northwest Registered Agent is my choice for the best registered agent service in Mississippi. They give you everything you need to ensure your Mississippi business or LLC complies with every law, regulation, and statute established by the Mississippi Secretary of State with regard to LLCs. On top of all that, they provide exceptional customer support. 


There are many reasons to like Northwest Registered Agent.

First, they do everything that you need a commercial registered agent service to do for your Mississippi business. They accept mail and legal documents on behalf of your LLC or business during normal business hours, as a registered agent must. They provide you with their name and address in Mississippi so that your personal information is protected from those who would steal and misuse it, and they forward all your mail.

Unlike most other Mississippi registered agents, they scan ALL of the mail and important legal documents for your business (not just service of process), upload them to an online document portal with an online account you can access 24/7 the same day they are received, and provide a compliance alerts service to help you track all of your important filing dates, such as the very important annual report due date for your LLC.

Their online registered agent system is very easy to set up and use. One unique feature is that you can set up registered agent services in multiple states or for multiple businesses from the same portal. It’s simple to navigate their system once your account has been set up and their customer support team is fast, polite, and effective. 

Northwest’s outstanding customer support team is the real reason they get the gold medal on the podium.

Usually, the support team of most Mississippi registered agent service for your business or LLC will answer any questions you have about your registered agent service, but not much more than that. They’ll help reset your password if needed, find your uploaded documents (if applicable), and explain how to renew your account when the time comes.

But Northwest Registered Agent provides far more than those basic services.

Northwest’s registered agent service is unique because of its business support service which is comprised of agents who are not only US-based but are also former accountants, business lawyers, and other small business owners. They will answer any question you have and patiently listen to your problems before offering advice about the obstacles you may encounter along your small business adventure. 

The business support team agents use their experience in the business industry to give advice to other small business owners. Because they’ve encountered many common business problems (and a few uncommon problems as well), they are uniquely qualified to coach you through not only challenges, but to tell you about what they learned when dealing with things like designing business websites, marketing, LLC formation, Human Resources issues, and financial problems. 

Small business advice of this sort can cost more than $5,000 per day, so the fee they charge for their Mississippi registered agent service (which is only $125 per state per year) is a great value for you and your LLC or business.


I really don’t have many bad things to say about Northwest Registered Agent’s services. The only criticism I have of their services is, ironically, with regard to their customer support team.

Although Northwest Registered Agent has excellent customer service, there are rare instances where I felt they were being a bit too thorough, asking more questions than I felt necessary when I really only needed a quick answer. Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, it’s easier to perform an online search through something like Google or Bing rather than to call their customer service team and be held up. 

To be honest though, this is an incredibly minor issue compared to how highly I rate the rest of Northwest Registered Agent’s services. You’ll likely encounter this problem very infrequently if you appoint them as the registered agent for your LLC or business and will otherwise be greatly impressed by their customer service. 


If you want a Mississippi registered agent that provides basic services, as well as a few extras, for your LLC or business and makes maintaining good standing with the Mississippi Secretary of State for your business a cakewalk, Northwest Registered Agent is your best choice.

When you take into account their amazing customer support team, along with their low price of only $125 per year, it becomes clear why Northwest Registered Agent is my #1 recommendation for a registered agent in Mississippi.

If you need to appoint a registered agent, need a new registered agent for your Mississippi LLC, Mississippi corporation, or other business entity, or you need to change your Mississippi registered agent, check out Northwest Registered Agent’s services today.

2.Harbor Compliance – 7.92/10 (Best Budget Registered Agent)

If you’re searching this list for a low-cost Mississippi registered agent for your business or LLC, Harbor Compliance is a good option. The services they offer aren’t as comprehensive as the services offered by Northwest Registered Agent, but their fee is $26 per year less than Northwest’s.

Harbor Compliance is another national registered agent and also has offices available in every state, so they can grow along with your LLC if it expands to another state, much like Northwest Registered Agent, so you won’t have to change registered agents as you grow and flourish. 


Harbor Compliance provides your business with all of the basic services to comply with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s legal requirements for your Mississippi LLC, Mississippi corporation, or other business entity.

You’ll be supplied with necessary registered agent services, like a street address in Mississippi for your business, receiving mail and legal documents (like service of process) on behalf of your LLC, forwarding your mail, uploading legal documents to an online portal for you to access with an online account, and notifications about compliance filing deadlines your LLC must meet. 

Their online registered agent system is fairly user-friendly and easily navigated, which is good news for anyone in the office who has to use it.


The major drawback to Harbor Compliance’s services is that while they’re good at all of their services, their services aren’t excellent when you compare them with other registered agents in the state. 

They offer many basic services for your business, but they don’t provide any services that feel like “extras”. And their customer service team performs their job adequately, but they don’t outperform Northwest Registered Agent’s team. 

In short, Harbor Compliance offers adequate services for your LLC or business without standing out in any particular service area.


Harbor Compliance ensures that your business or LLC will meet all of Mississippi’s legal requirements and they charge the lowest fee of any registered agent on my list.

If you don’t feel the need for any extra features for your Mississippi business or LLC or are working with a limited budget, then Harbor Compliance is a good Mississippi registered agent for your business.

3. LegalZoom – 6.59/10 (Best Premium Service)

LegalZoom gets my #1 recommendation for the best premium Mississippi registered agent service and comes in at third place overall. 


The most apparent upside to choosing LegalZoom as the commercial registered agent service for your business is they are a well-known and trusted company in the business world. Their reputation precedes them, being best known for delivering on their service promises, so when you use their services you can rest assured that they’ll keep your LLC or business in good standing with the Secretary of State. They’ve also been in business longer than other services on my list. 

One major draw to LegalZoom’s premium Mississippi registered agent service is that you get more than basic services for your business or LLC. Of course, you’ll get the usual street address in the state for your business, they’ll accept mail and legal documents for your LLC during normal business hours, and provide mail forwarding for your business. In addition to that, LegalZoom also provides $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance as part of their package. 

In today’s technology-dominated market, this insurance can give you a valuable sense of peace regarding online security and cyber crime, as well as their potential impact on your business.


Alas, LegalZoom’s definition of “premium” registered agent service may not fall in line with your own. They seem to rely on the fact that they’re one of the most well-known names in the business industry to get away with providing less value in terms of their services, and instead bank on this reputation to lure in new clients.

Their fee is a hefty $299 plus state fees per year for their premium registered agent services, which vastly exceeds Northwest Registered Agent’s fee. When you consider that you can buy identity theft insurance from third-party companies for much less than the $176 difference between Harbor Compliance’s fee and Northwest’s, this “premium” service isn’t the great value that it’s advertised to be. 

LegalZoom is more well-known for specializing in templated legal documents, so they don’t focus as many resources on their commercial registered agent services. This unfortunately means that their customer support team isn’t as knowledgeable about questions regarding their registered agent service, which makes them less than helpful. And their online system is poorly optimized as well. 


LegalZoom is a big name in the business world and they have a great reputation for some of their services. If identity theft protection is one of the requirements on your list when you choose a registered agent, then they may be a good option for you. But if you want great services at a good value, a customer support team that’s knowledgeable, and an easy-to-use system, then LegalZoom isn’t the best registered agent Mississippi has.

Click here to check out LegalZoom

Below are shorter, less in-depth reviews of the nine other registered agents in the state of Mississippi that made my list.

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is an LLC formation service that offers resident agent services which are priced at two tiers.

The first tier, with a price of $99 per year, is the standard resident agent package. They provide services similar to Northwest Registered Agent (receive service of process during business hours, registered street address, etc.), but this tier doesn’t include a compliance alert system.

The second tier includes the compliance notifications for an additional $50 per state per year, for a total of $149 for this package. Northwest Registered Agent charges $125 for this same service.

ZenBusiness is primarily an LLC formation service though, not a dedicated registered agent. As a result, their system isn’t fully optimized for registered agent services and they don’t offer as much support when compared with other registered agent services.

For my full review of ZenBusiness, click here.

5. IncFile 

IncFile’s registered agent services don’t offer much when it comes to extra features. They only offer the basic services required from a Mississippi registered agent service. Among these basic services are a registered office address in Mississippi and will receive important mail such as your service of process during regular business hours. However, they don’t offer any features that feel like luxuries or premium services. You won’t get any compliance notifications, identity theft insurance, or LLC formation services. 

Even though IncFile charges a reasonable fee of $119 per state per year for their services, they don’t offer the same quality of services that their competitors do. 

If you’d like to pay more for low-quality registered agent services than they’re worth, you can check out IncFile here.

6. Rocket Lawyer 

Rocket Lawyer is a company that offers premium registered agent services and seems to me to be a slightly cheaper, pale imitation of LegalZoom. 

Even though I said they’re cheaper than LegalZoom’s Mississippi registered agent service, they still charge $149 per state per year for their services. Of course, they will provide your business with a street address in the state of Mississippi and accept mail and legal documents (like service of process) from official state agencies on behalf of your business. However, you won’t get the same level of service from Rocket Lawyer that you will from Northwest Registered Agent, even though Northwest charges less for their superior services.

Click here to read all about their services and products in my Rocket Lawyer review.

7. SunDoc Filings 

SunDoc Filings is an unremarkable Mississippi registered agent company. They provide minimal services to your business, like giving you a street address in the state of Mississippi to use and accepting mail and legal documents from the Secretary of State. The drawback is that they provide these dismal services for a ridiculous $159 per year. They don’t even offer compliance alerts for this price.

If you’d like to learn more about this Mississippi registered agent service that charges too much for barebones services, click here. 

8. InCorp

InCorp was an unusual registered agent in Mississippi to review. They charge $99 per state per year for their services, the same as Harbor Compliance and their service offerings are similar. They’re also a national registered agent.

The reason they’re so far down my list is their online system is almost user-hostile rather than user-friendly. It’s a poorly-designed system that isn’t at all intuitive. 

If you’d like to learn more about InCorp’s Mississippi registered agent services and nightmare system, click here. 

9. Swyft Filings 

Swyft Filings is another registered agent and LLC formation service that has jumped on the “Less for More” bandwagon. They offer only the basics that a Mississippi registered agent must (like receiving mail and providing your business with an address). But they charge $149 for meager services, so they aren’t the best registered agent Mississippi offers. 

If you’d like to pay more for minimal Mississippi registered agent services, click here to learn about Swyft filings. 

10. CSC Global 

CSC Global is another “premium” Mississippi registered agent.

They charge $299 per year and provide a lot of the basic services like receiving mail and legal documents and providing your business with an address. The “premium” service they offer is they pay any state fees your company is charged when you file a change of Mississippi registered agent form. They don’t even provide compliance alerts for this price, and their customer support team isn’t anything to write home about. 

It doesn’t cost $176 (the difference between CSC Global and Northwest’s fees)  to change your registered office in the state of Mississippi, so they’re charging more than their services are worth. 

If, for some reason you need a Mississippi registered agent service that will charge you $176 for state fees when you change your Mississippi registered agent, check out CSC Global here.  

11. Registered Agents Inc. 

Registered Agents Inc. is the only registered agent in Mississippi that specializes in registered agent services. The pity is that they provide basic services like receiving mail and providing an address for a fee of $200 per year. For this price they don’t provide any extras, so they can’t really compete with other registered agent services in Mississippi, so they aren’t the best registered agent Mississippi offers. 

If you’d like to read more about Registered Agents Inc. click here.   

12. Jumpstart Filings 

Jumpstart Filings is another registered agent or resident agent company in the state of Mississippi that offers only the basics for $129 per year. Their services include things like providing your Mississippi LLC with an address, receiving mail, documents and service of process for your company during business hours, and an online account for online document access. But you get a more diverse range of services and better quality from Northwest Registered Agent for $4 less. 

If you’d like to read about Jumpstart Filings’s inferior Mississippi registered agent services, click here.

Registered Agent Review Summary

I investigated more than 60 different Mississippi state registered agents and then rated them from 1-12. My top Mississippi registered agent service recommendation is Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest provides all of the services a Mississippi registered agent must, as well as a few extras. Their service is supported by a US-based customer service team of business experts. Northwest Registered Agent charges a fee of $125 for their Mississippi state registered agent service. Not only do you get lifelong customer service, but you also get compliance alerts for this price. 

There aren’t any premium services among their service offerings, but you won’t miss or need them. Their online system is easy to set up and user-friendly, and their customer service is next-level. 

If you need a registered agent in Mississippi that will not only tick every box, but also support your growing business, head to Northwest Registered Agent.

Best Registered Agent Review Methodology 

This is the process I used to address which registered agent service is best for your Mississippi LLC or business entity. 

Why You Should Trust Me

The reason you should trust my advice about choosing a Mississippi registered agent service is I probably have more knowledge and experience than even people who work for a registered agent company. 

It started when I began searching for the best registered agent for my two businesses. 

I feared legal trouble from the Mississippi Secretary of State for not having a Mississippi registered agent and I didn’t want to worry about the possibility of missing a service of process. So I spent hours researching Mississippi registered agent options. 

It was quite difficult to comb through all of the information and determine what was hype and what was fact. I spent more time than I really should have on the phone with customer service, reading reviews online and speaking to the various sales teams in each registered agent company. 

The other reason you should trust me is I’ve helped thousands of people to find the ideal registered agent for their businesses. Lots of people come to my website in hopes of finding the best registered agent for them, just like you. 

It became clear that the knowledge and experience I have in this field are necessary in the business world when I helped some of my business colleagues and close friends find a registered agent service to fit their needs. I’ve since helped thousands of people and I’m confident I can help you too. 

How I Selected The Best Registered Agent

I used a 4-stage investigative process to determine the best Mississippi registered agent. 

Stage 1: Reviews

Stage 1 to find the best registered agent in Mississippi was to check a ton of online reviews. I read through reviews on each Mississippi registered agent service on sites like the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, Facebook, and Google. These reviews told me which Mississippi state company provides the best services and which companies should be avoided. 

This stage led to me weeding out almost 50 registered agent companies in the state. These registered agents used a pricing practice that I found to be highly unethical. (More on that later.) 

Stage 2: Website Analysis

After I had eliminated the scams and inferior offerings, I analyzed the service offerings of the remaining 12 registered agent candidates. 

This stage was completed using some simple internet sleuthing. I read everything on each registered agent’s website to find out about their services and prices. I even talked to their sales teams if anything needed clarification. 

By the end of this stage I was left with a spreadsheet that had 13 columns and 24 rows showing the services of each registered agent in the state. 

Stage 3: Speaking With Real Customers

My next task was speaking to the customers of these registered agent companies to find out if their services are provided as advertised. 

The only way to learn how a registered agent company in the state services its customers is to talk to the customers themselves and ask if they’re satisfied. 

To this end, I asked people about their customer satisfaction levels with each of these Mississippi registered agent services. I surveyed previous customers I’d helped with finding the right registered agent, along with new people visiting my site.  

The responses from these customers gave me insight into the customer experience with each Mississippi registered agent. 

Stage 4: Speak With Their Sales Team

My final investigative stage was talking to the sales team of each Mississippi registered agent company on my list to address everything I’d been told about them. 

Of course, it’s a sales team’s job to deliver biased information to you about the company, but it’s really helpful to find out how they address negative feedback. I took note of whether they said they’d used this feedback to improve their services or if they simply blamed their customers for their failings. 

This stage was invaluable because it showed me things about the office culture of each company and what their customer service stance is. Do they address and use criticism or ignore it and blame other people for it?

Rating Factors

After narrowing this list from over 60 Mississippi registered agents to the top 12, I ranked them for your Mississippi LLC based on five factors.

Factor 1: Offerings

The variety of services and products offered by Mississippi registered agents can be overwhelming, so it’s important to address what’s available when rating them. Did they only cover the basics, or did they go above and beyond what a registered agent must offer?

Some commercial registered agent services will only provide you with the basics, such as a physical address in Mississippi, keeping your personal information off the public record, being your point of contact during regular business hours, and forwarding your mail. Some will include a low-cost LLC service while others provide the next-level customer service.

Other services will scan and upload all of your mail, service of process and legal documents (not just the documents) the day they’re received, offer LLC formation services, and issue compliance alerts for your annual report so you don’t forget.

And some companies provide premium services like identity theft protection to keep you safe in the event cybercriminals attempt to steal your personal information.

The first factor I used to determine the best Mississippi registered agent service was ranking each service according to their range of services.

Factor 2: Value for Money

The range of products and services isn’t the only factor to address when deciding which Mississippi registered agent is the best. Price and value were also an important factor to address as well.

Some services claim to be as cheap as $39/year while premium commercial registered agents cost barely $300/year.

Some services will claim to be as cheap as $39 per year, but leave the full range of services offered unclear. Others seem to treat the word “premium” like an advertising buzzword.

The next step of this process was to address which of these commercial registered agents offered the greatest value and rate them accordingly.

As a part of this process, I discovered that a significant number of Mississippi noncommercial registered agents charged prices in the $39-$59 per year range. However, it became apparent that while that price might be true upon initial investment, it would often cost more than $120 per year to get even the basic level of service offered by other reputable commercial registered agent services.

I find these deceptive pricing strategies to be unethical, so any noncommercial registered agent service that used them was disqualified from consideration. In fact, if they used this pricing practice, they were removed from my list of Best National Registered Agents, as well as my list of registered agents in Mississippi. 

Factor 3: Ease Of Signup

It’s a big deal when a registered agent company has an easy signup process. When you appoint a registered agent, how easy is the onboarding process? A poorly-designed and confusing interface can make your entire customer experience tedious and difficult. For this reason, ease of signup is a factor I chose to address when ranking these registered agent services.

I rated the Mississippi registered agents on how easy their signup process is and how many obstacles I encountered during the onboarding process.

The length of the overall process, the number of fields and forms I had to fill out, and the level of unnecessary confirmation and identification hoops I had to jump through were all part of my consideration. 

Factor 4: Ease Of Use

It’s great when a company has an easy signup process, but it’s really a bother to have to find your way around a confusing website and then wait for a confirmation email. Finding which registered agents have easy-to-use interfaces for their online systems and which ones are a nightmare to navigate seemed like an obvious factor to include in my registered agent rating system. 

So you don’t have to bother with dealing with frustrating and confusing systems, I actually set up, registered and logged into each system to find out how easy it was to navigate them. 

I rated the registered agents based on which of their systems were intuitive and easy-to-use and which ones were glitchy and left me stuck when I was trying to complete simple tasks. This process further refined my list. 

Factor 5: Customer Service

No matter how simple it is to use an agent’s online system, you’re still going to eventually encounter a problem or glitch with it and will need to call customer service. Good customer service really counts when you’re met with one of these experiences. If you have a particularly bad customer service experience, it can even lead you to change registered agents. 

If a registered agent company has outstanding customer service, it can take the stress and hassle out of your workday. A company with bad service will leave you frustrated just from trying to get the answer to a simple question. 

So that I could properly rate each agent’s customer service team, I called each one and asked simple questions. Then I took note of whether they responded to my query in a timely manner, how polite the agents were, how many people I had to talk to before I got an answer, and how efficient their answers were. 

The Best Mississippi Registered Agent Results Summary

To find the Best Mississippi registered agent, I investigated more than 60 different services and then rated the top 12. Here are the top three best registered agents in the state. 

Best Overall Registered Agent – Northwest Registered Agent (9.13/10)

Northwest Registered Agent easily topped my list for the best registered agent service in Mississippi, blowing the other services out of the water. They provide your LLC with all of the services you need to maintain good standing with the Secretary of State for a modest $125 per year, and they back it all with their industry-leading customer support. 

They provide you with the street address in Mississippi that you need for legal purposes, receive mail and service of process for your business from the Mississippi Secretary of State, and protect your personal information from being put on the public record. 

They also provide services you didn’t know you wanted or needed. They scan and upload ALL of your mail and legal documents the day they’re received (not just the documents), and let you access them on their online portal with an online account, provide compliance alerts for annual report filing, and offer multi-state and multi-year discounts. 

Their most exceptional service is their customer support. 

The customer support team of this registered agent company is US-based and is made up of people who used to be entrepreneurs, accountants, and lawyers. These people have experience with running businesses, so they offer great advice that can help you move your small-business career forward. 

My experience wasn’t some sort of fluke either. There are more than 3,000 positive reviews about Northwest Registered Agent online. 

If you’re tired of sorting through dismal Mississippi registered agents and need a quality Mississippi registered agent that will reliably service your LLC or business entity, sign up for Northwest Registered Agent today.

Best Budget Registered Agent – Harbor Compliance (7.92/10)

If you want to save money on a registered agent for your corporation or LLC, Harbor Compliance is $26 less per year than Northwest Registered Agent. Of course, their customer service isn’t as remarkable as Northwest’s, but they’re a solid, second choice. 

They provide all of the services you need to maintain the good standing status of your corporation or LLC with the Mississippi Secretary of State, become your point of contact, scan and forward your mail, and provide your LLC with an address in the state.

They have a simple-to-use, online system and their customer support is reliable, though not as good as Northwest’s. 

If you want to sacrifice great, lifelong customer support to save $26 per year, click here to learn more about Harbor Compliance

Best Premium Registered Agent – Legal Zoom (6.59/10)

If you’re looking for a premium registered agent service, LegalZoom is the top premium service on my list. 

Of course, they offer all of the registered agent basics, like an address for your business to use in Mississippi, receiving mail and service of process for you, scanning your legal documents, compliance alerts about things like your annual report, and mail forwarding. But they provide $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance, as well. 

They offer this premium service for more than twice what Northwest Registered Agent charges for their services. It would cost less than the $176 difference between the two companies’ fees to purchase the insurance elsewhere as well. 

Check out LegalZoom here if you really think paying $176 more for registered agent services than you need to is a good idea. 

In Conclusion

It’s crucial to find the right registered agent for your company because the right registered agent will meet all of the legal requirements for your company and keep your personal information safe and off the public record. 

I investigated over 60 different registered agents and then rated and reviewed the top 12. 

This process revealed that Northwest Registered Agent is the #1 registered agent service in Mississippi. 

Some of their outstanding registered agent services include: 

  1. A street address in Mississippi and a point of contact in the state that will receive service of process, mail, and documents from the Mississippi Secretary of State, 
  2. Forwarding your mail, 
  3. Scanning ALL of your mail and documents the same day they’re received,
  4. Access to your documents online using an online account, 
  5. Mississippi state LLC formation services and, 
  6. Compliance alerts to help you remember important filing deadlines (like annual reports). 

They have an easy-to-use online system that everyone in your office will love and they have a US-based customer service team to help with any business questions you have. And they offer all of this for only $125 per state per year. 

If your LLC needs a registered agent that will provide reliable, lifelong service no matter how big it grows, sign up for Northwest Registered Agent here

Best Registered Agent by State