IncFile Review

Incfile Review Summary 

Incfile is a great option for startups and first-time business owners; offering affordable business registration plans, along with other filing services, i.e., starting an LLC, with fees starting as low as $0. By avoiding unnecessary add-ons and upgrades, you can enjoy the best of their services. 

However, if you’re a busy entrepreneur or business and want to skip investing time and energy into the initial demanding processes of LLC formation  or want responsive customer support you might want to check out other LLC services such as ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent services. 

Pros and Cons


There's a lot to like about IncFile.


Incfile is undoubtedly the most affordable LLC formation service as compared with other providers like LegalZoom (starting at $79). They only charge the state fee to form an LLC, S-corporation, or non-profit in their Silver package which includes preparing and filing the Articles of Organization and offering a FREE registered agent service for the initial year along with unlimited name searches, so you save $79 by choosing Incfile for these services.

Easy To Use Interface

Incfile has a clean, online interface that allows you to buy their services without any confusion. Guided snippets appear on the screen during form filling and you can also chat with their agent using a live chatbox.

Online Storage, Tracking Tool, Useful Reminders

Incfile has convenient features for their customers, such as an online tracking tool that most high-end options don’t offer. You can track your order and filing status online. This is great for those who want to stay informed and involved in this process. Plus, it also offers storage space to save documents online, enhancing the overall user experience.

Complimentary One Hour Business Tax Consultation

Let’s confess, the majority of us do not have any idea about how to form an LLC, nor about finances and taxes when we decide to launch our business. We find such intricacies alien; paying to educate ourselves about taxes hurts even more.

After you sign up with Incfile LLC formation services, you get an exclusive one-hour consultation from a tax expert who answers your questions without charging a penny. 


Loads Of Add-ons And Upgrades

Incfile earns its revenue from add-ons and upgrades apart from the basic Silver package; if you do not read or understand the purpose of the add-on services, you might end up buying an unnecessary service for your business.

Being vigilant during the registration process is crucial. Also, some add-on prices don’t make any sense. For example, getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business for a $70 add-on is absurd when you can get it for free.

Customer Service Hiccups

Most negative reviews about Incfile are about the poor customer service and not providing a satisfactory solution for their complainant, as witnessed on Trustpilot and other online review services. They also have limited customer support times (9 am – 6 pm) only on weekends which can be problematic in urgent matters. The normal response time to your queries via email is usually 24 hours.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation Revoked

Despite 500,000 clients and thousands of positive reviews and customer feedback, their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and accreditation were revoked on 9/25/2020 due to not addressing the disputes properly. Even though they have cleared all the complaints (read the list here), it could still be a matter of concern.

No Assistance Publishing Articles Of Organization

For an annual report, it is required that you publish a notice of the filing of your Articles of Organization or you may publish the Articles of Organization in their entirety. Each state has publication rules. The LLC may be subject to administrative dissolution if it fails to publish. Incfile doesn’t assist you with this procedure.

Who Should Use Incfile?

Incfile is highly recommended for those who are registering their first LLC, S-corporation, or nonprofit business in the United States and possess basic information about the registration process.

They have an easy-to-use platform with an interactive interface, $0 plus state fee plan with other free services like unlimited name search makes them an excellent choice for your business formation.  15000 positive reviews and more than 20 years of experience make them a credible option to consider. 

Who Should NOT Use Incfile?

After reviewing almost all their negative feedback and customer outcries, I do not recommend signing up for Incfile without at least a basic knowledge of the terminologies and the role of registered agent service providers.

Many have paid unnecessary dollars for the services they later realized were useless for their purposes. So, prior information before signing up is mandatory. Again, they earn from add-ons and upgrades so you need to be vigilant about buying their services. 


If you need an easy-to-use and affordable option for your business formation and want to save some extra bucks, go for their Silver plan starting from $0, pay the state fee, only select add-ons if you need them and you are good to go. Track your registration process on your Incfile dashboard.

You should have a basic knowledge of the registration process and know the technical jargon. Even though Incfile offers snippets of guidance at every step during the registration process, i.e., what it means, how the live chat box works; your knowledge can save you from any further misunderstanding and costs. 

To sign up for IncFile, click here.

Incfile Basics

Here is a breakdown of all the basics of IncFile.

What Is Incfile?

Incfile is an LLC formation company that helps you launch your business by providing registration services along with state and IRS filings as well as advice on compliance with the state’s regulations. What makes them unique in the market is that they offer cost-effective, business formation plans starting for surprisingly $0 plus state fees including a year of registered agent service for free. 

What Does Incfile Do For Business Owners? 

Incfile supports novice entrepreneurs in business formation with a wide array of services including starting a business from scratch, to growing and managing one. These include: 

– State filing (including Free LLC service, name changes, dissolutions, foreign qualifications, fictitious business names);
– Compliance (Annual reports, Corporate kits, LLC kits, business license searches).

How Much Is Incfile? 

As compared with the other registered agent service providers, Incfile offers FREE registration agent service for the first year and then they charge $119/year which is still on the lower end of registered agent prices. 

My Assessment

This is how I rated IncFile in comparison to it's competitors.

Value – 8/10

IncFile provides solid value in comparison to it's competitors. 

ServicesLLC, S Corp, C Corp, NGOLLC, Corps, NGO, DBA, Legal OperationsDIY LLC formation, LLC, Corps, Legal LLC, C-Corp, or DBA
Price Point1st year free + State fee.2nd year $119 annuallyStarts at $79/year plus filing fees.Starting at $125/year.Starting at $39/year plus state fee.
Unique Selling Point (USP)$0 plus state fee for the first year. Online tracking tool, most economical, 500,000+ businesses formed.Full-service legal provider along with business formation service, independent network of attorneys.Great customer services, ease of use, no upsells.Straightforward pricing plans.
Customer ServiceBest via email.Good via call, fixed times.Available on weekends, good service.Almost all positive feedback and reviews on authentic review sites.Reply to emails within a day, satisfactory service according to reviews.
Customer Satisfaction22K 5-star reviews, 96% satisfied customers, few negative reviews due to customer service issues.A+ ratings on Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a few negative reviews about long waiting queues in customer service.Mostly positive reviews at BBB, few negative ones about the long cancellation process.Founded in 2015, Zen Business has maintained a good reputation so far.
Value For Money Definitely the best if you are on a budget and want the best service and professional business formation agent to do all the work.If you want business formation and online legal services as well in one place along with identity protection coverage.Access to free legal forms, the company offers preparation of Articles of Organization to its customers in all three price packages, while Incfile does not.Zen Business includes an operating agreement template while Incfile includes additional third-party offers for a business bank account and website creation.

Product/Service Offerings – 8/10

Incfile offers a range of registration services and has been a legit LLC service provider since its inception. A free-for-a-year registered agent service, i.e., $0 plus state fee is what makes Incfile outstanding as compared with other providers. Thousands of customer ratings were mentioned on  about how the filing starts immediately when others take 2-5 business days to start the filing process. 

Customer Support – 5/10

I have rated Incfile ‘5’ in customer support while keeping in mind that they do not offer customer support on the weekends which is a major drawback for many business owners who work full-time and may need the facility of urgent consultation or support regarding LLC formation on the weekends. Apart from that, positive commentaries talk about the exceptional email support from Incfile which explains and answers all you want to know. 

Ease Of Use – 8/10

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up for Incfile on its official website. The website itself has a sleek User Interface. While registering, the process contains how-to guides, interactive pop-ups and a live chat facility to make the whole process seamless. After the registration process, you can track your filing status on the Incfile online dashboard. With Incfile, business formation is not rocket science.

Our Overall Rating – 7.25/10

I’d give them an overall 6, due to their questionable customer service.

Despite the fact that Incfile is one of the oldest and cheapest business formation service providers in the US, with hundreds and thousands of positive reviews and satisfied customers, they’re still struggling with their customer support. Plus, the fact that the customer support is not available over the weekend, further adds to the client’s woes.

If you'd like to know more about IncFil, visit their website here.

What Others Are Saying

Here are some IncFile reviews made by past customers around the web.

Trust Pilot

Incfile has received 104 customer reviews on Trustpilot. 46% are positive and 48% are negative. Most negative reviews complain about poor customer services from Incfile and the positive feedback applauds the price value it offers. Overall, the rating is 2.5 /5 – Poor. 

Google Business

Incfile’s Google My Business profile has only one customer review which is negative.


Unfortunately, Incfile doesn’t have a Facebook page/ presence like other LLC formation or registered agent service.


After reading 75 customer reviews of Incfile on Yelp, the majority of the negative feedback was about  customer service issues and confusion regarding upsells and upgrades during package purchases. Out of 5, Yelp has 2 stars on Incfile reviews and the profile is also not claimed.

Better Business Bureau

Recently their accreditation was revoked by Better Business Bureau, even though Incfile cleared all the complaints. The majority of the comments were about poor customer service which is a constant complaint from their customers. Overall, IncFile rating is 3.92/5.

Overall – 6/10

Incfile offers:

– Competitively priced packages with services that are attractive enough to lure a new customer. 
– Free first year registered agent service, i.e., $0 plus state fee; and
– Initiates filing services immediately, whereas others take 2-5 working days to start the process.

But there’s a downside to all these Incfile LLC services which could irk customers: 

– Despite being low-priced, their customer service isn’t that great as per customer feedback;
– They try to upsell their services if you buy the lowest-priced LLC package ($0 plus the state fee); and
– Their customer services aren’t available over the weekends.

So, in a nutshell, if you can stay vigilant or have some previous experience with business formation, want to take a chance on their erratic customer service and want to save some bucks, Incfile could be the best LLC service for you, otherwise you might want to consider alternatives such as LegalZoom, ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Incfile LLC Formation Service Package?

Incfile’s Basic Silver package charging 0$ plus the state fee is its best package for LLC formation.

Is There A Promo Code Or Discount for Incfile?

No, unfortunately, there is no discount or promo code for Incfile as they already offer the lowest-priced package for LLC formation service. 

Is Incfile Legit?

Founded in 2004, Incfile has provided business registration and LLC formation services to 500,000 verified clients and has 22,176 verified reviews on Shopper Approved, so yes, it’s indeed legit!

How Does Incfile Compare With Other LLC Services?

Incfile has its own Pros and Cons as compared with other LLC formation services like  LegalZoom, Northwest and ZenBusiness. Definitely worth checking out if you’re on a budget, but beware of their customer support woes (as reported by previous clients on their website)

Does Incfile Handle New York Publication Requirements?

New York State has a special requirement for LLC formation in which an LLC must publish a copy of its Articles of Organization or a notice related to the formation of the LLC in two different newspapers. Incfile does not assist in the filing of the publication requirement, so the answer is no!

Does Incfile Have Good Customer Support?

The majority of the negative reviews are about the poor customer service of Incfile. Keep in mind that the ratio of negative vs positive is very low. Also, customer support is not available on the weekends which further reduces its attractiveness. 

Can I Form An LLC On My Own?

Yes, you can form an LLC by yourself. Although you'll still need to pay your state filing fees (they're unavoidable!), you can save by filing your LLC  through a professional incorporation business.

Do They Have A Refund Policy?

The order is refundable until payment is forwarded to the state, less a $30.00 cancellation fee and any expenses that have been paid or incurred in furtherance of your order with any entities (including state agencies or third-party vendors), says Incfile official cancellation and refund policy. 

Should I Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming an LLC With Incfile?

You do not need to reserve a name if you are forming your business right away.

Can I Form An LLC Without Physically Being In The United States?

Yes, you can form an LLC without being physically present in the US.

What Is Incfile’s Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

You can call +18558299090 or email at 

I’ve Heard LegalZoom Has a Lot of Upsells, Does Incfile?

Yes, Incfile earns its revenue from add-ons and upgrades and it offers a lot of upsells when you are purchasing its famous 0$ plus state fee offer.

How Quickly Does Incfile Process LLC Formations?

Incfile immediately starts working on your filing and once the paperwork is filled out and submitted, it will most likely take less than two weeks to complete and will vary based on state filing timelines for LLC formation.

Other Than LLC Formation, What Else Can Incfile Do?

They assist with Annual Reports, Foreign Qualifications, Certificates Of Good Standing, Amendments, Dissolutions, Employee Identification Number EIN/Tax ID Number, Business License Searches, File Business Taxes, Fictitious Business Names, File S Corp Tax Election are the other services that LLC formation service Incfile offers to its customers. 

My LLC Needs An EIN. Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is compulsory to register your business, open your business bank account and other filings. Incfile charges $70 for an EIN which is pricey. You can get an EIN for free from the Internal Revenue Service.