12 Best Arkansas Registered Agent Services (2024 Review)


It is critical that you choose the best registered agent in Arkansas for your growing limited liability company (LLC) or business entity. 

The right Arkansas registered agent will ensure the privacy and protection of your information and assets. It’ll provide you with a physical address for your Arkansas business and make sure you never miss any compliance deadlines and correspondence from state offices. 

The wrong Arkansas registered agent will cost you much more than money in the long run. You run the risk of getting sued, missing important notices, and having crucial information fall into the hands of hackers and scammers. 

I've investigated 60+ Arkansas registered agent services, assessed the top 12, and written in-depth reviews on the three best. Here are my picks for the best Arkansas registered agent service.

1. Northwest Registered Agent — 9.13/10 (Best Overall Registered Agent)

Northwest Registered Agent is my number one recommendation for the best Arkansas registered agent because, apart from effective handling of your legal compliance and privacy protection, they are also the industry leader in providing customer support with their US-based team of experienced and trained professionals. 


Working with Northwest Registered Agent comes with a variety of advantages. 

They provide your business with their physical address available during normal business hours, which keeps your personal address and information safe. Their online account is accessible 24/7 and important compliance alerts are included in the service, ensuring your Arkansas business or LLC remains in good standing with the Arkansas Secretary of State.

They even provide one of the best LLC services in Arkansas.

All service of process and important documents from the Arkansas Secretary of State and the Division of Corporations are received on your behalf and forwarded to you. Northwest Registered Agent is the only Arkansas registered agent to scan and forward each piece of mail sent to your company, unlike other Arkansas registered agents that only focus on scanning the government and legal documents. 

Their onboarding process is smooth and the sign-up system is easy to use. It allows your LLC or business to appoint a registered agent in multiple states, making it useful for fast-growing companies with plans to set up offices in various locations. 

But the main reason Northwest Registered Agent is at the top of the list is their industry-leading customer support team. 

Their US-based support team of former accountants, lawyers, small business or LLC owners, and entrepreneurs have experience with the challenges faced by a new business in Arkansas. 

They know the ins and outs of starting, building, and running a new business or LLC in the state of Arkansas and will resolve any challenges your business might face. They are the only Arkansas registered agent to provide this level of customer support within a competitive price range. 

At $125* Northwest Registered Agent is only $26 more than the cheapest Arkansas registered agent service and that’s why they’re a great value. All these factors make them an easy choice for the #1 spot. 


As is the case with quality service providers, a quick-fix solution is not what you get at Northwest Registered Agent. 

Their commitment to providing the best customer support means that they will ask a lot of questions to gather as much information about your specific problem as they can before resolving your issue. An interaction with them may take longer than just Googling the question, but you’ll get the right answer.

With this quality of service, you can be assured of the best solution, though you’ll spend a few extra minutes with their attentive support representatives. 


Northwest Registered Agent offers a simple-to-use system, affordable pricing, and a multistate management portal backed up by experienced and trained customer support representatives who take the time to understand your problems and offer genuine and accurate solutions for only $125 .

If you want an Arkansas registered agent whose advice you can rely on while you grow your business or LLC, head to Northwest Registered Agent now.

2. Harbor Compliance — 7.92/10 (Best Budget Registered Agent)

Harbor Compliance offers Arkansas registered agent services for $26 less than Northwest Registered Agent.


Harbor Compliance ensures that your business or LLC meets all the legal requirements needed for a small business in Arkansas. 

They provide your business with a physical address available during normal business hours. They scan, upload, and forward all of your important documents. They also receive legal notifications, accept service of process, and send you compliance alerts about annual report filing and other deadlines to keep you in good standing with the Arkansas Secretary of State. 

Their system is simple and you can easily register in multiple states within the same portal. Once the setup is done, their online management dashboard is intuitive and easy to access.

At $99, they are the cheapest full-service Arkansas registered agent on the market. 


Everything provided by Harbor Compliance is good enough, it’s just not great. They cover the basics that most registered agent services do, but they offer no premium features. 

Your legal and business needs will be reasonably met but they won't exceed your expectations quite like Northwest Registered Agent

Your queries will receive timely answers, but Harbor Compliance does not provide the small business advisory service that Northwest Registered Agent does.


Harbor Compliance is a reliable option for most of the services needed from an Arkansas registered agent at a lower price. They provide everything you need from a registered agent service without any fancy perks and benefits. You won’t miss a service of process, but you also won’t get specialized expert advice. 

If your business or LLC needs to save $26 per year and can forgo the superior customer service of Northwest Registered Agent, then check out Harbor Compliance here.

3. LegalZoom Review — 6.59/10 (Best Premium Registered Agent)

If you want premium registered agent service for your business entity in the state of Arkansas, LegalZoom is better than most. 


LegalZoom’s established reputation for reliability ensures your business or LLC is partnering with a trusted registered agent in the state of Arkansas. They provide all the services that a registered agent must.

Your business entity gets a registered physical business address available during regular business hours, online access to scanned legal documents, mail forwarding, and compliance alerts about annual reports and other deadlines to meet to keep your business or LLC in good standing. They will accept and ensure you receive service of process notices and other communications from the Arkansas Secretary of State. 

Most notably, their premium features come with $1,000,000 worth of identity theft insurance.

Security from hackers is a big concern for many entrepreneurs and identity theft insurance can protect your Arkansas business. With many registered agent services, you need to purchase this feature from a third party, but LegalZoom provides it with their basic package. This is a definite perk from a registered agent service. 


LegalZoom uses their big-player status to charge more and provide less.

The $299 cost of their service per year is $176 more than Northwest Registered Agent charges. Yes, LegalZoom does provide the $1,000,000 identity theft insurance but you could easily opt for an Arkansas registered agent like Northwest Registered Agent and use the remaining amount to purchase the identity theft protection insurance later, which costs less than $176.

LegalZoom’s primary focus is on providing templated legal documents, not registered agent service. As a result, their registered agent system is imperfect and they are only able to answer the most basic queries, unlike Northwest Registered Agent, who provides comprehensive customer support for your business in Arkansas.


If your business in Arkansas already uses some of their other services, it might be worthwhile to continue with LegalZoom. However, if your focus is on registered agent service and getting the most reliable and industry-oriented customer support, optimized systems, and great value for money, there are better and less expensive options out there for your business. 

Head over to their website: LegalZoom

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness provides basic Arkansas registered agent service without any hidden costs. 

Their Arkansas registered agent service is $199 and includes a registered physical address available during normal business hours, document scanning and uploading, service of process, and it also includes essential compliance notifications. Compliance alerts are essential to remaining in good legal standing with the Secretary of State. 

ZenBusiness’ primary function is LLC formation, so their Arkansas registered agent service remains unoptimized. Availability of services isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing your registered agent in Arkansas, however. Reliable customer support is important as well. ZenBusiness’ customer support is not as comprehensive as Northwest Registered Agent’s, so the price (when you consider the hidden compliance alert fee) is unjustifiably expensive.

To know more about their complete list of services, you can read my full review here: ZenBusiness Review.

5. IncFile

IncFile is another LLC (limited liability company) service provider in the state of Arkansas that offers basic registered agent service. They manage to do the bare minimum at a cost of $119 per year. They receive service of process like any other registered agent in Arkansas, but they won’t provide you with compliance alerts.

At this price, they are neither providing your business or LLC with a great customer support experience like Northwest Registered Agent nor notifying you of urgent deadlines. 

As Arkansas registered agents go, you end up paying more for less with IncFile, so I don’t recommend them. 

Read my full IncFile review to find out more.

6. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer considers itself a cheaper alternative to LegalZoom. Their Arkansas registered agent service forms a minor part of their overall product offering catalog. They also offer various online legal services.

For $149, you'll get a physical street address available during regular business hours in Arkansas to ensure regular state mail forwarding. Rocket Lawyer also accepts service of process on your behalf. Other than that, they offer fewer services and inferior customer support when compared with Northwest Registered Agent (at a charge of $125). 

You can get a full breakdown of their registered agent products and services in my Rocket Lawyer Review.

7. SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings provides the bare minimum Arkansas registered agent service for $159. Besides service of process and the forwarding of your business and legal documents from the Arkansas Secretary of State and the Division of Corporations, there's not much to what they offer. 

There's no system in place to alert you to file your annual report nor a dedicated and experienced customer support system like Northwest Registered Agent’s

8. InCorp

InCorp is a registered agent comparable to Harbor Compliance and comes in at the same price of $99. 

But their system is clunky and difficult to navigate and their customer service is only passable.

9. Swyft Filings 

Swyft Filing offers an Arkansas registered agent service for your business or LLC for $149 ($24 more than Northwest Registered Agent) but nowhere close to matching Northwest’s top-rated customer support).

You can read more about them in my Swyft Filings Review. 

10. CSC Global 

CSC Global is a premium commercial Arkansas registered agent service with an annual cost of $299. However, they don’t offer many premium features except for paying the state fees when you change from your current Arkansas registered agent. 

At that cost, you could comfortably switch to Northwest Registered Agent. With their lower price, you could afford the cost of switching your current registered agent in Arkansas to them, and your business would be better off.

11. Registered Agents Inc. 

Registered Agents Inc. is $200 for the same features that Northwest Registered Agent provide at $125—online account access, compliance alerts to keep you in good standing with the Secretary of State, street address in the state of Arkansas available during normal business hours, and service of process—without the expert customer support and advisory assistance.

For the best registered agent in Arkansas, give Registered Agents Inc. a hard pass. 

12. Jumpstart Filings 

Jumpstart Filings offers unremarkable Arkansas registered agent services for $129 per year. For $4 less, your business in Arkansas can get far more with Northwest Registered Agent.

Arkansas Registered Agent Service Review Summary

After analyzing all of the above Arkansas registered agent service providers, Northwest Registered Agent is my #1 recommendation out of a list of over 60 commercial registered agent services. 

Northwest Registered Agent is affordable at just $125 and provides good value for your money. 

With Northwest Registered Agent, your small business or LLC has everything it needs and more, from basic business services to an industry-leading team of experts.

Their system is easy to use, their registration process is simple, and their online dashboard user interface is intuitive. 

If your business or LLC needs an Arkansas registered agent that supports you on your business journey, then Northwest Registered Agent is the right match for you.

*All listed prices are per state, per year. 

Best Arkansas Registered Agent Review Methodology 

Below is the method I used to determine the best registered agent in Arkansas for your LLC. 

Why You Should Trust Me

I have gone down the rabbit hole when it comes to digging up information about various Arkansas registered agent services and comparing their respective packages. It started when I had to find the best commercial registered agent for my two companies—a health website and a cafe.

I needed a street address available during regular business hours for my website business to receive mail and service of process. I also needed compliance alerts to keep my businesses in good standing with the Secretary of State.

Through this experience I learned what an Arkansas registered agent must do to provide the best service to a business or limited liability company. After successfully selling off both companies, I was eager to get my hands dirty with a new idea and venture. 

On multiple occasions, during conversations with other small corporation owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and my friends in online businesses, I realized not everyone had the time and patience to go from website to website to find the best Arkansas registered agent service provider, although many had registered agent requirements. To avoid the frustrating process, they would choose the first available registered agent they came across and spend more for less value.

My experience helped my colleagues make informed choices about Arkansas registered agent services. Little did I know that I would help thousands make their business journeys easier with credible advice. 

How I Selected the Best Arkansas Registered Agent

I started with a list of over 60 service providers, narrowed them down to 12 with a four-stage vetting process, and finally selected my top three service agent services based on five factors. 

Stage 1: Reviews

I started by reading and collecting reviews—the honest voices of thousands of people like you and me. From a sea of reviews spread across Facebook, TrustPilot, Better Business Bureau, and many other platforms, I created a Kanban board to categorize them with respect to various criteria (ease of system, affordability, customer support, privacy protection, taxes and fees, etc.).

This gave me enough insight to eliminate obvious scams and misleading offers. 

Stage 2: Website Analysis

Once I had ruled out illegitimate providers, the next step was to analyze the websites of the remaining corporations to get a better understanding of what they stand for, what they offer and how authentic their advertising is. 

Some of the factors I paid close attention to were the optimization of their products and services, customer support, corporation history, and any awards and recognition they’d received.

Stage 3: Speaking with Actual Customers

The next step was to consult their users.

To be unbiased and objective in my evaluation, I spoke to my own current and former clients who were already using an Arkansas registered agent and got first-hand accounts of their experiences with registered agent services. 

Stage 4: Speaking with Their Sales Teams

To complete my research I spoke with each company’s sales team. After gathering all the complaints, files, issues, and scathing reviews, I began asking them tough questions about why and how they were failing to meet customer expectations.

While many companies simply denounced negative reviews, some explained that they had integrated feedback and improved their systems and operations. 

This essential last step separated the average from the exemplary. 

Rating Factors

I based my results for the best registered agent for your Arkansas LLC on five key factors.

Factor 1: Offerings

The first and most important rating factor I analyzed was each company’s menu of services. If a company fails to offer the requisite services expected from an Arkansas registered agent, other factors like cost, ease of system navigation, customer support, etc., don’t matter at all. 

I took into consideration the following factors: 

  • Does the registered agent allow you to access documents online or simply mail them to your registered street address in Arkansas?
  • Does the registered agent alert you about the annual reports filing and compliance dates or do they only provide your business or LLC with a calendar? 
  • Does the registered agent provide a privacy protection guarantee in place or do they also provide insurance against identity theft?
  • Does the registered agent additionally provide a cheap LLC (limited liability companies) formation service or is their LLC (limited liability companies) formation their best product/offering? 
  • Does the registered agent cover filing and state fees? 
  • Do you have the option to file the change online or to mail the form?
  • Does the registered agent accept service of process? 

The registered agents with the best range of Arkansas registered agent services were placed at the top and those with lesser offerings found a place near or at the bottom of the pile. 

Factor 2: Price

Although most people directly jump to pricing alone, it’s important to factor in the value of the product. This factor varies greatly between each Arkansas registered agent. That’s why I created three distinct categories to make my registered agent assessment simpler: budget, full-service, and premium. 

The budget range tends to be advertised between $39–$59 per year. The full-service registered agent plans range from $99–$129 annually and the premium services start at $299 and upwards. 

The Arkansas registered agent services with the most value for money rose up the list and those providing lesser value dropped to the lower end. 

Those in the budget range of services looked appealing only because of deceptively low pricing. They required upsells for you to get a full range of Arkansas registered agent services, resulting in extra costs for additional features. 

You might be lured in with a cheap price of $39 but the services would be far fewer than any genuine Arkansas registered agent must provide. 

I excluded all budget offerings from my list because of misrepresentative advertising. The absence of standard services costs you more in the long run. 

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-up

When you start a business or LLC in Arkansas, your time is very valuable. 

So, my next factor was the ease of signing up. Those with a simple, automated, and optimized system, requiring minimal effort and intervention, quickly rose to the top of the list. If a company asked me to shift from document to document in a tedious system, I allotted them one of the bottom ranks on the list. 

Factor 4: Ease of Use

Signing up should be the easiest step in the onboarding process, but sometimes it’s not. That’s because a lot of companies are still stuck with systems that are poorly laid out, difficult to navigate, and full of bugs. 

Those Arkansas registered agent services with the most intuitive systems went up the ranks and the ones with slow, outdated, and confusing systems went to the bottom. 

Factor 5: Customer Service

No matter how simple, user-friendly and intuitive a system is, all customers need help and support at some point. After all, not every business or LLC owner is tech savvy, but every business owner needs an Arkansas registered agent they can rely on. 

Therefore, impeccable customer support was my final factor in choosing the best agent for a business or LLC in the state of Arkansas. 

I evaluated Arkansas registered agent services based on whether their customer support team could effectively and quickly resolve customer issues with experienced and well-trained representatives. Your Arkansas small business or limited liability company doesn’t need an Arkansas registered agent that takes forever to answer calls or provides generic responses to your questions. 

The Best Arkansas Registered Agent Results Summary

My extensive research and rating mechanism for the 12 agent services on the list proves that Northwest Registered Agent is #1 in Arkansas, exceeding expectations in the majority of the factors mentioned above. 

Best Overall Registered Agent — Northwest Registered Agent (9.13/10)

Northwest Registered Agent bags the top spot on the list because they are a full-service Arkansas registered agent with great prices and industry-leading customer support. 

With a $125 per state annual cost, you get everything your business or LLC needs:

  • a registered physical business address available during business hours
  • online access to scanned copies of ALL documents (not just legal notices)
  • a 24/7 accessible online portal that contains everything important
  • personal notification of compliance deadlines, such as annual report filings
  • personal details kept off the public record
  • the option to file any change online or to mail the form to the office

The icing on the cake is their top-rated customer service, which also acts as a small business advisory to help you with any challenge your business or LLC might encounter. Their team of former lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs provides the kind of support that could cost up to $5000/day elsewhere. It's no wonder that there are over 3,000 positive Northwest Registered Agent reviews.

For the best registered agent in Arkansas, check out Northwest Registered Agent here.

Read my guide Best LLC Services in Arkansas to find out more.

Best Budget Registered Agent — Harbor Compliance (7.92/10)

If Northwest Registered Agent provides more coverage than your Arkansas business needs then Harbor Compliance is a great option.

They offer the same range of services as Northwest Registered Agent and only charge $99 per state annually, $26 less than Northwest Registered Agents.

They are still a great option, and the hundreds of positive Harbor Compliance reviews online prove just that.

While their customer service team is not as comprehensive and personalized as Northwest Registered Agent, it will address your queries adequately. If you are willing to let go of exceptional customer service for a marginally cheaper price, consider Harbor Compliance.

Best Premium Registered Agent — LegalZoom (6.59/10)

LegalZoom is the best option if you are looking for premium Arkansas registered agent service. They are a big name in the industry with a 20-year legacy. 

Their $299 annual offering has almost all the full-service options provided by Northwest Registered Agent with the additional perk of $1 million in identity theft protection. They also cover any cost of switching from your current Arkansas registered agent to their service. 

However, because their main service is LLC formation, they have yet to perfect their Arkansas registered agent service. 

With the affordable price of Northwest Registered Agent you can cover the cost of switching services and buy separate identity theft insurance, all with the peace of mind that their leading customer service team brings. If a big name and identity theft insurance are your priority, try LegalZoom. 

You can learn more about LegalZoom here: LegalZoom

In Conclusion

As an Arkansas business or LLC owner, finding the right registered agent for your business is essential to your LLC’s good standing with the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Through my rigorous four-stage assessment process and multifactorial analysis, I have concluded that Northwest Registered Agent stands above the rest and has earned the #1 spot for its excellence and superior service. 

The right agent must ensure that your business or LLC is legally compliant, your information and assets are protected, and your documents and mail forwarding are handled efficiently. 

Northwest Registered Agent offers everything you expect from an Arkansas registered agent and does not misrepresent its services with deceptive pricing or advertising, unlike a lot of the budget options. Their system is easy to use, accessible, and transparent. They make sure you never miss a notification or deadline. Their customer support is not offshored to a foreign corporation and employs experts with real, on-the-ground experience of the issues faced by business or LLC owners.

With the right kind of registered agent service you can let go of your worries and focus on running your business or LLC in Arkansas. 

If you want your business or LLC to succeed, sign up with Northwest Registered Agent today

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