The 11 Best LLC Services in Georgia—Reviewed and Ranked

Getting the best Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation service for your business in Georgia is crucial.

The right LLC service will offer affordable services in Georgia with great customer support. A reliable LLC service enhances your business formation process by submitting your Articles of Organization to the Georgia Secretary of State and notifying you when it’s time to file your annual reports. 

The wrong LLC service will swindle you while providing substandard services.

I’ve investigated the 18 major LLC formation services in Georgia through a four-stage, five-factor process to find out which is the best. Please note that any references to costs/pricing are on a per year basis. Here are my results.

1. Northwest Registered Agent—9.45/10 (Best Overall LLC Service)

Northwest Registered Agent is my top recommendation for the best LLC formation service in Georgia because they provide the most affordable formation plan and the best customer support service.


Their highly discounted $39 Formation Package provides all the essential services you need to establish your business, including services such as filing your Articles of Organization on your behalf with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, assistance with drafting your Operating Agreement, a business address in Georgia, and a business tax consultation with their in-house accountants.

This package also includes a free, 90-day trial of their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service so that you can make calls through the internet instead of using your analog phone line, compliance notices that remind you to file your annual documents, and a free year of their registered agent service.

They also provide other services (at an extra cost), such as certified copies of your formation documents, access to an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and a Certificate of Good Standing. 

Their Formation Package has a standard cost of $225, but Boostsuite readers can follow my dedicated link to Northwest’s sign-up page where they can access an 82% discount on all the services in their Formation Package. This discount reduces the standard $225 charge to an affordable $39. 

But their most valuable feature is their customer support service.

Unlike companies that offshore their customer support services to foreign call centers, Northwest Registered Agent has a team of US-based Corporate Guides (their in-house designation) made up of former businessmen, lawyers, and accountants who are well versed on the dos and don’ts of how to run an LLC in the state of Georgia.

Not only do they provide assistance during your business formation process but they also provide credible business advice that will assist you when you encounter challenges during your business journey.


The only problem I came across while reviewing Northwest’s services is they don’t provide online tools to assist your business in establishing an online presence, such as a customized business website, an email or direct messaging service, or offer a domain name registration service.

However, you can acquire these services for a small fee from a number of websites, such as Wix and Squarespace, so this should not be a major problem.


Northwest Registered Agent is by far the best LLC service in Georgia due to their affordable LLC Formation Package that provides an array of services and customer support personnel who are always ready to assist you when you come across business challenges.

Their discounted $39 Formation Package provides all the essential business services you need to establish your LLC in Georgia while their experienced Corporate Guides offer great business advice that will come in handy during your business adventure.

If you need an LLC formation service that provides great customer support and affordable services, follow my dedicated link to Northwest Registered Agent’s sign-up page and get an 82% discount.

2. Harbor Compliance—7.45/10 (Best Premium LLC Service)

Harbor Compliance is the best premium LLC service on this list and the second overall because, much like Northwest Registered Agent, they provide top-notch customer support.


The main difference between Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent is how they conduct their customer service. While you can call and talk to one of Northwest’s Corporate Guides, Harbor Compliance provides you with a personal support assistant who understands your specific business challenges and provides assistance tailored to your personal situation.

Their Formation Package includes basic services such as an Operating Agreement template, assistance with filing your Articles of Organization, an Employee Identification Number, and a full year of their registered agent services (valued at $99).


Being a premium LLC service, Harbor Compliance charges $399 for their Starter Package and $799 for their Compliance Package. This is almost 10 times the amount Northwest Registered Agent charges for the same services.


Harbor Compliance is the best premium LLC formation service in the state of Georgia.

Their $399 Starter Package provides all the services you need to establish a Georgia LLC and they also provide a personal support assistant who’ll guide you through the business registration process.

If you're willing to pay $399 for a personal representative who will help you set up your Georgia LLC and advise you when business challenges arise, visit the Harbor Compliance website today.

3. IncFile—7.15/10 (Best Budget LLC Service)

IncFile is third on my list due to their amazingly low $0 LLC formation service cost. This makes them the cheapest option on this list and also the #1 budget LLC service in Georgia.


IncFile's unique feature is their $0 service fee, for which you get assistance with filing your Articles of Organization and a year of their registered agent service.


However, apart from the above free basic services, IncFile charges $149 to send you compliance notifications, provide an online portal to store your documents, draw up your Operating Agreement, and offer you a business tax consultation.

Considering that Northwest Registered Agent charges $39 for their basic package that includes most of these services, it doesn’t make sense to opt for IncFile’s $149 package. 

Their customer support is nowhere near as good as what Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance offer, but for a modest budget they provide the assistance you need during your registration process.


If you are on a budget and looking for essential services from an LLC service provider, IncFile is there for you. If you want more comprehensive services, Northwest Registered Agent is a better option.

Check out IncFile here

4. ZenBusiness 

I chose ZenBusiness as the #4 LLC service provider in Georgia because they offer a wide range of reliable services in their Basic Package.

For $150.75, ZenBusiness sets up all the basics your LLC needs to get started. They assist you with filing your Certificate of Organization with the Georgia Secretary of State and they also serve as your registered agent for a year after your registration, for free.

In addition to these essential services, their Basic Package includes compliance alerts so you don't miss any important deadlines (like filing your annual report), they ensure easy access to your documents through their web portal, and they also offer a free consultation service with their in-house accounting team. 

You can upgrade to their $310.75 Pro Package for VIP processing, a banking resolution, and an EIN Employer Identification Number (EIN). Their $410.75 Premium Plan gives you your own business website, a business email, and a domain name registration.

These prices are far beyond what Northwest Registered Agent charges for their formation package. However, ZenBusiness still offers great value for your money as is evident in their 4.7/5 average rating across 4,500 online reviews.

ZenBusiness does not provide a company seal with any of their packages. However, you can purchase a company seal from a number of websites for around $15.

Check out ZenBusiness here.

If you're not convinced and want to find out more, check out my ZenBusiness review.

5. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings’ $49 LLC formation service package gives you all of the basic services you need to form a Georgia LLC. This includes an online portal to access your important documents, assistance with filing your Certificate of Formation, a 30-minute tax consultation with their in-house accountants, and a registered domain name for your business website.

The only problem with Swyft Filings is if you need their registered agent services for a full year, you have to part with $149, which makes them more than three times the price of Northwest Registered Agent. Therefore, unless you want to pay more for the same services you’d get from Northwest Registered Agent, you shouldn’t choose them.

Read more about Swyft Filing's offers and services in my full Swyft Filings review.

6. MyCompanyWorks

For $79 (inclusive of state filing fee), MyCompanyWorks assists you with filing your Articles of Registration and drafting your Operating Agreement, gives you access to your important documents on their online portal, and provides you with compliance alerts.

They offer a free year of their registered agent service in their premium package, but for a hefty $279. Since Northwest Registered Agent costs $39 and they include a free year of their registered agent service, MyCompanyWorks doesn’t offer great value for your money.

7. Inc Authority

Inc Authority is another expensive LLC incorporation service that tries to be a budget option. They offer free assistance with submitting your Articles of Association, but that is where the free stuff ends.

Their extended package includes a draft Operating Agreement template, access to an EIN, a company seal, and costs $399. A free year of their registered agent service is only available in their $799 premium package.

Even if you’ve run out of money and just need to file your Certificate of Formation, IncFile is a much better option than Inc Authority.

8. Incorporate Fast

Incorporate Fast stands out from the other LLC formation services on this list because they claim that if you sign up for their $99 package (plus state fee), they will process your Articles of Organization the same day they receive the documents. 

The reason they are eighth on my list is that they don't provide a free tax consultation or an online portal to store your documents. But if you buy their premium plan for $199, they'll apply for an EIN for you, which saves you time.

9. BizFilings

BizFilings offers a basic package for $99. For this, you receive assistance with submitting your Articles of Formation, one free year of their registered agent services, and compliance alerts so you don't lose out on key filing deadlines.

Unlike Northwest Registered Agent, BizFilings does not offer you any additional services such as an online portal for storing your documents, Operating Agreement templates, or a business tax assessment.

10. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a legal services company that also offers very basic LLC formation services for $99. You will only receive help with filing your Articles of Association and an online portal in which your most important documents are stored.

If you need legal representation for yourself or your company, Rocket Lawyer is a great choice. However, if you just need LLC services, you should consider other LLC services on this list that offer better value for money.

If you're interested in finding out more about Rocket Lawyer's services, read my full Rocket Lawyer review here.

11. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is another online legal service provider that also offers very basic LLC services.

Their $99 package only provides your business with a banking solution, assistance with filing your Certificate of Incorporation, and that's it. If you need more comprehensive services, it’s better to hire a comprehensive LLC service that provides more services with less financial outlay.

Other Georgia LLC Services

As part of my investigative process, I included the following seven LLC services. Their services don't offer much to write about, but in order to be thorough, I've decided to include them below. Here they are in no particular order:

12. offers the same type of services as Rocket Lawyer. For $99, the only services they offer are an online document archiving portal and assistance with submitting your Articles of Organization.

13. CorpNet

CorpNet’s $79 basic formation plan includes compliance alerts and assistance with submitting your Articles of Association. They don't offer anything else.

Read more about Corpnet here.

14. MyCorporation

MyCorporation charges $133 to file your LLC setup documents with the Georgia Secretary of State and also assists with drafting your Operating Agreement. 

15. Direct Incorporation

Direct Incorporation offers the same services as MyCorporationWorks. But they extend their services to offer an EIN and a banking resolution in their formation service. The issue is that they charge $147 for these minimal services.

16. InCorp

For $117, InCorp assists you with submitting your Articles of Association and drafting your Operating Agreement. For any other comprehensive service, you will incur additional costs.

17. Nationwide Incorporations

Nationwide Incorporations offers the same substandard services as InCorp but charges $200.

18. SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings has three packages. Their $79 Starter Package offers filing of your business documents with the Georgia Secretary of State. Their $99 Key Package offers assistance with your Operating Agreement, while their $279 Premier Package gets you an EIN.

The Best LLC Service Review Summary

My review of the 18 best LLC incorporation services led me to conclude that Northwest Registered Agent is your top pick for the best LLC formation service in Georgia.

Their $39 Formation Package provides all of the services you'd expect from a Georgia LLC service, including assistance with filing your Articles of Organization, a draft Operating Agreement template, a 90-day free trial of their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, an online document storage portal, compliance alerts, a business tax consultation, and a full year of registered agent service for free.

If you want to include some comprehensive extras such as applying for an EIN on your behalf, provision of a Certificate of Good Standing, or access to state-certified copies of your formation documents, you can get these at an additional cost.

Their experienced team of Corporate Guides offers assistance during your business registration process and will always be available to provide business advice whenever you encounter challenges during your business journey. 

If you need an affordable and reliable LLC formation service that will help you get started in the business world while providing industry-leading, small business advice, head to Northwest Registered Agent today.

Best LLC Service Review Methodology 

I used the following procedure to determine the best LLC formation service in Georgia.

Why You Should Trust Me

You should trust me with your LLC service recommendations because I have spent a lot of time and resources investigating the LLC services industry, more than any sensible person would bother to.

My journey began when I created my first Limited Liability Company. I didn't have the essential knowledge about how to go about filing my Articles of Organization, so I decided to hire an LLC service provider to help me. However, the service I hired was overpriced and provided services of such a low standard that the whole process was a nightmare in the end.

My second attempt at getting my business up and running was a lot easier. This time I hired Northwest Registered Agent because they offered a very affordable basic package and their team of Corporate Guides assisted me throughout my business formation process.

After a while, I sold my second business and looked for a new business opportunity. This time, I decided to upgrade to a premium LLC service provider and my obvious choice was Harbor Compliance. They provided me with a personal support representative who assisted me during my business setup process who was always available to offer good business advice during my business journey.

However, my experience is not limited to using these services. While looking for my third business opportunity, I talked to a couple of friends about their business start-up process and a persistent pattern emerged. There is a lot of business advice being tossed around and for most people, it is either technical jargon or it’s too contradictory to even understand.

So, I created BoostSuite to help entrepreneurs choose the right LLC formation service to help them start their businesses and I've since helped over 1,000 small business owners achieve just that.

How I Selected the Best LLC Service

I reviewed these Georgia LLC formation services through the following four-stage investigative procedure. 

Stage 1: Reviews

The first phase was to analyze the online reviews of all LLC services in Georgia, which meant spending days searching review sites like TrustPilot, Google Business, FaceBook, and the Better Business Bureau, as most LLC services in Georgia encourage their customers to post their positive or negative experiences on these pages.

This approach allowed me to separate the LLC services that offered substandard services from those that were legitimate and offered high-quality services.

Stage 2: Website Analysis

After weeding out these second-rate services, I logged on to the remaining Georgia LLC service providers and analyzed their offerings, claims, and disclosures, which enabled me to understand the services that each company offered and how they differed from each other or rather how they positioned themselves in the market.

Stage 3: Speaking with Real Customers

For this next step, I decided to get in touch with actual customers and find out whether these companies were living up to their claims. Of course, I could have relied on online reviews to answer my questions, but those reviews tend to be skewed towards very negative or very positive experiences.

I spoke to friends who had dealt with an LLC formation service, people who used my website, people to whom I had previously referred an LLC servicer so that I could find out what their experiences with these companies were.

This gave me a good idea of what it was like to use each Georgia LLC service.

Stage 4: Speaking with Their Sales Team

For this final stage, I contacted the sales and customer service teams of each LLC service and pushed them for answers on some of the negative feedback they had received from their customers on online review sites.

This enabled me to see how their support teams performed under pressure and how well they handled criticism.

Rating Factors

While working through the four-stage review process, I used the following five factors to rate these LLC formation services.

Factor 1: Offerings

Some LLC formation services have a wide range of services in their basic packages. These offerings include assistance with filing your Articles of Association, an Operating Agreement template, a company name and address in the state, an Employer Identification Number, online access to your important documents, and a full year of their registered agent service.

Other LLC services will simply help you with the basic services involved in setting up your business and choose to either omit other offerings from their base plan or resolve this issue with their more expensive plans. I pushed these companies to the bottom of the list to make room for those that offer more comprehensive services.

Factor 2: Price

The next factor I used in my analysis process was price. There is no point in spending your entire start-up capital on a Georgia LLC service and then running out of money to run your business. 

Some LLC services will charge you $0 for their basic services, while others will charge you around $400 for them. This analysis allowed me to isolate those that offered the best value for money from those that didn't.

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-up

The third factor I used to evaluate these services was ease of registration. 

Some services have outdated legacy systems that seem like they were made in the late 1990s, while others have sleek, user-friendly systems that eliminate the hard work when starting a business entity in Georgia.

I signed up for each of these business formation services in order to go through their registration process and ensure that they had removed any bugs and glitches with the data collection process.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

I extended the review of the sign-up process to other sections of each of the websites to experience how easy (or not) they were to navigate through. This involved registering a fictitious business and submitting my formation documents to the Georgia Secretary of State. 

This review process allowed me to separate those LLC formation services that had intuitive and easy-to-navigate backend systems from those that were redundant and required more time and effort to use.

Factor 5: Customer Service

The quality of customer service was the fifth and final factor that I used in my review process. 

This is where I came across the huge disparity in how most LLC services handled their customers. 

Some services outsourced their customer service to call centers in foreign countries that are staffed by personnel who are not familiar with the American business start-up process. You’ll therefore end up wasting a lot of precious time trying to explain the challenges you are facing. 

Other LLC service providers, such as Northwest Registered Agent, have a US-based customer service department staffed by former accountants, lawyers, and small business owners who have gone through the same challenges you are facing and are always available to offer credible advice during your business adventure.

I contacted every customer support department using every means available (online chats, emails, and phone conversations) and pushed them for answers about some of the services they offer.

In Conclusion

After investigating all the 18 formation services on this list through my four-stage, five-factor process, I concluded that Northwest Registered Agent is the best LLC service provider in Georgia.

Their highly discounted $39 basic package includes all the essential services you’ll need to establish your LLC in Georgia, such as assistance with filing your Certificate of Formation, a draft Operating Agreement template, a free business tax consultation with their accounting department, a business name and address in the state, a 90-day free trial of their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, an online document storage portal, compliance alerts, and a full year of their registered agent service. 

In case you need access to state-certified copies of your formation documents, an EIN, or a Certificate of Good Standing, they are available for purchase as needed.

Their Corporate Guides will provide assistance during your business formation process and they’ll be on hand to provide you with first-class small business advice throughout your business journey.

If you are interested in the services of an LLC service provider in Georgia that provides affordable services and best-in-class customer support services, visit Northwest Registered Agent today and get an 82% discount on their formation package.

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