The 10 Best LLC Services in Oklahoma: Reviewed and Ranked


If you wish to conduct business in Oklahoma, I advise you to hire a trustworthy limited liability company formation service that will accept legal and tax documents on your behalf. However, finding an honest LLC formation service in the Sooner State can be a difficult endeavor.

The right LLC service will guarantee that your articles of organization are filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State on schedule and will let you know whether your state government filing status is in good standing.

The wrong LLC service will overcharge you and delay your LLC formation process due to lack of proper documents, ultimately resulting in lost business hours. 

To help you make the best decision, I put 17 major Oklahoma LLC formation services through a four-stage, five-factor assessment to see which one is the best. 

Here are my findings.

1. Northwest Registered Agent: 9.45/10 (Best Overall LLC Service)

Due to its excellent customer service and incredibly affordable formation package, Northwest Registered Agent is by far the best LLC formation service in Oklahoma.


Northwest’s $39 (plus filing fee) formation package includes everything you need to get started in the Oklahoma business world, including assistance with filing your articles of organization with the Oklahoma Secretary of State's office, a business address, an online document storage portal, free annual report filing notifications, a full year of registered agent services, and a 90-day trial of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service.

Northwest offers more comprehensive services (for a fee), such as obtaining a federal employer identification number (EIN), obtaining copies of your official LLC documents, and a Certificate of Good Standing.

I've been able to negotiate a special price for Boostsuite readers. When you join up via my exclusive link, you'll save 82%, bringing the total cost down to $39! This is excellent value for money, especially considering the high level of services Northwest provides.

Customer support is where Northwest Registered Agent truly shines. Its US-based Corporate Guides are a team of former accountants, lawyers, and small business owners with a wealth of experience in how to run an Oklahoma LLC, and they are ready to provide top-notch business advice whenever you face challenges during your business journey.

This sort of business advice may cost up to $5,000, especially when obtained from select business consulting firms, so it's a relief to find a business service that includes it in its formation package for just $39.


The only issue I came across with Northwest’s services is that it doesn't provide any online tools for your LLC in Oklahoma, such as a personalized business website, web hosting, online advertising credits, or a business domain name.

But this is just a small issue—you can get Google’s advertising credits for around $150 and websites like Squarespace also provide website building tools for as little as $15.


Northwest Registered Agent is my pick for the best business service in Oklahoma because of its value-for-money service options and outstanding customer care.

Its cheap $39 formation package includes all the services you'll need to create an LLC in Oklahoma, plus it has a team of over 200 experienced Corporate Guides on hand to answer your questions about the issues you'll face while managing your LLC in Oklahoma.

Visit Northwest Registered Agent today if you need an economical and dependable LLC formation service that offers great value for money while providing excellent customer service.

2. ZenBusiness: 8.25/10 (Best Essentials LLC Service)

ZenBusiness’ $0 price is the best around, but because it doesn’t offer free registered agent service or small business advice it’s expensive in the end. 


Starting at $0 (plus filing fee), ZenBusiness will provide essentials such as ensuring that all of the information listed on your documents is correct, running a business name availability search, and filing your company’s formation documents. 

You have the choice of upgrading to its Pro plan for $199, which includes expedited filing (which takes four to six days), as well as assistance with your articles of organization, or its Premium plan for $299, which includes rush filing (one to two days), a custom web-design tool, a business domain name, and an email address. 

On top of all of that, its customer service team is open during extended hours—not only on weekdays, but on Sundays, too! 


While $0 (plus Oklahoma state fees) gets you the basics, if you need anything else it will cost a bit more. 

You won’t get free registered agent service with ZenBusiness. The only pricing tier to include registered agent service costs $199 per year. This means that you’re paying the full $199 price your first year. 

And while its customer service team can adequately help you through password resets and updates to your information, and it’s conveniently available during extended hours, they aren’t equipped to answer questions about how to manage your business, or give you tax advice. 


For $0, ZenBusiness will provide all of the services necessary to start your LLC, like checking the information on your formation documents for accuracy, and filing your articles of organization with the Secretary of State. 

Of course, if you need anything beyond the basics it will cost more, but with services like worry-free compliance and a 100% accuracy guarantee, it may be worth the added cost to put your mind at ease. 

If you’re looking for a company that supplies the essentials for less, read more on the ZenBusiness website

3. Harbor Compliance: 7.15/10 (Best Premium LLC Service)

Harbor Compliance is the second best LLC service in Oklahoma and the best premium LLC service on this list due to its personalized customer service and wide range of premium services on offer.


Its formation package includes essential services, such as assistance with filing your articles of organization, an Oklahoma physical street address, a draft operating agreement, and a year of free registered agent service.

Its main worth, however, is in its customer support services. When you need help with a specific issue, most firms offer an anonymous hotline or a chatbot, or direct you to their online forums. However, when you work with Harbor Compliance, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who knows the unique business difficulties you are facing and is available during normal business hours to provide service-related advice when needed.


The only issue with Harbor Compliance is the steep cost of its services. Its formation package is $399, and its Compliance package is $799. This is substantially more expensive than the majority of the Oklahoma LLC services on this list and, personally, I think paying $399 for personalized customer support is not warranted.


Harbor Compliance provides superior LLC services that guarantee your Oklahoma LLC is properly registered with the Secretary of State's office, and it’s the only formation service on our list that provides a personal account manager available to assist you with your business formation process.

Its $399 formation package is more expensive than Northwest, yet it provides exceptional value for money.

If you need an Oklahoma LLC formation service that includes a personal account manager and are prepared to pay a premium, visit Harbor Compliance today.

4. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a popular online legal services provider that also provides LLC formation services.

Its $99.99 LLC formation service will help you file your formation documents with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, and it provides a document storage portal to help you view your important document at any time of day (or night) and a business name availability search.

In addition, it provides a seven-day free trial of its legal services membership, access to a range of legal documents, a 30-minute consultation on any legal matter you may have, attorney protection whenever your legal documents are challenged, and all your official documents will be reviewed by a lawyer before they are processed.

Rocket Lawyer’s customer support is staffed by a team of highly qualified lawyers who are available every weekday during normal business hours to answer your questions.

As a legal service provider, Rocket Lawyer does not provide extensive services that you’ll find in a typical business service such as Northwest Registered Agent. It doesn’t have a free year of registered agent service (you’ll have to part with $149 for that), a VoIP service, or an accounting consultation. 

Rocket Lawyer is a great option for entrepreneurs who need continuous legal representation. But if all you need is LLC formation, there are much cheaper options out there.

5. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings offers a $49 basic plan that includes assistance with submitting your articles of organization, a free 30-minute consultation with its accounting staff, a business name search, an online document storage portal, and one-year of domain name registration.

Swift Filings' problem is that it doesn't give you a free year of registered agent service—it charges $149 for that. This costs nearly four times as much as Northwest Registered Agent's formation package, which includes this service.

However, it’s a reputable company that provides dependable services. Read my entire Swyft Filings review to discover more about its services.

6. MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks is an Oklahoma business service that charges $79 for basic services, such as filing your articles of organization, a physical address in Oklahoma, an online document storage portal, and compliance notifications that remind you when it’s time to file your annual report.

Its free year of registered agent services, on the other hand, is only accessible in its $279 premium plan. When you consider that Northwest Registered Agent includes this service in its $39 plan, purchasing MyCompanyWorks' premium subscription makes little sense.

7. Inc Authority

Inc Authority is a cheap imitation of ZenBusiness that charges nothing for filing your formation documents with the Oklahoma Secretary of State but charges a lot for its more comprehensive LLC services.

For example, its mid-range package costs $399 and includes services like a draft operating agreement template and an EIN. Only its $799 premium bundle includes a free registered agent service.

Even if you cannot afford to pay for the submission of your formation documents, you should trust ZenBusiness to establish your Oklahoma business entity because it’s a more well-known and reputable business service compared to Inc Authority.

8. Incorporate Fast

The best part about Incorporate Fast's services is that it guarantees to submit your articles of organization the same day you file them.

Incorporate Fast provides a $99 basic package that includes assistance with filing your articles of organization with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, a business name search, a draft operating agreement template, and a free year of its Oklahoma registered agent service. It also offers a $199 premium option that includes an EIN but excludes features such as an online document storage portal and a business tax advice.

9. BizFilings

BizFilings offers a $99 basic subscription that includes limited services like formation documents support, compliance notifications, and a free year of Oklahoma registered agent service. It does not provide an operating agreement, an online document storage portal, or a business tax consultation.

10. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is an Oklahoma-based legal services firm that offers very limited LLC services as part of its $99 business formation package. It just assists you with filing your articles of organization and provides a banking solution.

Other Oklahoma LLC Services

Despite the fact that their services were not as fascinating as the previous 10, I chose to include the following Oklahoma business as part of my review process. So, in the interest of being thorough, I've added a brief mention of their services.


For $99, offers assistance with your formation documents as well as an online document storage portal.

12. CorpNet

CorpNet aids you with filing your articles of organization and delivers compliance notifications for $79 per year. That's all it has to offer.

13. MyCorporation

MyCorporation will help you file your articles of organization and provide an operating agreement template for a fee of $133.

14. Direct Incorporation

Direct Incorporation charges $147 for assistance with submitting your formation documents, drafting your operating agreement, obtaining an EIN, and a banking resolution.

15. InCorp

For $117, InCorp will simply help you file your articles of organization and provide an operating agreement form. You’ll have to be your own registered agent in Oklahoma, and that’s risky.

16. Nationwide Incorporations

Nationwide Incorporations costs $200 for submitting your articles of organization.

17. SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings offers three bundles. The first is a $79 basic package that assists you with submitting your formation documents. Its $99 Key package includes a draft operating agreement, while its $279 Premier package includes an employer identification number.

The Best LLC Service Review Summary

After extensively researching Oklahoma's 17 major LLC formation services. I concluded that Northwest Registered Agent is the best option for your LLC in Oklahoma.

Its $39 formation package includes assistance with submitting your articles of organization, access to an EIN, an operating agreement template, an online document storage portal, a free 90-day VoIP subscription, and a free year of Oklahoma registered agent service.

Its staff of highly experienced Corporate Guides delivers industry-leading small business advice while saving you the trouble of hiring a third-party business consultancy service.

Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent Oklahoma LLC service provider that offers outstanding value for money and first-rate small business guidance.

Best LLC Services Review Methodology

This section outlines the method I used to determine the best business formation service for your LLC in Oklahoma.

Why You Should Trust Me

You should put your faith in me for Oklahoma LLC formation services advice since I have more expertise in this field than almost anybody I know.

It all started when I formed my first business entity. Because I was unfamiliar with the registration procedure, I opted to seek the assistance of an Oklahoma limited liability company service provider. However, my experience with this firm was not as positive as I had hoped. Its services were both pricey and unsatisfactory.

When it came time to start my second Oklahoma LLC, I chose Northwest Registered Agent as my service provider because of its affordable basic package, which included all the services I needed to get started, including a free year of Oklahoma registered agent service and top-notch business advice from the Corporate Guides.

I chose the services of a premium Oklahoma LLC service provider for my third business endeavor. This time, I went with Harbor Compliance, who gave me a dedicated account manager to help me with the setup procedure.

My experience, however, does not stop with these three services. I've helped many people make the right decision when it comes to selecting a business service. In fact, the primary reason I founded BoostSuite was to provide legitimate business advice to small business owners, and I have since assisted over 1,000 people in selecting the best Oklahoma business service.

How I Selected the Best LLC Service

To find the top LLC formation services in Oklahoma, I applied the following four-stage review process.

Stage 1: Reviews

This initial stage entailed examining internet evaluations of the key services that are offered by each LLC service in Oklahoma. This involved visiting review sites such as TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Google Business and reading through every comment, favorable or negative.

This enabled me to determine which organizations provided legitimate services and which were scammers.

Stage 2: Website Analysis

The second stage involved analyzing the websites of each company to see exactly what it was offering. This provided me with insight into its pricing strategy and market positioning.

Stage 3: Speaking With Real Customers

For the following stage, I spoke with actual consumers who had hired the services on this list. Granted, this is something I could have learned from internet evaluations, but the comments on these sites are slanted toward negative and positive extremes.

I called some of the folks I had suggested an Oklahoma LLC formation service to and inquired about their experiences with these firms.

This enabled me to distinguish between firms that provided reputable services and those that were fraudulent.

Stage 4: Speaking With Their Sales Teams

For this final stage, I contacted the sales and customer support teams of each firm on this list to assess how efficient they were at selling their services and how well they handled critical consumer feedback.

Rating Factors

Factor 1: Offerings

Some businesses offer free fundamental services, such as assistance with submitting your formation documents, and then charge you for every subsequent service they provide. Others, like Northwest Registered Agent, offer a spectrum of services as part of their low-cost Oklahoma LLC Package. Some even help you establish a business bank account.

Because of the disparity in services provided, I had to begin my rating process here.

Factor 2: Price

My next factor in the assessment process was the cost of services. Some companies provide basic packages starting at $399, putting them beyond most people's grasp, while others, like Northwest, offer very economical formation packages for as low as $39.

This significant discrepancy in service costs was my second ranking factor, especially when paired with the large range of services offered by each company.

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-Up

The third factor I considered in my rating was how simple and straightforward their sign-up methods were. Some businesses provide excellent services but make the sign-up procedure difficult. They have obsolete systems that require so much time and effort that the entire process becomes rather burdensome.

Then there are companies whose sign-up platforms are so well-designed and user-friendly that they don't waste your time.

I examined each business service's sign-up procedure to find which needed the least amount of work.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

Some of the faults that were present in the sign-up pages spread to other elements of their websites. There are firms that supply pre-filled data forms that simply require your signature to sign off. On the other end are firms who supply blank forms that require you to fill the same information page after page. 

I evaluated each Oklahoma business services based on how simple their websites were to use.

Factor 5: Customer Service

The last factor I considered in my evaluation was the level of customer service provided by each firm.

Some Oklahoma LLC providers outsource their customer care to contact centers in foreign countries staffed by employees who are unfamiliar with the business creation procedure in the United States.

Then there are firms like Northwest, whose staff of US-based Corporate Guides not only assist you with your Oklahoma business creation but are also ready to provide dependable business advice throughout your company journey.

In Conclusion

Northwest Registered Agent’s $39 formation package (exclusive to BoostSuite readers) includes everything you need, including assistance with filing your Oklahoma formation documents, help drafting your Oklahoma LLC operating agreement, a 90-day trial of VoIP service, and a free year of Oklahoma registered agent service to keep your limited liability company in compliance with the Secretary of State.

Northwest also offers comprehensive LLC service features, such as a Certificate of Good Standing, copies of your legal registration paperwork, and access to an employer identification number (EIN), as optional extras.

The highly experienced Corporate Guides are available during regular business hours to help you not only when you establish your LLC, but also whenever you face obstacles during your business journey.

If you’re looking for a low-cost formation service for your Oklahoma business entity that also provides excellent small business advice, use my link to Northwest Registered Agent's website to receive an amazing 82% discount on your LLC formation package.

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