The 9 Best PEO Companies in Oklahoma

With over 300,000 small businesses active today in Oklahoma, business is booming. Here in the “Sooner State”, we know how to live by our state nickname- getting things done in a timely manner and approaching any problem with a positive can-do attitude. That positive spirit characterizes all of our business dealings, but even the most energetic business owner knows that it is important to delegate tasks.

The key to running an effective business for any Oklahoma business owner is to know which jobs to assign to whom, and how. Sorting through HR paperwork and toiling over new hire resumes can eat up all of your precious workweek hours. Luckily, there are companies out there that are dedicated to assisting you with tedious tasks that take up all your time. Who are these helpful companies? They are called PEO’s, professional employer organizations, and there are hundreds of them out there.

The good news is, our team has poured over the countless options of PEO’s available to you in Oklahoma to help narrow down your top choices based on a range of important factors. Take a look at our list of top PEO’s in Oklahoma below, and take advantage of the extra support.

1. CoAdvantage PEO

Pros: Pretty much any HR task a business owner in Oklahoma could require assistance with can be achieved by CoAdvantage PEO with fantastic results. From finding you the best new employees for your growing company to helping you navigate Oklahoma state regulations and taxes, the PEO assistance provided by CoAdvantage covers all the bases. Where they really excel, however, is in their customer service department.

Unlike other companies that require you to wait for days to get a customer service representative to reply to your email inquiries, the staff at CoAdvantage can respond as fast as 45 minutes. The same applies to their phone service; after waiting for less than five minutes, your call will be answered by a patient, friendly, knowledgeable CoAdvantage representative. The well-trained staff at CoAdvantage can answer any question you may have and are happy to go above and beyond to help meet your business needs.

Cons: For companies working with a very limited budget for PEO services, CoAdvantage may not be the best choice. Top tier customer service can come at a higher price point and the superior service provided by this PEO does come at a higher asking price. Their services usually cost around 10% more than our runner-up choice of PEO, Vensure.

Overall: Premium customer service is the name of the game with CoAdvantage PEO. If your top priority is conserving your finances then this PEO may not be the best choice for you. Otherwise, CoAdvantage is a great overall option, providing excellent, reliable results for all of your HR needs. Their prices are fairly competitive, their user system is easy to navigate, and we cannot emphasize enough how great their customer service department is. For all these reasons, CoAdvantage PEO snags the top spot on our list.

2. Vensure

Pros: Vensure offers a decent user system and a fairly straightforward set-up process. Their pricing is competitive and they provide services for a wide range of issues. Vensure can assist with recruitment, employee benefits, risk management practices, state taxes, and insurance policies for your employees. They can help you implement a new payroll system and offer a competent range of products for your company to use.

Cons: While Vensure provides a decent reliable service, they are best suited to medium- and small-scale businesses that are not looking to expand their clientele beyond a local reach. They do offer services for larger scale businesses, but they are better equipped to deal with smaller sized operations. Additionally, there is not any one factor that makes Vensure stand out from among the rest, which is why it hasn’t yet reached the top spot on our list. Based on our research, Vensure is competent, if not spectacular.

Overall: If you are looking for a more affordable option than CoAdvantage PEO which can address a wide range of issues with reliable, dependable results, Vensure is a good choice. We view this PEO as a safe bet; their services and products are consistently good, though no single area of their offering stands out particularly from among the rest.

3. Engage PEO

Pros: The most tech-centered of our top three choices, Engage uses an advanced suite of HR services to provide you with cutting-edge remote access to company databases and information. Where Engage stands out from the competition is in its dedication to online storage and security. They provide their own syncing service, so your staff can access company information and files from any smart device logged in to the company server, even a smartphone. They also utilize high tech security measures to make sure your company’s platforms are protected. And this company includes lawyers who can offer smart and relevant legal advice, to make sure your business is compliant with Oklahoma state regulations, no matter the industry.

Cons: Engage has only been serving Oklahoma businesses since 2015, so they may not be as deeply familiar with Oklahoma state practices as other PEO’s. In addition, they offer a pricing structure that some business owners may find more difficult to work with. Instead of offering individual additions, their services come bundled together into packages, which means you may be stuck paying for things like payroll support and HR tasks even if you don’t require help with those tasks. The company also requires a minimum of ten employees for a business owner to sign a contract, so that would rule out this PEO option for very small-scale Oklahoma operations.

Overall: Because of their legal expertise, Engage is a great choice if your primary task for your PEO of choice is to help your company comply with regulations and mitigate risk factors. They are also a great high tech option, with all of their services synced to cloud storage. That makes this PEO a great option if you want to allow your employees to access company software as they work remotely in Oklahoma.

4. Infiniti HR

Oklahoma’s thriving businesses know that wading through resumes can be quite the challenge. Here in the “Sooner State”, there can be too many eager, qualified candidates, making your choice of new hire even harder at times. If this is the case, and you are working through a tricky recruitment process, Infiniti HR would be a great option for your PEO. While they offer all the standard PEO services provided by other options on this list, Infiniti HR is the standout option for assisting you with hiring and training new recruits. With competitive pricing and a decent operating system, Infiniti HR is a strong contender to help you process all the paperwork and HR tasks associated with new hires, from worker’s compensation benefits to health and dental insurance options.

5. Oasis

An old stalwart of the PEO industry, Oasis has been helping businesses for more than twenty years. Their solutions to HR tasks are consistently reliable and they accomplish tasks in a timely manner. For industry-specific solutions, Oasis is a great option. If your Oklahoma business falls under the industry umbrella of the banking, retail, education, or hospitality sectors, then Oasis will likely be able to anticipate the kinds of issues your company may have, providing on-point solutions for your HR problems. Just be sure you are ready to commit to a contract before signing on with Oasis. Unlike most other PEO’s, their contracts start with a minimum of twelve months, so you will be locked into the service until the end of the first year of working together.

6. Justworks

Oklahoma business owners who pride themselves on transparency and honesty in their business dealings will find a compatible approach from this PEO. While the majority of PEO’s make prospective clients embark on a somewhat time-consuming process of filling out forms and submitting a proposal in order to receive information about pricing structures, Justworks provides all of that information up front, straight off the bat. Just by reading through their website, you can make an informed decision about whether this PEO fits with your budget needs. The main drawback of working with Justworks? With only ten years under their belt, they are a newcomer to the PEO game, which means they haven’t yet proven their ability to last in what can be a competitive industry.

7. Trinet

Trinet is the old guard of the PEO world. This PEO has been solving HR puzzles and assisting with administrative debacles since 1988. In all of those years of service, they have developed some very well-established, tried-and-true techniques for solving company problems. If you are looking for a cutting-edge innovator to work with your business, Trinet will not be the PEO for you. If, however, you prefer to rely on a trusted organization in the industry that has been around the block (and around again), then you can be sure to rely on Trinet. Just don’t expect them to go the extra mile for any one company; Trinet will simply help solve your problems with adequate, time-tested solutions.

8. ADP Totalsource

ADP Totalsource can boast of an impressive global range of customers. This PEO giant serves companies around the globe, in more than one hundred forty different countries. What does this mean for your Oklahoma-based business? On the one hand, ADP Totalsource has a huge amount of resources at its disposal, and a vast pool of experience to draw upon. On the other hand, with so many clients in so many different parts of the world, this PEO’s efficiency and professionalism can come across at times as impersonal. You may not receive as much personalized attention and care in your service, but ADP Totalsource is a sure bet to get the job done, whatever it may be.

9. Insperity

Insperity has been around for over thirty years; after so much time of assisting businesses with HR tasks and navigating taxes, regulations, and insurance paperwork they definitely know a thing or two about the biz. Insperity’s biggest draw is the amount of awards and accolades it has received for its products and services over the years. The industry has recognized their strengths many times over, so they must be doing something right.

The drawback here is that, although their achievements come highly recommended, this level of professional recognition can mean that they don’t feel the need to pursue new clients, or to go the extra mile to impress new businesses. So if you want a PEO that will value your business above all else, Insperity may fall short. Still, their results speak loudly and you can’t really go wrong with a company this well-established and highly regarded.

The Best PEO For Your Business

There are dozens of PEO’s located in each of Oklahoma’s major cities, from Tulsa to Yukon to Oklahoma City. With so many promising options to choose from, you will want to make sure you consider your options carefully as you decide which PEO will best suit the needs of your business.

Use our carefully assembled list as your guide as you sort through all the options available to you. As you consider each possible PEO, you will want to take note of all the most important determining factors to keep in mind. The best PEO for your business will be able to attend to your company’s top priorities, whether that is pricing within your budget, hiring new recruits, navigating state laws and regulations, or updating your payroll structures.

A great PEO should meet your requirements in several different areas. Take a look at the services and products they offer. How easy is their set-up process and contract establishment? What are their prices like? How familiar are they with your specific industry? And how well do they know Oklahoma laws and regulations?

If you are a local business owner, you want to be sure the staff at whichever PEO you choose is qualified to give the right advice about Oklahoma state tax laws, unemployment benefits, health insurance, and HR regulatory compliances. Using our top PEO’s in Oklahoma list as your navigating tool, you can narrow down your choices based on size, geographical location, priorities, tasks, and overall atmosphere. At the end of the day, you want to make sure the PEO you choose works well for you- and as a business owner, you are the top authority on what works for your business.

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