7 Best PEO Companies in Texas

Choosing the right PEO for your growing small business is critical

Getting the wrong PEO will leave you with constant headaches and excessive costs with very little to show for your investment.

Getting the right PEO will take arduous time-sinks off your plate, allowing you to put your precious hours into the important task of growing your business.

The Best PEO Texas

The best PEO in Texas for your business isn't as cut and dry as just telling you one company name. It will depend on many different factors, like:

  • How many people you employ
  • The tasks with which you would like assistance
  • Your budget
  • The benefits you want to offer your employees (workers compensation insurance, health insurance, etc…)

To make sure you end up with the best value for money, complete the form below. One of our trained and experienced assessment agents will provide a FREE evaluation of your business and business needs and recommend the PEO that will give you the most bang for your buck.

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Why You Should Trust Us

My experience with PEO companies comes from two different angles.

First of all, I've been through the process of selecting a PEO for two different companies. I've searched and found and read all the reviews on every PEO in the United States over the last 14 years.

I've sat on phone calls with dozens of sales representatives discussing health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, employee benefits, benefits administration, payroll processing, and patiently listening while they try to convince me to join sign up. I've spent more hours debating and arguing about price and features than I could spare while trying to grow my companies.

This means I not only have read about the challenges, issues, and pitfalls of each PEO, but I've spoken to their sales teams (and their competition's sales teams) and know what tricks their going to try and pull.

Secondly, I've helped over 1,200 companies find the right PEO to help grow their business. I've sat with frustrated, time-poor business owners, just like you, with no time to spare and a to-do list longer than their arm, and taken the hard work and guessing out of getting the right support for their company. This experience has helped me understand what are important features for businesses and what you can do without.

Who Should Use A PEO?

A PEO service is a MUST for any small-to-medium business owner who's struggling with the arduous demands placed upon them by the growing list of human resources requirements and wants to outsource them.

If you're struggling with:

  • Payroll
  • Tax Rates
  • Employee Benefits
  • 401 k
  • Health Insurance
  • Administrative Services
  • Dental Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources Paperwork
  • HR Support
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Employment Contracts
  • Tax Withholding

Or any other fun parts of managing your vital team members, then a PEO is right for you. They'll take these challenges off your hands and allow you to focus on growing your business.

How We Selected The Best PEO Texas

Our process for selecting the best PEO companies in Texas was a four stage process.

Stage 1: Reviews

To start our analysis process, we read reviews of PEO companies that operate in Texas. We went on TrustPilot, GlassDoor, LinkedIn, ConsumerAffairs, and the Better Business Bureau to exclude any PEO companies who were offering sub-standard products.

Stage 2: Offering Analysis

Once we'd narrowed the list of potential PEOs down through our review analysis, our next step was to analyze their product offerings. Not all PEOs are the same or offer the same services and facilities and we needed to eliminate the PEOs whose offerings were not sufficient to cover most businesses' needs.

Stage 3: Speak With Their Sales Team

We all know that reading reviews and details on a company website will only give you a partial picture. To make sure we had the FULL picture of what was on offer, we spoke to the sales team of each PEO.

We grilled them on the specifics in the reviews and on what was listed on their website to ensure that I had a complete picture of their offered services as well as giving them an opportunity to address any limitations that were raised in the reviews.

Stage 4: Speaking With Real Customers

The final step in our analysis process was to cut through the noise and confusion of the internet and speak to the people using these services every day – their customers.

To do this, we put a call out for customers of the various PEOs we were reviewing and asked to speak to them about their experiences. We asked about the services offered (workers' compensation, health insurance, payroll processing, etc…) level of support, the friendliness of their representatives, the ease and efficiency of their services, and everything in between.

This means that we didn't just look at what they did, we analyzed on them on how well the did it.

This final step gave us a complete understanding of the pros and cons of each company.

NOTE: We also continue to followup with the companies we've assisted in finding the right PEO to assess our recommendation process and update our reviews and rankings.

Analysis Factors

We based our analysis of the PEOs that made it through our selection criteria on X factors.

Factor 1: Offerings

The first criteria we used to assess the best PEO service for Texas was to look at their services. It's important to make sure that any PEO we recommend was able to provide all the essential PEO services most small businesses need, which is why this was the number 1 factor on our list.

Do they provide:

  • Time, attendance, and productivity tracking tools
  • Human Resource management and consulting support
  • Tax processing
  • Payroll processing and payroll taxes
  • Administrative Services
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • 401 k
  • Human Resource regulation compliance assistance or management
  • Safety compliance and risk management
  • Health benefits insurance options and support
  • Customer service and feedback
  • Recruiting and onboarding support

The more features they offered, the higher they ranked.

Factor 2: Price

Starting and growing a company is expensive and every dollar has to be accounted for. If you're spending more money than you need on a PEO, it has to come from somewhere – like your marketing budget or your sales team or your product development division. You MUST get the best value for money on any purchase you make, which is why price is the #2 factor we assessed.

The better value for money a PEO presented, the higher it ranked.

Factor 3: Ease of Signup

As a business owner/operator/decision maker, your time is limited. You don't have additional hours in the day to waste working through endless forms and processes, even if they're going to save you a good chunk of time once they're done. This is why ease of signup is #3 on our list.

The easier, simpler, and faster it is to signup, the higher the PEO ranked.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

Along with not having hours and hours of your day to waste signing up, you also don't have hours and hours spare everyday to spend completing forms and documents necessary to use the PEO services. You need things to be streamline and efficient so you can make the best use of your limited hours in a day. This is why ease of use is #4 on our list.

The easier it is to use a PEO once you'd signed up, the higher it ranked.

Factor 5: Customer Support

There are always challenges and questions when you first migrate to a new system. These are inevitable. What is not inevitable is a long and frustrating experience trying to work through them.

Good customer support can help you learn and navigate a new system simply and easily while poor customer support will keep you stuck in a frustration-loop for days, weeks, or even months – time you just don't have to waste. This is why support is #5 on our list.

The better the level of support provided by the PEO, the higher it ranked.

Texas PEO Assessment Results

The results of our testing presented a number of different options depending on your business size, model, type, and PEO services you require.

For example: The right PEO for a small business employing 25 salaried staff and a budget of $1,500 per person looking for tax and payroll processing, as well as being able to provide their employee's health insurance and dental insurance will be different to a 400 person marketing company requiring onboarding, human resources management and consultancy, 401 k, and productivity tracking tools.

This means that it's impossible for us to give a generic recommendation for the best PEO service for your business. Doing so would just result in most people ending up with a reliable PEO, but not necessarily the best one for their business.

The best way to make sure you get the best value for your hard-earned money is to speak to one of our trained and experienced PEO consultants. Their assessment and recommendations come completely free of charge and will ensure your business reaches it's potential as fast as possible.

To speak to one of our trained consultants, enter your details below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use a PEO in Texas?

The average cost of a PEO in Texas varies depending on the PEO itself, the services you use, and the size of your company, but it averages out at around $1,000-$2,000 per person per month.

How does a PEO charge?

A PEO typically charges you based on a percentage of the overall payroll or administrative service fee per employee. Our recommendation is typically towards PEOs that charge an administrative service fee as those fees are more transparent and you can allow for them in your budgetting more easily, whereas PEOs that charge a percentage of payroll can vary significantly month-by-month.

How long does it take to get setup with a PEO?

The setup process with a PEO typically takes between 3-6 weeks, with the average time being roughly 4 weeks.

Does it cost to change PEOs?

To cover the significant resources required to setup your company in a PEOs infrastructure, they typically charge a setup fee. This means that if you change PEOs, you will typically (not always) have to pay this setup fee. This fee can be as little as $1,000 for small operations and cost upwards of $25,000 for larger organizations.

To avoid paying these setup fees because you need to switch PEOs, sign up for our free business needs assessment below. It will ensure you get the right PEO for your business, first time.

Free PEO Needs Assessment
11. No. of Employees
22. Desired Benefits
33. Company Details
44. Email Address
55. Contact Details

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