The 9 Best PEO Companies in Tennessee


Are you on the lookout for outsourced HR services in Tennessee, capable of helping you with benefits admin, payroll services, workers’ compensation, claim management? If so, you’ll be needing the assistance of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Tennessee. PEOs are already helping countless Tennessee businesses like yours, easing the burden of admin tasks, and freeing up time and money to help your company grow. 

Without a doubt, demand for PEOs in Tennessee has never been greater. As such, there are plenty of newer PEOs on the scene – but which one is best for your individual needs and requirements? I’m on hand to help you make the right decision for your PEO business needs, and to ensure you’re looking at everything concerning what separates the best from the rest. In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at some of the more successful PEO firms serving small and mid-sized Tennessee businesses. Take a look below to find out more:

1. Coadvantage PEO

Here in Tennessee, the standards of business are as high as they come. That’s why Coadvantage PEO always goes the extra mile for its far-reaching clientele, and why they’re right at the top of my list of best PEO providers in the state. This PEO company has been operating in all 50 states for several decades, and they come with the added advantage of being part of the highly-respected Morgan Stanley group. 

So, why is Coadvantage the best of the bunch? It all comes down to the fact that in Tennessee, the business world benefits from a highly-skilled talent pool, where many of the best workers in the country can be found. As such, finding the cream of the crop for your business can be a tricky task, and Coadvantage PEO specializes in seeking out the recruitment tools and services you need to garner a winning team. Team building is only one of their specializations and they also offer a full suite of PEO services, ranging from payroll to tax filing, onboarding and offboarding, and scoring the best rates for insurance, saving you plenty of time and money!.

For these reasons, and for many more besides, I’d strongly recommend getting a quote from Coadvantage, and seeing just how far they can help your business in Tennessee grow. 

2. Vensure HR

If you’re brand new to the world of PEOs, or are looking for a shorter-term PEO solution, then Vensure HR is a great option to try. They work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and will quickly put your mind at ease when it comes to working with an outsourced HR firm. What’s more, they tend to be more cost-effective for smaller companies in Tennessee, meaning they’re a popular choice for those on tighter budgets.

All concerns regarding results, efficacy, and full services can be put aside when working with Vensure HR, as they will keep you covered with their wide-ranging suite of professional assistance solutions. From my investigations, it’s clear that this firm is right up there with the best of them, although it’s also apparent that, for larger businesses, they might not be the best option to go for. Indeed, most reviews point out that Vensure is better for mid-to-small sized businesses, and many companies will migrate to another PEO provider following a period of significant growth. Nonetheless, they’re well worth your attention, and I’d advise any serious business owner in Tennessee to get a quote today. 

3. Amplify PEO

There is no shortage of PEO providers in Tennessee, and yet Amplify PEO is the third and final firm that I feel makes the cut for this top three. Amplify will work brilliantly with a huge range of business types across most major industries, making it well worth a look if you’re seeking a PEO for your Tennessee company. 

As the vast majority of their clientele would agree, Amplify more than deserves its place on this prestigious and exclusive listing, as their customer service credentials are second to none. One of their main selling points is that, no matter your issue, you’ll always be able to speak to an experienced member of staff, rather than be put through to an automated phone service. However, if you have specialized business needs in Tennessee, Amplify might not be the best option for you and your company. Despite this, if you’re after standard PEO services such as payroll assistance, paperwork management, benefits procurement and more, they’re a great option to consider. 

4. Justworks

Justworks have proven across the past decade that they have what it takes to provide high quality, consistent, and wide-reaching PEO services to Tennessee businesses. They’ve become a popular choice in Tennessee for a number of different reasons, not least for the fact that they excel when it comes to recruitment and onboarding, and offer excellent customer service to their clients, too. 

No review of Justworks would be complete without some mention of their most attractive feature: their transparent fee structure. This might not sound like such a big deal, but I’ve come across so many PEOs which come with all kinds of hidden costs and opaque fees. As such, any kind of transparency when it comes to costs is immediately going to make a PEO stand out from the crowd! The only reason Justworks hasn’t been listed in the top three PEOs in Tennessee is because of their age. At only ten years old, they simply haven’t been around for long enough to fully establish themselves in the state. However, it’s well worth your time to get a quote from this firm for your Tennessee business. 

5. Infiniti HR

There’s no getting away from the fact that every year in Tennessee brings with it more and more PEOs. As such, the fact that Infiniti HR have managed to forge such a powerful reputation for PEO excellence is no mean feat; they’re regarded as among the best when it comes to onboarding, payroll services, and finding the best healthcare insurance policies for your employees. 

Once again, the only real downside with Infiniti HR is the fact that they’re still relatively young, and haven’t yet had the time and experience necessary to get to the top of their game. However, if you’re after a solid PEO capable of taking care of your payroll, HR solutions, and other essential tasks, they’re a great choice to go for. 

6. TriNet

TriNet are an increasingly big name on the PEO scene here in Tennessee, and they’ve managed to pick up an impressive client list over the years they’ve been operating. While there’s little doubt about the fact that they can help ease your paperwork burden, take care of your insurance, workers’ compensation, onboarding and offboarding etc, I can’t help but think that there’s some dynamism and drive missing from this firm.

This is a fairly common phenomenon once PEOs get to a certain point in their growth. Once that reputation has been carved out in the industry, it’s tempting to just let your branding do the heavy lifting, and you begin to forget about continuing to innovate and improve your services. From looking closely at TriNet, I’ve got to say that this really does seem to be the guess. While I’ve heard great things about their customer service, it’s clear that this PEO needs to get its act together and join the 21st century before they start seeming obsolete. 

7. Oasis

Oasis were recently bought out by PayChex, giving them a great deal of clout in the industry and allowing them access to a wider array of clients. Many businesses in Tennessee have turned to them for all their HR needs, and from what I’ve heard, they do a good job for the companies that utilise their services.

There’s a problem, however. Oasis insists on a minimum twelve month contract for all of their clients, meaning once you start using this PEO, you’re locked in for an entire year. This might not sound like a big deal, but in the fast-moving Tennessee business world, a year is a long time to commit to a PEO. In many ways, this makes Oasis a far less attractive prospect for a lot of business owners in Tennessee, who’d prefer a more agile and flexible solution, and as such, I can’t rate them so highly on this list. 

8. ADP Totalsource

ADP Totalsource have been in operation for some time now, and over the decades, they’ve grown into a powerful multinational PEO with clients on every continent. If you’re looking for a powerful PEO with a global reach, accustomed to taking on the HR tasks of massive corporations, then they’re surely a great option to go for. 

However, therein lies the reason they’re not positioned very highly on this list – for small and medium-sized businesses here in Tennessee, they’re just not a very realistic option, and it’s unlikely you’ll benefit from the meticulous attention to detail and service your company needs. Simply put, Tennessee businesses are likely to be seen as low priority for ADP Totalsource, and I really think your time and money would be better spent with another provider. 

9. Insperity

Insperity certainly looks, at first glance, like a great choice for a Tennessee business looking to lighten their HR load. They’ve got years of experience, they’ve picked up plenty of awards, and their services list is pretty comprehensive. Insperity also works with a wide array of specialized industries too, which always helps with that competitive edge. 

However, there’s a real problem with Insperity that I simply can’t overlook. For some reason, this PEO only works with one health insurance provider, meaning that opting for Insperity will most likely lead to your employees not getting the best healthcare benefits available. This really flies in the face of what a good Tennessee PEO should be doing, and as such, I can’t get too excited about their services and solutions…and neither should you. 

In-depth Overview Of Tennessee PEO Providers

Business owners in Tennessee need to look at a few things above all others when on the hunt for a PEO. A good provider will be more than happy to handle HR needs and payroll for all employees, and should offer additional services such as benefit and workers’ compensation, management, tax filings, and compliance and risk mitigation, too. 

PEOs are great for helping with personnel recruitment, as well as staff training, expense reporting, and other key HR services. It’s also important to remember that PEOs have top-level bargaining power when it comes to getting the best rates on insurance and worker's compensation coverage. 

How I Evaluated Tennessee PEO Services

As a business owner in Tennessee, you have a lot to consider when seeking out the best PEO for your requirements…and that’s why I’m going to be your new best friend. I’ve considered all of the following features when reviewing Tennessee PEOs, to ensure you get the best fit for your business. 

  • Payroll processing
  • Tax processing
  • Health insurance support and options
  • HR management support and consulting
  • HR compliance assistance and management
  • Support with recruitment
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Productivity tracking
  • Customer service
  • Additional and miscellaneous features

Remember, there are many, many PEOs in Tennessee, so be sure to keep all of these things in mind when you’re filtering through your options. I’m keen for all businesses to get a full solution with whichever PEO they go for and you should also keep the particulars of your business and industry in mind when on the lookout for a service provider. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Tennessee PEO?

Save Money On Insurance

Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of a Tennessee PEO is it will save you money on health insurance. PEOs negotiate with plenty of leverage and bargaining power, ensuring the best rates for your business.

Less Paperwork

Who loves doing paperwork? Nobody, that’s who. A PEO will take care of your papers, freeing up time for you to achieve your business goals. 

Legal and Compliance

Here in Tennessee, the regulations are somewhat different from those in neighbouring states. A quality PEO will handle your legal compliance issues, providing peace of mind when navigating regulations and providing advice when needed. 

FAQs Regarding Tennessee PEO Companies

What Is A PEO?

Simply put, a PEO is a Professional Employer Organisation – a company that allows businesses to outsource aspects of employee management, and one which can take care of management systems and HR tasks. They’ll look after tax forms, payroll, insurance and other benefits, as well as assisting with employee wellness programs and recruitment. 

What are the Benefits of Using a PEO?

Your Tennessee business will benefit from time and money-saving tools and platforms, coupled with expert services in HR, payroll, recruitment, and benefits (to name but a few). This will give you more free time to focus on your business needs, and score better benefits for your employees. 

How Much Does A Tennessee PEO Cost?

In the vast majority of cases, I’ve found that a Tennessee PEO will cost between $1000 and $2000 per year, per employee. However, the more employees you have, the better the rate you’ll be offered.

How Do PEOs Charge?

Your bill will be calculated on either a percentage of your payroll (an option I wouldn’t recommend going for) or a flat fee per employee. I'd advise opting for the latter of these two, as the payment structure tends to be more transparent. 

Is It Expensive To Switch To A PEO?

Startup fees will almost always apply, and I’ve seen rates ranging from $1000 to $15000 that are standard.

How Long Does It Take A PEO To Get Up And Running?

Overall, the average time for a PEO to begin servicing your company is about one month. Between three to six weeks seems to be typical in Tennessee. 

Am I Able to Get Health Insurance For Myself And My Family As Founder?

Simply put, some PEOs will offer this service, and some will not. 

Should The Founder Pay Themselves Via A PEO?

This really comes down to the particulars of your company structure, but from my research, it’s clear that most founders take full advantage of this option when available. 

Is There Anything Specific To Consider When Choosing A Tennessee PEO?

Every state has its own regulations and specifics and when looking for a Tennessee PEO, it’s important to seek out a service provider that is well-versed in both your region and industry.

Which Is The Best Tennessee PEO?

Some PEOs are better than others – it’s as simple as that. However, the unique attributes and needs of your business will always be the deciding factor. Check out my state-by-state PEO guide for more information. 


If you’re anything like most business owners, then you understand that time is money. You don’t want to spend hour after hour trawling the internet for information on PEOs in the Tennessee area, so why not let me do the heavy lifting for you? I can provide a customized run-down of the best PEOs for your industry, and help you find the right fit with ease.

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