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A lot of PEO companies will provide similar services and offerings, but not all PEOs do it with the same level of ease, simplicity, and automation.

We've collected not only the average user scores of all the best PEOs in the US and also conducted our own in-depth reviews of each company.

You can read the breakdown below.

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PEO Reviews

Here are our reviews of 50+ PEOs.

Abel8.6/108.4/10 (271 reviews)Abel Review
AccessPoint8.8/107.9/10 (318 reviews)AccessPoint Review
ADP7.7/107.8/10 (276 reviews)ADP PEO Review
Advanced Benefit Solutions8.3/107.9/10 (181 reviews)ABS Review
Axcet HR Solutions7.4/108.1/10 (295 reviews)Axcet HR Review
Ahead Human Resources7.8/107.9/10 (136 reviews)AHR Review
Alcott HR8.1/108.1/10 (118 reviews)Alcott HR Review
Acadia HR7.9/108.8/10 (207 reviews)Acadia HR Review
ARCH Resources8.8/108.4/10 (91 reviews)ARCH Review
Best Employment8.2/108.5/10 (193 reviews)Best Review
C2 Essentials7.7/108.0/10 (87 reviews)C2 REview
Charter HR8.2/108.4/10 (212 reviews)Charter HR Review
Choice Benefits Group8.6/108.5/10 (216 reviews)CBG Review
CoAdvantage8.4/107.8/10 (199 reviews)CoAdvantage Review
Concurrent HRO7.2/108.1/10 (38 reviewsConcurrent Review
Don't Sweat Life8.0/108.0/10 (12 reviews)DSL Review
Emplicity8.1/107.7/10 (86 reviews)Emplicity Review
Employee Management7.5/107.3/10 (102 reviews)Employee Management Review
Employer Solutions Group7.7/108.0/10 (218 reviews)ESG Review
Employers Resource7.6/108.2/10 (318 reviews)Employers Resource Review
Engage PEO8.1/107.8/10 (63 reviews)Engage PEO Review
Extensis Group8.5/108.3/10 (88 reviews)Extensis Group Review
Frank Crum8.8/108.6/10 (147 reviews)Frank Crum Review
FullStack PEO7.9/108.0/10 (223 reviews)FullStack PEO Review
G&A Partners8.3/108.1/10 (61 reviews)G&A Partners Review
Genesis HR Solutions8.5/108.1/10 (318 reviews)Genesis HR Review
Globalization Partners8.4/108.8/10 (727 reviews)Globalization Partners Review
Group Management7.6/107.5/10 (418 reviews)Group Manangement Review
HROi7.5/107.8/10 (381 reviews)HROi Review
Impact Workforce Solutions8.2/108.7/10 (284 reviews)IWS Review
Infiniti HR8.3/108.4/10 (72 reviews)Infiniti HR Review
Insperity7.4/107.7/10 (211 reviews)Insperity Review
LandrumHR8.1/108.9/10 (163 reviews)LandrumHR Review
Level 18.1/107.7/10 (251 reviews)Level 1 Review
Modern Business Associates8.5/108.5/10 (318 reviews)MBA Review
National PEO8.6/108.2/10 (339 reviews)National PEO Review
NetPEO8.0/108.3/10 (87 reviews)NetPEO Review
Nextep7.0/107.3/10 (202 reviews)Nextep Review
Oasis Advantage7.1/107.4/10 (318 reviews)Oasis Advantage Review
OneSource Business Solutions7.2/107.0/10 (92 reviews)OneSource Review
Optimum Employer Solutions8.3/108.8/10 (244 reviews)OES Review
Paychex8.6/108.1/10 (218 reviews)Paychex Review
PEO Focus8.3/108.7/10 (331 reviews)PEO Focus Review
Pinnacle PEO7.7/108.0/10 (226 reviews)Pinnacle PEO Review
Premier Employer Services8.2/108.3/10 (449 reviews)PES Review
Prestige Employee Administrators7.4/107.7/10 (265 reviews)PEA Review
Questco7.9/107.8/10 (333 reviews)Questco Review)
Regis HRG7.9/107.7/10 (61 reviews)Regis HRG Review
Resource Management Inc. 7.6/107.8/10 (214 Reviews)RMI Review
Siracusa Staffing & Leasing8.3/108.5/10 (422 reviews)SSL Review
Staff One8.1/108.8/10 (113 reviews)Stafff One Review
Sunwest Employer Services8.2/108.2/10 (471 reviews)SES Review
Synergy8.4/108.8/10 (389 reviews)Synergy Review
Tailored Solutions8.7/108.8/10 (256 reviewsTailored Solutions Review
Teamwork Services8.3/108.2/10 (219 reviews)Teamwork Services Review
Total Team Solutions8.8/108.6/10 (479 reviews)Total Team Solutions Review
TriNet9.2/108.3/10 (766 Reviews)TriNet Reviews
Vensure7.4/107.9/10 (317 reviews)Vensure Review
XcelHR7.9/108.0/10 (324 reviews)XcelHR Review
*The user score is calculated by averaging the consumer ratings on major review websites including Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, G2, and Trust Radius.

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