PEO Company Database

Choosing the right PEO is critical for your business success.

The right PEO for your business will remove unwanted headaches and laborious tasks that drain your precious time away from what you need to be doing – building your business.

But, getting the wrong PEO will keep you stuck in same cycle of repetitive task after repetitive task, fiddling with small details that don't contribute to your company powering forward.

The first step in choosing the best PEO for your company is knowing which PEOs are available, so we've compiled a database of the top 50 PEO companies in the United States. You can read their company name, their web address, when they were founded, and where they're headquartered so you can reach out and start the process of finding the best one for your business.

Let us do the hard work

If trying to contact and assess 50 PEO companies sounds like more work than you're interested in, one of our consultants would be more than happy to help you assess your company's needs and advise you which PEO is right for you.

To access this free consultation, simply complete the form below and one of our team will contact you within the next 48 hours.

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On top of having experience selecting the right PEO for their own companies, our trained and experienced consultants have assisted more than 1,200 companies find the right PEO and so we're confident we can take all that time and effort off your plate as well.

Top 50 PEO Companies in the United States

Abelhttps://abelhr.com1992Cranbury, NJ
AccessPointhttps://accesspointhr.com2000Farmington Hills, MI
Advanced Benefit Solutionshttp://advbens.com2010Duluth, GA
Axcet HR Solutionshttp://axcethr.com1988Lenexa, KS
Ahead Human Resourceshttps://aheadhr.com1995Louisville, KY
Alcott HR
Acadia HRhttps://acadiahr.com1989Red Hook, NY
ARCH Resourceshttps://archresourcesgroup.com2005Gateshead, UK
Best Employment
C2 Essentialshttp://c2essentials.com1996Chantilly, VA
Charter HR
Choice Benefits Group, GA
CoAdvantagehttps://coadvantage.com1997Tampa, FL
Concurrent HROhttp://concurrenthro.com2016Broomfield, CO
Don't Sweat Lifehttp://dontsweatlife.com1991Melville, NY
Emplicityhttps://emplicity.com1995Dr Irvine, CA
Employee Management
Employer Solutions Grouphttps://esghr.com1997Provo, UT
Employers Resourcehttp://employers-resource.comSan Marcos, CA
Engage PEOhttps://engagepeo.com2011Hollywood, FL
Extensis Group
Frank Crum
FullStack PEO, IN
G&A Partnershttps://gnapartners.com1995Houston, TX
Genesis HR Solutionshttps://genesishrsolutions.com1991Burlington, MA
Globalization Partnershttps://globalization-partners.com2012Boston, MA
Group managementhttps://groupmgmt.com1996Columbus, OH
HROihttps://hroi.com2001Tampa, FL
Impact Workforce Solutionshttps://impactsolutions.com2001Griffin, GA
Infiniti HRhttp://infinitihr.com2008Scottsdale
Insperityhttps://insperity.com1986Kingwood, TX
LandrumHRhttps://landrumhr.com1970Pensacola, FL
Level 1https://level1.comDenver, CO
Modern Business Associates
National PEOhttps://nationalpeo.com1999Scottsdale, AZ
NetPEOhttps://netpeo.com2000Duluth, GA
Nextephttps://nextep.com1997Norman, OK
Oasis Advantage
OneSource Business Solutionshttps://onesourcepeo.com1995Johns Creek, GA
Optimum Employer Solutions
Paychexhttps://paychex.com1971Birmingham, AL
PEO Focushttp://peofocus.com2019Charlotte, NC
Pinnacle PEOhttps://pinnaclepeo.com2000San Antonio, TX
Premier Employer Services
Prestige Employee Administrators
Questcohttps://questco.netConroe, TX
Regis HRG
Resource Management Inc.
Siracusa Staffing & Leasinghttps://siracusastaffi1.com2015Clearwater, FL
Staff Onehttps://staffone.com1988Dallas, TX
Sunwest Employer Serviceshttp://sunwestes.com1991Phoenix, AZ
Synergyhttps://mysynergy.com1992Neptune, NJ
Tailored Solutionshttp://tailored-solutions.net2002Cumming, GA
Teamwork Serviceshttp://teamworkservicesinc.com1989Brunswick, GA
Total Team Solutionshttps://ttspro.com1988Trumbull, CT
TriNethttps://trinet.com1988San Leandro, CA
Vensurehttps://vensure.comChandler, AZ
XcelHRhttps://xcelhr.comRockville, MD

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