Drive More Traffic through Website Personality


Writing good content is great, but you need to understand your audience in order to attract new visitors and customers. If you aren’t catering to your audience’s wants and needs, or are not willing to do so, you might as well be trying to sell your services or products to the wall behind you.

The Importance of Personal Touch

To get the attention of web users, try giving your website a personal touch. Doing so helps you better draw in the specific audience you are trying to target. Plus, if your audience feels, and/or sees that your website’s content has a personal touch behind it, most people will enjoy what they are reading, and take the essential time needed to really learn what your business is all about.

To make your website personalized, you need to think about who you are and what exactly it is that you want to say. What are your principles? What is your mission? What is it you want your audience to understand? Once you know the answers to these questions, express these things to your audience in your content.

Let Relevant Content Shine through Your Business Personality

Make sure the content you write is relevant to the website personality you want to display. For example, the content that BoostSuite writes is fun, educational, and inviting. Our company understands and respects the fact that it can be difficult for small businesses to believe another company’s objective is to help them when they are working really hard to stay ahead of the game. Therefore, BoostSuite earns the trust of our potential customers by showing you through well-written and inviting content we are a company you can count on when it comes to co-marketing.

If you are trying to raise money for an important charity, like raising money to help fight a certain disease, you may want your website personality to be more serious in tone. You’ll likely want to include things like statistics of things that show how many people have been adversely affected from the disease, and also statistics showing how money raised on the site has helped people get the help and medicine they so badly needed.

Communicate Clearly

According to, Our true aim is to communicate clearly and celebrate human connections.

They go on to explain that when you share your true personality through means of your website content, stronger relationships with your visitors form, because your visitors see you care about the same things they do. Since this is the case, business improves in the process. So, always be sure to show your human side. Doing this not only keeps potential customers on your site longer, it also increases the likelihood they will return to your site again in the future.

Is it Really Worth it to Give Your Website Personality?

Having such personalized content is also more attractive in the eyes of Google, because when it is used Google sees the website was written by a real person, and that it is not simply a generic massed produced copy. Therefore, when Google sees your site contains original content, they give you more authority and move your website up higher up in the search results for relevant queries. Since BoostSuite writes only high quality content, we always make sure our customers’ websites personalities really shine, making it more likely that people will visit your site, rather than your competitors’. So, to make your website’s personality shine as brightly as possible, sign up here for free, and let BoostSuite make the great work you’ve done even greater.

All of the above reasons are indicators as to why it is important to remember that while writing good content is great, without personality behind your website, you will be less likely to draw in more visitors, or keep visitors returning. So, be sure to make your website an inviting one where your personality shines through, and you’ll likely be smiling when you see the results! Stay posted as our next article will help you gain even more insight on how to succeed through website personality.

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