5 buzzwords to know about social media marketing


Hey there!  I’m Eric Boggs, Founder and CEO at Argyle Social.  We develop social media marketing software that helps marketers measure and optimize their social media marketing efforts.  And we’re excited to drop some knowledge in this guest post on the Small Business Web Marketing Blog!

If you’ve been reading the tips and tricks from the wise folks here at Preation, you know why a site map helps you in SEO, how to use Google analytics to measure traffic and how to integrate social media into your Preation site.

Let’s talk about that last one, because that’s our bread and butter: social media marketing. Here are a few buzzwords you need to know to impress your friends:


This is the place you go to work your social media magic. It pulls in data from your Twitter feed and Facebook pages and aggregates it (Hey, that’s a buzzword, too!) in one location for easy publishing, reply management and measuring.


This is the back-and-forth that makes social media so warm and fuzzy!  The problem is that it can be hard to generate and even harder to measure.  Try using a good social media management platform like Tweetdeck or Argyle Social to keep track of the engagement and to make sure that it is all paying off.


Who’s got it and is it actually worth anything?  Social platforms and old school social outposts like message boards are chock full of chatter.  But who is listening to who?  Or whom, for that matter? And, more importantly, how influential is your voice?  These are tough questions, but Klout is taking a great shot at quantifying influence online.


You probably already think about conversions for your other online marketing channels like email and pay-per-click, so why not for social?  All of the engagement and influence should eventually ring the cash register, right?  Note that conversions might mean different things for different businesses, such as revenue, leads, registrations or donations.


The Holy Grail of any marketing program.  Social media is certainly about “the conversation,” but more and more marketers are getting wise to the fact that the investments in driving the conversation need to pay off.  Of all the buzzwords, “ROI” is probably the buzziest.  Social is an emerging channel and most companies are figuring out the payoff as they go!

That’s our five buzzwords.  What buzzwords do you use? Put ‘em in the comments. That’s what it’s for!


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