How to Easily Create High-Quality Marketing Content


Tell me if this sounds like you:

You work at or own a small business, you know how important having quality content is for SEO, but you also know how hard it is to execute.

You have to research your keywords, write and edit the article, publish them, then promote them via social media and email marketing. You’re already dedicating your time and money to a lot of other things. How and when are you going to figure out what to write about to be effective?

The right content makes all the difference when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). This is a common scenario nowadays, and with more and more small businesses doing content marketing, you must too or risk getting left behind.

57% of small businesses consider quality content creation to be the most effective marketing tactic to perform, but 47% of those same small business consider it to be the toughest thing to do (source).

That presents a serious issue. If the toughest thing to do is also the most effective, then making that tough thing easier is imperative. Especially since content marketing is such an effective source of traffic and leads for small businesses.

So how do you make creating high-quality marketing content easier?

Typically you have to hire a copywriter or marketing professional if you want higher quality content. Of course, that costs time and money! Typically it can cost $50 a pop for a well-written article from a freelancer. Instead of doing that, I suggest trying BoostSuite. It makes creating high-quality marketing content easy, saving you time and generating results. Here’s how:

  1. BoostSuite tells you what to write about – That’s right. No need to wonder if the keyword you’re focusing on is good or not. No manual keyword research required. As the tool crawls your site, it finds keywords that are relevant to your business and automatically analyzes them for opportunity and presents them to you in an organized table in the product. You can then focus your blog posts on these keywords and you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher for them in the organic search results, faster.
  2. You can acquire high quality, original content from other users in our network – With 17,000+ marketers and 1.6 million pieces of marketing content, BoostSuite is the largest co-marketing platform in the world. That means that our users are constantly adding content and a lot of this content is going to be relevant and useful to your audience. The best part is, this content is free to you! The only requirement is you give the original author credit for it once it’s live by adding a backlink to their site. You’ll be alerted via email whenever someone pitches an article that’s relevant to one of your keywords so you can check it out in your account. This content is perfect for optimizing your website with.

If you’re one of the nearly two-thirds of client-side marketers worldwide planning to increase your SEO spending in 2014, that’s great and I applaud you. It’s really going to help you generate more results for your business. But instead of spending your money on high-quality content written by agencies or freelance copywriters, first try letting BoostSuite be your guide and write your own high-quality content.

You may find that you love writing, especially if you see your content getting shared and engaged with, because that usually means more traffic and more leads, which means more customers for your business! If you need some inspiration on what to write about once you have your focus keywords, check out this article. After you write an article or two, take a step back and review them from the perspective of your audience. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they tool sales-y?
  • Do they have a clear take-away or call-to-action?
  • Do you connect emotionally with the reader?
  • Is there substance to the article?
  • Do they flow well?
  • Are they free of grammatical errors?

Follow these guidelines for both your own website content as well as the content you share with your co-marketing partners in BoostSuite and you’ll have a much better chance of writing high-quality marketing content and being successful with it.

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