The 9 Best PEO Companies In Ohio (2024)


Running a business in Ohio is always going to come with a wide array of pros and cons, opportunities and challenges, and upsides and downsides. However, foremost among the challenges faced by Ohio businesses is how to cut costs and increase efficiency, especially during periods of growth. Many business owners have achieved this by taking full advantage of Professional Employer Organizations – or PEOs – and haven’t looked back since. 

Smaller and medium-sized businesses benefit enormously from partnering with PEOs, as they will instantly see significant cost savings and greater efficiency right across the board. Naturally, some PEO providers are better than others, and in order to reap the full range of benefits, it’s important to choose the PEO that’s right for you and which aligns with your business objectives. Selecting the best PEO in Ohio is a challenge in itself, however, which is why I’ve plucked out the three best ones operating in the state. Check them out below.

1. Coadvantage PEO Review

As is the case in the majority of states I’ve examined, my top choice for a PEO in Ohio is Coadvantage PEO, a PEO service provider that has decades of expertise under their belts, and which benefits from being part of the prestigious Morgan Stanley group. Coadvantage PEO has operations in all 50 states, and yet they still manage to provide that ideal personalized and customized touch that businesses in Ohio will require. Coadvantage PEO has proven, time after time, that they are more than up for the challenge of providing both meticulous attention to detail and far-ranging services, keeping you covered during periods of growth, and saving your time and money. 

There are several reasons why Coadvantage PEO tops my list of Ohio PEO providers. However, the most significant of these reasons is that Coadvantage PEO has the expertise, tools, and experience to create top-quality teams for your business. Your company or operation relies on great staffing, and Coadvantage PEO specializes in helping Ohio businesses like yours put together fantastic teams that will help your company grow. On top of this, they’ll take care of your HR requirements, payroll and taxation, and insurance needs, consistently providing an excellent level of customer service and care. 

2. Vensure PEO Review

Vensure PEO is a great service provider for smaller businesses in Ohio and has proven its worth over several years of experience handling billions of dollars in payroll. Since 2004, they’ve been a real favorite with Ohio businesses, and currently handle thousands of clients across a number of different industries. However, it’s important to bear in mind that Vensure PEO are best suited to smaller-sized businesses, as companies that have gone through a period of growth will tend to migrate towards other PEO companies once their needs develop further. 

One of the factors that make Vensure PEO stand out in Ohio is their level of customer service. Unlike so many other companies out there, Vensure PEO ensures that all queries, complaints, or needs are dealt with by a highly-trained professional – not a robot on the telephone line. What’s more, they offer options such as pay-as-you-go workers comp plans that are perfect for companies with tighter budgets, making them ideal for growing businesses in Ohio. 

3. Amplify PEO Review

My third top pick for PEO’s in Ohio is Amplify PEO, a great company with a top-notch track record right across the country. They’re a thorough service provider which will suit the needs of most businesses, and they specialize in handling insurance and retirement plans, which is always a great thing for your staff. 

Amplify is well-known for having a superb customer service department, and their tailored and personalized approach is excellent for putting newcomers to PEO services at ease. Indeed, if you come across any issues during your time with Amplify, their highly-trained customer service representatives are on hand to help you out, and you’ll never be directed to a robotic assistant or a call center on the other side of the world! Amplify might not be my number one choice for PEOs in Ohio, but they’re definitely worth getting a quote from to see if they’re the best fit for your needs. 

4. Justworks PEO Review

Justworks has done a fantastic job of building up a powerful reputation on the Ohio PEO scene and has the support and loyalty of a number of great Ohio businesses. It’s not hard to see why – this PEO firm covers all your HR essentials with great attention to detail, and is more than capable of handling your taxes, healthcare, compliance, and payroll needs. 

If I had to pick one reason why Justworks makes the grade in Ohio, I’d have to say it comes down to their transparent pricing structure. By going onto their site, you’ll be able to see exactly how much they’d cost to supply your Ohio business with an array of HR services, and in an industry where hidden costs are, unfortunately, not uncommon, this really makes a huge difference. The only reason they don’t make the top three? That would be the fact that they haven’t really been around long enough to instill absolute faith in a wider clientele. Despite this, I’d highly recommend getting a quote and seeing what Justworks can do for you. 

5. Infiniti HR PEO Review

Infiniti HR has done a fantastic job of standing out from the crowd on the Ohio PEO scene, especially when you consider just how many PEOs have sprung up in this dynamic state over the past few years. Infiniti HR provides a great range of PEO services for Ohio businesses and has built up an enviable reputation for their recruitment services, especially. Considering just how important onboarding is to businesses right now, this makes Infiniti a firm that’s absolutely worth your attention.

The only real downside to Infiniti HR is the fact that they’ve only got a 10-year history, and, as such, lack the track record needed for them to rank higher in this list. Give them a couple of years, and I’m sure they’ll be making a much bigger splash. 

6. TriNet PEO Review

TriNet has been working hard for three decades to provide high-end PEO services for Ohio businesses, and as such, has forged a powerful reputation in the state and elsewhere across the country. However, when I started digging a little deeper, it became clear that TriNet might be resting on their laurels a little bit, and leveraging their reputation rather than going the extra mile to attract new clients.

At the end of the day, the PEO industry is competitive and one which requires plenty of innovation and forward motion. I just couldn’t see that from looking through TriNet’s information and therefore I can’t recommend them highly. What’s more, their customer service credentials don’t quite make the grade either, so I’d advise seeking out a PEO which goes the extra mile for Ohio businesses. 

7. Oasis PEO Review

Oasis has become a popular PEO provider in Ohio over the past twenty years, and despite being recently bought up by PayChex, their branding is still strong enough for them to retain their name and most of their biggest clients. 

As for my opinion of Oasis? Well, let’s just say that while they definitely tick all the right boxes when it comes to HR services, payroll, recruitment, and all the rest, there’s one big drawback that will definitely put off a lot of smaller and medium-sized Ohio firms. Oasis has a minimum 12-month contract policy for all of their clients – something which seems bizarrely outdated in the fast-paced, dynamic, and often unpredictable world of Ohio business. I can see this being a real deal-breaker for a lot of company owners in this state.

8. ADP Totalsource Peo Review

Make no mistake, ADP Totalsource is a major player in the PEO world. With branches in over 140 countries, they’re a tour de force in the industry, capable of working alongside the biggest firms to provide top-to-bottom HR solutions. 

While they’re undoubtedly a great choice for big businesses in Ohio and elsewhere around the world, there’s no evidence to suggest that this PEO has what it takes to make a small or medium-sized Ohio company thrive. If you’re running such a business, your money is better spent on a PEO that specializes in what you do and what you need, and as such, they aren’t going to progress beyond the lower end of this list. 

9. Insperity PEO Review

Insperity definitely looks like a leading PEO firm at first glance, and they certainly aren’t shy when it comes to displaying their accolades, awards, and impressive client list. While there are certain features of this firm that stand out from the crowd – not least their flexible cancellation policy – there’s one fact that simply cannot be overlooked when it comes to judging Insperity’s suitability for Ohio businesses. 

Insperity, for whatever reason, only offers healthcare plans from a single provider. In a world where business owners, quite rightly, want the best for their employees and wish to appear competitive in the employment market, this really doesn’t seem to make much sense. One of the main reasons I recommend business owners in Ohio to utilize a PEO is to get the best insurance policies possible for their staff…and it looks like Insperity falls at the first hurdle on this issue. 

An In-depth Overview Of Ohio PEO Providers

Your business in Ohio will benefit from a PEO in a wide variety of ways, but in order to choose the best one for you, you’ll need to take a closer look at a number of features. A good PEO will always be able to handle your HR needs, from onboarding all the way through to offboarding and retirement plans. You’ll also benefit from insurance policies, payroll management, general admin, workers comp, cash flow, tax filings, and risk mitigation support, to name but a few. 

Many quality PEO service providers will also be able to assist with recruitment and training, business expense reporting, and a number of different unique services for your industry. You’ll also be able to score better rates on your workers’ compensation and health insurance policies, as your PEO will pool your employees with others when negotiating the best prices. 

How We Evaluate Ohio PEO Services

There are many factors to bear in mind when looking into Ohio PEOs. However, each and every one of these factors is significant. Rest assured, I’ve delved deep into the issues you need to be looking out for, and have considered the following services and features when reviewing Ohio PEOs: 

  • Recruiting and onboarding support
  • Safety compliance and risk management
  • Time, attendance, and productivity tracking tools
  • Customer service and feedback– Tax processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Health insurance options and support
  • HR regulation compliance assistance or management
  • HR management and consulting support
  • Additional features and specializations

There are many PEO providers in Ohio, and you’ll want to undertake your own research when seeking out the best ones for your industry and business needs.

As you will need a full-service solution, you need to consider the standard services and benefits not listed above. After all, you know your business objectives better than anyone, so keep those in mind during your search. 

The Benefits Of Using An Ohio PEO

Save Money on Insurance – Your Ohio business will lower its operating costs with a PEO due to the fact that a good PEO will bargain for better insurance rates as standard. 

Less Paperwork

Nobody likes spending time on their paperwork, and PEO services will help ease this particular burden from your business.

Legal And Compliance

PEOs will help with all kinds of legal and compliance issues and will help your Ohio business navigate even the murkiest legal waters and confusing regulations. With well-trained and knowledgeable staff, tackling these problems will become a piece of cake. 

FAQs About Ohio PEO Companies

What is a PEO? Simply put, a PEO is a Professional Employer Organization – a company that assists businesses in employee management, HR tasks, and offers personnel support. They will take care of taxes, payroll, insurance, workers comp, benefits, retirement plans, recruitment, offboarding… the list just goes on and on!

Why Should I Use a PEO?

PEO services will give you access to the tools you need to improve and grow your business, as well as providing HR compliance support, risk mitigation, and management assistance. What’s more, they’ll save you money by getting better benefits for your employees at lower rates. 

How Much Does an Ohio PEO Cost?

The more employees you have, the lower most PEO rates are. However, most PEOs cost between $1000 – $2000 per year per employee. 

How Do PEOs Charge?

There are two common options; you either pay a straight-up admin fee for each employee, or you pay a percentage of your payroll. I’d advise going for the first option, as the billing structures tend to be more transparent. 

Does Switching to a PEO Cost Money?

Most PEOs will require a startup fee, which tends to range between $1000 – $15000. 

How Long Does it Take for a PEO to Get Up and Running? 

From my investigation into Ohio PEOs, I’ve found that the average waiting time is one month or between three and six weeks. 

Can I Get Myself and My Family Health Insurance Via A PEO?

This all depends on the regulations of your selected PEO.

Can the Founder Pay Themselves Via A PEO?

Generally speaking, yes. 

What Do I Need to Consider When Looking At PEOs In Ohio?

Ohio is a dynamic business state. However, you’ll need to consider whether the PEO you’re interested in has specialists knowledgeable about Ohio state laws and regulations, or specialists who have expertise in your specific industry. 

Which Is The Best PEO In Ohio?

There is no cut-and-dried answer to this question, which is why I’ve undertaken in-depth research for PEOs in each and every US state. Check it out, and discover which one best suits your Ohio business needs. 


If you’re on the lookout for the best PEO for your Ohio business, there’s a whole number of factors to bear in mind. I understand that every business wants to succeed and grow, and I’m able to provide you with the data you need to find the best PEO for you. I’ll customize a tailored report for your business, industry, and region, and seek out a PEO solution that ticks all the right boxes for you!

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