The 9 Best Minnesota PEO Companies

Ready to save time and money when it comes to addressing your employee payroll, benefits, personal information, and a host of other HR services? PEOs (personal employer organizations) across Minnesota are up for the task! PEOs are more popular now than ever and are excited to work with you in order to create a better future for your business. 

PEOs offer sustainable solutions that will save you the hassle of overseeing the needs of your employees. Your management and customers will also benefit as PEOs are equipped to strengthen operations and efficiency in the workplace. Demand for PEOs has never been greater and businesses across Minnesota are looking for the best HR solutions to keep their businesses running smoothly. 

No matter whether your business is large or small, Minnesota PEOs have the right solutions for your needs. Each provider has different services to offer, so it’s important you do your research before deciding which PEO is best for your business.

But, before I give you my recommendations, there's something important you need to consider:

There's a difference between the best and the right PEO

To find the best PEO for your Minessota business, we spent dozens of hours comparing hundreds of PEOs on too many metrics to count. The conclusion we arrived at is without a doubt, the best overall PEO, but that doesn't mean it's the right PEO for your business.

While CoAdvantage got the best average score, it doesn't mean it scored top in your key requirements because different businesses have different needs.

  • A company that employs 150 staff has different needs to one that employs 7
  • A company that has staff in 11 states has different needs to one whose employees all live in a 5-mile radius
  • A company that plans to offer dental and health insurance has different needs to one that won't offer any insurance options

The needs and wants of your business dictate the right PEO for your business and so without knowing your needs and wants, we cannot recommend a PEO who will fulfill them.

But, that doesn't mean we can't help you find the right PEO.

Our team have been intimately involved in the process of finding the best PEO and know the industry inside and out. If you tell us your needs and wants in the form below, one of our team can call you and help you work out which PEO is right for you.

It won't cost you a cent and we'll reach out within 24 hours so enter your details below and we'll be in touch soon.

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Here are the results of our investigation into the best PEO services in Minnesota: 

Coadvantage PEO Review

Pros: With Coadvantage, you can expect the best customer service out there. No matter your business, you should expect detailed responses without delay. Emails are responded to within minutes and on-call times take just a few seconds on average. Responses are also considerate and personable – a big reason there are so many positive reviews for Coadvantage. I’ve never seen this level of quality and quickness regarding customer service requests from any other PEO. Getting a hold of a customer service representative has never been easier than it is with Coadvantage. 

Curious how you can generate growth within your business? Coadvantage is well-equipped to work with your management and employees to strengthen operations and productivity. Coadvantage offers some of the best collection directories and teambuilding networks available to your business. With these strategies, you should expect improved communication skills and engagement between your management and staff. Additionally, Coadvantage will help your business grow by guiding you through the recruitment process and finding the right candidates to interview. 

Cons: Coadvantage is less competitive when it comes to their pricing. Their services are considerably more expensive than a PEO like Vensure – even if their solutions are better. We suggest looking at the options Coadvantage has to offer in order to determine how they can best suit your needs. 

Overall: Do you need the best PEO solutions for your Minnesota business? Coadvantage has you covered, even if they are a little more expensive. Their customer service is the best out there, their growth strategies are unmatched, and they are available across Minnesota. No matter your industry or business size, Coadvantage has something to offer. 

Vensure PEO Review

Pros: Businesses across Minnesota are excited about the HR solutions offered by Venture. Across industry lines, Vensure is perfect for any size business. From payroll to employee benefits, human resource paperwork, insurance and a host of other services, you can count on Vensure. 

Worried about what PEO services are available for your small business? Vensure will work with you no matter whether you have as few as one or two employees who need coverage. We know how important the well-being of your small business is and Venture will do everything they can to make sure your company's operations are running smoothly. 

Just like Coadvantage, you can expect nothing but quality from Vensure’s customer service. Email queries are always responded to within 24 hours and their customer service representatives are always available by phone. When asked about Vensure, customers were excited to talk about how efficiently their customer service requests were handled. 

Cons: Even though Vensure offers consistent results, none of their solutions come out on top of  Coadvantage’s. They also lack the growth strategies used by Coadvantage while maintaining above-average pricing. Vensure has a full list of services I know you will be excited about, but their standards come up short compared with some of their competition. 

Overall: Vensure may have some cons, but business owners across Minnesota should feel excited about what they have to offer. With some of the best customer service out there and a variety of HR solutions to employ, they are a strong second on this list and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Amplify PEO Review

Amplify is a robust and reliable PEO company with the best pricing out there. No matter your business size or type, Amplify offers a full range of services catered to your needs. From insurances to taxes, compliance assistance, and payroll, Amplify has your Minnesota business covered.

Amplify is more popular than ever in Minnesota right now and there are good reasons why. With Amplify, you should expect a tailored customer service experience unmatched by other PEOs. Representatives are available by phone, email, and through a website portal for customers. Amplify also has extremely competitive pricing – even better than what’s offered by Coadvantage and Vensure! 

Cons: Amplify would be the perfect candidate to take the number one spot on this list if it weren’t for their website. Their servers are prone to crashes and their menus are hard to navigate, but their customer service agents are always ready to help you in an emergency. Amplify also doesn’t offer unique solutions for businesses in specialized industries, but if you’re looking for the basics, Amplify has you covered. 

Overall: Even with its flaws, Amplify is a reliable PEO that offers a full list of HR services including payroll, employee benefits, compliance assistance, insurance, taxes, and more. Their reliable customer service and outstanding prices put Amplify above the competition and I recommend checking out all of their small business options. 

Justworks PEO Review

Justworks stands out against its competition for one reason: transparency. The company has a modern website that showcases its services and pricing for all to see. With such a high degree of price transparency, businesses can determine their best path forward with an upfront price tag. Justworks also offers a full list of HR services you’re probably accustomed to seeing from the top competitors, including payroll, employee benefits, risk management, tax filings and much more. Established in 2012, Justworks is a young PEO, but I’m confident they can provide the best services out there for any business. 

Infiniti HR PEO Review

If you’re looking for a reliable PEO offering outstanding recruitment services, go no further than Infinity HR! I know how challenging it is to find the right recruits for your business, and Infinity HR is dedicated to giving it their all when it comes to interviews and onboarding. The PEO also offers a full list of HR services including risk management, employee benefits, payroll, compliance assistance and numerous other daily tasks. Infinity HR makes the number five spot on this list due to their young age. At less than a decade old, Infinity still has a lot of growing to do before they achieve the name recognition of Coadvantage or Vensure. 

TriNet PEO Review

Need an established PEO company that has been around for decades? Trinet has been around since 1988 and services over 16,000 companies and 330,000 employees across the country. Their continued reliability has allowed Trinet to retain its reputation over the years while providing a full set of HR services. From employee benefits, compliance assistance, risk management and a host of other HR tasks, Trinet has your business covered. Although a top contender for the best PEO company, Trinet lacks the customer service and innovative HR solutions that the top dogs have. 

Oasis PEO Review

Oasis has set industry standards across the board as they have been servicing small businesses for over 20 years while providing the very best HR solutions. Compared with the giants like Coadvantage and Vensure, Oasis offers unique services including retail, hospitality, banking, education and almost any other solution you can think of. The biggest reason Oasis is down at the number seven spot on this list is their financial planning. Oasis requires a 12-month contract when much of this industry maintains month-to-month contracts – I’d like to see this drawback changed. However, Oasis remains an outstanding PEO capable of handling any of your HR needs. 

ADP Totalsource PEO Review

If you’re looking for a PEO competitor setting industry-specific standards, go no further than ADP Totalsource! When all else fails, you know you can count on the giant that is ADP Totalsource. The PEO caters to over 140 countries and is growing in demand every year. They also offer the full set of HR solutions you’re used to seeing and we’re confident they have options suited to your needs. ADP Totalsource also has fantastic customer service – a quality Iwe don’t see with all PEOs. The main downside to this PEO is their lack of attention towards small businesses. Although a serious con, ADP Totalsource has you covered no matter your needs.

Insperity PEO Review

Lastly, Insperity is a well- known PEO company with a stellarheightened track record consisting of multiple awards and nominations along the way. The company has fantastic customer service and promotes itstheir flexibility when it comes to cancelations. Insperity is also equipped with all of the HR services you’d come to expect from a top competitor including tax filings, payroll, employee benefits, compliance assistance and much more. The largest drawback to Insperity is their lack of healthcare provider options. With only one provider, the PEO falls short of itstheir competitors time and time again. 

Analysis of PEO Services in Minnesota

With so many key features every good PEO company should offer, businesses across Minnesota mustshould review their options before deciding the best PEO for their needs. Important services include payroll management, quarterly tax filings, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and risk mitigation… , all of which are offered by the listed Minnesota PEOs. PEOs are also prepared to guide your business during onboarding, employee training, reporting protocols and other daily HR tasks. 

No matter how large or small your business is, these PEOs are equipped to offer the best HR services at the most competitive prices. Even if you have an existing HR team, PEOs will save you time and money when it comes to insurance costs, negotiations and legal emergencies. No matter which PEO you choose, they are going to help you make better decisions for your business while optimizing operations across the board. If you’re considering a PEO in Minnesota, you can’t go wrong with any of the above PEOs!. 

Primary Factors for a Minnesota PEO

Deciding which PEO service best suits your needs is tough and you should consider your options carefully. IWe’ve done a lot of the research on your behalf and compiled the most important factors to consider before picking the PEO of your choice. 

  • Customer service needs
  • Productivity tracking tools
  • Risk management 
  • Tax and payroll processing
  • Recruiting and onboarding support
  • Location of your business
  • Employee benefits 
  • Consulting support
  • HR compliance assistance and management 
  • Additional features and specializations

There are many PEOs to pick from in Minnesota and Iwe want to ensure that your needs are met by the best PEO for your business. The factors above will help you save time deciding which option is best for you, but it's important to consider the services not mentioned, as well. At the most basic level, keep in mind how many employees you have, what industry you're in, and how much you’re willing to spend on a PEO service. 

Benefits of a PEO in Minnesota

Insurance Cost Savings: With leveraged negotiating costs only available with a PEO, you won’t have to worry about the high price of insuring your employees!. PEOs achieve unmatched insurance rates for your business you wouldn’t dream of getting on your own. 

Less Paperwork: Tired of how much paperwork your business collects? PEOs will work with you in order to reduce the amount of printing you have to do in the office. You will also save time and money organizing and printing memos, forms, legal documents and spreadsheets. 

Compliance and Legal: PEOs are ready to help you manage all of your employee compliance and legal issues. You should also expect insight intofor Minnesota laws and regulations related to your business. 


Deciding the right PEO for your Minnesota business can be exhausting, but this list is meant to help you make the best choice for you and your employees. Need any further advice? With myoura tailored PEO comparison report you can expect guidance for the best PEO for your Minnesota business. IWe want to make sure all of your HR services are covered to the highest degree, especially when your management and staff are on the line. The health of your business is priority number one, so don’t wait another minute! Follow this guide to help you decide which Minnesota PEO is best for you. 

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