The 9 Best PEO Companies in Kansas

Looking to better the HR services for your Kansas business? You’re in luck! Statewide PEOs (Personal Employer Organizations) are ready to save you time and money when it comes to addressing your employee payroll, benefits, personal information, and a host of other HR services. With the right PEO, the needs of your management, employees, and customers will be met with vigilance. 

Unlike traditional HR services, a PEO will help you oversee the needs of your employees while offering unique solutions for your management. Then come the customers who will benefit greatly when your businesses’ employees and management are productively working together. Demand for PEO services has never been higher and business leaders across Kansas are looking for the best solutions to keep their businesses running smoothly. 

Whether you have a large or small business, PEOs are here to help. The services offered by one PEO will be different from another, so it's important to choose carefully which provider you think will be best for your business.

But before I tell you which is the best PEO, there's something you need to know:

The best PEO is not necessarily the right PEO

Getting the best PEO is definitely better than getting the worst PEO, but just because they're the best overall PEO on the market, it doesn't mean they're the right PEO for your business.

We determined the best PEO by analyzing the hundreds of PEOs across multiple different metrics and choosing the one with the highest average weighted score. But, that doesn't mean they necessarily scored the highest in the categories that matter most to you.

  • Some PEOs scored highly in some industries but lower in others
  • Some PEOs are excellent at payroll assistance but have limited health insurance coverage
  • Some PEOs excell with large organisations but don't have the support teams and processes to help smaller companies

To help you get the right PEO for your company (and not just the best overall), we need to know your business situation and needs. So, if you want to know the right PEO, enter your details below. One of our experienced team will assess your situation for free and contact you with personalised recommendations.

If you just want to signup with a PEO now, take a look at the best PEO solutions in Kansas: 

1. Coadvantage PEO Review

Pros: Coadvantage takes the number one spot for Kansas PEOs because of their seamless customer service. Businesses across the state should expect quality responses from their customer service requests without delay. Their response time for emails is under 45 minutes and roughly 2 minutes for on-hold call times – better numbers than I've ever seen. Getting a hold of a customer service representative has never been easier than it is with Coadvantage. 

Coadvantage is also well-equipped to help your business grow. With some of the best data collection directories and teambuilding networks, you can expect a more efficient and productive workplace. On the front end, Coadvantage will smoothen your onboarding experience while finding the right candidates to interview. Additionally, Coadvantage will help you determine the best performers in your company and make decisions regarding future promotions. 

Cons: Even with the best customer service and growth strategies, Coadvantage falls short when it comes to pricing. Although competitive, Coadvantage is significantly more expensive than PEOs like Vensure and Amplify. In order to attract every Kansas business, Coadvantage must lower their prices and create an online experience unmatched by their competitors. 

Overall: If you’re willing to pay a little extra for your PEO services, Coadvantage is the way forward. Their customer service is fantastic, their growth strategies are unmatched, and they are available across the state. Whether your business is small or large, Coadvantage has something to offer you and your employees. 

2. Vensure PEO Review

Pros: Across industry lines, Vensure is perfect for any business owner looking for new HR solutions in Kansas. From employee benefits to payroll, insurance, human resource paperwork and a host of other services, you can count on Vensure. 

Vensure will also work with you no matter the size of your business. Even if you have just one or two employees who need coverage, Vensure is ready to offer their full list of services. Customers across Kansas know what a healthy small business looks like, and Venture will do everything they can to make sure your company's operations are running smoothly. 

You can also expect quality customer service from Vensure. Emails queries are responded to within 24 hours and customer service representatives are only a phone call away. Just like Coadvantage, you can expect detailed and considerate responses to all of your questions.  

Cons: Unlike Coadvantage, Vensure doesn’t carry out any of their operations to the highest degree. Vensure also lacks the business growth strategies Coadvantage uses – a big reason why they are second on this list. Although Vensure offers some of the most consistent results, their standards are sub-par compared to their strongest competitors. 

Overall: Kansas business leaders should feel excited about Vensure’s long-lasting results across industry lines. With some of the best customer service out there and a variety of HR solutions to utilize, you won’t be disappointed with the services offered by Vensure. 

Vensure is also committed to providing services for the smallest of businesses across the state – a true testament to their flexibility and loyalty towards their clients. For this reason, Vensure is the most versatile PEO company in Kansas and a strong 2nd choice on the list of PEOs. 

3. Amplify PEO Review

It's hard to go wrong choosing Amplify for your Kansas business – they are a robust and reliable PEO company with highly competitive pricing. They offer a full range of services catered to businesses of all sizes. From insurances to payroll, compliance assistance, and taxes – Amplify has your Kansas business covered.

With Amplify, you can expect a personalized customer service experience comparable with Coadvantage. Customer service representatives are always available via phone call and queries can be made on their website with ease. Amplify also has the best pricing out there… even better than Coadvantage and Vensure! 

Cons: Amplify would be the perfect candidate to take the number 1 spot for best PEO if their website wasn’t so hard to navigate. Clients may feel held back if they are unable to find what they are looking for on the website, but fantastic customer service options have made up for this. 

Just like Vensure, Amplify doesn’t carry out any of their offered services to perfection, leading some customers to look for a more versatile PEO company. If you can overlook these disadvantages, Amplify is one of the best PEO options for your Kansas business due to their reliable customer support and competitive pricing. 

Overall: With the best pricing out there, there's no reason you shouldn’t consider Amplify for all of your PEO needs. Even with its flaws, Amplify is a reliable PEO that offers a full list of HR services including employee benefits, payroll, insurance, human resource paperwork, and more. 

4. Justworks PEO Review

I know you’ll be excited about the number four spot on this list of PEOs! Justworks is an up- and-coming PEO that offers many of the same HR services you’re used to seeing. From employee benefits to payroll management, risk assessment and a host of other daily tasks, Justworks is just as good as its competitors. The company really shines when it comes to transparency. All of their pricing options are available on their website and customers have the ability to match their needs to a tailored list of services at an affordable price! Although less than a decade old, Justworks is paving their way toward the big-name PEOs. 

5. Infiniti HR PEO Review

Infinity HR is a fantastic full-service PEO growing in popularity every year. Why are they in such high demand? Their list of services includes payroll, risk management, compliance assistance, employee benefits and a host of other daily tasks; their one-of-a-kind recruitment program is outstanding and I’m confident any business owner will be excited about it. Furthermore, they are available across the state! The only reason Infinity HR isn’t higher up on this list is because of its age. Having only been around for about a decade, Infinity still has a way to go before they have the name recognition of the top dogs.

6. TriNet PEO Review

Trinet has been around since 1988 and caters to over 16,000 companies and 330,000 employees. They are an incredibly reliable PEO company dedicated to offering the same quality HR services for decades. From risk management, compliance assistance, employee benefits and a host of other daily tasks, Trinet is ready to meet your challenges head-on. Even though Trinet doesn’t impress when it comes to their customer service or innovative solutions, they have never failed to offer their full set of HR services. Trinet continues to be as popular as they've ever been, and for good reason! 

7. Oasis PEO Review

Oasis has been catering to small businesses for over 20 years and is a competitive old-guard PEO option for any business in the state. Their industry-specific solutions help them stand out when compared with the biggest names like Coadvantage and Vensure. From hospitality to retail, education, banking and a host of other solutions, Oasis is there for you. The company does lose points when it comes to their financial plans. In an industry using primarily month-to-month contracts, Oasis has chosen to use 12-month contracts. Although this is a significant drawback, the PEO has some amazing industry-specific qualities I know you should feel excited about. 

8. ADP Totalsource PEO Review

ADP Totalsource is one of the giants when it comes to PEOs, and for good reason. They operate in over 140 countries offering consistent results while setting industry standards. ADP Totalsource continues to grow in popularity due to their full list of HR services including risk management, payroll, compliance assistance, tax filings and a host of other daily tasks. The PEO really stands above all when it comes to their customer service, which is nothing less than a personalized experience. The only reason ADP Totalsource falls short is due to their lack of attention towards small businesses. 

9.Insperity PEO Review

Insperity is a popular PEO company equipped to tackle any of your HR challenges. The PEO has a track record of offering products and services just as good as their competitors’ while maintaining quality customer relations. Additionally, Insperity has won multiple awards and nominations over the last few decades due to their seamless customer service experience. The main downside of Insperity is their lack of choice when it comes to healthcare options. With only one provider, Insperity falls way short of the industry standard. However, I’m confident you can find reliable HR solutions with Insperity. 

Overview of PEO Services in Kansas

Kansas businesses require the best for their management, employees and customers, and PEOs across the state are up for the task. Payroll management, quarterly tax filings, employee benefits, workers comp, and risk mitigation are all guaranteed by any of the above PEO services in Kansas. Not only will these HR duties be met with diligence, but PEOs are prepared to help your company during onboarding, training, and reporting protocols. 

No matter if your business has one or 100 employees, PEOs are here to offer the best HR services at competitive prices. Think you have all of these services covered by your existing HR team? Think again! PEOs will support you and your staff when HR duties pile on and your business suffers because of it. PEOs will help you make better decisions for your business while improving operations across the board. If you’re considering a PEO in Kansas, you can’t go wrong with Coadvantage, Vensure, or Amplify! 

Factors To Consider For A Kansas PEO

Whether you pick Coadvantage or Vensure for your business needs, there are a number of factors you need to consider regarding the PEO of your choice. The most notable factors include: 

  • Productivity tracking tools
  • Risk management 
  • Location of your business
  • Employee benefits 
  • HR management and consulting support
  • Tax and payroll processing
  • Customer support needs
  • Recruiting and onboarding support
  • Additional features and specializations

I guarantee you can’t go wrong picking between these PEOs, but the factors above will help you save time deciding which option is best for you. Whichever your choice, your PEO will cater unmatched HR solutions for your business. 

Benefits Of Using A PEO In Kansas

Insurance Cost Savings: You shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of insuring your employees! Your PEO will leverage an extensive pool of clients in order to lower costs and achieve cheaper rates for your business. 

Less Paperwork: Flooded with paperwork in the office? Your PEO will work with you in order to drastically reduce the amount of paperwork floating around your business. With a PEO, you will save time and money organizing and printing documents. 

Compliance And Legal: Got stuck in a legal battle? Your PEO will help you manage all of your employee compliance and legal issues. You should also expect advice for Kansas laws and regulations relevant to your business. 


Choosing the right PEO for your Kansas business can be tiring, but this list is meant to help you make the best decision for yourself and your employees. Making sure all of your HR needs met with vigilance is priority number one, especially when the wellbeing of your management and staff is on the line. HR services are the heart of your business, so don’t wait another second! I offer a fully customized PEO report should you need any further advice picking the best PEO for your Kansas business.

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