The 9 Best PEO Companies in Michigan

As a business owner in Michigan, you know just how much time each week is devoted to handling HR tasks, from navigating tax rates to answering employee questions about payroll and benefits. Have you ever wished there was someone you could rely on who could take care of the time-consuming and overwhelming paperwork, freeing up your precious work week for more focused tasks? Well, there is. This is where you need to consider hiring a PEO.

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, can help you find and hire new employees, can organize your tax and payroll documents, and can help you find the best insurance policies to offer your employees, among other things. From brand new small businesses in the finance and marketing sectors to Michigan’s famous dairy exports, hiring a PEO can benefit a business at any level.

For businesses in Michigan, three main factors will likely affect your choice of PEO. You will want to take into consideration the size of your company, the geographical location of your business, and which industry your company falls under. With tons of options to choose from, it would be easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for a PEO. The good news is, we have compiled a helpful list of PEOs that serve businesses in the Michigan area.

Take a look at the options listed below to help you choose which PEO will work best for your Michigan business.

1. CoAdvantage PEO

Pros: Offering a full, comprehensive range of PEO services, CoAdvantage makes the top spot on our list of PEO’s for Michigan businesses because of its superb customer service. Their response rates are incredibly fast, with a turnaround time on emails of under an hour. Wait times to speak to customer service representatives from CoAdvantage only last a few minutes, so this PEO does what a good PEO should do: saves you precious time that would otherwise occupy your workday.

Once you get through to a customer service agent from CoAdvantage, you will find a helpful, patient, and capable professional on the other end of the line, willing and able to help you through any issue. Unlike other PEO’s, CoAdvantage employees are knowledgeable about the services they provide, which means you won’t need to be transferred to a manager or another department to find helpful answers to your questions.

Plus, their system is simple and straightforward to use. Combined with their competitive pricing, CoAdvantage steals the spotlight as our top choice among PEO’s serving Michigan businesses.

Cons: Higher prices can sometimes accompany superior customer service and that is the case here. While the pricing structure CoAdvantage offers is not exorbitantly expensive, its prices do come out higher than our number two PEO option, Vensure.

Overall: With a capable and attentive staff who can assist with any type of task, from payroll to insurance benefits for individual employees, from hiring new employees to sorting through various HR papers, CoAdvantage is a great choice. Their excellent results and friendly, competent customer service representatives make them our top choice for Michigan PEO’s, even in spite of the slightly higher price point.

2. Vensure

Pros: Coming in a close second for PEO’s in Michigan is Vensure. Reliable and generally a safe bet for all tasks and services, Vensure offers customers an easy-to-use system and products that provide simple solutions to HR needs. Their customer service team is consistent and professional, and they can handle a wide range of issues, assisting with payroll, HR organization, insurance benefits protocols, regulations and risk management, and Michigan taxes. At lower prices than CoAdvantage, Vensure can provide all the benefits of a well-rounded solid PEO company with the added perk of more cost efficiency.

Cons: While Vensure offers clients a consistently strong output, the company does not particularly shine in one service area or product on offer. There is no specific point at which Vensure excels except its general reliability. Plus, Vensure may be better suited to smaller scale businesses. If you are seeking a PEO that will help your company scale up its operations as it expands, Vensure may not provide the kind of innovative solutions your company needs.

Overall: If exceptional customer service is not your company’s absolute top priority, but instead you prefer a cost effective option that safely and consistently covers all your company’s PEO bases, then Vensure might be the way to go. Vensure falls below the absolute top spot because while it provides an overall great service, there is no single area that makes this company really stand out. Their customer support team is efficient and professional, meeting all necessary requirements to help your business succeed. The products they offer are comprehensive and should be sufficient for most businesses; just don’t expect any out-of-the-box creative extra options. And their pricing is competitive, low but not insanely cheap. In general, Vensure is a safe bet for meeting your basic PEO needs.

3. Amplify PEO

Pros: Like the top two PEO choices above, Amplify PEO offers comprehensive PEO services and products. The team at Amplify can assist with recruitment, employee benefits such as health insurance and worker’s compensation, payroll, regulations, and state taxes. Any other needs you have can be managed by Amplify. So why did they make it into the top three on our PEO list?

Their pricing. Amplify PEO offers fantastic value. With prices much lower than either of our other top two choices, you get more bang for your buck, which can make a huge difference particularly for local Michigan businesses with limited budgets.

Cons: The support team at Amplify provides reasonable response times for service requests, and their assistance is adequate. Still, Amplify falls far short of our top choice in terms of customer service excellence. Additionally, their PEO system setup can be more complicated than other options, causing possible headaches when navigating even simple straightforward tasks.

Overall: Amplify is a great choice for small Michigan businesses seeking a well-rounded, reliable PEO with fantastic pricing. Their customer service team may not be the most impressive, and their user system may be a bit confounding at times, but for the prices they present, Amplify offers adequate support and products.

4. Infiniti HR

Recruiting new employees can be a cumbersome task, but the results can help benefit your company for years down the road. Infiniti HR is the best PEO to assist your company with finding great new employees to add to the team. On the downside, the company has only been around for about ten years, which means that they have yet to prove their staying power in what can be a competitive PEO market. Still, if you are willing to invest your precious hours into setting up an account with this fairly new company, Infiniti HR can definitely help you find the perfect new hires to fill your job recruitment, alongside any other HR tasks.

5. Justworks

Another young addition to the PEO market, Justworks has only been around for nine years, but in that time it has begun to establish a reputation as a strong contender among PEO companies. They provide the same range of services and products as most of the PEO’s on our list, but where this young company really garners attention is in its commitment to transparency. Potential clients will not have to go through the usual rigamarole just to get a price quote for PEO services; instead, Justworks lists all of its pricing on its website for all to see. Again, this company’s main drawback is its lack of experience and lasting power, but if you want to work a company that values transparency above secrecy, this may be a great option.

6. Oasis

Oasis has been working with PEO clients for many years. If you want a reliable company that can offer tried-and-true PEO solutions that work time and time again, then Oasis may be a good choice for you. They have been developing PEO solutions for companies for over 20 years, and they are very capable at creating industry-specific solutions. If your business is part of the education, hospitality, retail, or banking industries, then chances are Oasis can already anticipate your company’s service and product needs. The main negative point about this company however is that you will need to sign up for the company with a 12-month-long contract. So if working with Oasis does not work for you after a few months, you will be stuck waiting out the end of your contract.

7. ADP Totalsource

A huge global player in the PEO industry, ADP Totalsource serves businesses in over 140 countries spread over the entire world. They have a vast pool of resources at their disposal, but because of the breadth of this company’s reach, individual small businesses requiring more personalized attention may find themselves left in the lurch, just one more company among their thousands of clients. On the plus side, however, ADP Totalsource offers direct customer service assistance not only for you the business owner, but also for your employees. So anyone from among your entire staff can call ADP Totalsource directly to ask questions about payroll, health insurance, or workers compensation benefits.

8. Insperity

Insperity can boast of award-winning products and services that they have developed over 30 years of working in the PEO industry. New businesses may be attracted to these accolades, and can rest assured that this company knows how to do their jobs well. If you are not satisfied with the service your business receives, Insperity offers you the ability to cancel your contract at any time, so long as you provide thirty days advance notice. Insperity is confident in its own successes, so it won’t chase your business; if you are not satisfied with it you are free to find a PEO company that may be a better fit. The main drawback of this company, however, is that they only allow your company to choose one healthcare provider and one healthcare plan, which can seriously hinder your employees’ ability to have their individual healthcare needs met.

9. Trinet

The most well established PEO business in the industry is Trinet. This old timer has been assisting businesses with HR tasks since 1988, and prides itself on the astounding number of clients it has served throughout the years: over 15,000! If tons of experience and tried-and-true working methods established over many years sound reassuring to you, then this could be the right PEO choice for you. Just don’t expect Trinet to extend themselves beyond the baseline assistance necessary to provide support for your business. They have been around a long time and are not the right choice to create innovative new approaches to old problems. If you want a PEO company that is confident in its abilities, that sticks with what works and the way things have been done for years, then Trinet could be a great fit for you.

The Best PEO For Your Business

For business owners in Michigan, there are seemingly countless PEO’s to choose from. So how do you know which company to bring onboard and support your business?

It’s all about making sure that the specific PEO you choose can address your specific needs. Make a list of all the relevant factors that can help you decide which PEO company to choose. You will want to consider your industry, where in Michigan you are located, the size of your company, and how many employees you have. Do you want your PEO to help you navigate taxes? Payroll? Employee benefits? Health insurance policies? If your company serves mostly local Michigan customers and plans to stay that way, this can affect your choice of PEO. Or, on the other side, if you want to keep your base in Michigan but expand your client or customer base to new territories, growing your company in the process, a different PEO may suit your needs.

When perusing through the many local PEO’s available for your Michigan business, be sure to consider several key factors: how much the PEO costs (and how that price fits with your budget), what is required to sign up with that PEO (and how easy to navigate their user system interface is), what products they have on offer, and how their customer service team responds to you.

Finding the right PEO can not only help your Michigan company run more smoothly from day to day, but can help you find more success as a company in the long run. So it is worth the time to consider all the options available to you. Once you have a good sense of what your business’s specific priorities and needs look like, then you can utilize the research we have already conducted to help discern which PEO is the best for your business.

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