The 9 Best PEO Companies in Pennsylvania

No matter what your business in Pennsylvania is, how many employees you have, or what industry you work in, outsourcing your HR needs—such as benefits, management, payroll, tax filing, and recruitment—can save you a whole lot of time and money. More and more Pennsylvania businesses are turning to PEOs to increase efficiency and slash overheads, and it isn’t hard to see why!.

Despite all the benefits that come with a Pennsylvania PEO, finding the right service provider for your unique business needs and requirements requires research, due diligence, and expert insight. That’s why I’ve looked into the world of Pennsylvania PEOs, and have compiled a brief guide to the best ones out there that can help your business grow. Check out my recommendations below!

1. Coadvantage PEO

Make no mistake, Coadvantage PEO deserves its place at the top of my list of Pennsylvania PEOs. Operating in all 50 states with decades of experience, and coming with the additional benefit of being part of the Morgan Stanley umbrella, this PEO service provider is a superb option for Pennsylvania businesses in need of support. Whatever you need handled, Coadvantage PEO has you covered—whether it's payroll support, recruitment assistance, or seeking out the best insurance rates, this company has your back all the way. 

While there is no shortage of their plus points, Coadvantage PEO particularly excels in team-building services. Whether you’re looking to recruit the brightest and best in Pennsylvania, or you need to keep the right people in the top positions, Coadvantage has the data and tools that make that process easier than ever. Get a quote today, and see for yourself if they’re the perfect match for you!

2. Vensure PEO

Vensure PEO is a firm that has been at the top of its game since 2004 and has picked up thousands of great clients to the tune of $7 billion per year handled in payroll. Vensure offers the full list of standard services, and whether you’re on the lookout for help with payroll, HR support, or something more industry-specific, it has the tools and expertise your business needs to release some of your burdens and take the next steps towards success.

Vensure is an especially good fit for smaller businesses that might struggle to find good rates elsewhere. Even if you just have a couple of Pennsylvania-based employees, you’ll be able to score the best benefits for them and will not have to stress about HR tasks and payroll. While larger firms might do better with a different PEO provider, Vensure is a great fit for smaller companies. If this sounds like you, get in touch and get a quote today!

3. Amplify PEO

Pennsylvania businesses seeking a great PEO solution would do well to consider Amplify PEO, which is a nationwide PEO service provider capable of handling all of your Pennsylvania business needs. 

Their excellent reputation is based primarily on their customer service credentials, and I have to agree, this is definitely one of the standout features of this company. No matter what issue you’re facing, you can be assured that your queries will be dealt with by a seasoned professional, and you won’t find yourself stuck on the telephone talking to a robot. While Amplify PEO might lack some specialized services or industry-specific services, most Pennsylvania businesses will find what they are looking for with this excellent PEO firm.

4. Justworks PEO

Businesses in Pennsylvania know a good thing when they see it, and as such, Justworks has been riding a real wave of popularity in the state for the past ten years. It isn’t hard to see why—this is a PEO firm that really offers a fantastic array of HR services, covering all the basics and going the extra mile for its expanding clientele. 

However, if I had to pick just one reason why Justworks is worth the attention of Pennsylvania business owners, it would be the fact that this PEO offers a truly transparent pricing structure. Unlike so many others, who pack in all kinds of hidden costs or complicated percentage-based rates, Justworks keeps things plain and simple, with their prices out in the open for all to see. The only negative point I can really find when it comes to Justworks is the fact that they’re still a relatively young PEO firm, and as such, lack the track record that so many Pennsylvania businesses are looking for. Despite this, I’d really recommend getting a quote. 

5. Infiniti HR PEO

There has been a huge rise in the number of PEO companies in Pennsylvania over the past few years, which makes Infiniti HR’s rise in prominence and reputation a truly impressive feat. Infiniti HR offers the full package when it comes to PEO services for Pennsylvania companies, and they will cover all your payroll, taxation, recruitment, and insurance needs, while providing a great level of customer service along the way. They’re absolutely worth your attention, and I recommend getting a quote and seeing what they can do for you. 

Once again, the only real downside to this PEO is their lack of a track record. Having only been around for ten years or so, they don’t quite make the grade needed to get into my top three. However, in a few years, I expect this to change . . . so keep your eyes open for this PEO in the future!

6. TriNet PEO

There’s no getting away from the fact that TriNet managed to carve out an impressive reputation in Pennsylvania over the past few years, promising great things with their PEO services and HR solutions. While it’s true that this firm will help Pennsylvania companies with their payroll, onboarding, and insurance needs (among many other things), there’s something about TriNet that I can’t help but criticize, and it’s the main reason they don’t make it any higher in this list.

The PEO scene is dynamic, and one that constantly needs to be moving forward and innovating to offer the best for Pennsylvania businesses. TriNet really doesn't seem like a PEO that takes innovation and growth seriously, and I have a feeling they’ve been resting on their laurels for some time thanks to their former glories in the industry. There’s every chance they’ll catch up in the future, but right now, I don’t think they have what it takes in today’s fast-paced Pennsylvania business world. 

7. Oasis PEO

Oasis was recently bought out by PayChex, but they have managed to retain their company name. It’s clear from my research that Oasis has been popular in Pennsylvania for over 20 years, so there’s no doubt that when it comes to covering the basics and providing all the essentials, they’re doing something right and ticking a lot of boxes. 

However, I can’t get away from the fact that Oasis comes with one major drawback that business owners in Pennsylvania will be able to spot from the very first second they look through their terms and conditions: Oasis only offers contracts with a minimum 12-month period. This really does seem a little out-of-touch with the fast-paced nature of Pennsylvania business practices, and most company owners will want a month-to-month rolling contract with a lot more agility. 

8. ADP Totalsource PEO

There’s a lot to be impressed by when looking through the credentials of ADP Totalsource. They’re something of a giant in the PEO industry, with branches in 140 countries worldwide, and a strong presence right across the United States. 

If you’re a big business looking for top-to-bottom HR solutions, then ADP Totalsource might be a great option for you. However, I have to say that this PEO might not be a good option for smaller and medium-sized businesses in Pennsylvania, simply due to the fact that businesses like this probably won’t get the attention and level of service they need to flourish. I’d recommend seeking out a PEO that will keep your Pennsylvania company as a priority, and which will always go the extra mile for your unique and individual needs. 

9. Insperity

There’s plenty to be impressed by with Insperity. They’re a PEO that definitely knows how to talk the talk, and they don’t shy away from showing off their awards and accolades picked up across the decades. There’s a lot to love with this firm, too—they’re one of the PEOs in Pennsylvania that offers a flexible cancellation policy with a 30-day notice, and there’s no doubt they have what it takes to cover all of your essential HR needs.

The problem with this PEO firm comes down to their healthcare provision policies. For some reason, Insperity only works with one health insurance provider, meaning that no matter how good their payroll, recruitment, and compliance departments may be, your employees most likely won’t be getting the best healthcare provision with this PEO. As a result, they sneak in near the bottom of my list of recommendations. 

An In-depth Overview of PEO Services in Pennsylvania

Your Pennsylvania business can benefit in a number of ways by using a PEO, but before you dive right in and pick a PEO for your needs, it’s important to review the primary features of each firm and ensure you’re getting the best one for your objectives. A good PEO service provider will be able to ensure that all of your HR needs are met, and it’ll also look after your payroll management, benefits procurement, workers’ compensation and cash flow, tax filings, compliance support, and risk mitigation. 

PEOs in Pennsylvania commonly help businesses with recruitment and expense reporting, too, as well as employee training and legal compliance for your state. What’s more, they’ll pool their clients’ employees when negotiating the best benefits, saving you loads of money when it comes to health insurance and compensation coverage. 

How I Evaluate Pennsylvania PEO Services

There are plenty of factors to keep in mind when evaluating Pennsylvania PEO services. I’ve dived deep into the industry, looking into each and every detail to ensure I’m providing the best information for your business. I’ve covered the following services and features when reviewing Pennsylvania PEOs:

  • Payroll processing
  • Tax processing
  • Health insurance support and options
  • HR management support and consulting
  • HR compliance assistance and management
  • Support with recruitment
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Productivity tracking
  • Customer service
  • Additional and miscellaneous features

The reason for this is that there are several PEO providers in Pennsylvania, and I believe that the best results will always come via comparison and shopping around. I want to make sure you get a full-service PEO solution that can take care of all the finer details, so you should always consider those services and benefits NOT mentioned above, as you know your business needs better than anyone!

What Are the Benefits of Using a Pennsylvania PEO Service?

  • Save on Insurance Costs

Your business in Pennsylvania can use a PEO to reduce health insurance costs. This is because PEOs have greater bargaining power, and they can achieve the best possible rates for you and your employees. 

  • Less Paperwork

Nobody loves paperwork. PEO services in Pennsylvania will take care of it on your behalf, giving you the time to help your business grow.

  • Legal and Compliance Support

PEOs can easily manage issues relating to compliance and can offer guidance to your Pennsylvania company when needed. You can rely on their professional expertise and insight into Pennsylvania regulations. 

FAQs for PEO Companies in Pennsylvania

What is a PEO?

Simply put, a PEO is a Professional Employer Organization. They support businesses by allowing them to outsource HR tasks and employee management, and provide personnel management support as and when it's required. It will take care of your taxes, payroll, insurance and health benefits, workers’ compensation, and other benefits, such as retirement plans, disability insurance, life insurance, wellness programs, and recruitment and offboarding. 

Why should I use a PEO In Pennsylvania?

PEOs are experts at providing time-saving services and tools, while also managing risk mitigation and HR services. With a PEO, you can also find better and more cost-effective employer benefits, too. 

How much do Pennsylvania PEOs cost?

PEO services in Pennsylvania cost $1000–$2000 per year, per employee, as a general rule. Overall, the more employees you have, the better rates you’ll be offered. 

How do PEOs charge?

There are two common options: you’ll either be charged a percentage of your overall payroll, or there will be a straight fee based on your employee numbers. I generally advise going for the second option, as the pricing structure will normally be more transparent. 

Does Switching To A PEO Cost Money?

Yes—there is normally a startup fee between $1000 and $15000, depending on your business. 

How long does it take to get started with a PEO?

From my research, I’ve found that it usually takes between three to six weeks to set up with a PEO, with an average wait of one month. 

Can the founder get health insurance for themselves and their family?

This all depends on your PEO. Some will allow this, some will not. 

As a founder, should I pay myself via a PEO?

As a general rule, I’d say yes. 

Is there anything specific to consider when seeking a Pennsylvania PEO?

This really comes down to the type of industry your Pennsylvania business operates in, as well as the region of Pennsylvania in which you operate. I’ve looked carefully at Pennsylvania PEOs, and I’d always advise keeping local regulations in mind when looking for a service provider.

Which is the best Pennsylvania PEO?

Every business is unique and has unique objectives and aims. As such, it’s important for you to look into the full range of Pennsylvania PEOs available before making your selection. 


Your business in Pennsylvania is ready to grow and you’re going to need support with a wide range of HR and employee-based tasks. A PEO can make a significant difference to your success. Therefore, I’d recommend looking into my comprehensive comparison of PEO providers in your region. I’ll be able to provide in-depth analyses, helping you choose the best PEO for your needs. 

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