The 9 Best PEO Companies in New Jersey

If you run a business or organization in the state of New Jersey, then the chances are you’ve already heard about the amazing benefits of working with a Professional Employer Organization or PEO. Designed to assist with all of your HR needs, PEOs can help smaller and midsized businesses take the next step towards success, simply by cutting costs and improving efficiency . . . all while keeping operations running more smoothly than ever. 

However, seeking out the best PEO for your business in New Jersey is often easier said than done. Why? Because no two businesses are alike, and as such, the kinds of services they require will all be slightly different. This is just one reason why it’s so important to carefully consider which PEO to go with, in order to make sure you’re getting the best PEO for your needs. In order to give a helping hand, I’ve put together this quick guide to New Jersey PEOs to help you find the best fit for your unique requirements.

1. Coadvantage PEO Review

As is the case in the majority of states I’ve looked into, my #1 choice for New Jersey is Coadvantage PEO, a PEO service provider that’s not only been around for decades, it also benefits from being part of the prestigious Morgan Stanley umbrella. Coadvantage PEO operates in all 50 states—but don’t assume they’ll see your business as anything other than the unique, New Jersey-based entity that it is. Indeed, Coadvantage PEO showcases, time after time, meticulous attention to detail that will handle issues unique to the state of New Jersey, keeping you covered while saving you time and money. 

Coadvantage stands out from the crowd for many reasons, but top of the list is the fact that this PEO provider has the tools, information, and expertise available to create the best team for your business. As you know, your business is nothing without your employees, and Coadvantage specializes in New Jersey businesses looking to grow with the brightest and the best. On top of this, Coadvantage can cover all your payroll and HR service requirements, rising to even the most complex of challenges with experience and a consistent level of excellence. 

2. Vensure PEO Review

Reliable, effective, and fantastic for businesses of a certain type and size, Vensure PEO has built a great reputation across the various states it operates in. Indeed, they service thousands of clients and handle billions of dollars in payroll every year, and have done since their founding in 2004. I reckon that for New Jersey clients, Vensure is best suited as an option for those with smaller to midsized businesses, and most companies will benefit from taking their PEO needs elsewhere following a period of growth. 

Make no mistake, if you’re after great customer service in New Jersey, then Vensure PEO is a great option, and they’ll cover all the major service areas you might need. The pricing tends to be variable, but Vensure has options including pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plans that are ideal for businesses on tight budgets, which is something we see plenty of in these challenging times. 

3. Amplify PEO

My third choice for businesses in New Jersey is Amplify PEO, which has a great track record right across the country, thanks to its top-to-bottom service provider credentials that will suit the majority of business types. Amplify will also cover your various insurance and retirement options, which is always a great benefit. 

Amplify is known for having a top-drawer customer service department, and for those wary of setting up a business with a PEO, their tailored and personalized approach will doubtless put your mind at ease. If you come across any hiccups or problems along the way, you can rest assured you’ll always have a human being at the end of the phone line to talk to, rather than an automated robotic voice!

If you’re looking for New Jersey PEO solutions, Amplify isn’t my top choice, but it’s definitely up there and more than worth getting a quote. 

4. Justworks PEO Review

Many New Jersey businesses, especially small- and medium-sized ones, have benefited from Justworks PEO services, and the firm has become a popular choice in recent years on the back of their dedication to excellence. Whether you need help with payroll or recruitment, tax filing or insurance policies, or anything else connected to HR and onboarding, Justworks are sure to be able to help you out. 

There are many reasons why Justworks is proving such a popular choice for businesses in New Jersey. However, top of this list has to be the fact that this is one of very few PEO firms with a fully transparent pricing structure, something which immediately makes them a strong competitor in a busy industry. The only real downside I can think of is that being only about 10 years old, they’re still a relative newcomer on the scene and lack the track record to be a major contender. Nevertheless, I’d really recommend checking out what they can do for your HR needs. 

5. Infiniti HR PEO Review

If you’ve been on the lookout for PEOs in New Jersey, the chances are you’ve noticed that over the past few years, the number of PEO providers has increased quite dramatically. This makes Infiniti HR’s rise to prominence all the more impressive. This PEO company has stood out from the crowd for almost ten years, carving a decent reputation among business owners like yourself and building on an already solid foundation of HR services and solutions. 

Infiniti HR has what it takes to look after a wide array of business needs and requirements, and will undoubtedly be able to ease your HR burden considerably. Again, the only real reason they didn’t make it closer to the top of this list is due to their newbie status—ten years really isn’t a long time in this industry, and I reckon it’ll be a few more years until they’re considered a serious force on the scene. 

6. TriNet PEO Review

Here in New Jersey and elsewhere across the country, TriNet has succeeded in carving out an impressive reputation when it comes to PEO services. While there’s no doubt that TriNet has what it takes to cover your essential needs and requirements, there’s an issue with this company that I can’t help but highlight: they lack the dynamism, innovation, and future-forward solutions that make other companies on this list stand out from the crowd. 

New Jersey business owners will know that in these times, agility and innovation are everything. PEO providers exist to cut costs and save time, and unless they’re really doing everything they can to stay on top of their game and forge ahead in their industry, there’s always going to be a better option out there. This is especially true in New Jersey, where business moves quickly and company owners rarely settle for second best!

7. Oasis PEO Review

Oasis has become a popular PEO provider in New Jersey over the past twenty years, and despite being recently bought up by PayChex, their branding is still strong enough for them to retain their name and most of their biggest clients. 

As for my opinion of Oasis? Well, let’s just say that while they definitely tick all the right boxes when it comes to HR services, payroll, recruitment, and the rest, there’s one big drawback that will definitely put off a lot of smaller and medium-sized New Jersey firms. Oasis has a minimum 12-month contract policy for all of their clients—something that seems bizarrely outdated in the fast-paced, dynamic, and often unpredictable world of New Jersey business. I can see this being a real deal breaker for a lot of company owners in this state!

8. ADP Totalsource PEO Review

If you’re on the lookout for a big, powerful, and impressive PEO provider with a truly global presence, then ADP Totalsource definitely ticks the right boxes. With a presence in over 140 countries worldwide, they’re a massive firm with some serious clout in a number of specialized industries. However, whether this translates to business owners in New Jersey is another matter entirely.

The simple fact is that for smaller and midsized New Jersey business owners, ADP Totalsource isn't going to be the best option. This is due to the fact that this PEO deals with big, successful, and similarly global businesses and will treat anything else as low on their list of priorities. Do your business a favor and stick with a PEO that will put you first!

9. Insperity PEO Review

At first glance, Insperity looks like a solid option for any New Jersey business looking for a PEO. They’ve won a whole host of awards, they’ve got plenty of experience, and they come with additional bonuses, such as a flexible cancellation scheme that is sorely lacking from many other PEOs in the state. On top of this, they’ve definitely got what it takes to look after your HR needs and provide the time and money-saving solutions you’re looking for.

However, there’s a major problem with Insperity, and it’s the main reason this PEO has only made it to the last place on my ranking. Insperity only works alongside one health insurance provider, meaning their PEO services will severely limit your employees' ability to get the best policy for their needs. Why anyone would want to reduce their competitive edge in this way is anybody’s guess, and as such, I can’t recommend Insperity very highly at all. 

High-level Overview of New Jersey PEO Services:

New Jersey businesses can get help from PEOs in a number of ways, but some features are most important. Any good PEO will be able to handle day-to-day payroll services and HR solutions for your business, and they should also be able to tackle benefits administration, HR services, workers’ compensation issues, employee benefits, tax filings, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and payroll management and administrative services in full.

Good PEOs also should help with expense reporting, recruitment, training, and other HR-related services needed by your business. The best PEOs have more services than you could ever need. What you'll certainly appreciate, however, is that the lower workers’ compensation coverage and health insurance through employee leasing gives rates you can’t get anywhere else for your business.

How Do I Evaluate a New Jersey PEO Provider?

Each and every aspect of a PEO is significant, and you must consider many aspects. I’ve dug deep into each one to provide the information you need to make an informed choice. I’ve considered the following features when looking into each PEO:

  • Payroll processing
  • Tax processing
  • Health insurance support and options
  • Workers' compensation
  • HR management support
  • HR regulation compliance and management
  • Onboarding and recruitment support
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Productivity tracking tools
  • Customer service
  • Further features and specializations

New Jersey has a wide range of PEO services, so it’s key to keep the above list in mind when seeking out the best provider. At the end of the day, I want to make sure your New Jersey business works smoothly with a full solution in place. As a result, it’s important for you to consider standard benefits and services not mentioned in the list above, as each unique business has its own requirements. 

Benefits of Using a New Jersey PEO

  • Less paperwork — Everyone knows that paperwork can be a real burden, and PEOs specialize in relieving that burden from your management team and yourself.
  • Save money on insurance — New Jersey businesses can easily cut costs by using a PEO for their insurance needs. This is because PEOs have greater leverage when negotiating benefits. 
  • Compliance — PEOs can manage legal issues and compliance for your business, and can deal with the full spectrum of regulations pertaining to New Jersey. PEO staff tend to be highly trained when it comes to handling even more complex issues, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the future and growth of your business. 

FAQs for PEO Companies in New Jersey

What is a PEO?

PEOs are Professional Employer Organizations, which allow businesses to outsource employee management and HR tasks. They exist to support personnel management in companies seeking to save time and cut costs, and they will manage your tax payments, payroll systems, insurance and workers compensation, and a host of other benefits. They can also assist with recruitment and onboarding, employee wellness programs, compliance and legal issues, and tax administration. 

Why should I use a PEO?

There is a whole range of reasons why a PEO might be right for your business, but top of the list is the fact that they save time and money by handling HR and recruitment issues, and they can negotiate better insurance policies for your staff. 

How much does a New Jersey PEO cost?

As a general rule, PEOs will cost somewhere in the region of $1000–$2000 per employee. I’ve come up with this figure by reviewing the costs of several PEO providers in New Jersey and taking a look at the average prices. 

How does a PEO charge a company?

Most commonly, PEOs will charge a percentage of your overall payroll, or will set a fixed admin fee for each employee. I always recommend going for the latter option, as these fees tend to be more transparent and come without hidden costs. 

Does switching to a PEO cost money?

Most PEOs will charge a setup fee ranging from $1000–$15000. 

Once I choose a PEO, how long does it take to get started?

After looking at multiple New Jersey PEOs, I can say that the average time to set up is around one month. However, between three to six weeks seems to be normal across the board. 

Will I be able to get health insurance for myself and my family as the founder?

It depends on the specific rules of the PEO you opt for. 

Should the founder pay themselves for using a PEO?

Generally speaking, yes. 

Is there anything in particular I should consider when choosing a New Jersey PEO?

New Jersey sits very close to other states and centers of business, therefore a good New Jersey PEO should be fully informed not just of New Jersey regulations, but also of those pertaining to the surrounding states . . . especially if you work in a highly-regulated industry. You should also look out for a PEO with a track record of agility, as new regulations arise frequently in New Jersey. 

Which is the best New Jersey PEO?

New Jersey has a dynamic business scene, and it’s very difficult to say which PEO is the best of the best. Take a closer look at my state-based PEO guide, and see for yourself which ones come out on top for your region.


When choosing the best PEO for your New Jersey business, you must take a number of variables into consideration, as each and every business has its own unique needs and requirements. With a great PEO provider, you can slash your costs and save huge amounts of time daily. How do you make that selection? Simply by arming yourself with all the relevant data and ensuring that your decision is measured, logical, and backed by the facts. 

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