The 10 Best LLC Services in Indiana: Reviewed and Ranked


There are numerous limited liability company (LLC) services in the Hoosier State that claim to provide reputable services, but finding one that you can trust can be a challenging endeavor.

The right LLC service in Indiana will make sure your articles of organization are filed with the Secretary of State’s office and that you are constantly apprised of impending filing deadlines so your business is always in good standing with the state.

The wrong LLC service will delay your LLC registration for weeks, sometimes months, due to lack of proper documents.

I’ve reviewed the 10 best LLC services in Indiana through a four-stage, five-factor analysis. Below are the results of my research.

1. Northwest Registered Agent: 9.45/10 (Best Overall LLC Service)

Northwest Registered Agent is my top recommendation for the best Indiana LLC formation service. Its excellent customer support staff (also called Corporate Guides in house) and low cost make them the best value in the business.


Northwest Registered Agent has all the tools you'll need to get started in business. Its $39 formation package includes assistance in drafting and filing your articles of organization and operating agreement and a business tax consultation with its in-house specialists.

This package also includes a 90-day free trial of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, which allows you to make cheaper phone calls using your internet connection, compliance notifications that remind you of upcoming filing deadlines, and a free year of registered agent service.

As part of its “privacy by default” policy, Northwest Registered Agent does not include your contacts and address when it submits your files. Instead, it uses its own address and bank information. In this way, it helps minimize connections to your most sensitive personal data, making it more difficult for statewide data breaches to affect you and for spammers, advertisers, and others to follow you.

The standard price for its formation service is $225, but BoostSuite readers can get an 82% discount. Northwest gave me a discount because of the high number of visitors I generate for its sign-up page. This discount brings the price down to a reasonable $39.

Northwest’s most appealing feature is its customer support.

The majority of the organizations on this list outsource their customer service to other countries. At Northwest Registered Agent, things are different. Its Corporate Guides (based in the US) are a unique blend of seasoned attorneys, accountants, and small business owners that use their extensive business knowledge to assist business owners in running their firms in Indiana.

They will not only guide you through the business establishment procedure, but they will also offer guidance if you face any difficulties during your business journey.

When you acquire this type of business advice from a professional business advisor, it can be rather costly. So having it included as part of your LLC services is a huge plus.


The one problem with Northwest Registered Agent is that it doesn't offer any services to help your company establish an online presence, such as a customized business website, a business email, social media tools, or a registered domain name. Given that these services are provided by other firms on this list, it's difficult to ascertain why Northwest does not include them in its formation package.

However, you can acquire these services for as low as $15 from a variety of websites, such as Squarespace.


Northwest Registered Agent is my top pick for the best Indiana LLC service because of their low-cost LLC formation package and reliable and consistent customer service team, which includes former lawyers, accountants, and small-business owners who are available during normal business hours to assist you when issues arise.

A draft operating agreement template, a free trial of VoIP, a business tax consultation with its in-house chartered accountants, compliance alerts, a business address, and a free year of Indiana registered agent service are all included in its $39 Formation Package.

There is no other Indiana LLC service that offers the same combination of good pricing and great support as Northwest's all-inclusive formation package.

Contact Northwest Registered Agent now to enjoy an 82% discount on its first formation package if you need a dependable and affordable Indiana LLC service.

2. ZenBusiness: 8.25/10 (Best Essentials LLC Service)

There’s no contest when it comes to ZenBusiness’ $0 price. But you’ll ultimately pay too much for this service due to the services it doesn’t provide.


There’s no denying that $0 (plus filing fee) is a great deal for LLC services. For that price it will guide you through filling out your formation documents, file the necessary documents, and make sure your business name is available. 

The company’s $199 Pro plan includes expedited filing (which can take between four and six days), and assistance drafting your operating agreement. 

And its $299 Premium plan comes with a custom website building tool, domain name, business email, and rush filing (as fast as one to two days). 


The $0 (plus state filing fee) plan only covers the bare minimum in terms of LLC services, and if you require anything else it will cost you extra. 

Registered agent service is something that every LLC owner knows to shop around for, and because of that it can be really exciting to find an LLC formation service that provides a year of free registered agent service. But not only does ZenBusiness not offer registered agent service free for the first year, the only plan that includes it will cost you $199 per year. So, ZenBusiness will cost you more money than it’s worth not only in the first year, but every year after that as well. 

Customer service is a big deal when it comes to LLC formation services because these companies can mean either the establishment or ruin of your company, so it’s disappointing that ZenBusiness’ customer service is lackluster. They can help you with simple things easily enough, but they definitely aren’t adept enough to handle answering your business and tax questions.


ZenBusiness will certainly cover all of your LLC formation needs for only $0 (plus state fees). But if you’re looking for some extras (like registered agent service or small business advice) then since ZenBusiness doesn’t provide them, it can cost you a lot more in the long run. 

If you’re willing to give up Northwest’s outstanding service list in favor of cheap prices, read more about ZenBusiness on its website

3. Harbor Compliance: 7.15/10 (Best Premium LLC Service)

Harbor Compliance is Indiana's best premium LLC service provider because it provides a dedicated account manager and a full suite of premium LLC services.


Its basic package includes filing your articles of organization, obtaining an EIN, drafting your operating agreement, checking the availability of your business name, and a free year of registered agent service in Indiana.

Its true value, however, rests in its client service. Unlike Northwest Registered Agent, which connects you to any available Corporate Guide, Harbor Compliance assigns you a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process of establishing your business. There's no need to send an anonymous email or dial a toll-free number. Just contact your designated account manager and they'll sort you out.


The service fee for Harbor Compliance is not cheap. It charges $399 for formation services and $799 for its next-level Compliance package. This is more than ten times the price of Northwest Registered Agent

Another issue with Harbor Compliance is that it does not provide the same type of customer support as Northwest Registered Agent. Sure its dedicated account manager will offer help with service-related issues, but that’s all it does! 

On the other hand, Northwest’s Corporate Guides will go above and beyond to answer any business-related questions, regardless of topic. This makes its customer support far more superior to that of Harbor Compliance.


If you require an Indiana LLC service that includes a personal account manager to help you through the LLC formation process and are willing to pay $399 for the privilege, visit Harbor Compliance today.

4. Rocket Lawyer 

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal services provider that also offers LLC formation services for its premium members. 

Rocket Lawyer’s LLC formation services come bundled with other valuable online legal services. It provides ongoing legal support for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. 

As part of its $99.99 plan, it offers a free 30-minute legal consultation on all new legal matters with just a click or a phone call, access to a massive library of quick and easy-to-use legal forms, including an operating agreement and other useful forms, and attorney representation, and all your official documents will be reviewed by a lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer also provides basic LLC services, such as filing your articles of organization and an online portal to store your legal papers. Its customer support is made up of qualified legal experts who'll answer any service-related questions you have.

Rocket Lawyer, unlike Northwest Registered Agent, does not cover a lot of comprehensive services in its $99 LLC formation plan. It does not offer a free year of registered agent service, EIN access, or phone service. 

Rocket Lawyer is one of the more expensive formation services because it’s principally geared toward those who need ongoing legal services. 

Despite its high price, Rocket Lawyer is worth considering if you need regular legal counsel and services after forming an Indiana LLC. This platform is especially ideal for novice business owners who have little expertise with commercial contracts.

5. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is another Indiana LLC formation service that charges $49 to file your articles of organization, offers an online portal to keep your valuable documents, provides a free 30-minute business accounting session, and provides a free business domain name for one year.

The major reason it ranks sixth on my list is that it does not provide a free year of its registered agent service. You must purchase the $149 bundle for this. Alternatively, you may obtain a free year of registered agent services from Northwest Registered Agent for $110 less.

6. MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks offers a $79 basic package for your Indiana LLC, which includes assistance with your articles of organization, online document storage, and compliance notifications to ensure you don't miss important filing dates.

Given that it has a 4.9/5 average rating across 3,500 online reviews and a dependable customer service staff, you can be confident that joining up with them will not be a mistake.

However, there is also the question of cost. To get its one-year registered agent service, you must purchase its $279 package. Considering that Northwest Registered Agent includes a free year of registered agent service in its $39 plan, MyCompanyworks does not deliver good value for your money.

7. Inc Authority

With its $0 Starter package, Inc Authority seeks to replicate ZenBusiness's strategy. It doesn't charge anything to file your articles of organization. However, if you want more support, for example, obtaining an EIN or aid in drafting an operating agreement, you should upgrade to its $399 bundle. You'll have to pay a lot more for its $799 bundle to acquire a year of registered agent service.

If you are short on funds and only need to submit your articles of organization, ZenBusiness is the preferable option since it is more efficient.

8. Incorporate Fast

Incorporate Fast is an Indiana LLC formation service that charges $99 (plus government taxes) for its basic package. This package includes the filing of your articles of organization, a free year of Indiana registered agent services, assistance with your operating agreement, and some templates you may need to establish your Indiana LLC.

It doesn't offer any further services like a business tax evaluation or an online document portal, but if you purchase its $199 package, it will assist you in obtaining an EIN.

Its primary selling point is that it processes each business application the same day it is received, which most Indiana LLC services do not, so if you need to register your Indiana LLC quickly and are ready to pay more for an EIN, check them out.

9. BizFilings

BizFilings is an Indiana LLC formation service that charges $99 for its basic package, which includes assistance with filing your articles of organization, compliance alerts, and a free year of registered agent service. 

It does not, however, provide an online portal for document storage, business tax assessment, or help with your operating agreement. Given the amount it asks for Indiana LLC services, you don't get much for your money.

10. LegalZoom

LegalZoom, like Rocket Lawyer, is another legal services provider that offers basic Indiana LLC creation services. For $99, it just provides a banking solution and support with your articles of organization.

LegalZoom will help you out with all your legal issues. Otherwise, if you need more comprehensive services you should go with a full-service registered agent like Northwest Registered Agent.

Other Indiana LLC Services

As part of my review process, I looked into the following Indiana LLC services, but they're so far from being viable alternatives that they don't offer much to write about.


Like Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom, offers a $99 plan that just aids your Indiana LLC with its articles of organization and keeps your legal papers in an online document storage portal.

12. CorpNet

The $79 CorpNet formation package includes compliance notices as well as assistance with completing your articles of organization. That's it!

13. MyCorporation

MyCorporation costs $133 to handle your articles of organization and help you draft your operating agreement.

14. Direct Incorporation

Direct Incorporation includes the same functionality as MyCorporation but also includes a banking solution and an EIN. It does, however, charge $147.

15. InCorp

InCorp will file your articles of organization and assist you with your operating agreement for $117. Any further comprehensive service will incur additional costs.

16. Nationwide Incorporations

Nationwide Incorporations will charge you $200 for the same basic services as InCorp.

17. SunDoc Filings

The $79 Formation package from SunDoc Filings assists you in submitting your articles of organization. Its $99 Key package assists you in drafting your operating agreement, and its $279 Premier package includes an EIN.

The Best LLC Services Review Summary

After examining all of these Indiana LLC services, Northwest Registered Agent is my top pick for the best Indiana LLC formation service.

It charges $39 for its formation package, which contains everything you need to get started with an Indiana LLC. Its staff of highly trained Corporate Guides will assist you with the registration of your firm and will be ready to give market-leading small business advice throughout your business journey.

If you are looking for a low-cost and reputable LLC service in Indiana, contact Northwest Registered Agent today and receive an 82% discount on a formation package.

Best LLC Service Review Methodology 

This is the procedure I followed to find out which Indiana LLC formation services provide dependable services.

Why You Should Trust Me

You should believe my recommendations for limited liability company (LLC) services because I have more insight and expertise in the LLC sector than almost anybody I know.

My experience with LLC formation services began when I created my first business entity. Because I lacked the necessary information to submit my articles of organization to the Indiana Secretary of State, I chose to engage an LLC formation service. Unfortunately, the LLC formation service I chose proved to be too pricey, and its services were disappointing.

My second foray into the corporate sector went much more smoothly. This time, I went with Northwest Registered Agent as my chosen LLC formation service, and its affordable services, as well as its dependable customer care, aided me in forming my limited liability company.

My third effort at starting a business was likewise a success. This time, I went with a high-end LLC service provider. My initial pick was Harbor Compliance since I wanted to take advantage of its dedicated account manager.

My experience, however, is not confined to my own use of these services. I've also assisted numerous clients in choosing the best LLC provider for their budding firms. That is why I founded BoostSuite. Since then, I've assisted over 1,000 people in locating the best LLC provider for their business entity.

How I Selected the Best LLC Service

I used a four-stage, five-factor review procedure to find the best Indiana LLC formation services.

Stage 1: Reviews

The first step was to search prominent business review websites such as Google Business, Facebook, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau. Most Indiana LLC formation services request their customers to post comments (good or bad) on these websites so that they can observe how their customers perceive their services and offers.

This assessment approach allowed me to determine which Indiana LLC formation services were authentic and which were frauds.

Stage 2: Website Analysis

Following the separation of genuine business formation services from underperformers, the next stage in this process was to visit each service provider's website and review their stated assertions.

This allowed me to fully comprehend the types of services offered by each business formation service, as well as how they positioned themselves in the business.

Stage 3: Speaking With Real Customers

After I learned how these firms positioned themselves in their respective markets, I spoke with consumers to determine if the companies met their expectations. I prefer this strategy over reading internet reviews because they tend to veer to either negative or positive extremes.

I also reached out to friends who had used an Indiana LLC creation service, people I had referred to these firms, and BoostSuite visitors to hear about their experiences with these Indiana LLC creation services.

Stage 4: Speaking With Sales Teams

For this final stage, I called the customer service departments of each Indiana LLC provider and requested for comments in response to some of the unfavorable complaints customers had left on the several review websites I visited.

This technique allowed me to observe how their customer service staff handled criticism and less-than-positive reviews.

Rating Factors

After completing the four-stage assessment process, I ranked the remaining 17 LLC services on my list using the five factors listed below.

Factor 1: Offerings

The first consideration in my research process was the variety of services provided by each Indiana business services provider.

Some organizations just provide basic services such as submitting your articles of organization or drafting your operating agreement. Other Indiana business services provide comprehensive packages that include features such as help with acquiring an EIN, compliance alerts, dependable financial and business advice, an online document storage portal, and an official Indiana business address.

Because of the major differences in the features given by different Indiana LLC incorporation services, this is where my research process began.

Factor 2: Price

The cost was the second factor I had to consider. Some limited liability company (LLC) services were free, while others cost $399 or more. The cost per package was the second consideration I used to rate them, along with the enormous number of variables in the features provided.

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-Up

The simplicity of the registration procedure was the third aspect I considered in my ranking process.Some LLC providers appear to have antiquated legacy systems, others feature simple, user-friendly websites that are intended to save you time and effort.

I examined each LLC provider's sign-up structures to see which needed the least amount of work and time.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

Some of the issues noticed during the registration process persisted in other critical aspects of the websites.

Some business formation services, for example, offer a plethora of blank forms for you to fill out, even if you have previously filled out other forms with similar information. Others have simple web pages with preloaded data and, in most cases, a signature is all that's needed.

I ranked each business formation service based on how straightforward and easy its system was to use.

Factor 5: Customer Service

The quality of the customer support department for each LLC service was the final aspect I considered in my assessment process.

Some businesses outsource their customer service to call centers in other countries, whose employees not only do not understand the business environment in the United States and thus give you incorrect advice, but also lack the experience required to guide you through the start-up process of your business entity.

Then there are firms like Northwest Registered Agent, who have customer service centers throughout the United States and experienced employees who can assist you set up your Indiana business and give dependable business advice throughout your business journey.

Because of the considerable disparity in the quality of customer care assistance provided by different business service providers, this was my 5th ranking factor.

In Conclusion

Following a four-step, five-factor assessment of Indiana's 17 LLC services, I found that Northwest Registered Agent is the best LLC service in Indiana.

Its $39 formation package includes everything you need to start your LLC in Indiana while providing the best value for money, including help with filing your articles of organization, a draft operating agreement template, a 90-day free trial of VoIP, an online document storage portal, a tax consultation with its in-house accountants, compliance alerts, and a free year of registered agent service.

Its Corporate Guides are a group of highly experienced attorneys, accountants, and entrepreneurs that give the best small business advice in the market and are ready to help you if you run into problems along the way.

When you're ready to start your firm, head over to Northwest Registered Agent and take advantage of an 82% discount on its formation package.

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