Incorporate Fast Review: Speedy, Mid-Range Business Formation


Welcome to my Incorporate Fast review. I’ve been researching and writing about formation services for years at this point, so I’ve acquired an in-depth knowledge about these services, what they should offer, and what’s a good deal. 

Incorporate Fast is mainly a business formation service, but it also offers registered agent services. In this Incorporate Fast review, I’ll break down each service and its ultimate value to you, the business owner.

This isn’t like most Incorporate Fast reviews. I’ll tell you the good and the bad aspects of this business formation service provider so that you can choose the right online incorporation service for your business. 

So, let’s dive in, starting with the pros and cons! 

Quick Verdict: Is Incorporate Fast Worth the Money? 

I’ve been researching and reviewing LLC formation services for years, and I’ve consistently placed IncFile in my top 10 favorites. It’s currently in seventh place. If you want to take a look at that list, you can find it here: Best LLC Formation Services

With that being said, it’s in seventh place for a reason: It isn’t the worst LLC formation service on the market, but there are several better ones that are a lot more likely to actually fulfill all of your needs. It does have its place, though, and some people would benefit from its services. 

Like many formation services, Incorporate Fast also supplies registered agent services, and they’re quite worthwhile. In fact, it provides nearly the same service list as my top choice for the best registered agent service. The most notable difference is its customer service isn’t quite on par with Northwest Registered Agent’s. 

Incorporate Fast is a great option if you want to use an online incorporation service, need registered agent service, and want to move through the LLC formation process fast. It has same-day processing for no additional fees, a feature that most formation services don’t offer.

The system is surprisingly easy to use, too. To form an LLC, you only have to enter your information and go through four steps on the website. It’s an easy way to start your business online. This is in contrast to other companies that have complicated sign-up processes and systems with terrible navigation systems. 

Incorporate Fast charges $99 for the lowest package, which includes basic LLC formation services, such as a business name search, filing formation documents, and annual report filing. 

You can also choose from a Deluxe Package for $199 and a Premium Package for $299. 

Keep in mind, even the basic package isn’t the best price you can get for formation services. So, it’s worth the money in some situations, particularly if you want to form an LLC quickly.


  • Fast LLC formation from professional filers
  • All the services you need to get your business established
  • Decent registered agent services
  • Crazy easy IncFast online portal that makes online sign-ups a breeze
  • Good customer support that quickly responds to customer inquiries
  • Reasonable fee that’s competitive with other similar LLC formation companies
  • Different pricing packages
  • A year of free registered agent service


  • Limited services in the basic package 
  • Mid-range price that may not appeal to some budgets 
  • No small business support
  • Lack of customer reviews
  • Expensive registered agent service after first year
  • Several confusing pricing options

Who Is Incorporate Fast For? 

There are a few instances where business owners could benefit from Incorporate Fast: 

  • You want to form an LLC in a hurry.
  • You want an easy-to-use system.
  • You want compliance alerts for annual reports.
  • You’ll benefit from an online document-management system.
  • You want free registered agent service your first year.

Obviously, it won’t be the first pick for every business owner. You may want to pass on Incorporate Fast if any of this applies to you: 

  • You want a low price on formation services.
  • You want a variety of quality formation services.
  • You want decent prices on registered agent services after your first year.
  • You want a formation service that offers business advice as well.

Incorporate Fast Features Overview 

Incorporate Fast’s basic package provides you with everything you need to form an LLC or other business structure, and its claim to fame is some of the fastest private business filings in the industry. 

LLC Formation

Most business owners choose Incorporate Fast’s basic package because it supplies all the basics for $99 (plus state fees), and Incorporate Fast does a great job of speeding up the business formation process. 

LLC Filing Services

With its basic package, you get a business name search, e-document delivery of all of your formation documents, a free operating agreement draft, an online document-management portal, and a year of registered agent service free. 

With its deluxe package for $199, you get everything from the basic package, plus everything you need to open a business bank account, LLC membership certificates, and a federal tax ID number or employer identification number, which you’ll need to hire employees, plus registered agent service.

With its premium package for $299, you get an LLC kit, a corporate bookbinder, a corporate seal, and a year of registered agent service. 

Here’s what you get with the LLC Kit: 

  • Banking resolution form
  • LLC membership certificates
  • Stock certificates
  • Federal tax identification number, or EIN

Fast Filings

Many Incorporate Fast reviews tell you that the online incorporation and formation services can help you form an LLC faster than other companies can, but I’m actually going to explain how. 

It started with a vast network of couriers and filers who hand delivered formation documents, then went one step further by facilitating online sign-ups. All of this added together means that this filing service can help you incorporate your business or form an LLC faster than you could yourself. 

Easy-to-Use System

If speedy filing isn’t enough, you’ll love Incorporate Fast’s simple and straightforward system. In just a few easy steps, you can incorporate your business entity and get on with your day! 

With its easy-to-navigate system, document management is a breeze. Of course, you wouldn’t want to use a system to store all of your important documents that’s so confusing you could never find anything. 

Excellent Customer Service

Incorporate Fast has a fast and responsive customer service team that’s dedicated to helping you with any problems you may have. It’s a very customer-focused company, so customer service is a priority. 

And another perk is that it offers bilingual customer service, so no matter how diverse your office environment is, you’re covered. 

Registered Agent Service

First off, Incorporate Fast’s registered agent service comes free with any of its LLC formation packages, which means you can start your business and get registered agent service from the same company, which is massively convenient. 

Second, the features of its registered agent service rival some of the best registered agent services in the industry. 

It supplies an online document-management system for storing your important mail and documents, notifies you instantly about any mail or document that’s been uploaded to the system, issues compliance alerts, and provides you with several documents that you may need to file if your business expands to other states. 

What I Like About Incorporate Fast

Just because I said that Incorporate Fast isn’t first on my list of best formation services doesn’t mean I don’t recommend it. It’s still in my top 10. And it does meet the needs of a lot of business owners. 

Same-Day Filing

The same day you send your information to Incorporate Fast, it’s submitted to the state government to get the ball rolling and formally start your business. 

While that sounds like something that every business formation service should do, it’s actually fairly rare. Incorporate fast has developed a network of different couriers and filers so it can get your documents to the proper authorities in the least amount of time possible. 

It’s also structured to encourage online filings with a system that’s easy to use, which makes things go a lot smoother and quicker for you. 

User-Friendly System

When it comes to signing up for services and filling out all the paperwork to incorporate your business or form an LLC, Incorporate Fast has one of the easiest systems in the industry to use. 

You can sign up for services, pay for them, and submit all your paperwork in just a few simple steps. This is something that other LLC services are behind the curve on. Many of them have complicated navigation systems and outdated servers that make the whole experience frustrating. 

So, it’s refreshing that Incorporate Fast is an online formation service that has put in the work to create a positive user experience. 

Quality Customer Service

When it comes to something as important as starting your business, you want to use an LLC or incorporation service that will answer your urgent questions quickly. Incorporate Fast has great customer service. 

It’s easy to find contact information for its customer service on the website, and according to customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, they’ve got rapid response times and provide effective solutions to your problems. 

Why You Might Not Like Incorporate Fast

Still, while Incorporate Fast is a pretty good business formation service, some business owners may not be content with pretty good.


A $99 price point for formation services is definitely not the cheapest on the market. You can use my special link to get formation services from Northwest Registered Agent for just $39, which is $60 cheaper. 

While it’s true that many business owners aren’t looking for the cheapest service, but the best service, finding a good deal is the priority of many small business owners, and this just isn’t it. 

And while we’re on the subject of price, Incorporate Fast has several pricing options that can be confusing. One to form your business, one for an EIN and bank kit, and one for a corporate book and seal. It can be confusing.

Small Service List

When it comes to basic services, it doesn’t actually offer much. Sure, Incorporate Fast will file your documents, do a business name search, and give you an operating agreement, compliance alerts, and an online document-management system, but that’s it. 

When you compare its services to other formation companies on the market that offer a slew of other services, it’s almost lackluster. 

Its more expensive packages don’t offer much value, either. When other formation services will provide you with an EIN with their basic packages, why pay nearly $200 for an upgraded package with Incorporate Fast to get one? 

Pricey Registered Agent Service

This one might confuse you. While it’s true that you get free registered agent service for the first year, you’ll need registered agent service for the life of your company, and we hope that’s longer than a year. 

Incorporate Fast has lots of great services, like an online document-management system and compliance alerts, that a lot of registered agent services don’t provide. The problem is that after the first year, its registered agent services cost $125 per state per year. 

That’s a fairly competitive rate, but definitely not the best on the market. And since you’re already paying more for formation services with Incorporate Fast, the fact that its registered agent service is expensive, too, is enough to make you wonder if it’s worth it. 

Few Customer Reviews

If you like to check out customer reviews about a company before using it (as you absolutely should), you’re likely to be disappointed by Incorporate Fast. While there are positive reviews for Incorporate Fast online, there definitely aren’t as many customer reviews for the company as there should be. 

This is a company that’s been around since 2002, with an impressive list of clients. It’s set itself apart in the industry and specialized in fast filing and a speedy checkout system. So, the fact that it’s not bursting at the seams with online reviews makes no sense and raises red flags. 

Humdrum Customer Service

If you want a little more from your customer service, then Incorporate Fast will definitely let you down. There isn’t anything specialized about this customer service. 

For instance, it doesn’t provide small business support or a dedicated support specialist that’s specifically for your business, like other companies do. While the basic customer service is better than other companies with basic customer service, it is exactly that: basic. 


The process that I used to rate these services was very similar to the processes I used on the Best LLC Formation Services and the Best Registered Agent Services. Here’s a look into my review process.

Why You Should Trust Me

You can trust my recommendations because I’ve probably got more experience in the formation industry than even many of the employees of these companies. 

I didn’t just get the idea to start researching business formation services randomly one night while I was sitting on the couch watching TV. It all started when I launched my first LLC. 

I didn’t know much about how to start an LLC, so I decided to hire a formation service to help me. But the first provider I chose wasn’t the best. It had a measly service list, and it was so bad at delivering those services that it slowed the formation process down by several weeks. 

I chose Northwest when I started my second LLC because it was affordable and provided a litany of services, including extras I didn’t even have on my “bare necessities” list. They threw in a free year of registered agent service and they provided customer service from industry professionals with the experience to help me through any calamity my business may encounter.

When I launched my third LLC, I’d saved enough money that I could afford a premium LLC service, so that time I chose Harbor Compliance, due in part to its dedicated customer service representatives. But I honestly miss Northwest’s Corporate Guides. 

I’ve also helped loads of people choose the right formation service for their companies. BoostSuite was started so that I could assist first-time business owners with trustworthy business advice. 

I’ve helped more than 1,000 business owners find the best LLC service for their businesses since starting this site. 

How I Review Each Provider

Here are some of the factors I take into account with each LLC service. 


I start by looking at the services and features of the company. Does it provide all the essential services you need to form an LLC? 

  • Registered agent service (and is the first year free?)
  • An online document management system 
  • Compliance alerts
  • Premium services
  • Outstanding delivery of these services

These are the things I expect from an LLC service, and they’re things you should look for, as well. 


Price is an important factor for many small business owners who have limited funds. You typically only have to pay a fee for LLC services once, but if you’re paying for residual services like registered agent services or compliance alerts, then those fees can stack up over the years. 

There are different service tiers in the formation service industry. For example, there’s a full-service tier that covers all of the services you need to start your business, and there are premium formation services that also offer things like website building tools, or specialty insurances. 

Full-service options typically cost around $99–$199, while premium services can cost $299 or more. I like to compare each service to other services in its pricing tier to determine whether it’s worth the cost. 

You should also consider how much the registered agent service will cost you after the first year, if the formation service offers it for free that first year. Incorporate Fast’s registered agent service is right in that mid range where it’s not overly expensive compared to other services, but it’s not the cheapest, either. 


The service list isn’t the only thing you should pay attention to when it comes to formation services. While a long service list can be attractive, if the company doesn’t do a good job of delivering those services, it doesn’t do you much good, does it? 

I read through customer reviews to find out how well each company delivers its services, how user-friendly its website is, the quality level of the customer service, and more. 

Honesty and Transparency

It’s important that any company you partner with be honest about its services and prices. If I even suspect that there’s deceit going on, then I automatically mark points against that company. I can’t in good conscience tell you that you should trust a company that even I don’t trust! 

Any company that is deceptive about the pricing and upcharging of essential services, like compliance alerts, or flat-out lies about the prices and speeds of government processes so it can charge you more for expedited services you don’t need got poor reviews. 

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews should be a vital step of any good company review. Any company that has been in business for longer than a year should have online reviews. Reviews provide me with information about the quality of a company’s customer service and how well it delivers its services. 

Final Verdict: To Use or Not to Use Incorporate Fast

If you need to form a company fast, then by all means use Incorporate Fast. For $99, it’ll definitely get the job done in a hurry! 

Its basic formation package covers all the essentials, and its registered agent services match the features of some of the best registered agent service providers in the industry. And you get a year of registered agent services for free with LLC service. 

It’s definitely not the right service for everyone. It’s not the cheapest formation service on the market, it doesn't have a comprehensive list of features, there’s a surprising lack of online customer reviews, its customer service is pretty basic, and after your first year, registered agent service is quite expensive. 

But if you want to have your documents filed quickly and don’t mind all of that, then it’s a solid company that can help you out. 

To take advantage of Incorporate Fast’s $99 package and get a year of free registered agent service, check out the website here: Incorporate Fast.

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If you’re not sure that Incorporate Fast is right for you, that’s okay, too. We’ve got your back with some alternative options to check out! 

Alternatives to Incorporate Fast

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is my first choice when it comes to LLC formation services. 

It’ll file your documents, run a business name search, provide you with an operating agreement template, send out compliance alerts, give you an online document-management system, and give you a free consultation with its accountants to set up your payment systems, a 90-day trial of VoIP service, and a year of registered agent services for free. 

It doesn’t have a confusing pricing package system. All of those features come with its basic service, and that’s the only option to choose from, unless you get add-ons (like an EIN or copies of your documents), which makes things easy. 

Northwest’s customer service team is the best in the industry. It includes small business support, which means you can call and ask its team of professionals questions about managing your business, or how to run your back-end operations. That kind of advice runs $5,000 per day from consulting firms, so it’s a real steal when you use my link to get it all for only $39! 

For a more detailed breakdown of Northwest Registered Agent’s services, read my comprehensive Northwest Registered Agent Review


ZenBusiness can start your company for free. It runs a business name check, provides a 100% accuracy guarantee, and files your documents for you. 

You’ve got the option to upgrade to its $199 plan that includes expedited filing and help with your operating agreement, or its $299 plan that gets you a domain name, email address, custom website-building tool, and two-day rush filing. 

It doesn’t supply registered agent service for free with formation service. Instead, it costs $199 per year. So, that’ll cost you a pretty penny, but you could think of it as a trade-off since its formation services are so cheap! 

Legal Zoom

You can’t beat the price of Legal Zoom’s basic package — $0. Its formation services are basic — except it helps you with a website. That’s typically a premium service that other companies charge $299 or more for. 

Admittedly, those are mostly basic formation services — except the website. That’s typically a premium service that other companies charge $299 or more for. 

If you want an operating agreement, EIN, or consultations to set up your taxes or business insurance, you can choose the $249 Pro package. And for $299 you can get consultations with attorneys. If you’re interested in legal services, check out the Best Online Legal Services.

It doesn’t come with free registered agent service, but LegalZoom does supply premium registered agent services for $299.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance supplies you with a dedicated account manager, which means you don’t have to call in to some generic customer service line. This account manager knows the ins and outs of your business and can give you advice to meet your specific situation. 

It’ll also run a business name check, submit your formation documents, provide you with an operating agreement template, help you get an EIN, and give you a year of free registered agent service. 

This level of personalized service doesn’t come cheap. It costs $399 for its formation package, or $799 for its compliance package. So you’ll need to decide if it’s worth that much to you. 

If you want to learn more about Harbor Compliance, read my Harbor Compliance Review

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