CorpNet Review Summary

CorpNet Review Summary

CorpNet is for small business owners and novice entrepreneurs who do not want to take a risk at any cost in their first LLC business formation journey. With more than 95% excellent reviews about their customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this limited LLC formation service is a trustworthy choice.

However, if you are starting your business with a humble budget, you might want to check other economical options like ZenBusiness, which offers more services at a far cheaper price.

Pros and Cons


 CorpNet has served 100,000+ clients in all 50 states, which is quite an impressive blend of vast experience and expertise.

 There is a 100% money back guarantee for up to 30 days if you are not satisfied with their LLC formation service. It is for sure CorpNet's most attractive unique selling point (USP) among its competitors.

 The LLC formation services provider also offers a no-cost and an obligation-free phone consultation. If you have any doubts or general queries about LLC business formation, you can book a free consultation with their agent.

 CorpNet provides a questionnaire to help you make the right choices and selection of packages according to your input.

The company has flawless customer service. Replies to negative feedback were elaborate, specific to the client's case with serial numbers, etc., and offered the famous 100% refund on a dissatisfied experience.


Compared with its competitors ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, and IncFile, CorpNet charges $79 for LLC formation in their ‘Basic' package and only files the Certificate of Formation, provides compliance alerts for annual reports, and (insert verb here) franchise tax payments (exclusive of state fees). 

It offers only 60 Days of Registered Agent Service in its cheapest LLC formation package (basic) and a year of service with its higher-priced packages. While IncFile offers a year of the same service at a $0 + state fee.

Who Should Use CorpNet?

If you are looking for LLC formation veterans with a positive reputation in the industry and their customers and cannot take any risk with your money, then CorpNet’s half a million satisfied clients with claims of excellent experiences and a 100% refund policy, is the right option for you.

 Who Should NOT Use CorpNet?

CorpNet is not for those who have formed an LLC before and are looking for the cheapest, basic formation package to kickstart the LLC  set up, they should go for IncFile, and if you are looking for multiple, yet complete LLC formation with an EIN, compliance alerts, online document storage, and a consultation with an accounting specialist, then ZenBusiness is the option you want.


You are looking for experienced and reputable LLC formation service providers with a satisfaction guarantee. CorpNet has a proven record of providing a personalized customer experience. It also offers Express and Rush services, i.e., document formation within 24 hours for fast processing. Almost all review sites have amazing reviews about their rapid transactions.  Due to CorpNet's decades of industry experience and reputable relations with state offices, they can get your work done faster than any other service provider with an expediting fee (which may vary from state to state).

CorpNet Basics Review

What is CorpNet?

CorpNet is a limited, business incorporation service provider headquartered in California. The company helps businessmen and entrepreneurs to start a business and ensures good standing and corporate compliance with the state offices.

They offer LLC services, registered agent service, filings, state tax registrations, and corporate compliance services in all 50 states. They also provide Express and 24-hour rush filing services available upon request and a 100% refund for up to 30 days.

Founded by Philip and Nellie Akalp, an entrepreneurial couple, the company has served more than 100,000 clients and their customer service is lauded across all review websites.

CorpNet Services

LLC Formation:

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity similar to a corporation, a sole proprietorship or a partnership. The LLC is a popular business structure because it provides the same or similar asset protection as a corporation while requiring the most basic of formalities to be followed (similar to a sole proprietor or partnership).

CorpNet helps its clients with LLC formation together with all the related services it offers which they do on your behalf such as:

  • File Articles of Organization with the State
  • Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Assist with drawing up an Operating Agreement
  • Assist with obtaining Business Licenses and Permits
  • Assist with opening up a business bank account

Name Availability Check

CorpNet will look up the business name you want in the state registration database to see whether it's available. This procedure lowers the chances of a state authority rejecting your paperwork, included in the LLC formation services.

24-Hour Document Preparation

Once you choose a name for your LLC, CorpNet confirms the availability of this business name with the Secretary of State’s office and then proceeds with preparing documents and filing the paperwork within 24 hours.

FREE Corporate Compliance Tool (B.I.Z)

It is a corporate compliance assistant tool that is designed by CorpNet to get reminders for crucial deadlines like tax deadlines and annual report filings, as well as read and print critical business paperwork that is all discretely kept in the cloud.

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent, also known as a resident agent or an agent for service of process, is a person or business that is officially recognized by the state and has been appointed by the corporation or LLC to receive service of process on the company's behalf.

CorpNet serves as your company's registered agent for service of process in any state for an annual fee of $149 per year. You can also add registered agent service by buying one of their incorporation service packages.

Initial and Annual Report Filing

Initial and Annual Report Filings are integral but time-sensitive filings. It helps businessmen and the company maintains good standing after starting the business. The  prices vary for Basic, Deluxe, and Complete packages.

Standard and Express Processing

CorpNet has two processing timelines i.e. Standard Processing time and Express Process time. Standard time takes an estimated 20-30 days according to what state you are in. In Express Process time, CorpNet files the documents the same day (Mon-Friday). You can also pay an expediting fee to hasten the processing at the State office.

How much is CorpNet?

As mentioned above, they have three different LLC incorporation plans: Standard, Deluxe, and Complete package. All the prices quoted are per year. Let’s review them in detail.

Basic Package

CorpNet’s cheapest package is the ‘Basic Package’ in which they cover only the basics of the incorporation. The Basic package includes:

  • Checking the availability of your company name with State Office
  • Preparing of Articles of Incorporation (Corporations) or Articles of Organization (LLCs)
  • Providing free, corporate compliance tool with company alerts
  • Free Registered Agent Service (60 days)

This basic package costs $79 for the abovementioned limited services with standard processing. State filing fees and shipping fees are additional and vary per state and required filing speed. It offers only crucial services in this package at a slightly higher rate than the other options on the market. But the ‘100% satisfaction guarantee up to 30 days’ offer makes up for it. This package is suggested for those businesses and newcomers who are forming an LLC for the first time and are hesitant to take risks. 

Deluxe Package

This is the second plan in which two more services are added to the Basic package and it costs $199 to avail of this offer. It includes all the services mentioned in the Basic package as well as:

  • Issuing of a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Free Registered Agent Service (1st Year)

The Deluxe package includes the registered agent service for the entire year. And even though you can get your EIN by yourself by following the procedure given at the Internal Revenue Service official website, you can avoid all the hassle by using CorpNet to do the job for you by signing up for the Deluxe package. Operating agreement compilation and other reports are included in this package.

Complete Package

As the name suggests, CorpNet offers a complete array of LLC incorporation services in this package that will cost you $249 per year in standard processing time. It is for those businessmen who want to get the experts to incorporate an LLC for them by handling everything. Following are the services offered in this package:

  • Company name availability check
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation (Corps) or Articles of Organization (LLCs)
  • Free corporate compliance tool with company alerts
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Certified filed copy of formation documents
  • Incorporator Resolution Statement
  • 1-year free registered agent service
  • Custom Bylaws and Minutes (Corporations)
  • Custom Operating Agreement (LLCs)
  • Custom Corporate Banking Resolution
  • Electronic delivery of state documents
  • Custom Kit and Seal (Corporations and LLCs)
  • Online access to your incorporation documents
  • Lifetime customer Support via phone and Email

My CorpNet Review

 Here’s our review of CorpNet showing how they rate against their competition and how I haverated them.


CorpNet has three packages, i.e.Basic ($79+ state fees), Deluxe ($199+ state fees), and Complete ($249+ state fees) for LLC formation. These are per annum fees. Compared with other incorporation providers in the market, CorpNet has not included shipping charges in these prices. The shipping charges are an extra $29.

Their Basic plan for $110 + state fee (inclusive shipping) is not the cheapest on the market considering there is only 60 days of free registered agent service (which other providers, such as ZenBusiness, provide free from an entire year). Hence, I don’t recommend that to those business people who are on a tight budget.

If I compare the next two packages as per the value they give to any business, I would happily recommend the ‘Complete’ package as its name suggests, it offers complete handling of all the filings and steps in LLC incorporation without needing to  worry about anything. Only ZenBusiness and CorpNet are offering their premium packages at a $249 plus state fee rate, keeping in mind that these packages come with a 100% refund policy and exceptional client services.

For Express service you pay $199 for the Basic Package, $299 for the Deluxe Package, $349 for Complete Package (exclusive of state fee) per year, and CorpNet prepares and files on the same day (Mon-Fri) and you can expedite your filings with a little extra cost. 

Products and Services9/10

CorpNet offers a complete range of services to help you start and run a business. From business formation filings, sales tax & payroll tax registrations, business filings & compliance services, registered agent services in all 50 States to trademark search & filing services, CorpNet provides all a company could need except legal services.

CorpNet is one of the few service providers that offer such a fast rate of delivery. Most of the providers state 30-40 days for file processing in the state office but CorpNet offers a 24 hour rush processing fee with some extra charges. Your file is delivered by hand to the state office within a day by a member of the CorpNet team. That's awesome when you are in a hurry and need to get the work done in no time. 

Customer Support8/10

I have done rigorous checking across all the review sites when it comes to rating customer service. I not only checked the review sites but also tried the customer service of the service provider myself. All the review sites are flooded with positive client reviews about CorpNet’s registered agent service and there was near flawless feedback from clients. I was glad to experience similar treatment while on the calls with their customer service team.

The agents were friendly, explained everything politely and clearly and offered the best service even when I asked some basic, stupid questions to guage their level of patience and politeness. Luckily, they handled them pretty well.  Also, the agents offered the 100% satisfaction guarantee refund immediately when they found the company was at fault.

Ease of Use – 8/10

Most providers require you to complete a lengthy order form, which can be up to 18 pages in some cases. The fact that much of the information they collect on those order forms will be shared with third parties and used for marketing purposes is hidden in the fine print.

In contrast, CorpNet has a simple, two-page order form that is easy to complete. In addition, CorpNet is the only provider who keeps your personal information private from third parties.

Overall Rating – 7.75/10

It is a well-reputed, incorporation service provider led by an entrepreneur couple which has delivered exceptional and personalized service to its clients over the decade. They offer a wide variety of LLC formation services in three different packages along with interesting tools for business incorporation. Their strongest USPs are flawless customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What Others Are Saying (CorpNet Reviews)


On TrustPilot, it has a 4.7 rating with 459 reviews and 95% of the CorpNet customer reviews fall in the ‘excellent’ category. All the reviews I read talked about their amazing experience using CorpNet. They stated that the service was fast, friendly, and responsive to their businesses' needs.

Google Business

There are 19 reviews on Google Business and the overall rating is 4.7 for CorpNet. All the customer reviews are positive except for a few that I found to be bogus. Also, The agent tracked their applications and found no order under the reviewers’ names. 


On Facebook, the company has a 5/5 rating for seven customer reviews. They lauded CorpNet’s performance and service as compared to other LLC formation services in their reviews.


There are 12 reviews on Yelp and the overall rating is 3.5. I checked some of the negative feedback and saw those had been  cleared after the CorpNet team had reached out to them. One feedback mentioned an instance of a time that Nellie, one of the owners, took the customer’s call when the other agents were busy. I must say that this is the first time I had heard of this type of service being given by any service provider in this niche.


There was an overall rating of 4.6 which is pretty good in terms of product, value, customer service, and overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best CorpNet LLC Package?

CorpNet offers three LLC formation packages, i.e.Basic, Deluxe, and Complete. I recommend opting for the Complete package. It offers the entire handling of all the filings, registered agent service, and all the steps in LLC formation without you getting worried about anything. Only ZenBusiness and CorpNet are offering their premium packages at a $249 plus state fee rate, keeping in mind that CorpNet comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for up to 30 days as well.

Is There A Promo Code Or Discount For CorpNet?

You can use the CorpNet coupon code ‘CORP10' when you purchase your deluxe or complete package to get 10% off.

Is CorpNet Legit?

CorpNet was founded by Philip and Nellie Akalp, an entrepreneurial couple, in 2009. CorpNet has served more than 100,000 clients and their customer service is  praised across all review websites. CorpNet is legit.

How Does CorpNet Compare With Other LLC Services?

CorpNet is the only service provider that gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee for up to 30 days. It is easy to use, fast, and has outstanding customer service. Only ZenBusiness and CorpNet are offering their premium packages at a $249 plus state fee per year rate, keeping in mind that CorpNet comes with a 100% refund satisfaction guarantee and exceptional customer services.

Does CorpNet Handle New York Publication Requirements?

Yes, CorpNet is an LLC formation service provider including fulfilling all state-specific requirements such as New York Publication Requirements.

Does CorpNet Have Good Customer Support?

CorpNet is well-known for its outstanding customer service. Their overall ratings on reviews sites are extremely positive and their customer service is lauded on all platforms.

Can I Form An LLC On My Own?

Yes, you can form an LLC on your own. You will have to pay unavoidable state fees. You need to file all your documents by yourself and write articles or reports yourself and ensure they are submitted on time to the Secretary of State’s offices. You will save money by not hiring registered agents or avoiding the service charges of LLC formation service providers.

Does CorpNet Have A Refund Policy?

If you are not completely 100% satisfied for any reason with any of their document filing services, CorpNet will refund 100% of the  service fees, no questions asked.

Can I Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming an LLC With CorpNet?

Yes, you can reserve your LLC name with CorpNet before asking them to proceed with forming your LLC.

Can I Form An LLC Without Physically Being In The United States?

Anyone in the United States can form a Limited Liability Company (LLC); you do not need to be a US citizen, in the US, or a US company. Foreign citizens and foreign corporations can form an LLC in the United States.

What Is The CorpNet Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

CorpNet’s customer support facility can be availed by calling at 888-449-2638 or emailing at

Does CorpNet Sell Or Share My Information With Third Parties?

CorpNet does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to outside parties unless you are notified and give permission in advance.

I’ve Heard LegalZoom Has A Lot Of Upsells, Does CorpNet?

CorpNet does not push you to buy add-ons like LegalZoom does, but you will have to pay an additional $29 shipping charge when buying any package from CorpNet.