Two eCommerce Stores Improve Sales With Free Advertising Solution


Small businesses, and large enterprises alike, find success using BoostSuite to attract new prospective customers to their websites.

Today I’d like to give you a look into two BoostSuite users, Lando and Joy, ecommerce store owners who use BoostSuite to increase traffic to their online stores and to improve sales.

Rocker Rags sells rock and roll t-shirts and fashion accessories. Before BoostSuite, their Bigcommerce store was primarily promoted through search engine optimization (SEO) and free social media efforts.

Lando, head of marketing at Rocker Rags tells us that while already successful, they are always looking for new marketing opportunities. After reading good things about BoostSuite, Lando decided to give it a try.

Originally signing up for a free BoostSuite account to trade blog posts with marketing partners in the Article Exchange, after advertising was added to BoostSuite in February 2016, Lando started showing ads promoting Rocker Rags to his marketing partners’ website visitors.

Here’s Lando’s ad promoting the Rocker Rags store.

Like any ecommerce store owner, having a limited marketing budget, Lando quickly used his free BoostSuite account to confirm marketing partnerships with 40 ecommerce businesses whose customers also live the rock and roll lifestyle.

Now, instead of acting alone, Lando was able to promote his growing business to anyone who had recently visited any of his partners’ websites. These people are referred to as his Co-Marketing Audience in BoostSuite.

Without spending a dime, Lando gained access to show his ad to up to 199,558 rock and roll lifestyle buyers each month.

In fact, his free BoostSuite advertising plan showed his ad to over 14,000 of them in just the last 30 days, and 40 of them have already clicked and visited his website so far this month.

Lando’s free advertising account delivers around 40 visitors from his Co-Marketing Audience (of nearly 200,000 prospective customers) to his website every month.

Higher BoostSuite advertising plans, starting at just $19/month unlock additional prospective customers from the Co-Marketing Audience. For instance, the Tall plan at $19/month would deliver around 75 visitors per month and the Grande plan at $49/month delivers about 190 visitors every month.

Even higher BoostSuite advertising plans deliver thousands of visitors each month.

Considering the overall cost per visitor of BoostSuite’s upgraded plans, about 25 cents per visitor, Lando can acquire more traffic for his website at a fraction of the cost of other online advertising platforms.

According to Wordstream, if Rocker Rags were to use Google Adwords search ads to acquire 200 monthly website visitors, Lando would need to spend at least $200 to $400 every month, compared to just $49 per month with BoostSuite.

Lando tells us he would definitely recommend BoostSuite to other business owners as a way to attract additional website visitors. Whether they have an existing marketing budget, or are just starting up, all businesses get a free advertising campaign when starting with BoostSuite.

Are you interested in trying out BoostSuite Ads? Here is another user who has achieved amazing results since signing up for her free BoostSuite account.

Artistic Creations is an online storefront selling items such as jewelry and household decorations. Owner Joy Herdman tells us she was having problems finding enough customers before trying BoostSuite.

Her primary promotional strategy was social media, but she was wasn’t reaching a large enough audience and was not getting her social media audience to actually visit her Bigcommerce store

Joy needed more website visitors and more customers. She had built a following of around 1,200 social media followers but found that while it was easy and cheap to communicate with them, they didn’t turn into sales.

Joy signed up for a free BoostSuite advertising account, found the setup process quick and simple and over several months confirmed more than 650 marketing partners, growing her Co-Marketing Audience to nearly 1.6 million prospective customers every month.

Do you see the tiny blue line in the red circle above? The blue line is Joy’s social media audience compared to the red Co-Marketing Audience Joy built in BoostSuite.

As a result of her giant partner network and Co-Marketing Audience, Joy and her online store Artistic Creations now find new customers worldwide each and every day. They reach 145,167% more people than they do in social media, for a fraction of the effort.

It’s no surprise her marketing partners (and her free BoostSuite advertising plan) showed her ad over 8,000 times and delivered 50 new visitors to her website last month.

Joy’s clickthrough rate (CTR), a number which measures the percentage of people who see an ad into the number of people who click the ad – is 0.60%, exactly 10 times better than the Internet average CTR of 0.06%.

High clickthrough rates come from compelling ads that appeal to their target audience and by finding a target audience highly interested in the products or services a business sells. The clickthrough rate is an easy, single number that represents how effectively an advertising campaign is performing.

Joy’s 0.60% clickthrough rate is a great example of the superior targeting that small, online retailers gain from working together with complementary businesses in BoostSuite.

When compared to social media marketing which requires a constant investment of time to create original content and nudge disinterested followers, it took Joy just a few minutes to sign up for BoostSuite, create her ad, and build a huge audience of relevant prospective customers.

Now Joy spends just a few minutes each week requesting and confirming new marketing partnerships in BoostSuite.

After not getting the results she desired with social media marketing, Joy now sees sales and success with BoostSuite every day.

Joy’s advice to other businesses just getting started with BoostSuite? “Don’t give up… it really works!”

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