Optimize Your Website’s Traffic: Top of the Funnel


With the holidays just a few weeks away, it is extremely important to make sure you’re not only getting traffic to your marketing site, but that the traffic is optimized. This means that your website visitors are genuinely interested in your product and/or service.  A higher level of interest leads to a higher likelihood of converting visitors into a leads/customers!

If you look at the graphic on the right (click for expanded view), you’ll see a sales funnel graphic that is representative of a 4 month period for a BoostSuite client, The Healing Arts & Massage School.  The funnel is broken into three sections/bands.  The top band is monthly website visitors, those visitors filter down through the second band, monthly visitor conversion percentage, then down to the third/bottom band which is conversions per month. Healing Arts was able to use BoostSuite’s SEO suggestions to effectively maximize their online sales funnel potential.  As a result, Healing Arts increased their targeted traffic by 412% and their online conversions by 400%.

We asked Keith Bouchard, CEO of Healing Arts & Massage School, where they get their leads and how they’ve been able to increase traffic/enrollments on their website.  Here’s his response:

“Google searches are our primary source of leads from marketing. I add and optimize 3-5 new pages to the website each week. Enrollments are way up and have more than tripled or quadrupled in the last three months.”

Do you want to see these types of results on your site?  The opportunity to get started preparing your marketing site for the holiday traffic boom is now.  All you need to do is set a content schedule where you can create/optimize at least one page of content a week, then think of some intriguing offers to provide additional incentive to your visitors to convert and implement them on your pages.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to increase your qualified traffic and revenues!

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