Online Data Collection Grows Up To 800% in 2011


How Is Your Business Participating In the Data Revolution?

A recent article on shows the amount of data being collected online has exploded in the last 12 months, growing up to 800% in some channels. As a small business, you need to ask yourself what does this growth in online data, a movement we like to call Big Data, have on your efforts to effectively market online?  When larger businesses, many of them your competitors, start to collect data on every action of a visitor, every characteristic of a sale and every characteristic of a lost sale, they can use their budgets and manpower to optimize their websites to the point that they capture every possible sale, and put your business at a severe disadvantage.

The growth in Big Data could mean the difference between not just growing your business but staying in business at all. The challenge for a small company with limited staff and budget is that online data collection can be extremely time consuming and expensive. You need to know how to implement data collecting tools, how to interpret the data they collect and then you need to decide what actions to take based on your analysis of that data. At a big business, this is usually done by a team of marketing specialists, marketing analysts and software engineers. Chances are, your company has none of these.

We created BoostSuite to help small businesses effectively take advantage of the growth in online data collection and confidently proclaim that they too are participating in Big Data.  With BoostSuite, we take care of all the data collection and all the analysis. We provide recommendations, called Suggestions, that is easy for anyone to implement. BoostSuite tells you when you have implemented a Suggestion correctly, and then tracks the results. BoostSuite is your marketing specialist, your marketing analyst, and your software engineer, all rolled into one, and it’s available for free!

So, if you want to keep up with the Big Boys in this age of Big Data, you need BoostSuite. Don’t risk your online sales channel by not collecting online data about your visitors, users, and customers. Be sure to optimize your business’s online experience and gain every last possible customer. Sign up today!

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