Most Marketers Do Not Use Website Analytics Data To Make Decisions

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The data is being generated, yet most businesses aren’t using it to their advantage!

You may have seen the results of our online poll last week which detailed the #1 and #2 most difficult aspects of website marketing; reviewing your website analytics and determining what to do next. These results have been confirmed by a recent study conducted by Econsultancy and Lynchpin, published by eMarketer. The study found that less than half of marketers that collect analytics data find it to be useful for decision making.

Wow, that stat is pretty crazy to think about. So many marketing professionals have access to a plethora of website data yet they are squandering it due to the fact that there are very few tools out there that actually collect and then interpret the data into meaningful, valuable tasks. There are all sorts of tools that collect the data, giving the marketer pretty charts and graphs to display the numbers, but do those nice charts and graphs actually tell you what to do next?  No.  You are left to decide what the data means and then what to do next.

That’s a scary thought. As marketers, we like to make informed decisions. We like to have substance and proof behind the actions we take. As small business marketers, we don’t like to pay an arm and a leg for tools or internet marketing consultants that simply give us data, not results. With all of the day-to-day work that you put in to help your small business succeed, there is little room for error when deciding what to do with your data. You need to know exactly what the data means and then know exactly what to do to get the most results.

 This is why BoostSuite should be your company’s data analyst and internet marketer.

Why you might ask?  Here’s are four reasons:

  1. It takes all of your unused website data and turns it into easy-to-understand, web-marketing suggestions. They tell you exactly what to do to get more results.
  2. It helps you determine which keywords are most valuable by calculating the number of visitors and conversions from each.
  3. It saves you time by allowing you to concentrate on the changes that really matter; giving you more opportunity to write more content consistently. The search engines reward freshness!
  4. It’s free to get started! It only takes a couple minutes to provide us with some information and you’ll be able to view your free suggestions!
Are you tired of letting your valuable website analytics data slip through the cracks? It’s time to do something about it. Sign-up for BoostSuite today and let us be your personal website marketing analyst!

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