Introducing BoostSuite Keyword Opportunities


Our newest feature takes the guesswork out of figuring out the right keywords and topics to write about for your website

Writing a new piece of relevant content for your site attracts, on average, 55 new unique website visitors each month (source).  If you compare this to using pay-per-click advertising, like Google Adwords, you would have to spend $90,000 a year to attract the same amount of new visitors (based on one new page of content per week). (source).

The challenge most businesses have is figuring out what the most relevant keywords/topics are that they need to write about.

Introducing BoostSuite Keyword Opportunities

Earlier this week, we quietly rolled out the newest feature for BoostSuite – Keyword Opportunities. Up until this week, BoostSuite helped you optimize your existing website content. BoostSuite would make sure any content you had on your website was set up perfectly for the search engines to find and to drive more traffic directly to you. What BoostSuite did not do was to figure out whether the topics you already had or were adding to your site were the best keywords/topics for your business.  If you sell cookies, but only added new content on ‘54 Chevys, BoostSuite was not going to help you very much. Not anymore.

With BoostSuite Keyword Opportunities we help you to identify the highest opportunity keywords specific for your business. In other words, we tell you exactly what you need to write about to attract more visitors and customers through your website.

After signing up for an account with BoostSuite, we will automatically identify the 25 most valuable keywords for your website. We will then give you the opportunity to either match these keywords to existing content pages, or create new pages to match them to. Each week, BoostSuite will re-analyze your website and find the newest, top 25 opportunities  You will always have the freshest keywords/topics, guaranteed to be the right subjects to bring you not just more traffic, but the right type of visitors for your company’s business. You will no longer have to try to figure out what to write about each week, BoostSuite is your website content writing assistant!

How does this all work?

BoostSuite Keyword Opportunities work by analyzing your website, your existing content and millions of potential keywords/topics that search engines are looking at. Based on this data, BoostSuite’s algorithm identifies those keywords that are most relevant to your business AND have the highest likelihood of ranking your website if you were to write a page of content on the topic.

How to get started

The very first step you will complete once your account is set up is the BoostSuite Keyword Strategy. This suggestion is basically an interview with BoostSuite. It helps us to better understand your business and what makes your business unique compared to your competitors.

Once you complete this suggestion, BoostSuite will then identify your top 25 keywords/topics. If you are an existing user, then this step is already completed and your top 25 keyword /topic opportunities are already displayed in your account’s Suggestion Stream (However, if you skipped the Keyword Strategy suggestion when you first started using BoostSuite, or if you feel that the keywords/topics BoostSuite is suggesting do not accurately refect your business, please contact our customer service. We can turn this suggestion back on so you can fill it out again).

What do you think?

Whenever we talk to our users, we constantly hear that the biggest challenge in content marketing is finding relevant content to write about. BoostSuite Keyword Opportunities solves this issue.  We want you to try this feature out, write content based on the highest opportunity keywords BoostSuite suggests, and to let us know how this helps you with your marketing. Give us feedback on our newest feature below. We want to hear it! Enjoy!

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