Don’t Just Write a Blog Article – Promote It!


Use Social Media, your Website, and Email Marketing to give your blog article more exposure and increase traffic to your website

If you are a regular reader of the BoostSuite blog, you will know that we are big fans of keeping your website fresh with regular blog articles on pertinent topics for your business. At our office, we try to write at least 2 or 3 articles a week so that there is always a reason to come to, even if you are not actively working on one of our suggestions for your site. You can always learn something valuable. However, we don’t just write an article, post it to the blog and forget about it. We shout from the rooftops!!

Good content requires good promotion. Just because you wrote the world’s greatest article on Chocolate Chip Cookies does not mean that anyone knows you wrote it. You need to spread the word. This will drive traffic to your site, it will extend the lifespan of your article, and will generate more interest faster than just relying on your existing visitors and the search engines.

5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Article:

  1. Post to Twitter – Let your followers know that you have a new article available to read. Your followers already want to know about what is going on with your business (that is why they are following you). Give them something new. In addition, don’t just tweet once and move on. Schedule a series of tweets about your new article over a multi-week period to extend the life of your blog article (there are many tools like HootSuite that allow for scheduling of messages). Most people are not constantly checking Twitter, so it may take them a few weeks before they even see your tweet. In addition, make sure your tweets are interesting, provide a cool fact or ask a question with a promise of an answer if they click the link. The more interesting it is, the more likely you will get your followers to retweet your message. You need to entice your followers in 140 characters or less.
  2. Post to Facebook – Similar to Twitter, you should post to Facebook to let your fans know a new article is available. Same advice as before, make sure to post more than once and make it appealing. Take advantage of the extra space that Facebook provides to make the post more attractive. Put images, video, quotes and other visually stimulating elements into the post to increase the likelihood of a Facebook fan clicking the link.
  3. Sharebar – Make sure that a reader of your blog can easily promote the article for you. Add a sharebar (both AddThis and ShareThis offer free, easy to add tools for any site) on the article so that a reader can post the message to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and almost any other network they want to share your article on.
  4. Email Digest – Do you already send out a newsletter on a regular basis? Great! Your blog content can easily be added to that newsletter in case your subscribers did not see it when it was first posted. Or, even better, put together an email digest of recent posts to your blog. these simple emails are relatively non-intrusive and give your subscribers quick links to catch up on the latest news at your company. Keep the email short with a small intro and links to each article – possibly with a short summary.
  5. Post to Your Homepage – Many times people do not see new blog posts because they don’t ever go to your blog. Put the content in other places of your website that you know visitors are regularly visiting. These can include Login pages, Contact pages and About pages. However the best page is the Homepage. This is where almost all your visitors start. At BoostSuite, we have a spot on our homepage that we always keep updated with our three latest blog posts. Consider adding a section like this to your site.

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