Bolster Your BoostSuite Keyword Inventory with Google Webmaster Tools

Back in March, we revealed our new Keyword Candidate and Keyword Opportunity Suggestions. These features help you identify the highest opportunity keywords specific to your business. In other words, we tell you exactly what you need to write about to attract more visitors and customers to your website. About a month ago, we announced the revamp of our Keywords Interface in the BoostSuite application. … Read more

The Importance of Search Engine Friendly URLs

Using keywords in web site copy, meta tags, image alt tags and URLs is important for successful Search Engine Optimization efforts. Search engine algorithms place weight on the URL of the page when determining relevance. Your site stands a much better chance of ranking for a key phrase when you use small, tightly “themed” groups … Read more

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Methods

Get to the top of the Search Engine using the right method When considering how to get your website to the top of the search engine results, there are two approaches you may encounter or hear about; White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.  It is very important to understand what each one means and the implications choosing … Read more