The Downside of Overly Aggressive SEO Strategies

You’re probably already familiar with the words “Penguin” and “Panda“. Not because you’re a zoologist, but because you’re a small business marketer with a finger on Google’s algorithmic pulse. Whenever Google (see Matt Cutts) put out any changes to their algorithms, you know exactly what they mean and how they affect your website. You’re not worried … Read more

The Importance of Ranking on Page 1 of the Search Engine Results

I keep hearing a lot of murmuring in the small business marketing community, talking about Google Adwords/PPC, and other forms of paid advertisement. The general consensus is that these are effective marketing techniques for small businesses, but in actuality, organic search results are where small businesses should be focusing your marketing efforts. We’re already not the biggest … Read more

How to Select the Right Keywords for Your Website

Search engines LOVE good content. And what is good content? Good content is focused and organized text and images on your website. Website content that is focused uses a similar set of words in the page title, description, headings, and body text. The search engines are absolutely focused on getting the best understanding of all … Read more