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Implement your Twitter profile widget on any page

Go to this page – Log into your Twitter account. Add your handle under Settings>username. Click the Preferences tab and edit your display preferences. Click the Appearance tab to change the look and feel of the widget. Click the Dimensions tab to modify the size of the widget. Click the “Finish & Grab Code” button … Read more

Use Google Analytics to find your best keywords

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to monitor your website’s traffic.  It provides you with a bounty of great data on a very granular basis.  With Google Analytics, you can easily track traffic on multiple websites, gather intelligence on visitor behavior, set marketing benchmarks and conversion goals, compare new vs. returning traffic, view visitor … Read more

Should your website be at a subdomain?

Using subdomain names has become a common practice for business owners.  Before you decide to put your site at your primary domain (, you should understand how having a subdomain can help your business. Your Content Do you have an excess of content related to a specific topic that’s crowding your website?  If so, you … Read more