Build Your Online Audience, Generate More Customers With Co-Marketing


Building your authority with relevant website backlinks to your content is one of the most important topics in the search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing world.

In fact, we put out an article that shows what thought-leaders Moz thinks about it just last week. Backlinks show how popular you are, and the search engines take note. This is certainly nothing new. Links have determined authority and rankings at Google since they first started out.

Content is still king, but you need an audience to view that content and link to it. How do you build that audience? You have to work with others…your partners. We call this process Co-Marketing.

What is Co-Marketing and why is it important?

Co-marketing is the process of working with your best online partners to build your audience and generate more customers with relevant content and backlinks. These partners already have the audience and customers you need.  Working with them will build your company’s exposure, we call this your Co-Marketing Audience.

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