Better To Invest In Your Company Website Rather Than Social Media

There’s a big debate going on today on whether content marketing (blogging and adding relevant content on new pages) on your website is more effective at generating more business than social media. We know that both of these are integral parts of any company’s day-to-day marketing strategy, but it’s very rare that you actually acquire customers through your social media channels.

Social media is typically best used to build personal connections and awareness around your brand, expose new features or services your business offers, and provide support to your customers. The content on your website or blog should be focused on providing value to your readers, which will make it easier to share with their social media followers.

If the value really is there, then you become a trustworthy source of knowledge and a thought leader in your industry. The more trust you build, the more likely your website visitors will convert into leads and customers. A recent article from TechJournal revealed some interesting results found in a study done by support software stalwart, Get Satisfaction. The study found that “for nearly 90 percent of some 2,000 consumer respondents, a company’s website — not a social network — is the preferred place to research products and find information that leads to purchasing decisions”.

The conclusion here is most people would rather seek out information via a search engine because they trust Google’s organic search algorithm results and would rather not be spammed constantly through social media by someone or some brand they don’t really know very well.

The study also focused on some questionable tactics used to get people with large amounts of followers, or “influencers”, to retweet and like your social media posts so that you get a larger amount of exposure to your target market. Companies should avoid enlisting these folks and instead turn to their current users and customers for more promotion. According to the study, 82.6 percent of customers will gladly act as a brand advocate after being part of a branded customer community, and fully 50 percent of them would do so without any incentive.

Wendy Lea, CEO of getting Satisfaction said, “It’s clear that companies aren’t getting the results they need from investing in social media. Consumers don’t just want to be broadcasted to. They want to engage with each other and companies about products and services they care about”.

Based on these findings, it’s clear what businesses should spend their time and effort on; content marketing. By creating content which provides value to the reader, you’re more likely to build a community around your brand that will gladly promote and support you without having to be incentivized. To get started with a content marketing strategy, you should sign up for a free BoostSuite account now. BoostSuite tells you exactly what you need to do to optimize your page to get the most qualified visitors to your site through the organic search results. These visitors have the highest probability of converting into leads and customers. If you delight them along the way, they just might promote you and pass the word along to others who need help!

Do you agree with the findings from this study? Do you get more leads and customers through social media? Let us know how your strategy differs below!

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