6 common places where you can find new website content


Since content marketing is very important for building visibility for your business.  You need to be thinking about content and how you can continually change or update it.  If the search engines see your website’s ever changing landscape, they will pay more attention to it.  This will get you spider-ed more often, leading to more relevant search results.  Content means adding lots of pages on your website and creating a large, robust website.  Your website must grow to be noticed!

Oftentimes, businesses think that it will take them forever to add new content.  They wonder, “Where will this content come from?”.  Here are 6 typical sources of content that can be easily added to your website to built a large website that the search engines will pay attention to:

  • Calendar of Events – all of the events on your calendar can be individual pages.
  • Printable Marketing Brochures – these highlight all of the facets of your business that can be made into keyphrase rich content.
  • Testimonials – from written surveys or positive customer feedback can be turned into pages.
  • Product Brochures and Manuals – these written manuals for individual products can be used for retailers who sell them in large quantity.
  • Press Releases – any PR that is done online or by your local media, each should be made into its very own page.
  • Email Newsletters – any issue of your newsletter can be fashioned into a unique page.

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