What is an Anchor Link? And how do you create them?


What is an Anchor Link?

An anchor link is a clickable button or piece of text on a website page or post that allows you to navigate from one page to another.

For example, if you click the anchor link ‘Best Registered Agent‘, you will be taken to the page on this website about the best registered agent. The anchor link in this situation is ‘Best Registered Agent'. If you click on the link ‘best whole house water filter‘ then the anchor link is ‘best whole house water filter'.

How do you create Anchor Links?

There are two ways to create an anchor link (one easy and one hard), with the most suitable one depending on the platform on which you are building your website and your technical skill level.

Method 1: Hand code the anchor link

The ‘hard way' to add anchor links is to hand code them into your text yourself by adding the code.

The code required to insert an HTML link and anchor text is:

<a href="[URL]">[ANCHOR TEXT]</a>

Entering this code into your HTML website (while replacing [URL] with your desired URL and [ANCHOR TEXT] with your desired anchor link) will create the link you desire.

For example, you can use the code below to create the anchor text Best LLC Service.

<a href="https://boostsuite.com/best-llc-service/">Best LLC Service</a>

If you need to add an anchor link to your website, copy this code and replace the URL and Anchor Text with your details.

Method 2: Let the Content Management System do the Hard Work

In the early days of the internet, building websites was tough. You had to blind-code the website using purely text-based inputs and then hope your website looked the way you planned.

Website building technology has progressed significantly with the development of Content Management Systems. These are platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix that allow you to build websites without any coding knowledge as they manage all the hard work of building websites in their proprietary systems.

This includes inserting links.

Instead of hand coding the anchor links, you can now just highlight the text you want to be your anchor text, click the link button, and insert the URL to create your desired link.

Here's a visual guide:

Step 1. Highlight Text

Highlight the text you wish to turn into an anchor link. In this case, I've chosen ‘best Florida Registered'.

What is an Anchor Link? And how do you create them? 1

Step 2. Click link button

Once you've highlighted the desired text, click the button directly above the highlighted text that looks like three chain links connected together.

What is an Anchor Link? And how do you create them? 2

Step 3. Insert the desired URL

When you click the three chain link button, a text box will appear below the highlighted text. Paste your target URL into that box and click the arrow button to the right hand side of the text box.

What is an Anchor Link? And how do you create them? 3

Step 4. Bask in the warm glow of victory

If you've done everything right, you should end up with text in a different color that can be clicked and will take you to the target page.

Something like this: I'm looking for the best Florida registered agent to help me grow my…

In Conclusion

An anchor link is a clickable text link on your website that links from one page to another page on the internet (either within your website or on another website).

You can add these links simply and easily on most content management systems or you can quite easily hand-code these links.

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  1. That’s not what an anchor link is. An anchor link is a link from one part of the page to another part of the same page.


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